Best 18 Online Graduate Certificate in Marketing 2024

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Online graduate Certificate in Marketing

1. University of California — Irvine

The University of California — Irvine offers a Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communications. The program provides training for job opportunities in the marketing, communications, and product management fields. Students learn to combine skills in research, writing, design, and analytics to drive business decisions and lead strategic marketing planning. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the managerial and organizational skills to refine key messaging and to position brands and products for optimum success now and in the future.

  • Tuition: $237.50
  • Credit hours: 12

2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Gies School of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers an online Digital Marketing Certificate. The certificate is designed for professionals who want to launch a career in digital marketing. Students will learn to understand how to engage customers in the digital world, including promotional campaigns, branding, communication, and data analysis. The program is comprised of a set of four graduate level courses plus a capstone course and can be completed in as little as 7 months.

  • Tuition: $302
  • Credit hours: 12

2. University of Washington

The University of Washington‘s online Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing is designed for professionals looking to transition into or advance in a digital marketing career. Students will explore ways to leverage various digital marketing channels to create a cohesive digital customer experience and produce measurable results. The program covers fundamental concepts for creating and managing impactful digital content and discusses approaches for attracting and engaging customers. 

  • Tuition: $416.30
  • Credit hours: 9

4. Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University offers an online Graduate Certificate in Marketing. The program is designed to develop the research and strategic skills needed to excel in the marketing industry. Upon completion of certificate requirements, students will be able to use basic research designs to develop marketing strategies based on organizational needs. The certificate is credit-based and taught by qualified faculty members.

  • Tuition: $325
  • Credit hours: 12

5. East Carolina University

Students can earn an online Graduate Certificate in Marketing from East Carolina University. The certificate is designed to give students the insight needed to identify marketing opportunities, develop appropriate strategies, and put them into action. The program emphasizes how businesses make purchase decisions, the types of inter-firm relationships critical for success today, the roles that supply chain and value-added activities play in future profitability, and marketing methods of demonstrating value-delivered to business customers. The certificate will provide students with the body of knowledge needed to excel in the marketing environment.

  • Tuition: $374
  • Credit hours: 12

6. University of South Dakota

The online Marketing Graduate Certificate from the University of South Dakota allows students to benefit from an in-depth study of consumer behavior, new product development, branding, and other topics relevant to today’s dynamic market environment. The certificate can cultivate a more focused career path with strengths in creativity, market analysis, and strategic marketing. The curriculum provides insight into the factors that contribute to a purchase decision alongside ways to develop and manage a brand. Students examine the entire product development process from conception through rapid prototyping, forecasting demand, production, and launch.

  • Tuition: $465.80
  • Credit hours: 12

6. Liberty University

Liberty University offers a fully online Graduate Certificate in Marketing. The program is designed to provide students with the advanced marketing knowledge, techniques, and theories they need to succeed. Students will learn to design business outreach strategies that take their organizations to the next level. Throughout the online marketing graduate certificate, students will learn essential principles of business outreach and communication which can help guide new product development and expand businesses into new markets.

  • Tuition: $565
  • Credit hours: 9

8. Oklahoma State University

Students at Oklahoma State University can pursue a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics. The program is designed to help working professionals who don’t want to pursue a full master’s degree but do want to enhance their marketing analytics skills by taking a set of courses online. Working professionals admitted to this program can complete the coursework in as little as 12 months. The program also allows for courses to be double-counted towards a master’s degree such as an MBA in marketing.

  • Tuition: $471.50
  • Credit hours: 12

9. Colorado State University — Fort Collins

Colorado State University — Fort Collins offers a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management. The curriculum provides a foundation in marketing principles and allows students to develop deeper knowledge in areas of interest, including strategy and planning, sales management, consumer behavior, services marketing, and market research. The program is taught by College of Business professors and is designed to provide industry-specific knowledge relevant to marketing and the impacts on the business environment.

  • Tuition: $998
  • Credit hours: 9

10. University of Cincinnati

The online Graduate Certificate in Marketing at the University of Cincinnati is designed for individuals who want to develop the analytical and technical skills needed to work with today’s complex marketing issues for making more effective business decisions. From product development to creating a robust communications plan, the online marketing certificate offers training in the tools, technology, and tactics needed to successfully build bridges between an organization and its customers. The curriculum is designed by expert marketers and led by the same award-winning faculty as on-campus graduate programs.

