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Top 15 Best Marketing Degree Programs in 2020

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No organization, profit, or nonprofit, can do without marketing. It’s no wonder organizations employ people with a marketing degree. If you earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing, you’ll play a key role in a company’s or organization’s marketing strategy.

What Can You Do With a Marketing Degree?

See the list of possible careers you may pursue with an undergraduate marketing degree.

  • Promotions Coordinator
  • Production Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Advertising/Promotion Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Copywriter MarketingManager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planner

If you focus on digital marketing, you may also qualify for the entry-level jobs below.

  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • eCommerce Manager Director
  • Web Analytics
  • Director of Internet Marketing

With the above list in mind, let’s jump into colleges that can help you to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Rank School Location
1Hofstra University (HU)Hempstead, New York State
2Northeastern University (NU)Boston, Massachusetts
3Drexel University (DU)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4Texas Tech University (TTU) Lubbock, Texas
5University of Alabama (UA)Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Here are the top 15 Best Marketing Degree Programs in 2020:


Hofstra University (HU)

  • Hempstead, New York State
  • Graduation Rate: 63%

Hofstra University, located in Hampstead New York, is a private school that originated in 1935. With accomplished scholars who are well-experienced, it offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. The degree is specifically made for students who are interested in business and are curious about buyer behavior as well as creative and good communicators. HU’s marketing degree prepares graduates for careers ranging from banking, finance to sports, music, media, entertainment, etc.

At HU, students will dig deeper into the science, strategy, technology, and techniques that affect marketing, advertising, promotion, and branding. Furthermore, they’ll have more learning opportunities in internships, jobs, and business networks in New York City. They’ll also take part in studying abroad in Europe, Asia, etc as well as in regular regional and national marketing competitions. Besides, HU grants a dual degree program where students can earn a B.B.A and a Master’s in Marketing and Marketing research in five years.

Tuition: $ 49,410 plus fees
Expected Starting Salary: $ 62,377 (annually)
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Northeastern University (NU)

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Graduation Rate: 84%

Established in 1898 and enrolling 13, 864 undergraduates, Northeastern University is a private research school located in Boston, Massachusetts. With popular majors such as mechanical engineering, economics, and business, it grants an undergraduate degree concentrated in marketing. Its B.S in Business Administration (Marketing) aims to prepare students for careers in areas such as sales and accounting, marketing communications, digital marketing as well as brand and product management.

Moreover, graduates will have a deep understanding of how marketers influence business and marketing strategy. They’ll also consider courses like strategy, buyer behavior, marketing research, new product development, sales services, marketing communication, etc.

Tuition: $ 27,180
Expected Starting Salary: $ 54,400
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Drexel University (DU)

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Graduation Rate: 70%

Founded in 1981, Drexel University is a large, private research university with a main campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Enrolling 13, 942 undergraduates, it’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing requires 180 credits. In this program, students will learn to research and identify target audiences, develop products and services, and formulate pricing strategies. Also, they’ll develop advertising and promotional campaigns and learn how to implement ways of distributing goods and services.

Upon completion, DU graduates can take up job positions in product and brand management, professional selling and sales management, physical distribution as well as logistics. Job opportunities are also available in channel management, customer analytics, digital marketing, marketing research, and marketing entrepreneurship, and new product development.

Tuition: $53,868
Expected Starting Salary: $ 53,400
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Texas Tech University (TTU)

  • Lubbock, Texas
  • Graduation Rate: 60%

Texas University, graduating 60 percent of students, is a public research institution based in Lubbock, Texas. Also, established in 1923 and formerly called Texas Technology, it has an enrollment of 2,648 undergraduates. It grants a B.B.A. in Marketing requiring 120 credit hours and is delivered through original and creative teaching, research, and scholarship.

Under this degree program, students will learn about marketing, product, and operations management, organization, and management as well as marketing research and analysis. TU marketing students must also study communication literacy courses. They’re designed to enable them to communicate effectively by exploring, developing, focusing, and organizing a message. Throughout the program, students have many opportunities to develop their skills in communication forms that are central to marketing.

Tuition: $11,600 in-state; $ 23,870 out-of-state
Expected Starting Salary: $ 51, 400
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University of Alabama (UA)

  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Graduation Rate: 68%

Enrolling 37, 842 first-year students and graduating 68 percent, the University of Alabama is the oldest and largest of the public universities in Alabama. As a research institution in Tuscaloosa, its Department of Marketing offers a Marketing degree (B.S). The degree program covers subjects such as sales, import and export operations, research skills, retail operations, etc.

