Top 22 Online Community Colleges in 2024

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    Online Community Colleges
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    Many people choose to attend an online community college because it is affordable and convenient. We have identified the top 22 online community colleges available across the United States.

    The Benefits of an Online Community College Experience

    Attending an online community college offers a number of benefits. Perhaps the most important is the convenience of being able to take classes without having to drive to campus. Many of the colleges will offer flexible schedules where it is possible to view pre-recorded instruction at any time. In some instances, colleges will offer a blended experience where some of the courses are offered on the campus while others are offered online.

    Depending on the community college, an array of degrees and certificates can be obtained. Many will offer a diverse selection of courses and majors, making it possible to pursue plenty of career opportunities.

    Rank School Location
    1Broward CollegeFort Lauderdale, Florida
    2Santa Barbara City CollegeSanta Barbara, California
    3Central Texas CollegeKilleen, Texas
    4South Texas CollegeMcAllen, Texas
    5Holmes Community CollegeGoodman, Mississippi

    Top Online Community Colleges

    We’ve compiled a list of the top online community colleges based on tuition and their enrollment numbers. Schools with lower tuitions and higher attendance numbers are ranked higher, ensuring you have a great (and affordable) experience.


    Broward College

    • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • Cost:
      $$$$ $
    • Graduation Rate: 32%

    Broward College is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The college offers online and on-campus courses that make it possible to achieve an associate or bachelor’s degree. There are also certificates and diplomas that can be earned in order to provide more career opportunities. Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science are some of the more popular programs. Various academic resources are available to students at Broward College, including an Honors College and a summer bridge program for recent high school graduates, known as the Seahawk Summer Academy.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $2830
    Total Enrollment: 67,000
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    Santa Barbara City College

    • Santa Barbara, California
    • Graduation Rate: 19%
    Outdoor view of Santa Barbara City College campus and students

    Students at Santa Barbara City College have access to more than 240 certificate and degree programs offered at three campuses and online. SBCC’s main campus is located on the picturesque Santa Barbara Mesa adjacent to Leadbetter Beach and the Santa Barbara Harbor. Associate degree programs in automotive service and technology, marine diving and nursing, as well as transfer degree programs including environmental science, accounting and political science, among many others, are offered. The college also offers guaranteed transfer opportunities to prestigious four-year universities such as the University of California, Santa Barbara. SBCC prides itself on outstanding services to help students succeed, including award-winning academic and mental wellness counseling, tutoring services, faculty mentorship, and safe/brave spaces for marginalized students on campus. Student support services extend to a thriving food pantry/food share, an active student senate, and many more.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year (California residents): $1,150
    Tuition per year (out-of-state students): $8,494
    Total Enrollment: 14,179
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    Central Texas College

    • Killeen, Texas
    • Graduation Rate: 5%

    At Central Texas College, students will have the ability to choose from a number of academic programs in order to pursue an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree. The campus is located in Killeen, Texas, though students can also pursue their degree through online courses. Some of the online degrees that are offered include Business Management, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Hospitality Management, and Teacher Education. Additionally, students can pursue various certificates that can make it easier to pursue career opportunities. An array of programs are available to give students access to many ways to diversify their education.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3390
    Total Enrollment: 49,625
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    South Texas College

    • McAllen, Texas
    • Graduation Rate: 25%

    At South Texas College, students can choose the campus they wish to attend based on their specialty. Campuses are spread out across the state, including McAllen, Pharr, and Weslaco. Students will also have access to many online courses and degree programs. Associate and certificate programs focus on such areas as Business & Technology, Public Safety, Math, Science, and IT, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Nursing & Allied Health. There are also bachelor programs that students can choose to pursue if they wish to continue their education or avoid transferring out to another school.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $4440
    Total Enrollment: 31,000
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    Holmes Community College

    • Goodman, Mississippi
    • Graduation Rate: 30%

    Located in Goodman, Mississippi, Holmes Community College offers a wide array of career and technical programs as well as academic degree programs. eLearning is also possible, complete with a virtual career center to help find opportunities upon graduation. A full Advising Program allows students to create educational plans and reach career goals. Some of the academic programs offered at Holmes include STEM, Public Safety, Health Sciences, Arts/Humanities, Education, and Kinesiology. Each of the pathways prepares students for a career, while also making it possible to transfer credits to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3410
    Total Enrollment: 5678
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    Barton County Community College

    • Great Bend, Kansas
    • Graduation Rate: 2%

    Barton County Community College is located in Great Bend, Kansas. A variety of academic programs are available for students. It’s possible to take courses on the campus or online in many instances. Some of the programs include Communications, Developmental Education, Health, PE and recreation, Humanities and Social Sciences, Math and Science, as well as pre-professional programs. Students can also take an array of career programs and training offered at Barton CCC in order to grow within their career or to create more opportunities for themselves in the workforce. Online options for students include online and LiveOnline, providing zoom or non-zoom components.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3640
    Total Enrollment: 6281
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    Columbus State Community College

