5 Best Military Schools in Texas in 2024

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Military Schools in Texas
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If you want to attend a university in Texas while training to serve your country, you are in luck. There are several universities in Texas that have military programs that can allow you to earn an officer’s commission in the military while completing your undergraduate education. This list analyzes the 12 best military schools in Texas. Now, Texas does not have a stand alone military college devoted strictly to producing officers like, for example, West Point or the Citadel. Instead, our list is drawn from universities that have an active ROTC program. ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. ROTC programs are designed for college students to undertake undergraduate study and train for future military service at the same time. This article introduces you to the top military schools in Texas and offers a thumbnail sketch of the institutions, ROTC programs located on those campuses, and the availability of scholarships for ROTC students. Being a member of a university ROTC program can be demanding on your time — you are expected to complete your undergraduate coursework while devoting time to seriously training and preparing for service in the branches of the US military. For instance, some times you will be expected to wake up before five a.m. in order to complete mandatory long-distance runs before going to class. It is not for everyone. However, we hope this list helps your research into schools. We hope it proves helpful.

1. Texas A&M University

Tuition: $12,153

Location: College Station

ROTC Scholarships available: Yes

School Credit for ROTC courses: Yes

School Size: 69,465

The Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University is one of the most visible and distinguished aspects of campus life in College Station. The cadet program at Texas A&M is one of the oldest and largest in the country. The corps was established in 1876 and has been molding future military leaders for over 140 years. Nearly half of Corps graduates earn commissions in the ranks of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps. There is no special screening process to join the corps at Texas A&M. Any student who has earned admission to the university is eligible to join. Military service is not mandatory if you participate in the Corps. Something unique about the ROTC program at Texas A&M is how central the Corps of Cadets is to campus life and culture. They are an integral part of football games and campus events. You cannot attend a large campus gathering at Texas A&M without the Corps being present. If you would like to know more about the Corps of Cadets, click on the link above and see if it is the place you want to be!

2. University of Texas

Tuition: $10,824

Location: Austin

ROTC Scholarships available: Yes

School Credit for ROTC courses: Yes

School Size: 51,090

It should be no surprise that the flagship university in Texas is included on our list. The Department of Military Science oversees ROTC curriculum at Texas and offers cadets the opportunity to receive school credit for courses that relate to a career in the military. At the University of Texas, you can join ROTC programs for the Army, Navy, and Air Force. This means taking courses and training with the Department of Naval Science (Navy and Marines) and Department of Air Force Science. Each of these departments and cadres will support you through your journey from college freshman to cadre member to, possibly, commissioned officer in the United States military. Each of these ROTC departments has a decades-long tradition of training young people for national service. If you want to be a Longhorn and serve your country, then check out these links and see if your future takes you to Austin.

3. Texas Tech University

Two military members walking on college campus

Tuition: Lubbock

ROTC Scholarships available: Yes

School Credit for ROTC courses: Yes

School Size: 40,322

At the heart of Texas Tech University is a dedication to military service – literally, the campus’ Memorial Circle was dedicated in 1948 to “all whose service has brought honor to college and country.” Today, Texas Tech University is home to more than 2,000 students who are veterans or family members and more than 250 faculty and staff members who have served. The university’s Military & Veterans Programs department is dedicated solely to helping veterans and their families succeed. It assists veterans in obtaining their Veterans Educational Benefits and eases their transition to campus, connecting them with resources both on campus and in the community. Texas Tech University also highlights military members and their dependents upon graduation. The university provides camouflage-tipped stoles for graduating veterans and active service members, while the spouses and children of active service members are offered a special cord as a way for the university to recognize and honor the unique sacrifices that family members make. And of course, Texas Tech boasts two ROTC detachments, an Air Force and an Army detachment. Both of these military departments are equipped for and committed to developing excellent students in addition to creating outstanding officers for the military of the future. For instance, Texas Tech ROTC alumnus Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. is now Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. ROTC scholarships are available, but recipients of those scholarships must commit to a mandatory period of service. If you want to become an officer in the U.S. Air Force or the U.S. Army, then Texas Tech University is a quality spot to begin your career. Not only will you receive a quality education, but you will receive world-class military training and mentorship.

4. Prarie View A&M

Tuition: $10,786

ROTC Scholarships available: Yes

School Credit for ROTC courses: Yes

School Size: 8,940

Prarie View A&M University is a public, historically black university home to three separate ROTC groups: ArmyNavy, and Air Force. A mid-sized state university, the ROTC programs at Prarie View A&M have a long history of producing quality officers in the United States military. Entrance into the ROTC programs at Prarie View A&M can be competitive. For instance, in order to join the Navy ROTC program you need to earn the following: a 2.5 high school GPA, score a 1050 or higher on the SAT, and meet the physical requirements of the program. The Army and Air Force ROTC programs have their own admission requirements. If you want to earn your degree and serve your country, take a look at Prarie View A&M.

5. Sam Houston State University

Tuition: $8,536

ROTC Scholarships available: Yes

School Credit for ROTC courses: Yes

School Size: 21,213

The ROTC program at Sam Houston State was founded in 1952 during the Korean War. Since then, Sam Houston State has a distinguished history of graduating excellent officers and fine students from their program. Prospective military officers can serve with the Army ROTC cadre while a student at Sam Houston State. Prospective students are eligible to earn incredible scholarships — including ones that cover tuition, fees, housing, and books. This means you do not have to worry about taking out large student loans to finish school. You can enter military service debt free and ready to serve your country. Training courses take place over summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the home of the US Armory School. If you want to be a US Army officer and potentially get your education paid for, see if Sam Houston State is the right fit for you.

We hope that our list has been helpful in guiding your research into graduate school and programs. Our list does not include any paid or preferred listings. It is prepared subjectively, using several metrics, including (but not limited to): tuition per credit hour, acceptance rate, number of programs offered, and availability of funding. If you are a representative for a university and want to contact us about a) your schools ranking or b) the fact your school is not included, please feel free to get in touch. We welcome feedback and input. Thank you for reading our list!

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