Best 20 Schools to Earn an Online Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship in 2022

January 3, 2022 | bestvalue

When you decide you want to be in business, earning an Online Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship can offer you a lot of flexibility. It can teach you about the principles of being a business leader and explore the various facets of being successful. Exploring the top schools in the nation will ensure you enroll in a program that meets your needs.

Career Options with a BA in Entrepreneurship

Earning a BA in Entrepreneurship teaches you significantly about the world of business. You can become your own boss or you can work in various consultancy and management jobs. It all depends on where your interest lies.

You may earn a salary of $69,020 as a Labor Relations Specialist or even $85,260 as a Management Analyst, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As you gain more experience in your chosen field, it will also help you to increase your earnings.

The Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s Degree Online

Particularly when you’re working full-time, it can be difficult to go to school full-time. Many on-campus courses are offered on the weekdays at inconvenient times. By choosing to take the courses online, you enjoy some flexibility. You take the same number of courses and the same number of credits. You also earn the same degree. It simply allows you to get a higher education without having to sacrifice your career in the process.

Attending a school to earn an online bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship can make it easier to start your career or boost your existing one. Not all schools have the same programs or the same ways in which the courses are taught. Learning about how the schools vary can help you decide which one is right for you.

Best 20 Schools for an Online Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship

1. Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University offers an undergraduate program to earn a BS in Entrepreneurial Management. There is a limited enrollment program for online studies. The total time commitment is 64 credit hours, which typically takes most students four years to complete. Some of the electives to choose from include Financing New Ventures, Innovation Practicum, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and Customer Relationship Management.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4018
  • Student Enrollment: 33,517

2. University of Central Florida

Within the College of Business at the University of Central Florida, students can earn a BA in various programs such as Communication and Conflict or International and Global Studies. From there, it’s possible to get an entrepreneurship certificate. Students can explore the certificate in any degree program so they can learn about turning ideas into viable projects. In addition to online courses, students can also participate in campus-based activities and groups.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $8837
  • Student Enrollment: 66,183

3. Peirce College

At Peirce College, students can earn a BS in Business Administration. From there, it’s possible to concentrate in Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management. Students can choose to transfer up to 90 credits to help them earn the degree. All of the courses are available online, though students are also invited to complete them on-campus. The BS program is also ACBSP accredited.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4446
  • Student Enrollment: 20,506

4. Thomas Edison State University

At Thomas Edison State University, students can earn a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. The 120-credit hour program is available 100% online. Students will learn an array of financial and management skills including how to secure funding and how to evaluate business opportunities. A wide array of electives allow students to customize their education based on their chosen career path, too.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $7926
  • Student Enrollment: 17,200

5. Western Carolina University

Students can earn a BS in Entrepreneurship, which is an actual major at Western Carolina University. Students can also choose to earn a BS in Business Administration and minor in Entrepreneurship. Either way, students will have access to all of their classes online. The hands-on learning is handled through collaborations and projects. Another major concentration available to WCU students is Innovation Leadership, making it easier for students to learn how to strategically think about running a business.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $4277
  • Student Enrollment: 12,243

6. Arizona State University

At Arizona State University, it’s possible to earn a BS in Technological Entrepreneurship & Management. The entire program is available online, featuring technology-based innovation. Students will be able to focus on such things as process innovation and project leadership. There are 120 credit hours involved with earning the BS, and students will have access to internships throughout the four-year program.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $11,720
  • Student Enrollment: 71,946

7. Lamar University

Independent thinkers can attend the online program at Lamar University. Students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. The program is 120 credit hours and it can be completed in approximately four years. Students will develop a foundation of business skills that span management, analysis, and finance. Students will also learn about strategies to help with developing ideas and business models.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $8494
  • Student Enrollment: 14,965

8. Metropolitan State University

Within the College of Management at Metropolitan State University, students can earn a BS in Business with an Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor. The courses focus on an experiential education that allows students to engage in real-world cases. Students will have access to the entire program online. Additionally, there are plenty of resources at the university during the school year as well as post-graduation.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $8114
  • Student Enrollment: 11,506

9. University of Minnesota-Crookston

The University of Minnesota-Crookston offers a variety of online programs. Students can earn a BS from the business department in such areas as management or international business. From there, a minor in entrepreneurship will prepare students for how to run a business, complete with understanding how to bring a product or service to life. Both online and on-campus courses are offered to provide flexibility to students.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $15,027
  • Student Enrollment: 51,147