    • Columbus, Ohio
    • Graduation Rate: 14%

    Students who wish to attend Columbus State Community College will have access to an array of learning opportunities. There are two campuses – Columbus and Delaware, Ohio. Additionally, there are various online courses that are available for degree-seeking students. Academic programs are found in Arts and Humanities, Biological and Physical Sciences, Business and Hospitality Services, Computer Science, Construction and Skilled Trades, and more. Additionally, CSCC offers a wide array of other programs, including experiential learning, an Honors program, Future Scientists, and even study abroad opportunities. CSCC also partners with 40+ high schools to provide students with a way to earn college credit while in high school.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $4588
    Total Enrollment: 27,109
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    Great Basin College

    • Elko, Nevada
    • Graduation Rate: 3%

    Located in Elko, Nevada, Great Basin College offers an array of academic programs. Students can choose to learn at the campus, online, as well as while they’re still in high school (through the CTE College Credit Program). Some of the degree and certificate programs available at GBC include Business and Business Administration, Computer Technologies, Education, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Science, and Technology/Industry. There are associate degrees as well as trade programs to make it easier for students to be ready for a career in two years or less.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3240
    Total Enrollment: 3836
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    Northern Oklahoma College

    • Stillwater, Oklahoma
    • Graduation Rate: 65%

    There are three campuses associated with Northern Oklahoma College – Stillwater, Enid, and Tonkawa. Students can choose to take their courses online or at one of the three campuses, depending on the degree program desired. A Gateway Program is found at the Stillwater campus. Additionally, there is a Cultural Engagement Center available to students. Some of the academic programs that students can pursue include Child Development, Engine, Music, Social Science, Computer Science, and Engineering. There are associate degrees in Arts, Sciences, and Applied Sciences as well as several certificates.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3480
    Total Enrollment: 5378
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    North Hennepin Community College

    • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
    • Graduation Rate: 19%

    North Hennepin Community College is found in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Students can choose from over 60 programs, many of which can easily transfer to a four-year college or provide readiness into a specific career field. An Associate of Arts degree may have an emphasis in such topics as Creative Writing, Political Science, Psychology, or even Economics. Students can also explore pathway programs into Accounting, Art and Design, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Exercise Science, Music, Theatre and Film, and more. NHCC offers an array of student resources including an online learning platform, counseling and career center, and a library.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $4566
    Total Enrollment: 7505
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    Cowley County Community College

    • Arkansas City, Kansas
    • Graduation Rate: 35%

    At Cowley County Community College, students can choose to take courses at the campus in Arkansas City, Kansas or online. The academic catalog includes a number of majors as well as career pathway possibilities. Students can choose to enter the workforce with their two-year degree or transfer to a college in order to pursue a four-year program. Some of the programs that students can find at Cowley include Accounting, Cosmetology, Foreign Language, Nutrition, and much more. Associate degrees and certificate programs are available from the college.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3450
    Total Enrollment: 4485
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    Walla Walla Community College

    • Walla Walla, Washington
    • Graduation Rate: 41%

    Located in Walla Walla, Washington, Walla Walla Community College offers online and campus experiences for students. In addition to the Walla Walla campus, there is also another campus in Clarkston, WA. Courses are offered to make it easy to transfer to four-year institutions across the country. eLearning programs are available in Associate of Arts, Science, and Applied Science. Some of the academic topics include Turf Management, Human & Social Services, and Criminal Justice. An array of remote student resources are available to students, too, including free WiFi, financial aid, and a college store.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $4700
    Total Enrollment: 12,000
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    Ozarks Tech Community College

    • Springfield, Missouri
    • Graduation Rate: 26%

    Students can choose Ozarks Tech Community College to pursue online and on-campus degree programs. Located in Springfield, Missouri, OTC offers adult education, study abroad programs, and more. Some of the online programs that are offered include Accounting and Business Management, Business and Marketing, Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice, and Teaching. Various certificates are also available, allowing students to get started in the workforce or explore new opportunities within their career. Further, there are many campuses to choose from across Missouri, including Richwood Valley, Table Rock, and Lebanon.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $4763
    Total Enrollment: 15,123
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    Southwest Mississippi Community College

    • Summit, Mississippi
    • Graduation Rate: 37%

    A variety of undergraduate degrees are found at Southwest Mississippi Community College. Located in Summit, Mississippi, the two-year college offers a number of opportunities for students. SMCC offers career-technical programs, academic transfer programs, workforce training and more – many of which are offered online. The catalog of offerings include everything from Banking and Finance to Poultry Science to Pre-Biology. The campus offers an array of student organizations. Further, students will have access to a Student Government Association and an Honor Society.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3280
    Total Enrollment: 2128
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    Minnesota State Community and Technical College

