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August 11, 2021 | bestvalue

Many people will tell you that there is no reason to pursue a career in psychology if you are not planning on becoming a psychologist. Clearly, that is not true. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for clinical and counseling psychologists are expected to grow over the next decade. That might be what is fueling increased enrollments in psychology programs at universities and colleges across the country. At the bachelor’s level, psychology is a more popular major than computer science and electrical engineering. At the graduate level, enrollment is also surging.

You might assume that there are limited career paths to follow in psychology, but you would be wrong. There are many types of psychology that you can major in, including forensic psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, evolutionary psychology, school psychology, and more. There are also hundreds of schools offering psychology degree programs, and the quality of training you receive varies from school to school. North Dakota is one of the ideal places you can pursue a career in this field. North Dakota is home to the best psychology schools and offers students entry to an exciting profession. The state provides a student-friendly environment where students can work towards becoming licensed psychologists.

To help you gain a deeper understanding of psychology schools in North Dakota, this guide offers a roadmap covering the following:

  • Psychology programs available in North Dakota
  • Pros and cons of getting your psychology degree in North Dakota
  • Most affordable psychology programs in North Dakota
  • Best schools in North Dakota with psychology degree programs

Psychology Programs Available in North Dakota

If you are interested in helping, studying, and learning about people, one of the many psychology degree types available in North Dakota might be of interest to you. There are multiple options in the field of psychology. Let us look at some of the popular psychology programs, along with their descriptions.

  • School Psychology: School psychology applies various principles of psychology to create a safe learning environment, strengthen psychological wellness, and promote academic achievement in a school setting. School psychologists learn about behavior, child psychopathology, psychology, and child development. They are also asses the teacher’s ability to teach and how best students understand the concepts taught.
  • Forensic Psychology: The field involves applying psychological knowledge and techniques to both civil and criminal legal questions. The psychology program is best suited for students who intend to work in the legal field. As a forensic psychologist, you analyze the psychology of individuals involved in criminal activities.
  • Counseling Psychology: Counseling psychology focuses on methods to help people work through psychological stress. With a degree in counseling psychology, your role will be to improve overall psychology and emotional well-being through examining interpersonal relationships. You will use therapeutic techniques to examine emotional, social, and developmental issues among people.
  • Clinical Psychology: Clinical psychology is probably what most people think of when they imagine a career in psychology. It is a field focusing on psychological dysfunction and the approaches to treat it. Students looking into different psychology career options may be drawn toward clinical psychology if they want to learn therapeutic techniques to help patients cope and learn to deal with psychological conditions.

Reasons to Consider Attending a Psychology Program in North Dakota

North Dakota happens to be one of the cheapest states in the country to attend college. North Dakota colleges and universities offer students a top-quality education for less than the average cost of tuition. That makes it possible for both in-state and out-of-the-state students to pursue their education without amassing a lot of debt.

North Dakota has a small but prosperous psychology community. The career opportunities for psychologists in the state are exciting. It is encouraging to know that the North Dakota Market Information Center projects a higher percentage of employment growth within the decade. Many firms are dealing in psychology-related services, and some of these firms work in collaboration with colleges and universities. These companies offer internships and help students to be ready for the work environment. They also provide employment opportunities to impressive students at the end of their studies. If you don’t secure employment in the firm you intern with, you can still secure a job in other firms operating in North Dakota.

Schools that Offer a B.S. in Psychology in North Dakota

North Dakota is no short of schools offering B.S. in psychology. The schools offer online, on-campus, part-time, and full-time studies. Your choice depends on the level of study and degree type you are interested in. You can also choose a school based on your commitments and personal interests. Some of the schools that offer a B.S. in Psychology include:

  • North Dakota State University: The university offers 11 psychology degree programs. It is a public and four-year university within a midsize and student-friendly city.
  • University of North Dakota:  The institution offers 12 psychology degree programs. In 2019, 208 students graduated, with 144 students earning a B.S. in psychology.
  • University of Mary: This school offers four psychology degree programs. It is a non-profit and four-year university in an outlying rural area.

What is the psychology job market like in North Dakota once you earn a degree?

