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14 Best Project Management Degree Programs in 2021

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Every business, small or big, has several projects that it carries out to meet its goals and therefore would need skilled personnel with a project management degree. As a competent project manager, you would assist your company in planning, executing, and overseeing any organizational project’s processes and outcomes. You’ll ensure that your business, profit-based, or nonprofit, achieves its objectives in the project’s plan.

Your other duties may include:

  • Planning activity and resources
  • Organizing and leading a project team
  • Controlling time management
  • Estimating Cost and developing the budget
  • Ensuring that customers are satisfied
  • Analyzing and managing risks of projects
  • Monitoring progress
  • Managing reports and necessary documentation

Is It Worth Your Time, Effort, and Money To Earn a Project Management Degree?

Your question is valid because you want to have a good return on your investment. Here is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on project management jobs in 2019 in different states. 

States with the highest employment level in this occupation:

StateEmployment (1)Employment per thousand jobsLocation quotient (9)Hourly mean wageAnnual mean wage (2)

Source:U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Depending on each state, the annual mean wage hovers between $60 000 and $90 000, which is quite a handsome income for entry-level jobs. Based on the above statistics, it may be worth it to earn a project management degree. Upon completion, you’ll earn a good income and have a worthwhile investment in your career. Now let’s jump into colleges that can help you obtain an undergraduate degree.

1.Pennsylvania State University(PMU)

  • Tuition: $ 7, 359 in-state; $ 12, 214 out-state
  • Graduation rate: 85 percent

Founded in 1865 as a public research university, Pennsylvania State University advances a B.S in Project Management and Supply Chain Management. The degree program emphasizes developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in project management. PSU’s candidates will develop new projects, coordinate procurement, and project delivery mechanisms, and manage critical elements in organizational supply chains.

Moreover, they’ll also learn to use analytical methods to organize and fully integrate supply chain activities. Upon completion, graduates can manage supply chain and projects in well-known business organizations, including public sector entities, IT organizations, third-party logistics, and goods and services distribution operations.

2.Byrant University(BU)

  • Tuition: $ 45 966 ( Academic year)
  • Graduation rate: 77 percent

Byran University, a private university in Smithfield, Rhode Island, grants a 122-credit degree program in Business Administration: Team and Project Management. Under this program, students will consider courses, such as organizations’ behavior, project management, management internship, team building, conflict resolution, etc. Additionally, BU offers students another option to earn a degree in International Business Major: Team and Project Management concentration.

3.Towson University(TU)

  • Tuition: $ 10,198  in-state; $ 24,334 out-of-state
  • Graduation rate: 76 percent 

Located in Maryland, Towson University offers a Business Administration Major: Project Management and Business Analysis ( PMBA), which equips students with skills suited for careers in project management and business analysis. It also prepares students to become certified Associates in Project Management. They also obtain an industry-endorsed certification in a Student Certificate in Project Management ( SCiPM).

4.The University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee (USF)

  • Tuition: $ $6,410 in-state; $ 17, 324
  • Graduation rate: 74 percent

The University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee advances a B.S. with a Project Management concentration and requires 120 credits. Its degree program benefits those who desire to manage and lead all aspects of organizations and graduate study in business and other fields. 

Apart from gaining project management skills, students will motivate themselves, others, teams, and entities to produce effective results. Some of the courses that candidates will cover at USF include organizational behavior, human resources, cross-cultural differences, ethics, negotiation skills, etc. USF is a branch campus of the University of South Florida in Sarasota, Florida.

5.Colorado State University Global(CSU)

  • Tuition: $ 3500 per credit; $ 1, 050 ( above 3 credits)
  • Graduation rate: 67 percent

The GAC-accredited online B.S degree in Project Management offered by the Colorado State University Global seeks to make students valuable assets in their organizations. It’s a perfect fit for individuals who like working with others, manage activities, costs, time, and resources of large projects. Furthermore, it prepares them to assume or control large scale organizational projects. It also enables graduates to give direction to the project team, oversee the selection,  monitor resources levels, and staff skills.

6.Strayer University(SU)

  • Tuition: $ 1,480
  • Graduation rate: 62 percent

Offering an online B.A. with a Project Management concentration, Strayer University seeks to build its students’ experience and resume so that they can pursue successful careers. Under this program, they’ll gain skills to assess risks, make cost estimates, and inspire others. Besides, graduates will be skilled in budget scheduling, procurement, risk management, and personnel management. After completing the undergraduate degree, graduates can take up a wide array of leadership and support roles in companies and corporations.

7.Bellevue University(BU) 

  • Tuition: $ 425 per credit
  • Graduation rate: 59 percent

Bellevue University is a private school in Bellevue, Nebraska. It grants a unique B.S in Project Management, which is among the few that is GAC-accredited in the country (Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Program). Taught by corporate and business leaders, it builds knowledge in project management, control, and execution. Students will also learn to manage and prioritize the needs of projects and determine resources, schedules, costs, and risks.  