    • Fergus Falls, Minnesota
    • Graduation Rate: 37%

    At Minnesota Community and Technical College, students can choose from an array of programs and degrees. Areas of study include Agriculture, Arts and Communications, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, Engineering Technology, Human Services, and Health Science Technology. The college also offers transfer credits for those who wish to pursue a four-year degree at a university. Workforce development is offered to those who wish to enhance their career opportunities. Further, M State Life enhances time at the community college with sports, student organizations, and fine arts.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $5560
    Total Enrollment: 6464
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    Western Wyoming Community College

    • Rock Springs, Wyoming
    • Graduation Rate: 25%
    Outdoor view of Western Wyoming Colleges campus

    There are 63 associate programs for students to choose from at Western Wyoming Community College. Located in Rock Springs, WY, the college offers small class sizes to make it easier for students to learn. Additionally, a number of online programs are available to add flexibility to one’s schedule. Some of the programs available include Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, Language Arts, Industry, Math, Visual & Performing Arts, as well as Pre-Med. Student life throughout Western includes student-run organizations and an Honor’s Club.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3930
    Total Enrollment: 4053
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    State Fair Community College

    • Sedalia, Missouri
    • Graduation Rate: 12%

    Located in Sedalia, Missouri, State Fair Community College offers an array of academic programs. With over 60 to choose from, students can explore many career opportunities. The community college offers ways to transfer credits to a four-year university, obtain career skills training, and ways to pass licensure exams. Apprenticeship programs are also available, making it easier for students to pursue a career upon graduation. Some of the areas of study at State Fair include Agriculture, Arts & Communication, Business Management, Health Sciences, Education & Human Services, and STEM. A full career & technology center is also provided to support students in their career paths.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $4560
    Total Enrollment: 5073
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    Northeast Community College

    • Norfolk, Nebraska
    • Graduation Rate: 46%

    Northeast Community College is located in Norfolk, Nebraska. The college is focused on providing a premium student experience regardless of whether it happens on campus or the program is completed online. Some of the academics that students can choose form include Media Arts, Nursing, Public Health, Theatre, Veterinary Technology, and more. AA and AS degrees can be obtained along with various diplomas, certificates, and training. The diverse course catalog allows students to explore a variety of career paths.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $3660
    Total Enrollment: 3400
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    Lincoln Land Community College

    • Springfield, Illinois
    • Graduation Rate: 32%

    At Lincoln Land Community College, students can choose from remote and on-campus courses. Located in Springfield, Illinois, LLCC offers career training, an Honors Program, and a Center for Academic Success. Two-year associate degrees can make it easy to enter the workforce or to use to transfer to a four-year college or university. Some of the programs available include Culinary and Hospitality, English and Humanities, Health Professions, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Business. A recruitment team is also available to help those who are undecided on a career path.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $6576
    Total Enrollment: 5896
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    Illinois Eastern Community College

    • Mount Carmel, Illinois
    • Graduation Rate: 47%

    There are a total of four campuses available at Illinois Eastern Community College. Beyond choosing a campus, students can also explore online courses and programs. Degrees, certificates, and professional skills can be obtained at IECC. Areas of study include Administration of Justice, CNC Programming, Advanced Machining, Agricultural Technology, Coal Mining Technology, and more. Various programs are also offered to ensure students learn about career opportunities, way to research advanced topics, and other ways to learn remotely.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $10,056
    Total Enrollment: 5584
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    Austin College

    • Sherman, Texas
    • Graduation Rate: 73%

    Austin College is located in Sherman, Texas. Some of the undergraduate programs include Anthropology, Biochemistry, and Computer Science. There are more than 55 programs to choose from – some that are available as a major and some just as a minor. Additionally, for those who wish to avoid transferring to another college have the opportunity to explore a few graduate programs, too. Austin College has gained notoriety as one of the Top Colleges in Texas according to the Wall Street Journal. An array of online courses are available to ensure students can study in a way that is convenient.

    School Overview

    Tuition per year: $41,155
    Total Enrollment: 1353
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    Our Ranking Methodology

    We have ranked the online community colleges based on community colleges across the United States that offer an online program. We have eliminated schools that only offer technical certificates. Additionally, the schools are ranked based on two criteria – tuition and total enrollment. The schools with the lower tuition and the higher enrollment are given a higher rank.

    The tuition totals are based on a per-year basis (two semesters) and are in-state rates, when applicable. Additionally, the tuition does not include books or housing.

    View an Error?

    If you work for one of the community colleges listed and notice an error, please contact us. We wish to address all errors to ensure that the colleges are ranked properly.

    When you are interested in pursuing a degree at an online community college, we look forward to helping you with the decision-making process.

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