Best 12 Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration in 2024

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If you want to make a significant impact on your community, a Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration degree may be perfect for you. This career is fast-paced and continuously evolving. Students can direct their focus to several public safety concentrations addressing public health, emergency management, or criminal justice. The degree offers you a perfect way to set yourself up for a leadership or management role in the private or public sector, working at all government levels.

Top 5 Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration

Rank School Location
1Bellevue UniversityBellevue, Nebraska
2Mansfield University of PennsylvaniaMansfield, Pennsylvania
3 Polk State CollegeWinter Haven, Florida
4St. Petersburg CollegeSt. Petersburg, Florida
5Cleveland State UniversityCleveland, Ohio

What is a Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration?

A Public Safety Administration degree is a well-rounded and versatile degree that can be applied to many career paths. This degree helps teach students the ability to think critically and quickly about situations. Students also gain the necessary tools and skills needed to become leaders in their communities.

Often, students with a bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration move on to management positions, able to influence the way a society or government entity plans and develops policies that impact the community at large.

Working in Public Safety Administration allows students to help people in their communities every day. This field gives students the chance to implement or improve policy and planning related to criminal justice, public health, or emergency planning.

Students can have the opportunity to improve and reallocate budgeted funds or get hands-on working with law enforcement. This degree can transition well working in private and public sectors and be applied to local, state, and federal government levels.  

The Best 12 Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration


Bellevue University

  • Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Points: 22

The Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration degree at Bellevue University falls under the umbrella of emergency management. This degree helps to teach students the necessary steps and critical thinking skills needed to create plans and policies in place to better the public. Students who graduate from this program will have the skills necessary to work in private and public sectors, working closely alongside government at the local, state, and federal levels.

Students will have the ability to learn about terrorism and homeland security and understand how to perform a risk assessment and analysis. They will also study command structures as well as technical and communication tools necessary to complete the job.

  • Application Requirements: Application, Application Fee, High School Degree, Official High School Transcripts, Minimum GPA

school overview

Tuition: $327 per credit
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Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

  • Mansfield, Pennsylvania
  • Points: 19

The Mansfield University of Pennsylvania offers a competitive program for Safety Management. Students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in this exciting field and put their skills to use in real-world scenarios helping people every day.

This degree focuses on giving students the skills needed for both private and government-type roles. The degree will follow safety science practices, exploring the practical application and the theory and ethics surrounding public safety.

Students can focus on a career in safety management, exploring risk analysis, planning, policy-making, and safety promotion through the workplace and the community.

school overview

Tuition: $548 per credit
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Polk State College

  • Winter Haven, Florida
  • Points: 17

The field of Public Safety encompasses many elements to help keep communities safe. It ranges from criminal justice to law enforcement to emergency planning and preparedness. This degree can be applied to several fields, allowing students the real opportunity to customize their learning experience. The degree at Polk State College offers several paths and options for students to take who are interested in working in Public Safety.

The Public Safety Management concentration falls under the Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision and Management. Students can enroll in several certificates, Associate degree, or Bachelor’s degree options such as the Associate in Science in Emergency Medical Services. These programs are designed to help give students the knowledge and power to think quickly and critically in truly life-or-death moments.

school overview

Tuition: $112.22-$469.70 per credit hour
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St. Petersburg College

  • St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Points: 17

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree offered by St. Petersburg College is perfect for students who are already working full-time in a public safety-related job. This degree gives students the necessary skills and knowledge to progress to leadership or management roles within the local, state, or federal government.

Students also have the opportunity to take classes entirely online, allowing more flexibility for working professionals. This degree allows students to select one of four areas of interest to further their studies and direct their focus. Concentrations are Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, and Management, Fire Science, or cross-discipline combination.

Students who graduate will manage budgets better, address organizational issues within a company or organization, and develop and evaluate existing programs and policies as they relate to public safety.

school overview

Tuition: $387 per credit
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Cleveland State University

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Points: 13

The Public Safety Management Bachelor’s degree offered from Cleveland State University is designed to prepare students for leadership and management roles within public safety fields. This degree is intended for both pre-career and working professionals alike, giving students the tools necessary to make informed and efficient decisions as they pertain to the public’s health and well-being.

Students will learn how to effectively communicate through all channels and levels of operations within government and non-profit structures. Students will understand how to develop, plan, and analyze existing policies to improve response time and efficacy to help the public. Furthermore, this degree will teach students to understand and implement public policy tools.

school overview

Tuition: $640 per credit
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Georgetown University

  • Washington, D.C.
  • Points: 12

The public safety bachelor’s degree offered at Georgetown University focuses on public health and management. The Health Care Management & Policy Bachelor of Science degree focuses on public decisions and policy as they impact overall public health.

There are two tracks for students to take. One track focuses on public health management, while the other track focuses on health policy analysis. Both choices make an impact on public health concerns and policies.