If you plan to study and practice psychology while nestled in the great plains of North Dakota, you’ll be glad to know that the job market is pretty good. While the growth rate might not be as great as in other states, psychologists here have the opportunity to earn competitive pay. Better still, it should not prove too difficult to secure a job.

Pros and Cons of Getting Your Psychology Degree in North Dakota

Is a degree in psychology worth it? There are various factors that you should consider when answering this question. If you are considering pursuing psychology in North Dakota, weigh the pros and cons of the career to make an informed decision. A degree in psychology prepares you for the future, whether you decide to enter the workforce immediately or continue to graduate school. Read on for a breakdown of the pros and cons of getting your psychology degree in North Dakota.

What Are the Pros of Getting Your Psychology Degree In North Dakota?

Psychology is a fascinating field of study. You get to learn about the human brain, delving into thoughts, responses, and behaviors. Unsurprisingly, psychology is becoming one of the popular academic majors in various colleges and universities in North Dakota. Some careers in psychology require degrees at the master’s and doctorate levels, but there is also value in a bachelor’s degree. Let us explore the value of getting your psychology degree in North Dakota.

  • Access to Student Communities: Interacting with other students is a key for your stay in college. Studying in North Dakota allows you to network with students from different fields and institutions. This way, you can identify and explore various opportunities in your career path. You can also identify shared concepts in different degree programs. With a growing field, North Dakota psychology schools organize networking events for students to share their ideas.
  • Access to Multiple Job Opportunities: A bachelor’s degree in psychology helps you understand why people think the way they do, which is beneficial in any career path that requires social interaction. As a business-minded person, you can learn to use your insight into the human mind by analyzing market behavior and consumer trends. Securing a job in these areas, especially in North Dakota, can set you up for lucrative commissions, long-term corporate employment, and successful entrepreneurship opportunities. Alternatively, a degree in psychology can align with other careers such as social work, teaching, and career counseling.
  • Opportunities for Further Studying: A BS in psychology can be your first step towards a longer stay in academia. A master’s degree in psychology will help you get started in a career in industrial-organizational psychology. During your studies, you can work as a clinical psychologist assistant getting experience with real-life cases while earning income that can help you avoid racking up student debt. Earning a doctorate in psychology allows you to obtain a license and works as a psychologist. Colleges and universities within North Dakota offer psychology at all levels, so you don’t have to worry about furthering your studies.
  • Student-Friendly Environment: North Dakota is one of the cheapest states to live in, and the cost of living is affordable for on-campus learning students. Besides the affordable tuition fees, sustaining your life financially is also easier. You can also easily find a side hustle where you earn extra cash to supplement your financial needs.

Why Might You Not Want to Pursue A Psychology Degree In North Dakota?

While there are a million things that can endear North Dakota to students looking to move, there are parts of life in the state that you might not like. Some of the things that might make you reconsider your decision to study psychology degree in North Dakota include:

  • Housing Shortages in Some Places: If you do not fancy residing in school dorms, North Dakota might not be ideal for you. There is a housing shortage in some parts of the state. Developers are working to alleviate the problem, but it might take a little bit of time.
  • Open Spaces: There are quite a bit of wide-open spaces in North Dakota, which most people enjoy. However, you might find the lack of people and civilization along major roads a bit scary.
  • The Weather: The weather in North Dakota might make you reconsider your decision. The state has some of the wildest weather conditions in the country. The record temperatures span more than 150 degrees. There are nights that temperatures will drop to -20 or lower each winter.

What Certifications Are Needed to Earn A Psychology Degree In North Dakota?

Earning a psychology degree is a long journey. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree with the hopes of getting a license and starting to practice professionally, it might seem like a lifetime away. Luckily in North Dakota, there are training and certifications that will help you gain more experience and enhance your resume before graduate school. You can also use the credentials to find jobs as a caseworker, community worker, or crisis counselor. Keep reading to know how the certifications and other opportunities are helpful when you have a degree in psychology.

