The Top 15 Schools for a Masters in Emergency Management in 2024

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Masters in Emergency Management

Why Choose a Masters In Emergency Management?

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A degree in emergency management can help you find a job in a number of areas, such as working as an emergency management program specialist, emergency management director, environmental health and safety manager, nuclear emergency planner, or even a public information officer.

This degree helps combine studies in disaster management and homeland security studies into one. You’ll learn skills to help you work in high-level positions in homeland security, public policy, and emergency preparedness. Some programs focus on manmade disasters, counterterrorism, or biosecurity.

Choosing a Masters in Emergency Management

When choosing a school to attend, think about your career aspirations. You need to select a program that has concentrations in the area you want to work in. If you want to work in the aftermath of natural disasters or tackle industrial hazards, find a school with those programs. If you want to work with counterterrorism, focus on finding a school with that as an option.

Jobs in these fields are expected to keep growing in number. The median pay, as of 2019, was $74,590, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs are expected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029.

The following are the top 15 schools for a master’s in emergency management around the country. These programs prepare you to work in the field and be ready in emergencies of various kinds. If you aren’t sure which program you want to join, contact us and let us help you find one that you’re happy with.

The Top 15 Schools for a Masters in Emergency Management

1. Arkansas State University

The Master of Science in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management is available at Arkansas State University. This program is primarily offered online and can be completed in as few as 12 months. It consists of 36 credit hours.

• Tuition (in-state): $4,986

• Enrollment: 13,356

2. Bellevue University

The Master of Science Emergency Management Degree is available 100% online through Bellevue University. The program consists of 36 credit hours and is completed within four terms.

• Tuition (in-state): $10,530

• Enrollment: 11,637

3. John Jay College of Criminal Justice

John Jay College of Criminal Justice offers an Emergency Management Master of Science. The program is designed to be completed through the college online, though some courses may be available in person. The program consists of 36 credit hours completed on a general track or thesis track.

• Tuition (in-state): $11,090

• Enrollment: 15,880

4. Adelphi University

Adelphi University offers an MS in Emergency Management. This provides students with an education in interdisciplinary emergency management. The program consists of 39 credit hours, which can be complete in 2.5 years.

• Tuition (in-state): $41,920

• Enrollment: 7,991

5. National University

National University offers a Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The MS comes with four-week classes and is designed for on-campus or online students. Students take one subject at a time to complete the degree faster.

• Tuition (in-state): $15,480

• Enrollment: 16,670

6. California State University Long Beach

California State University Long Beach offers a Master of Science in Emergency Services Administration. This online emergency management program consists of 32 credit hours. Students need to complete a capstone project.

• Tuition (in-state): $7,176

• Enrollment: 38,674

7. Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University offers a Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Master of Arts. This program prepares students with practical knowledge that prepares them for emergencies in the public and private sectors. Students complete 36 credit hours in this program.

• Tuition (in-state): $12,701

• Enrollment: 29,757

8. Arizona State University, Skysong

Arizona State University in Skysong offers an Online Master of Arts in Emergency Management & Homeland Security. The program consists of 33 credit hours and spends 7.5 weeks per class. There are a total of 11 classes.

• Tuition (in-state): $6,384

• Enrollment: 45,073

9. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University offers an M.S. in Disaster and Emergency Management. The program consists of 36 credit hours and is normally completed in two years by taking two courses in the fall, winter, and summer semesters.

• Tuition (in-state): $19,665

• Enrollment: 20,576

10. George Mason University

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George Mason University offers a graduate certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Unlike the MS version of the program, it can be completed in just one to 1.5 years. It may be added to other masters’ degree programs.

• Tuition (in-state): $12,144

• Enrollment: 37,863

11. Liberty University

Liberty University offers an MPA in Disaster Management. This program consists of 36 credit hours and can be completed in an average of 1.5 years. The school is accredited by SACSCOC.

• Tuition (in-state): $7,980

• Enrollment: 85,586

12. Georgetown University

Georgetown University offers a Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management. Through 2021, the program is offered completely online. The course consists of 33 credit hours that may be completed in around two years when attending part-time.

• Tuition (in-state): $51,336

• Enrollment: 19,593

13. Columbia University

Columbia University offers a Master of Public Health that has certificates available in injury and violence prevention as well as other related fields. The school offers the traditional track as well as an accelerated program.

• Tuition (in-state): $47,600

• Enrollment: 31,456

14. University of Maryland College Park

Through its global campus, the University of Maryland offers a management master’s degree with an emergency management specialization. Students must complete 36 total credit hours and may elect to take some courses in a hybrid format.

• Tuition (in-state): $13,158

• Enrollment: 40,743

15. Harvard University (Kennedy)

At Harvard University, you can opt to take a Mid-Career Master in Public Administration, or MC/MPA, or you can take the Master in Public Policy. The programs prepare students to understand complex problems and to come up with concrete solutions.

• Tuition (in-state): $48,008

• Enrollment: 31,655

Ranking Methodology

The ranking here was determined by scoring the schools from 1 to 15 based on tuition and enrollment. The two ranking scores were added, and then the schools were placed in order from those with the greatest points results to those with the fewest results. Lower tuition rates and lower enrollment were better.

Questions about These Results?

If there is any information here that you have questions about, let us know. If you’d like to have your school added to our list or to have any information about your school corrected, we are here to help.

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