This degree teaches necessary theoretical information and offers exciting internship opportunities for students to gain hands-on working knowledge from public safety professionals.

school overview

Tuition: $2,335 per credit
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Baker College

  • Flint, Michigan
  • Points: 12

At Baker College, the Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree offers concentrations in either Criminal Justice Studies or Law Enforcement and Police Academy. This degree allows students to work hands-on within their communities, helping people every day.

The degree focuses on the principles of policing, understanding evidence collection, cybercrime investigations, and learning about first aid. This degree has a theoretical side as well. Students are regularly asked to understand and interpret the ethics related to criminal justice, policy, and procedure.

Students learn the history of public safety, its policy, and learn to implement improvements and adjustments suitable for today’s world. Further, students are asked to develop their writing and communication skills to become influential leaders and communicators within their community.

school overview

Tuition: $420 per credit
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Keiser University

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Points: 11

The Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration from Keiser University focuses on the administrative aspects of public safety. Students will understand policymaking and budget preparation and learn how their decisions influence the community. Students will also learn how to communicate with all levels of departments within emergency management, including fire officials, law enforcement officers, and paramedics.

Students learn how to develop emergency plans and policies, implement a budget, learn about administrative law, and practice grant writing. This degree consists of several core education classes combined with elective courses, allowing students to pursue their interests.

school overview

Tuition: $875 per credit
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Miami Dade College

  • Miami, Florida
  • Points: 11

The Public Safety Management bachelor’s degree from Miami Dade College gives students a great blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. This degree helps prepare students for careers in law enforcement and is a nationally recognized program.

Students choose a concentration from two tracks: Crime Scene Investigation or Criminal Justice. Students can take courses on judicial policy, police & society, crime scene investigation, and criminal justice. This degree can be completed online, giving students working full time the flexibility to earn a degree without interfering with hectic schedules.

school overview

Tuition: $402 per credit
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Florida Atlantic University

  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Points: 10

A public safety administrator’s role is continuously changing, and Florida Atlantic University wants to give students every advantage to stay ahead of these changes, working together in real-time settings and scenarios.

Students enrolled in the BPSA program will gain hands-on experience and the theoretical knowledge needed to successfully manage and plan policies and procedures to help protect the lives of people living in their neighborhoods and communities.

Students will complete 60 credits in Public Safety Administration courses as well as additional general education requirements. BPSA students can choose from two concentrations: Law Enforcement and Corrections or Disaster Management.

school overview

Tuition: $721 per credit
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Florida State University

  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Points: 8

The Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration degree from Florida State University focuses on law enforcement and criminal justice. Students will have the opportunity to learn about policies and procedures that can help improve public safety and further give students the tools needed to develop further and analyze both existing and newly proposed plans for safety.

Students enrolled in this program will have the ability to focus their studies on several distinct majors. Students can select from crime scene investigation, law enforcement intelligence, and law enforcement operations for their major. Students must take 60 credits in Public Safety Administration in conjunction with general education courses.

school overview

Tuition: $782 per credit
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University of Maryland

  • College Park, Maryland
  • Points: 4

The Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration degree from the University of Maryland focuses on the criminal justice and law enforcement side of public safety administration. Students entering the program will learn the best professional practices and study leadership attributes associated with public safety. They will also learn to evaluate challenges around professional obligation and the development of mitigation plans.

This school offers an entirely online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration, which makes this degree ideal for people already working in this field as full-time professionals . Flexible online courses allow students to learn information at their own pace when convenient for them.

school overview

Tuition: $1,537 per credit
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To rank the best schools to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration, we have put together a scoring system based on two different metrics. The first metric is the cost for tuition based on a per-credit basis. If schools listed their tuition as a yearly expense, the total tuition was divided in half, assuming two semesters, and then further divided by 12, assuming an average of 12 credits per semester.

Schools with the lowest cost of tuition per credit were given the highest number of points and a more favorable ranking. In all cases, the out-of-state tuition cost was used to calculate the total number of points awarded for this metric. Next, the schools were graded on their overall enrollment size. Smaller schools received more points and a more favorable ranking.

It was assumed that smaller schools offered a better student-to-teacher ratio and a more dedicated and relatable learning experience for students. The school with the smallest total enrollment was given the most points. The total points awarded for the tuition score and the enrollment score are then totaled together, giving a final total score. The school with the most total score was given the top ranking in our list.

If your school has been featured on our list of the best places to earn a Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration, we would love to hear from you. We understand that programs and information are constantly changing, so we want to know if the information we have listed is out of date. Our goal is always to give students the best and most accurate information to make the best choice for their careers. 

Benefits of an Online Public Safety Administration Degree

Getting this degree is beneficial in many ways. You can join different professions after getting this degree. Positions and roles in this particular field are linked to a range of industries including private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Holding this degree means that you can qualify for jobs in fire safety, emergency management, and police positions.