Through UA’s marketing program, graduates can identify and assess consumer and industrial needs and develop marketing programs to satisfy these needs. They’ll also learn to analyze markets and industries, determine new opportunities, and refine the ones that already exist. Additionally, they’ll develop and manage products and services as well as find ways of promoting, distributing, and pricing goods and services for the intended market.

Tuition: $ 10,780 in-state; $ 30,250 out-of-state
Expected Starting Salary: $ 48,085
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Clemson University (CU)

  • Clemson, South Carolina
  • Graduation Rate: 81%

Graduating 83 percent of students, Clemson University is a large, highly-rated, public, land-grant institution. It was founded in 1889 and has an enrollment of 18,971 full-time undergraduates. Located in Clemson, South Carolina, it’s the second-largest university there. Through its Department of Marketing, CU grants a Bachelor of Science in Marketing for students who are keen to study advanced analytical marketing.

Under the degree program, CU will teach graduates how to identify and speak to a target market segment so that they can achieve their marketing objectives. Also, students will demonstrate how to establish a business that is focused on customers. Besides, the American Marketing Association’s Marketing News regards CU as one of the top schools that combines industry practice with marketing concepts. To be accepted at CU for the degree, graduates must first complete a pre-business core curriculum and apply as a pre-business major. They can also pursue a Master’s in the same field after graduation.

Tuition: $ 15, 538 in-state; $ 38, 550 out-of-state
Expected Starting Salary: $ 43, 600
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Washington State University (WSU)

  • Pullman, Washington
  • Graduation Rate: 66%

Founded in 1890 and one of the oldest land-grant universities, Washington State University is a public school with 22, 877 freshmen. Through its Department of Marketing and International Business, Carson College of Business, it offers a degree concentrated in marketing. WSU graduates will gain practical experience in paid internship programs and conduct research on-site behavioral lab. They’ll also attend classes in a centrally located building with the latest audiovisual technology that has six computer labs.

In addition to being taught by renowned educators, students will cover courses such as marketing, marketing research, buyer behavior as well as product policy and pricing. Graduates will also participate in the school’s active Marketing Club and field trips to Spokane and Seattle so that they can meet professionals on the job.

Tuition: $5, 380 in-state; $ 12, 851 out-of-state
Expected Starting Salary: $ 40, 600
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Oakland University (OU)

  • Rochester, Michigan
  • Graduation Rate: 46%

Located in Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, Michigan, Oakland University is a large institution with 19, 254 first-year students. As an above-average university, it’s the second-largest school in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. OU’s popular majors include psychology, biology, and nursing and its School of Business advances a B.B.A with a major in marketing. The degree program seeks to give graduates a thorough understanding of marketing concepts and techniques. With this knowledge, they can plan and carry out the development, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services.

Other broad subjects that students will learn include principles of marketing, marketing management, marketing case analyses, consumer behavior as well as market research, etc. OU’s graduates can pursue careers as marketing analysts, marketing managers, sales managers, etc.

Tuition: $ 13, 934
Expected Starting Salary: $ 39,600
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University of Illinois (UI)

  • Champaign, Illinois
  • Graduation Rate: 85%

As an above-average and a large public research university, the University of Illinois’ main campus is adjacent to the Chicago Loop. With an enrollment of 19, 254 freshmen, its Department of Marketing grants a degree in Marketing (B.S). It aims to produce students who understand the marketing theory and can apply it in real-life situations. Among other discussions in this program, graduates will cover topics such as product management, pricing promotion, and distribution as well as tools to make sound marketing decisions.

At UI, students can have concentrations in marketing research, marketing communication and promotion, innovation and product management, and sales leadership. Besides, they’ll deal with courses like consumer behavior, analytical techniques in marketing, marketing strategy, etc.

Tuition: $10,776
Expected Starting Salary: $39, 600
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Walden University (WU)

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Graduation Rate: 26%

Walden University, an online for-profit university, is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and graduates 100 percent of its students. Having popular majors such as nursing, business, and psychology, it also offers a B.S in Business Administration majoring in marketing. The ACBSP accredited degree allows students to transfer up to 135 credits but 45 credits must be completed at WU. With this degree, graduates can use analytical and decision-making skills to manage marketing resources and activities locally and globally.

Furthermore, they can design and implement less costly marketing strategies. The strategies should also bring a good return on investment through the use of digital and non-digital activities. Apart from going through courses like personal and organizational leadership, fundamentals of accounting, etc., graduates can receive a grant of $ 2, 500 subject to terms and conditions.