  • Psychological First Aid Training: The training focuses on responding to trauma. It follows an interactive format where students take an active role in a virtual disaster relief scene.
  • Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy Training: IPSRT refers to guiding people through their natural biological rhythm. Students trained in this method assist clients by analyzing how their mood connects to various life events such as social relationships. Students who complete this course can participate in discussion boards with other people trained in interpersonal social rhythm therapy training.
  • Mental Health Facilitator Training: The mental health facilitator focuses on providing increased mental healthcare across the globe. It carries this mission by training students who want to help with mental health services but do not hold licensure. It teaches students to connect people to local resources. Students also learn how to minimize risk factors for people with mental illnesses.
  • Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology: The certification program teaches students the principles of psychology that can be useful in workplaces. You learn to use the principles to help industries and organizations thrive.
  • Rehabilitation Psychology Training: This focuses on dealing with the needs of people with disabilities. A rehabilitation certification can also serve professionals who work in the mental health and addiction recovery fields.

Most Affordable Psychology Programs in North Dakota

Earning a degree in psychology from the best and affordable colleges has never been easier. As more employers need a professional with at least an undergraduate degree in the field, it has become more important for students to complete this degree for their careers. With inexpensive options becoming more widespread, students have multiple choices for their degrees.

Students highly appreciate an affordable degree, but most important is the quality of the degree. With schools in North Dakota offering everything from practicums and psychology internships to co-curricular activities, students have a wide range of schools to choose from that meet their needs. You just need to go through all the schools and choose one that meets your criteria for applying for admission.

  • Minot State University: Minot State University offers a top-value B.A. with a major in psychology. The 120-credit hour program is very flexible. Students can choose any of the courses that can meet the requirements for the core curriculum. The affordable degree program gives students options that best suit their skills and talents. They are prepared to enter the profession or continue to a graduate program. The school offers one tuition rate for both in-state and out-of-state students, allowing all students to get an affordable quality education at the university.
  • Dickinson State University: Dickinson State University ranks as one of the most affordable colleges for psychology programs. The BS in psychology program can complete a psychology minor in elementary education, secondary education, and non-teaching. The general degree is rigorous and requires 47 credit hours of the 120 credit hours required for graduation are from the psychology field. Students also get the opportunity to complete the Writing Across Disciplines program, a set of writing courses providing students with the knowledge required for proficiency in academic and technical writing.
  • University of Mary: The University of Mary is one of the most affordable ND online colleges. It is a private, Catholic, Benedictine university that welcomes psychology students of all backgrounds and faith. The university offers value and outstanding scholarships as well as financial aid. The institution offers an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program that emphasizes modern research of human behavior. The program is devised for working adults and offers high flexibility for students with commitments outside school. Major courses include clinical psychology and Cognitive Psychology, while minor courses include Criminal Justice, Addiction Counseling, and Theology.

The Cost of Tuition for a Psychology Program in North Dakota Public Universities

North Dakota public universities offer students a top-quality education for less than the average cost of tuition. In the 2018-2019 school year, in-state students paid an average of $9,290 in college tuition. Out-of-state students paid a premium of $4,090 for a total of $13,380, resulting in the second-lowest out-of-state costs across the nation. When it comes to psychology programs in public universities students, pay $96,145 to $109,187 on average.

When calculating average cost, public universities take tuition, fees, book and supplies, room and board, and other related expenses into account. They then subtract the average financial aid award to give students a precise idea of how much money they will need to pay out-of-pocket through external scholarships, student loans, or other methods. Depending on your income and some other factors, the cost for you to attend a particular public university might be more or less. 

Best Affordable Schools in North Dakota for Earning a Psychology Degree

The school you choose matters, and to help you make an informed decision, we developed several rankings for the best-value psychology schools. When talking about the best value, we do not mean the schools with the lowest price. Instead, we will look at the psychology schools that offer top-quality educational experiences at a price lower than expected. The following colleges top our list of the best affordable psychology schools in North Dakota.