Also, jobs related to the public safety are expected to show positive growth in the next couple of years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job for Emergency Management Directors is going to exhibit 6% job growth rate. The growth rate for Detectives and Police roles is expected to be 7% in the coming years.

Working in Public Safety Administration allows students to help people in their communities every day. This field gives students the chance to implement or improve policy and planning related to criminal justice, public health, or emergency planning. Students can have the opportunity to improve and reallocate budgeted funds or get hands-on working with law enforcement. This degree can transition well working in private and public sectors and be applied to local, state, and federal government levels.  

What Courses Will I Take in a Public Safety Administration Program?

While enrolling in this an online public safety administration degree, you can choose among a variety of courses depending on your respective field of sturdy.

Here are a few of the most common courses to choose from:

Public Safety Issues: This course allows you to examine and identify the challenges and issues that professionals working in the public safety field are facing. So, you can find a viable solution to their day-to-day work issues.

Contemporary Public Safety Practices: When opting for this course, you will learn about the best practices adopted for risk and hazard identification. These include integrated safety services, risk analysis, quality control, and critical incident management.

Public Safety Planning: By learning this course, you will be able to explore operational public safety management and strategic planning. Also, you will learn about resource allocation, budget allocation, and plan implementation.

Introduction to Public Safety Administration: This course helps you to understand and learn basic concepts of public safety in the public and private sectors.

Public Safety Research and Technology: You can explore different research applications and technologies that are currently being utilized in public safety departments.

Legal and Public Policy Issues in Public Safety: By going through this course, you can learn about public safety laws. As a professional, you may need to know the areas where these laws are implemented. It also gives you an insight into the impact of the political environment and legal system on matters related to public safety.

Public Safety Administration Ethics: This course is all about understanding and awareness of a wide range of ethical behavior and issues that you might come across when serving in the public safety field.

Managerial Finance: While studying this course, you can learn about the basic financial skills of managers who are serving in public safety.

Information Systems in Organizations: This course allows you to learn about various information systems that organizations are currently utilizing. Especially, you will also learn about the special information system tools that public safety professionals commonly use.

Public Safety Leadership: Learning this course will allow you to understand different public safety leadership theories. Also, you will develop major leadership performance models and skills.

What Can I Do With a Public Safety Administration Degree

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has specified a variety of careers in the field of public safety. So, after graduating and holding a public safety administration degree, you can qualify for a job in this sector.

Some of the most common public safety job roles include:

·         Police and detectives

·         Firefighter

·         Fire inspector

·         Public safety Telecommunicator

In addition, professionals having the required experience in fieldwork can also find a job in this sector. These job roles include:

·         Operations Specialties Managers

·         Emergency Management Professionals

·         Administrative Services and Facilities Managers

The major course chosen by you can affect your job placement. Besides, getting the right job role also depends on the experience you have in this sector. Some other key factors include your geographic location and desired industry. Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree in public safety administration, you can find a relevant job in both the public and private sectors.

Usually, job roles in police and detective agencies don’t require a bachelor’s degree. However, by holding a degree in public safety administration, you can find yourself eligible for leadership roles.

What is the Average Salary for Public Safety Administration Graduates?

On average, a graduate in public safety administration can earn a handsome salary depending on the course taken and previous experience. A bachelor’s in public safety prepares you for jobs in public security and public safety management.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that public safety graduates can qualify for a number of job roles across different industries. For instance, you can find a suitable job in sectors including healthcare, education, social services, government, professional services, insurance, and finance.

The average annual salaries for the different job roles in the public safety sector are listed below.

·         Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists: $55,690

·         EMTs and Paramedics: $36,650

·         Public Safety Telecommunicators: $43,290

·         Firefighters: $52,500

·         Fire Inspectors: $62,120

·         Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers: $65,540

·         Social and Community Service Managers: $69,600

·         Emergency Management Directors: $76,250

·         Detectives and Criminal Investigators: $86,940

·         Medical and Health Services Managers: $104,280

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Public Safety Administration Degree?

The overall time taken to earn a public safety administration depends on various aspects. For instance, if you have been enrolled in a 16-week semester, it would take 4 years to get your public safety degree.

However, when enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program offering 8-week semester, you would be able to get your degree much faster. For those who are studying part-time, the duration required for completing a degree in public safety could exceed accordingly.

How Much Does a Public Safety Administration Degree Cost?

The cost of obtaining a public safety administration degree relies on some major aspects. For instance, state residency tends to be the most influential factor that influences the true cost of a degree in public safety. This is because most universities and colleges charge higher to those students who are residing out of state. But there are certain schools, which charge a flat fee for their online degree programs.

To give you an idea, here is an estimated cost of a public safety administration degree.

Per-credit costs range from $200 to $500 (for an online public safety administration degree)

As a student, you might expect to pay around $24,000 to $60,000 in terms of tuition fees.

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