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Online MBA in Marketing
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Business and management professionals often choose to earn their Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree as they reach for professional leadership roles that typically translate to higher salaries. Online MBA programs offer working professionals the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree while still maintaining a full-time job. For those interested in the field of marketing, the many online MBA in marketing degrees available provide a wide variety of academic choices at different price points.

Online MBA in marketing degree programs offer the necessary flexibility by providing classes available asynchronously that can be completed at a student’s own pace. Online MBA programs have evolved into highly respectable degree programs that demonstrate a student’s dedication as they work full-time and study in addition to working a full workweek.

As one of the most popular of MBA academic tracks, online MBA in marketing programs prepare degree candidates by studying consumer behavior and creating products and marketing strategies to drive sales and generate profits. Coursework for most online MBA in marketing programs include relevant topics that include the following, among others –

  • Market Research
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Electronic Marketing, to name a few.

Those who hold an MBA marketing degree have the skills that apply across sectors and industries.

As one considers the available online MBA in marketing programs, pay particular attention to the classes offered or the curriculum’s emphasis to ensure the MBA program’s educational objectives match your own.

A word about the accreditation of online MBA in marketing programs…

Each of the schools offering these online MBA in marketing programs has been regionally accredited and holds specialized accreditation from one of these recognized graduate business or management program accrediting agencies – the ACBSP, the IACBE, and the AACSB. However, note that it is generally recognized that AACSB is the gold standard for business/management programs, with about five percent of global schools of business receiving such accreditation.

Best 15 Online MBA in Marketing

1. Fort Hays University (FHSU – Kansas)

Fort Hays University (FHSU – Kansas) offers two of the state’s best online MBA in marketing programs with its MBA in digital marketing and its MBA in marketing degree programs. These graduate marketing programs include classes in strategic electronic marketing, marketing research, and consumer behavior, to name a few.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $11,100 (Kansas Resident – Virtual MBA)
  • Credit Units Required – 33 credit units.
  • Accreditation – HLC

2. Florida Gulf Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU – Fort Myers)

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU – Fort Myers) Lutgert Business College offers one of the Sunshine State’s most affordable online MBA in marketing programs. Students enrolled in FGCU’s graduate MBA in marketing can be completed in only twelve months. FGCU offers applicants six start dates each calendar year.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 12,322 (Florida Residents – Non-resident waiver available)
  • Credit Units Required – 33 credit units.
  • Accreditation – SACSCOC & AACSB

3. William Patterson University (WPU – New Jersey)

William Patterson University’s Cotsakos Business College offers a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA Online) program that offers degree candidates a variety of start dates throughout the calendar year. WPU’s online MBA in marketing program offers a unique pay as you go tuition payment plan for its 100$ online coursework.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 14,250
  • Credit Units Required – 36 credit units.
  • Accreditation – MSCHE & AACSB

4. Oklahoma State University (OSU – Stillwater)

Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business offers an online professional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program that can be finished in about one year for those studying full-time. OSU’s online MBA in marketing programs includes coursework in marketing management, entrepreneurial marketing, and leading organizational change, plus an opportunity to study abroad for interested students.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $15,543 (Oklahoma Resident)
  • Credit Units Required – 33 credit units.
  • Accreditation – HLC & AACSB

5. The University of South Dakota (USD – Vermillion)

The University of South Dakota’s Beacom Business School offers one of the state’s best online MBA in marketing programs with its MBA that provides a marketing specialization for business majors. Classes for this marketing degree at the master’s level from USD include new product development, brand management, managerial marketing, and data mining for managers, to name a few.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 18,144 (South Dakota Residents)
  • Credit Units Required – up to 54 credit units, depending on a student’s previous credits/experience.
  • Accreditation – HLC & AACSB

6. West Texas A&M University’s (WTAMU)

West Texas A&M University’s Engler Business College (WTAM Online) Online) offers a Master of Business Administration degree program (MBA) that has received accreditation from the AACSB. Classes for West Texas A&M University’s online MBA in marketing program include evolutionary marketing, advertising in the age of social networks, and a seminar in marketing, to name a few.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 18,637 (Texas Boarder/County (Oklahoma or New Mexico) Residents)
  • Credit Units Required – 37 credit units.
  • Accreditation – SACSCOC & AACSB

7. The University of Massachusetts (UMass Lowell)

UMass Lowell (UMass Online) offers an AACSB-accredited MBA degree program with an academic emphasis in Marketing Leadership that is available 100% online. UMass Lowell’s online MBA in marketing leadership program is recognized among the best MBA programs by the Princeton Review, US News, and GetEducated.com.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 19,650 (Massachusetts Residents)
  • Credit Units Required – 30 credit units.
  • Accreditation – NECHE & AACSB