  • North Dakota State University: North Dakota State University earned the number one spot in the 2021 rankings. The school is located in Fargo and is a large public university with a large student population. Students take 4.5 years to receive their psychology degree at North Dakota University. On average, the yearly cost to attend the school is $21,224. Considering the cost and the average time to graduate, you find that the average amount you will pay to get a psychology degree from North Dakota State University is $96,145. That means the sooner you graduate, the more you can save.
  • University of North Dakota: UND is a fairly priced public school located in the city of Grand Forks. The average time it takes for students to receive their degree at the University of Dakota is 4.6 years. The yearly average cost to attend the university is $23,788,  making the estimated cost of earning a bachelor’s degree from UND to be around $109,187. In the 2018-2019 academic year, UND was ranked 259 out of all universities and colleges that offer psychology degrees.

Best Schools in North Dakota with Psychology Degree Programs

Your choice of a psychology school in North Dakota matters. With the many schools offering this program, it is important to ensure that you choose the best school that best suits your needs.

What Do the Best North Dakota Schools with Psychology Degree Programs Have in Common?

The best North Dakota schools offering degree programs have various things in common. The colleges offer students an invaluable entry to an exciting profession. The best psychology schools in North Dakota offer students multiple specializations to complement core courses in psychology and behavioral sciences. Other similarities include:

  • A Great Overall School: These schools excel in educating for a particular major. To make it into the list, the schools have ranked well in the overall best college rankings. The ranking considers graduation fees, overall graduate earnings, and educational resources that identify great universities and colleges.
  • Above Average Earnings after Graduation: The best psychology schools usually result in above-average earnings after graduation. That means students gain the knowledge and expertise to secure well-paying jobs in the industry.

Psychology students in North Dakota also take part in psychological research and clinical internships. Students should expect to spend four years completing their undergraduate degrees. For psychology master’s careers, students can spend two to three years, while doctorate programs require at least five to seven years with a one-year internship.

To provide prospective students with the ideal chance at having a great education, we have compiled a list of the best North Dakota schools with degree programs. They include:

  • University of Jamestown: This institution offers psychology degree programs with a commitment to helping students succeed both in and out of the classroom. Students learn about the human psyche and prepare for a career in psychology or to go on to pursue graduate studies. The university offers two degree tracks, a B.A. and B.S. Bachelor in Arts designed for students interested in joining the workforce or pursuing graduate work at a master’s level. A Bachelor in Science is designed for students pursuing a doctoral degree. Students are also required to go for internships where they obtain work experience and make informed choices about their career options. Those with an emphasis on Addiction Counseling have to apply for a 960-hour training practicum and, upon completion are eligible to sit for the licensure exam in North Dakota.
  • Mayville State UniversityThe goal of the psychology program at Mayville State University focuses on informing students of the science and practice involved with the description and prediction of human behavioral, social, and mental processes. Students acquire the abilities to critically evaluate research related to social sciences and develop skills in behavior observation. Psychology majors at the Mayville State University include Applied Psychology B.A., while psychology minors include Psychology and Psychology Education.

Online degrees are growing in popularity over the years. Most universities and colleges are offering accelerated online degree programs for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Universities such as the University of Mary offer an online Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The University of North Dakota is also home to an online Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. 

In Summary

If you are interested in pursuing a psychology career, you must go through the proper steps in researching schools and programs, comparing minimum graduation requirements, concentrations, accreditation, and costs. You need to be familiar with school specifics, such as how many people are admitted into the program per term, whether the psychology programs are available online, if internship opportunities are available, and how long it takes for students to graduate.

Psychology is a broad field and draws upon a wide range of topics, including statistics, philosophy, and science. Due to the diverse nature, it is impossible to point out that one area is better than another. Consider your interests and talents to dictate the program that will best suit you. For instance, if you are passionate about starting your psychotherapy practice in the future, you should focus on choosing a psychology program centered on professional practice. Keep in mind that each program offers an education uniquely tailored to providing skills and knowledge in a particular area of interest.

Experiencing some financial constraints? There is state financial aid for North Dakota students that offers students numerous funding opportunities to earn their college or university degree from a North Dakota school. Several private and public non-profit organizations offer grants, scholarships, and tuition waiver programs that make college life affordable. Going to college is not cheap. But, if you do your homework, a degree in psychology from a North Dakota school will not burden you with student loan debt.

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