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Best 6 Military Science Degree Programs in 2021

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If you want to earn a degree while preparing for a career serving your country in the armed forces, participating in a military science program or similar degree may be a great way to accomplish your goals.  Check out our list of five schools offering military science-related degrees to see which university is best for you. 

What is a Military Science Program?

Not many schools offer a formal major in Military Science, but many have programs through which students can earn military science credit while participating in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).  Some schools offer minors or associate’s degrees for participating in these programs, and there are also non-ROTC programs in military science or military studies.  

ROTC prepares students for commission as a second lieutenant in the United States armed forces.  Military science courses are often offered for free for students who contract to serve after graduation.  

What School Has the Best Military Science Degree?

We’ve compiled a list of schools with the best military science-related degrees. We ranked these colleges based on their tuition (lowest is best) and total enrollment (highest is best).  

Our Top 6 Schools for Military Science Degrees

1. Thomas Edison State University (11 points)

Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey offers a Bachelor of Science in Military Technology Leadership, which is only available for current members of the armed forces and veterans.  The program prepares students for advancement in both military and civilian leadership by building off of their existing military experience.  

  • Tuition:  $4639 per semester
  • Credits required:  120
  • Total enrollment:  17,200

2. Eastern Washington University (9 points)

Eastern Washington University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Military Science with concentrations in U.S. Government and Policy, Cultural Awareness for Military Leaders, and Leadership. The major is offered through the ROTC and prepares student for a military career by studying communication, military tactics, and other subjects.  EWU also offers an ROTC nursing program to prepare students for nursing careers in the military environment.  

  • Tuition:  $12,343 per semester
  • Credits required:  117-118
  • Total enrollment:  12,350

3. University of Kentucky (8 points)

Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science through the Army ROTC at the University of Kentucky. The program has existed for over 100 years and prepares students for commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army.  Cadets compete in challenges such as the 18.9-mile Norwegian Foot March and the Ranger Challenge as well as help ensure safety at football games.  Classes include Leadership and Ethics, Training Management and the Warfighting Functions, and American Military History.  

  • Tuition:  $15,647 per semester
  • Credits required:  120
  • Total enrollment:  29,402

4. United States Air Force Academy (5 points)

The U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado offers a major in Military and Strategic Studies, which prepares students for careers in the Air Force or civilian industries through studying the past, present, and future of military conflict and strategy.  Students complete a thesis research project and have access to internships and summer research programs, including at the Air Force Special Operations School and the White Sands Missile Range.  Courses include Space as an Element of National Power and Irregular Warfare in Africa and the Middle East.  

  • Tuition:  $0 (Must commit to serve in the Air and Space Forces)
  • Credits required:  140
  • Total enrollment:  4304

4. Hawai’i Pacific University (5 points)

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and Military Studies from Hawai’i Pacific University.  The program covers history, political science, and sociology as it relates to the role of the military in society and prepares students to enter a broad range of careers, whether in the military or private sector, or to pursue a graduate degree.  DMS is a unique interdisciplinary degree and is not an ROTC program.  

  • Tuition:  $14,400 per semester
  • Credits required:  120
  • Total enrollment:  4988

6. Florida Institute of Technology (4 points)

The Florida Institute of Technology offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Military Science.   The program is offered through the Army ROTC, through which students can earn a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.  The degree emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and leadership skills.  Florida Tech offers a four-year and a two-year Military Science program to provide flexibility for transfer students from schools without ROTC programs.  

  • Tuition:  $19,295 per semester (Communication), $21,173 (Interdisciplinary)
  • Credits required:  125
  • Total enrollment:  8939

How Did We Rank this List?

Our ranking was based 50% on tuition and 50% on total enrollment.  

From each institution’s website, we gathered in-person tuition rates for out-of-state domestic students in the different programs.  

Where tuition was only listed on a per-year or per-credit basis, the year was assumed to consist of two semesters, twelve credits each.   For the United States Air Force Academy, where students must commit to serve in the Air and Space Forces instead of paying tuition, the average of the remaining schools was used for the ranking.  Tuition figures do not include fees or other expenses. 

Each school was given a score from 1 for the highest tuition to 6 for the lowest.  Schools were also scored from 1 to 6 for total enrollment (6 for the highest to 1 for the lowest) based on data from the university websites, U.S. News and World Report, or other sources.  

These scores were added together to create the final ranking.  

If your school isn’t on this list and you think it deserves consideration for an update, please contact us.  Also, if you work for one of the schools on this list and you notice an error, please let us know.  We always seek to provide the most accurate information available and let readers know about the best schools across the country.  

It’s important to find the military science school that will have the most positive impact on your career.  If you’re still trying to find out what is a good fit, check out our degree finder or our other lists.  

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