Tuition: $58, 825
Expected Starting Salary: $38, 800
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Houghton College (HU)

  • Caneadea, New York
  • Graduation Rate: 71%

Affiliated with the Wesleyan Church, Houghton College is a private liberal arts college with headquarters in Houghton, New York. As a small institution with 926 first-year students, it advances a B.S in Integrated Marketing Communication. HC’s degree program aims to make students experts in the communication elements of marketing. These include advertising, marketing, public relations, and electronic activities. Graduates can expect to take up a role in the marketing or promotions department after completing the degree program.

Additionally, HC’s marketing major is suitable for students who want to enter the marketing field and require an undergraduate degree in marketing. Also, graduates will be taught by faculty who have many years of professional and business experience. The faculty are knowledgeable about broadcasting, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, nonprofits as well as banking sectors. They’re also professors who have served as Certified Public Accountants, human resource managers, financial consultants, business analysts, etc.

Tuition: $15,900
Expected Starting Salary: $37,400
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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM)

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Graduation Rate: 40%

The University of Wisconsin– Milwaukee is an above-average, public urban research institution in Milwaukee in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Graduating 44 percent and with 18, 137 students, it offers a B.B.A with a major in marketing. In this degree program, students will understand what marketing is and also how the economy, culture, demographics, etc., affect business. They’ll also consider the impact of competition on a business’ marketing strategy.

To prepare them for a marketing career in a corporation, nonprofit organizations, and government, NW will teach students the fundamentals of marketing. Graduates will also be taught by faculty who are marketing specialists in consumer behavior, international marketing strategies, promotion, and advertising as well as customer relationship management.

Tuition: $4,627 in-state; $ 10,559 out-of-state
Expected Starting Salary: $36,300
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New England College (NEC)

  • Henniker, New Hampshire
  • Graduation Rate: 38%

With a mid-size enrollment of 1, 665 undergraduates, New England College is a private liberal arts college located in Henniker, New Hampshire. The New England of Higher Education has accredited the school. Additionally, the college advances a 120-credit Business Administration in Marketing, B.A. Not only does it teach students courses like advertising, promotion, digital marketing, personal selling, it also prepares them for careers in advertising, sales, marketing management, etc.

Graduates at NEC will learn in classrooms that are connected to the real world, courses that include physical hands-on experience as well as gain experience outside and inside of the classrooms. To give students further practical knowledge, NEC organizes community placements, and other Experiential Learning activities.

Tuition: $37,490 (12-18 credits)
Expected Starting Salary: $28,500
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Lindenwood University (LU)

  • Saint Charles, Missouri
  • Graduation Rate: 58%

Lindenwood University, graduating 50 percent of its students, is a private liberal arts institution founded in 1827 in Missouri. Offering more than 90-degree programs and internships, its B. A and B.S with a concentration in marketing is delivered in traditional and Online formats. The degrees seek to equip students with skills to market goods and services to the public and private sectors effectively. Graduates at LU can expect to be taught by degreed educators and business professionals all with a doctorate and real-world experience.

LU’s B. A and B.S degrees are different in that the former needs between 75-77 credit hours and offers a more diverse curriculum than the BS one. Requiring between 78-80 credit hours, the B.S degree is more concentrated in marketing than the former. However, both will cover topics such as price strategy and negotiations, advertising and promotional strategy, selling, etc. Students can also earn a certificate in marketing if they meet 15 credit hours.

Tuition: $18,000 academic year
Expected Starting Salary: $ unavailable
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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VIP)

  • Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Graduation Rate: 84%

Frequently known as Virginia Tech, Virginia Polytechnic Institute is a public, land-grant research university graduating 84 percent of students. With the main campus in Blacksburg, VI or VPI advances an undergraduate degree in Marketing (BS). The degree program seeks to provide students with a well-rounded business education emphasizing professional training for careers. These include sales, marketing in manufacturing firms and service industries such as healthcare, banking, and nonprofit organizations.

Furthermore, VPI’s degree program equips students with specialized digital, social media, and marketing analytical skills. They can choose to focus on either Digital Marketing or Professional Selling as well. Product management, advertising, and promotional management merchandising, industrial and consumer sales as well as brand management are some of the courses that students can expect to learn.

Tuition: $ 5,710 in-state; $ 14, 980 out-of-state
Expected Starting Salary: unavailable
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Having investigated and examined a total of 40 colleges that offer an undergraduate degree in marketing, we finally settled on 15 colleges. We ranked our list based on the expected annual income for graduates with a bachelor’s in marketing. We extracted this information from the The University of Alabama took position one because of the highest income that graduates are likely to earn per annum.

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