20 Most Affordable Online Psychology Degree Program in 2024

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Cheapest Online Psychology degree

Psychology degrees are valuable. Given the stresses in our society today, the demand for social and behavioral specialists will continue to be strong in a wide variety of settings including schools, hospitals, social agencies, and substance abuse centers, to name a few. Moreover, even large corporations have begun to realize the importance of a mentally healthy workforce. Indeed, an undergraduate degree in psychology can lead to numerous fulfilling jobs and career paths.

Furthermore, those trained in psychology and allied fields can really make a difference for others. Although it can be stressful at times, counselors, therapists, and psychologists give time, talent, and energy to helping others overcome obstacles and roadblocks in their lives.

If you dream of working for yourself, then this career field may be for you. By some estimates, about a third of the nation’s psychologists are self-employed.

An online degree in psychology may also be a stepping-stone to an advanced degree. Numerous research opportunities and areas of specialization are found under the broad umbrella of psychology.

These days, many students are trying to balance their education with competing concerns such as jobs and family. Online education suits them well. Additionally, many are looking for a less expensive way to finance their degree: Big college prices tend to turn them off. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 20 cheapest opportunities for an online degree in psychology.

Rank School Location
1The Baptist College of FloridaGraceville, Florida
2Florida National UniversityHialeah, Florida
3University of Illinois at SpringfieldSpringfield, Illinois
4Indiana University – EastRichmond, Indiana
5University of Louisiana – MonroeMonroe, Louisiana

The Top 20 Cheapest Schools for Online Psychology Bachelor’s Degree


The Baptist College of Florida

  • Graceville, Florida

Although you may find a few other schools in this ranking that are a little cheaper, The Baptist College of Florida receives the top ranking because of its high graduation rate of 62%, in addition to the value it presents for your dollar. This very small school features an 8:1 student-faculty ratio. Ninety percent of students receive financial aid. Psychology is the second most popular undergraduate degree field of study.

Average Cost: $9,252 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 252
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Florida National University

  • Hialeah, Florida

Psychology is the top undergraduate degree program at Florida National University, located in the metro Miami area. It represents an affordable option for many students. In addition, 58% of students finish their undergraduate degrees, enhancing this school’s ranking. After graduation, 90% of the students have found employment within 2 years.

Average Cost: $9,180 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 27,906
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University of Illinois at Springfield

  • Springfield, Illinois

This small public institution is generous with aid, offering an average of over $13,700 per year to 97% of its undergraduates. UIS has a reasonably small faculty-to-student ratio of 1:12. Psychology is the third most popular undergraduate field of study, after computer science and business. Fully 33% of the school’s classes are taught online. Over 52 degree programs are offered online, including psychology.

Average Cost: $10,733 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,799
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Indiana University – East

  • Richmond, Indiana

An online degree can be earned at IU East for a relatively low net cost. In part, this is because of the university’s generosity with aid: 95% of undergraduate students qualify. Psychology is one of the three top courses of study here. Over 50 percent of the classes are taught online, including those in the psychology curriculum.

Average Cost: $7,898 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,986
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University of Louisiana – Monroe

  • Monroe, Louisiana

Founded in 1931, The University of Louisiana – Monroe is a real value for your online psychology degree. Over 97% of students receive financial aid here, with an average subsidy of over $12,300, far above the national average of $7.535. That brings the average net cost to an affordable figure below $10,000 per year. Psychology is a popular degree program and 100% of courses can be done online.

Average Cost: $9,455 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,040
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McNeese State University

  • Lake Charles, Louisiana

Established in 1939, McNeese is a nationally recognized, student-centered university. Its motto “Excellence with a Personal Touch” speaks volumes about the quality of the student experience. With its affordability and acceptance rate of 70%, this may wind up as one of your top choices for an online degree in psychology, a leading undergraduate program here.

Average Cost: $9,985 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,641
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Northwest State University of Louisiana

  • Natchitoches, Louisiana

The storied academic institution was founded in 1884. Northwestern State University is the home of eNSU, Louisiana’s first and largest electronic campus, and internet-only students do not pay any out-of-state fees. Fully 82% of undergraduate applicants are accepted into the program and over 97% receive financial assistance. Psychology is one of the top five fields of study at Northwest.

Average Cost: $10,448 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,307
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Eastern Washington University

  • Cheney, Washington

Over 75% of undergraduates find employment in their field after earning their degree from Eastern Washington University. What’s more, 44% graduate debt-free. With psychology being one of the top three undergraduate pursuits, this affordable school may be a top choice for your online degree.

Average Cost: $10,751 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 9,910
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American Public University System

  • Charles Town, West Virginia

APUS is a nationally recognized, for-profit, online university. It has an acceptance rate of 100%, so you are sure to get in! There is no application fee and SAT/ACT tests are not required. With a graduation rate of 42%, the online school’s alumni go on to earn starting salaries of over $43,000 per year. Its relatively low cost combined with 100% online learning makes it a strong possibility for your consideration.

