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    Sports Jobs

    Many of us dream of a career in sports. Fortunately, the types of jobs available in the sports industry aren’t limited to those that require athletic prowess. Many roles within the sports industry require sports-related expertise that has nothing to do with the playing field. Some would be surprised to discover that many of these positions can be both lucrative and practical choices, with the right training and preparation.

    Coaches/ Work Environment
    Coaches play a vital role in the lives and careers of athletes. They provide the essential grooming required to shape and push an athlete to grow. These essential leaders can be found in many different areas, from high school to professional sports. Although the overall role of a coach is the same in most scenarios, each coaching position has its own unique nuances and requirements. What’s required of a high school coach is different from what’s required of a coach at the professional level.

    Job Outlook
    The search for coaches at the college level isn’t diminishing or going away any time soon. This field is projected to increase by twelve percent by 2029. This is evidence that it’s a field that’s in demand and worth and is set to grow aggressively over the next several years. Anyone who has an interest in this field can expect its demand to continue to increase.

    How to Become a College Sports Coach
    Most college coaches start coaching high school or some other youth-oriented type of coaching before they become college coaches. As far as education is concerned, college coaches usually have a Bachelor’s in Sports Management, Physical Education, Athletic Coaching, Sports Science, or some other sports-oriented field. Many coaches at the college level have also acquired secondary degrees in sports-related areas as well.

    Various Job Titles for Coaches
    High School Coaches
    High school coaches generally have a bachelor’s degree. They often choose to major in areas like Kinesiology, Physical Education, Exercise, or some other sports-related area. Plus, coaching certification is required in some districts. As with most coaches, a CPR certification as well as a background and drug test are usually required. Most high school coaches were former athletes in high school or college. High school coaches need to be familiar with the rules, regulations and be present at every game. They also run drills and teach strategy to their athlete students. The average salary for a high school coach is $33,570.

    College Sports Coaches
    Most college-level coaches usually have an educational background that includes a
    Bachelor’s degree or an advanced degree in Sports Science, Athletic Coaching, Physical Education, or other sports-related areas. At the college coaching level, the past educational background curriculum includes leadership theory, psychology, fitness, and anatomy. A CPR and first aid certification, as well as state/ institution-specific certifications, are usually required as well. College level coaches can also seek more training and education through the NCAA and NFL Coaches Academy for education and training in intercollegiate football training.

    Salary Trend
    The salaries for coaches can vary greatly depending on several different factors. For example, high school coaches as well as coaches from small universities, tend to make more modest salaries. However, the median salary for coaches was $34,840 in May 2019. The top ten percent earned over $78,890. However, there are coaching jobs that pay far beyond this. The top caching salaries can generally be found at the professional level among people that coach professional basketball and football. For example, the median income for the average NBA coach is three million.

    Average Salaries Across the Country
    Coaching salaries are most lucrative on both the east and the west coasts, as well as the southwest regions. They are the lowest in the southwest and the and southeast regions of the country. The highest coaching salaries can be found in Houston, TX with an average median salary of $63,650 a year. However, several other cities don’t trail too far behind:

    • Piscataway, NJ: $60k
    • New York, NY: $58k
    • Tucson, AZ: $56k
    • Los Angeles, CA: $53k
    • Saint Louis, MO: $50k
    • Boston, MA:$50k

    Factors that can influence salary?

    As you can see, coaching salaries are wide and varied. This may cause many potential job seekers to question why there is so much variation in coaching salaries. However, there is an explanation for the wide variation in salary for coaches. The salary of a coach is often dependent on the size of the schools or athletic department. Of course, bigger more prestigious schools often have more money and pay better. Beyond schools, any professional coaching career is also going to have a bigger budget for their coaches as well. However, the distinctions don’t end there. Coaching salaries are often dependent on the type of sport they coach, their experience, education, and geographic location. Coaching salaries are more lucrative in specific parts of the country more so than others.