8.The Metropolitan State University of Denver(MSU)

  • Tuition: $ 4, 040,48 (12 credits) $ 11,032,88
  • Graduation rate: 45 percent

The Metropolitan State University of Denver, a public institution, offers a B. A. in Construction Project Management, enabling graduates to occupy leadership roles in the construction industry. MSU’s degree offers several concentrations, such as a B.A.in Construction Project Management in Computer Information Systems and a B.A. with specialization in Management. 

Accredited both by AACB ( Associate to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and Engineering Technology Accreditation ABET, MSU’s degree also offers minors in architecture, industrialization, and mechanical engineering.

9.Colorado Christian University(CCU)

  • Tuition: $ 469 per credit
  • Graduation rate:38 percent

Colorado Christian University advances a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management in Project Management. Under CCU’s degree program, candidates will understand all aspects of managing huge projects and reducing risks, analyzing budgets, operating strategy, and teamwork. Some of the topics that graduates will cover include planning, controlling projects, scheduling, etc. Furthermore, CCU’s curriculum is based on real-world situations so that students obtain practical hands-on-experience.  The 120-credit program can be completed in five-week blocks and students can choose to work through the studies online. 

10.Liberty University (LU)

  • Tuition: $ 23,800
  • Graduation rate: 34 percent

Liberty University, a private evangelical Christian college, grants a Bachelor of Science Administration with a Project Management concentration.LU’s degree program is ideal for individuals who enjoy organizing and planning tasks. Also, students will learn how to manage clients, the quality of a project, and time. Skilled in project management, graduates can lead entities with confidence as well.

Since Liberty University is a Christian school, its degree program integrates biblical applications, giving students a rare educational experience. Additionally,  graduates gain hands-on field experience and constant support from a community of professors and spiritual leaders. Students gain more valuable skills through the college’s active Student Association for Project Management (SAPM) as they benefit from peer support.

After completing the ACBSP-accredited program, candidates may earn a Master’s and a Doctoral degree in the same field at LU.

11.The University of Phoenix(UP)

  • Tuition: $ 398 (3 credits above)
  • Graduation rate: 31 percent

The University of Phoenix’s Integrated Project Management course is available as part of a degree or certificate program. Accredited by HLC, UP’s project management course prepares students for the PMI and CAP certification exams. Furthermore, since the system requires three credits and UP delivers it over five weeks, it’s ideal for those already in project management to gain advanced skills. With an average of 25 years of working experience in the classroom, UP’s equips students with in-demand skills that enable them to supervise projects competently. 

12.University of Arizona Global Campus(UAGC)

  • Tuition: $ 510 per credit
  • Graduation rate: 25 percent

An online for-profit university with headquarters in San Diego, the University of Arizona Global Campus grants a B.A. in Project Management strictly online. Its degree program is suitable for those who would like to lead and manage others to attain a shared goal and skilled business professionals seeking to advance their careers. First-year students can also benefit from the degree program because it’ll provide them with critical skills to manage projects and lead project teams. Upon completion, graduates can use their skills to manage employees, budgets, resources, and timelines. They can also sit for the Project Management Professional Certificate.

Furthermore, under this  IACBE-accredited program, students will learn how to plan, execute, and oversee a well-documented project. Allowing up 90 transfer credits, students can accelerate the degree program. Additionally, the college delivers the courses over 5-week classes per term. 

13.Davenport University(DU)

  • Tuition: $ 24,150 (5 credits)
  • Graduation rate: 21 percent

Davenport University’s undergraduate degree in Technology Project Management provides students with business, leadership, and technological skills. As a registered education provider with the Project Management Institute, its degree closely follows the industry’s standard.DU’s candidates will learn how to plan and manage specific company projects and complete a task correctly and according to its terms and references.

Taught by professors with Project Management writing skills, professional ethics, and project management principles, students will gain valuable experience. Another plus for DU students is that more than 95 percent of the college’s students are employed within six months. Besides, students receive peer support from Davenport’s Students Association of Project Management ( SAPM).

14.Palm Beach College(PBC)

  • Tuition: $ 122, 85 in-state; Z$ 558 out-of-state
  • Graduation rate: unavailable

Palm Beach College’s  120-credit Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree: Information Management Project Management seeks to empower graduates to plan, initiate, and manage information technology (IT) projects.PBC’s students will learn to lead and guide technical employees, serve as a link between business and technical project aspects, operate and coordinate project stages. They’ll ensure that they execute tasks according to planned schedules as well. Besides, candidates will learn how to monitor progress, keep track of standards, and cost targets.PBC’s degree program is offered at Lake Worth Campus and most courses of the project are available online.


After a careful examination of many colleges on reputable websites offering a degree in project management, we trimmed our final list to 14 colleges. We based our ranking of the colleges on the graduation rate and the number of options or concentrations that each college offers students under project management. The more engagements a college offers, the more varied the degree course is, giving students a wide choice to make. For example, Pennsylvania State University tops our list because of its high graduation rate, indicating the quality of its project management degree. 

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