10. Franklin University

Franklin University offers a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. Students can learn about running a business enterprise, whether it’s a startup, a nonprofit, or a large corporation. The IACBE-accredited online program is also transfer-friendly, making it easy to transfer credits in and transfer credits out to other universities. Upon earning the BS, students will find that there are many career opportunities.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $9577
  • Student Enrollment: 8018

11. New York University

There are a variety of business degree programs online at New York University. It’s possible to focus on a co-concentration in Entrepreneurship. It allows students to learn about influencing innovation policy, making capital investments, and more. The co-concentration is 12 credits in total, which can be combined with the 120 credits to earn a BS in Business. Students will generally enroll in the BTE program – Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $53,308
  • Student Enrollment: 51,123

12. Bemidji State University

Students at Bemidji State University have options to study entrepreneurship. It’s possible to attend a community college first and transfer in the liberal education credits. From there, to earn a Business Administration BS, 62-semester credits will need to be taken. This consists of 44 Business Administration core courses and 18 credits in advanced entrepreneurship courses. The entire program is offered online, though students can also take courses on the campus in Bemidji, Minnesota.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $8940
  • Student Enrollment: 4514

13. Columbia College

Columbia College offers an Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree. There’s the option to earn either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science depending on the coursework that is completed. Students will learn about such things as business ethics, small business management, strategic marketing, and more. Online students will also have access to the many features of the Robert W. Plaster School of Business on campus.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $23,498
  • Student Enrollment: 14,023

14. Brandman University

At Brandman University, students can earn a BBA in Entrepreneurship. The online degree program teaches students about market research, small business financing, consumer behavior, and new product development. Throughout the program, students will get hands-on experience by writing business plans, working in teams to compete in the market, and much more. Hybrid learning is also available in order to study online as well as across 20 campuses in California.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $11,520
  • Student Enrollment: 7812

15. Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University offers a variety of online degree programs. One of the most popular is a relatively unique one – a BS in Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship. The 2-year program is 100% online and helps students to be successful in a food or beverage startup. Those who want a broader program can earn a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, which is also offered online.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $25,407
  • Student Enrollment: 12,930

16. Buena Vista University

There is a business degree program at the Harold Walter Siebens School of Business at Buena Vista University. Students can earn a business bachelor’s degree through the online program. Concentrations include management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and more. Students will learn beyond lectures. This includes internships, practicums, and even the opportunity to attend professional conferences. Further, students can choose to take courses on the campus at any time.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $9306
  • Student Enrollment: 1982

17. Colorado Christian University

At Colorado Christian University, there is a College of Adult and Graduate Studies that offers online programs with a real-world learning experience. Students can earn a Business Bachelor’s degree. The BS program offers one of two emphases, either International Business or Entrepreneurship. There are 120 credit hours that need to be taken. Most students take them one course at a time, and each course is given in a five-week block.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $12,511
  • Student Enrollment: 7379

18. Concordia University

An online bachelor’s degree program is available at Concordia University. Students can choose to take a Business Administration and Leadership program, which is similar to entrepreneurship in that it helps to prepare everyone to be successful in the competitive business world of today. The program is fully online with no need to attend courses on the campus. Since the school is a Lutheran university, students are also taught Christian values throughout the program.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $10,422
  • Student Enrollment: 2564

19. Northwood University

At Northwood University, there are many degree programs available, including one that focuses exclusively on Entrepreneurship. The curriculum teaches students everything they need to know, including how to take calculated risks. Hands-on experience is available, including special workshops and training programs. Approximately 34% of the graduates from the program go on to own their own business. All classes can be taken online, and the program consists of 126 credits in total.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $28,080
  • Student Enrollment: 3353

20. Albertus Magnus College

Students who want to learn entrepreneurship skills at Albertus Magnus College can earn a BS in Business Management online. From there, students can choose to take electives that will provide them with the skills needed to be successful entrepreneurs. The flex program allows students to choose between taking classes online or at the campus. There are also accelerated programs to earn a degree even faster than the traditional four-year timeframe.

  • Cost of Tuition per Year: $19,648
  • Student Enrollment: 1961

Our Ranking Methodology

The schools have been ranked by establishing scores for two important factors. First, schools were given schools based on the affordability of tuition. We calculated tuition based on the cost of one academic year (two semesters) using in-state tuition rates. Books and other expenses were not factored in. Then, schools were given scores based on how high the enrollment was. The scores were added together in order to determine how the schools were ranked.

Notice an Error?

Our goal is to use the most updated information when ranking the schools and sharing program information. If you work at one of the schools listed and notice an error, please contact us with current information.

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