    Coaching experience is an invaluable trait when it comes to sports jobs in the coaching industry. As a coach grows in his or her experience, he or she is more marketable and more qualified to coach at a more lucrative level. For example, a high school coach may be able to apply for a position as a coach at a small university. This is an example of a coach that has developed enough experience to apply for a position as a coach at a more advanced education level. Also, this can be observed when a college coach becomes a professional coach. The concept is the same. Their experience has given them the history and the credibility to apply for better positions. Based on the above information, it’s safe to say that experience has a positive impact on a coach’s career opportunities. It’s also been proven that a coach that used to be an athlete is also perceived as more credible and effective than one that hasn’t.

    Careers in sports can be very rewarding because job opportunities are plentiful and are projected to continue to grow. Beyond coaching, many other lucrative fields include sports promotion, sport psychology, sports marketing, athletic administration, and sports medicine. Jobs in the sports industry are plentiful and the growth in the demand for certain types of sports careers has been projected to continue to grow. Unlike other industries, sports jobs allow many non-athletes to have a lucrative career with a bright future, even if they aren’t athletes or, are no longer athletes.

    Location, location, location…It really does make a difference. Depending on your career aspirations and where you are located when you begin your journey, what you do and how you do it will prove to be very important in terms of how far you go in the sports industry. If you are a coach that wants to eventually land a job in the NFL, you will need to get used to the idea of relocating frequently. The bigger jobs are usually in the larger metropolitan areas. Although you may come from the small-town USA, you will need to be flexible and willing to move as needed for better job opportunities.

    Location may also affect the type of experience you have access to. This is why you may have to be more proactive if you are starting your career in a small town or city. You might have to drive your own career by seeking out the experience you need to enhance your chances of excelling in your field of choice.

    This is particularly true when it comes to coaching, small-town opportunities many vary from opportunities in bigger metropolitan areas. For example, the same title and position may vary greatly in the type of opportunities and experience you have access to. You may need to be more proactive when it comes to self-promotion or opportunities to get noticed and find jobs in the sports industry if you work in a small town. These factors may also apply if your team or school isn’t very large or it doesn’t have a large audience. As noted above, your location may also influence your salary as well.

    Education is a key factor when it comes to any career or profession. Careers in sports are no different. Training, preparation, and formal schooling play a fundamental role in your credibility as s someone seeking a job in sports. This is why it’s a good idea to do your homework when it comes to a particular position. What type of degrees lends themselves to particular caree5rs in sports? What type of experience, internship, or other understudy position can help you gain the right experience and respect? These are all viable questions that you must answer if you hope to have a job in the sports industry.

    Average Salary of Jobs with Related Titles
    Coaching isn’t the only lucrative profession when it comes to jobs in the sports industry. There are many. This is one of the many reasons why jobs in the sports industry are steadily growing. The demand is already there and it’s projected to continue to grow exponentially. You can also consider jobs as:

    Fitness Program Coordinator: Which requires a Bachelors’s degree in Fitness Management, Health, and other related areas. An advanced degree in similar areas is also practical. People hoping to work in this industry can expect to make anywhere from $30,203-$61,031. Someone seeking this type of position can expect to find employment at a
    college, hotel, fitness center, YMCA, business, and college.

    Therapeutic Recreation Director: Another sought after job in the sports industry is the position of Therapeutic
    Recreation Director. This requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness Management, Health, and other similar fields. An advanced degree is also beneficial as well. Job seekers can expect to find salaries that range from $30,814 to $68,305. The median income is $46,876. Job seekers can expect to find jobs at Assisted Living center, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals.

    Learn More About Jobs in the Sports Industry…
    As someone who is positioning himself or herself for success when it comes to looking for sports jobs, you need to learn as much as possible about your career of choice.  As a young person, you have time. It’s a good idea to use it proactively. Preparation and knowledge are practical approaches to finding and attaining careers in sports. We’re here to help you by providing you with accurate information and realistic expectations when it comes to what your profession of choice entails. We provide information regarding education, experience needed, salary, and many other variables that will shape the position you take. Reach out so that we can help you fine-tune your career aspirations and prepare you for your career of choice with accurate and helpful information.  Jobs in sports industry are prevalent and projected to continue to grow. It’s a good idea to invest in learning as much as possible about the various opportunities in the field.

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