  • Tuition: $876
  • Credit hours: 12

11. University of California — Los Angeles

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing at the University of California — Los Angeles provides students with the skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic and competitive field of marketing. The certificate can be completed online or in the classroom. Designed for business professionals who want to keep abreast of emerging trends and people looking for a career in marketing, the program teaches digital and social media marketing, consumer market research and analytics, brand management and integrated marketing communications, and marketing principles and practices.

  • Tuition: $192
  • Credit hours: 24

11. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego offers a Professional Certificate in Marketing both on-campus and online. The program is designed for individuals looking to develop the skills needed to enter the field or advance their career and knowledge base. The curriculum covers a range of integrated marketing channels and provides core competencies needed to create, implement, manage, and analyze effective campaigns. Students complete a range of core courses alongside electives in subjects including social media marketing, customer experience, and search engine optimization.

  • Tuition: $248
  • Credit hours: 18

13. Penn State World Campus

The 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics can give you the skills to evaluate meaningful metrics, and then successfully communicate how to leverage data for future growth. This program is intended to help marketers and market researchers become more data-savvy and use analytics to strategically support the business.

This graduate certificate is developed by the internationally ranked Penn State Smeal College of Business. As a student in this program, you will be taught by experienced Penn State faculty with hands-on working knowledge of relevant and contemporary analytical tools. The Smeal College of Business also carries the elite AACSB accreditation, an honor reserved for the top 5% of business schools worldwide.

  • Tuition: $1,046 per credit
  • Credit hours: 12

14. City University of Seattle

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing at the City University of Seattle is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of marketplace strategies while building upon current industry trends. Coursework covers highly relevant topics, such as branding, consumer behavior, channel management, and public relations. There is also an additional focus on sustainability principles, so students can market products for long-term financial success. Courses can be taken completely online to accommodate students’ schedules.

  • Tuition: $695
  • Credit hours: 15

15. Wilmington University

Wilmington University’s Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management covers the most relevant marketing strategies and concepts, ensuring that students are using the most innovative approaches in their efforts. Courses are taught by professionals who are not only experienced in the marketing field but are passionate about what they do and are equipped to provide realistic examples and advice for students to apply directly to their marketing plans. Students will strengthen their skills in management, research, analysis, and integrated marketing communications. Completion of the Graduate Certificate in Marketing can also serve as a stepping stone toward a graduate degree, as the credits may be applied to several master’s degree programs. All classes are available fully online, as well as on evenings and weekends, providing students with the flexibility they need as working professionals.

  • Tuition: $488
  • Credit hours: 18

16. Harvard University

Harvard University offers an online Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy. Students gain the tools and techniques they need to engage audiences and inspire action in today’s complex, multichannel landscape. Through this professional graduate certificate, students build both the strategic and tactical skills to position their organizations for success. The curriculum includes digital and traditional methods of research, analysis, and integrated marketing communication. To complete the certificate, students can choose from a range of courses including universal design, advertising analytics, international marketing, and visual storytelling for social media.

  • Tuition: $725
  • Credit hours: 16

17. University of Denver

Students at the University of Denver can pursue an online Certificate in Marketing Communication. Students will create digital marketing campaigns that are as innovative as they are integrated. Students in the certificate program learn to develop, manage, and measure campaigns that reach their target audiences and deliver optimized results. The curriculum explores traditional and digital marketing tactics that are driven by strategic objectives. The marketing communication program is available either as a general four course certificate or a more specialized six course certificate.

  • Tuition: $730
  • Credit hours: 16

18. Boston University

The online Graduate Certificate in Global Marketing Management from Boston University introduces innovative marketing concepts, focusing on Internet-enabled approaches combined with the marketing skills necessary for today’s highly competitive and international environment. Students learn Internet-based marketing skills such as web design and search engine optimization and marketing and will develop an appreciation for the power of social media. Through partnerships with universities around the world, the program offers a unique opportunity to take online courses in English with MBA students worldwide, learning about marketing and business in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In a specially designed international course series, students can learn from partner university professors while engaging with fellow students around the globe.

  • Tuition: $925
  • Credit hours: 16

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Our Ranking Methodology

To determine how to rank each college, we researched and evaluated each school’s estimated per-credit tuition cost and the number of credit hours required for degree completion. We used in-state and online tuition rates where available. We took tuition rates and credit information directly from each school’s website. We sorted each school first by the cost of tuition (lower is better) and then by the number of required credits (fewer is better), letting each value make up equal portions (50%) of the final rankings.

If you work for one of the schools we ranked and you notice an error in the information we used to rank you, please feel free to contact us and let us know so we can make a correction.

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