8. The University of North Texas (UNT – Denton)

The Ryan Business College at the University of North Texas (UNT Online) offers two of the best online MBA in marketing programs with its MBA in Marketing Analytics and its MBA in Marketing. Each of these graduate degrees in marketing is offered in an accelerated format (with adaptable classes that run eight weeks) for those who wish to complete the degree in about one year.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 23,900 (Texas Residents)
  • Credit Units Required – 36 credit units.
  • Accreditation – SACSCOC & AACSB

9. Winthrop University (WU South Carolina)

Winthrop University offers a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) program that can be completed entirely online in less than 24 months. Winthrop University’s online MBA in marketing program includes coursework in business analytics, marketing opportunities for global competitiveness, and leadership dynamics, to name a few.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 28,080
  • Credit Units Required – 36 credit units.
  • Accreditation – SACSCOC & AACSB

10. The University of Cincinnati (UC – Ohio)

The Lindner Business College at the University of Cincinnati (UC Online) offers a professional MBA – a Master of Business Administration degree program that has received accreditation from the AACSB. The University of Cincinnati’s online MBA in marketing program includes classes in buyer behavior, new product development, marketing strategy for managers, and marketing foundations, none of which includes a residency requirement, among others.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 29,049
  • Credit Units Required – 38 credit units (up to 48 credits for students that need to complete prerequisites.
  • Accreditation – HLC & AACSB

11. St. Bonaventure University (SBU – New York)

St. Bonaventure University offers a 20-month online MBA in marketing research or consumer behavior program that is AACSB International accredited. SBU’s graduate degree in marketing research or consumer behavior prepares degree candidates for rewarding careers as band managers, development executives, marketing communication directors, and market research managers.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 32,970
  • Credit Units Required – 42 credit units.
  • Accreditation – MSCHE & AACSB

12. Montclair State University (MSU – New Jersey)

The Feliciano Business School at Montclair State University offers a number one ranked online MBA in marketing digital program that is also AACSB accredited. Students enrolled in Montclair State University’s graduate degree in digital marketing can complete the master’s degree in about 27 months. Marketing classes for this MBA degree include digital marketing strategy and RODMI, fundamentals of mobile media, and digital customer experience management, plus an e-commerce practicum, to name a few.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 33,800
  • Credit Units Required – 39 credit units.
  • Accreditation – MSCHE & AACSB

13. The University of Kansas (KU – Lawrence)

The University of Kansas’s School of Business offers an AACSB- accredited online MBA in marketing program that can be completed in about 27 months, with no residency requirements. Marketing classes for KU’s graduate management degree program in marketing include consumer behavior, global marketing, and digital media marketing, to name a few. KU’s online programs have been recognized as ‘best for vets’ by Military Times.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 36,330
  • Credit Units Required – 42 credit units.
  • Accreditation – HLC & AACSB

14. The University of Alabama (UA – Birmingham)

The Collat Business School within the University of Alabama offers an AACSB-accredited online MBA in marketing program that requires no campus visits. Full-time students enrolled in UA’s graduate degree in marketing can finish the program in only twelve months, although many complete the degree in two years, on average. UA’s MBA program offers GMAT waivers for those applicants who can demonstrate professional/academic experience.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 42,432
  • Credit Units Required – 39 credit units.
  • Accreditation – SACSCOC & AACSB

15. Sacred Heart University (SHU – Connecticut)

Sacred Heart University’s Welch College of Business offers a full-time or part-time online MBA in marketing program that offers students a rolling admission schedule year-round. Classes for this graduate degree in digital marketing includes web design from a marketing perspective, social media marketing, and intro to big data, among others. It is noted there are some residency requirements for this graduate marketing degree that happens on the school’s Fairfield campus.

  • Total Program/Tuition Fees – $ 52,920
  • Credit Units Required – 36 credit units.
  • Accreditation – NECHE & AACSB

Our Ranking Methodology

The analysis of the time online MBA in marketing programs listed above include a cross-section representation of some of the available graduate management degree programs with a specialization in marketing. The time online MBA in marketing programs noted above include both public and private higher learning institutions – allowing students to review a true sampling of available distance learning MBA programs from which to choose.

In preparing this sampling of time online MBA in marketing programs, we considered the online school’s accreditation (and thus, reputation) and its comparative affordability when measured against similar MBA marketing programs offered online.

The tuition fees that were used in the above MBA marketing program analysis were obtained from the school’s proprietary website or the United States’ Federal Government’s National Center for Education Statistics(NCES) website, among other reliable and reputable data sources. The tuition fees for these graduate marketing degree programs represent the tuition costs for the school year of 2020 – 2021 or 2019 – 2020, with the most cost-effective online MBA in marketing programs ranked first.

Further, each program’s required credit units are included in the analysis to assist potential applicants in understanding the curriculum’s depth of study. Finally, the school or program’s accreditation is disclosed to identify which agencies have evaluated and awarded accreditation.

Would you like to edit the information noted above for any of the online MBA in Marketing Programs?

Please allow us at BestValueSchools.org to update or edit any school and program information as listed in the above rankings.


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