Average Cost: $10.751 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 2,324
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North Carolina Central University

  • Durham, North Carolina

NCCU is nationally known as the first public, liberal arts university for African-American students. The school offers a robust online teaching program, including the classes in the psychology curriculum, making it a convenient and flexible choice. Ninety-seven percent of students receive financial aid here. Psychology is the fourth-most-popular program of study.

Average Cost: $12,470 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,328
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University of Memphis

  • Memphis, Tennessee

This large, affordable public university offers many classes online, including those in psychology and allied social sciences. Students who graduate tend to do well, with over 90% employed within 2 years of graduating. If you are looking for financial assistance, the University of Memphis may be the place for you, with 98% of its undergraduates receiving some form of aid.

Average Cost: $13,174 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 12,064
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Fort Hays State University

  • Hays, Kansas

FHSU is recognized as a leader in online education. Over two-thirds of the classes are taught online. Online education is a central part of this school’s mission. Psychology is one of the leading online programs in its College of Health and Behavioral Studies.

Average Cost: $12,420 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,863
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Troy University

  • Troy, Alabama

TU is a mid-sized public institution in Alabama. It has a high acceptance rate for undergraduates at 88%. Psychology is the second most popular degree program, with over 280 undergraduate

Average Cost: $12,114 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 9,161
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Indiana State University

  • Terre Haute, Indiana

This institution, founded in 1865, has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. ISU offers a wide range of online degree programs, including psychology, the school’s third-most-popular undergraduate program. Earning an online degree here can prepare you for a variety of career paths including those in health services, research, government, and business.

Average Cost: $11,923 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 8,891
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Arizona State University – Skysong

  • Scottsdale, Arizona

This large public university in the great desert southwest boasts psychology as the second most pursued undergraduate degree. Skysong excels in online education, with 95% of its classes taught that way. Its students receive an average of $10,093 in financial aid, well above the national undergraduate average of $7,535.

Average Cost: $14,166 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 11,473
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University of Colorado Denver

  • Denver, Colorado

UCD, a mid-sized institution serving the Front Range and beyond, is known as one of the best online schools in the United States. Fully 80% of the students have favorable ratings for their professors. Psychology is one of the top programs offered here.

Average Cost: $14,477 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 8,980
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Indiana Institute of Technology – College of Professional Studies

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana

This affordable, small, private college has an acceptance rate of 100%. It is generous with aid: 99% of students receive some form of financial assistance. Over 65% of classes are taught online at Indiana Tech, including those in the psychology program.

Average Cost: $13,998 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 2,637
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Mercy College

  • Dobbs Ferry, New York

Psychology is one of the top five undergraduate majors at Mercy. And this school appears to prepare its students well: Within 2 years after graduation, 87% report having found employment. Online classes are reportedly straightforward and, according to student reviews, are just as fulfilling as compared to in-class sessions.

Average Cost: $13,972 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,001
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Mid-American Christian University

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Over sixty percent of classes are taught online at Mid-American Christian. And, for those interested in studying psychology, this is a great opportunity to consider: Psych is to top undergraduate curriculum. With a smaller enrollment and a student to faculty ratio of 7:1, individual attention is assured.

Average Cost: $12,944 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,274
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Drury University – College of Professional Studies

  • Springfield, Missouri

Drury University, a private, liberal arts institution founded in 1873, rounds out our top 20 ranking list. It is a small school, with only 822 enrolled undergraduates. The school has a 100% acceptance rate, so your educational studies are essentially guaranteed. Psychology is the top degree program at Drury. All students are required to participate in at least one professional internship. Financial aid is offered to 95% of the undergraduate student base.

Average Cost: $14,847 per year
Undergraduate Enrollment: 822
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Get Your Psychology Degree Plan Kicked Off

It’s great that you are considering a career in psychology. If you are looking for the best value for your money, you’ve come to the right ranking of these psychology schools to help with your decision-making process. Each of these is either an online college or is a physical institution that offers an online degree program. As you can see, we look at a wide spectrum of school types, ranging from small private institutions to large state universities, religious versus secular institutions, and options that are spread out all over the country.

We know that finding the best value for your online degree in psychology can be daunting. Therefore, we work hard to develop rankings of the best schools offering online degrees. These rankings are assembled based on criteria that dollar-watchers value the most.

Ranking Methodology Described

Our ranking is based on a fifty-percent weighting of two normalized factors considered to be of the highest importance: Annual net cost to attend and undergraduate graduation rate.  Net cost figures are calculated as the average annual cost of attendance minus the average amount of aid received. It essentially represents the value proposition of attending the school and we’ve found the cheapest. The graduation rate is the percentage of undergraduate students that actually finish their undergraduate program, graduate, and are awarded their degree. Its importance lies in the fact that the students achieve what they set out to do. Additionally, it reflects the fact that all other criteria, such as social and demographic aspects, are sufficiently good that students stay the course.

The net cost information (average total cost after average aid received) was gathered from Niche. Enrollment is for total undergraduate numbers as gathered from Google. Other school facts were gathered from Google as well.

If you represent one of the listed schools and notice an error please contact us so that we can make an update.

Find the program that’s right for you

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