The Best Careers with an MBA in 2024

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Best Careers MBA

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to find good jobs in the marketplace. After years of education on an online MBA program and investing time and money to further education, it can be frustrating to then not find a job. But there is some good news for MBA graduates: careers for MBA graduates are growing. Over 75 percent of 2010 MBA graduates found a job within just three months of graduating. But what kinds of jobs should MBA graduates look for? What offers the best MBA career paths? We have compiled a list of the best MBA careers. We considered factors like job satisfaction, employment growth forecasts, and annual salary to determine which jobs are the best to pursue with an MBA.

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Marketing Manager

Marketing managers sell a company’s products, develop pricing strategies, and manage budgets. They are also responsible for helping their companies get new clients and continue expanding. A marketing manager will also evaluate market trends and develop campaigns for their company to increase revenue. This position is most common in the following markets:

Companies and enterprises
Computer systems design
Management and technical consulting services
Finance and insurance companies

Career Overview

Median Salary: $123,450
Education: While not required for the job, an MBA will give a competitive edge to job applicants for this position. A specialization in marketing is preferred, although some employers may look for candidates with a background in engineering or science.

Health Services Manager

Health services managers help coordinate medical services so that everything runs smoothly. They also make sure that companies follow government regulations. This field is expected to grow at a rate of 17 percent until 2024 due to the aging generation of Baby Boomers. A health services manager may oversee any of the following:

An entire medical facility, like a nursing home or health center
A specific area or department of a medical practice
An assigned group or team of doctors and nurses

Career Overview

Median Salary: $94,500
Education: Most health services managers have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, an MBA helps health services managers climb the corporate ladder of healthcare. Employers prefer a background in health care fields, like nursing.

Financial Manager

Companies rely on financial managers to oversee accounts and transactions. They help companies create financial policies and budgets. Financial managers should know the best ways to manage and budget money. They strive to help companies set and meet financial goals, and are aware of global financial trends.

Career Overview

Median Salary: $109,740
Education: An MBA helps candidates get a financial manager position, especially if they have a concentration in finance.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers are crucial in any company to make sure that everything is working correctly. Managers oversee security networks. They also perform the following responsibilities:

Address computer related problems of a company
Implement and build Internet sites
Install and maintain software and hardware
Create computer networks

Career Overview

Median Salary: $127,640
Education: An MBA with a concentration in information systems will ensure a job in the market. Employers appreciate any business management experience.

Chief Technology Officer

A chief technology officer is usually part of a technology team within a company. This job position heads the technology department and directs its efforts. The officer will conduct technical reviews of products and monitor hardware and software. This job also has a high job satisfaction, making it a great fit for someone with an MBA and a background in information technology.

Career Overview

Median Salary: $149,978
Education: Companies prefer MBA graduates who have specialized in information technology management.

Information Technology (IT) Director

Information Technology (IT) jobs are on the rise. Companies are always looking for people who can manage and direct IT operations. An IT director helps make sure that technology runs properly and is protected. They are also responsible for the following:

Overseeing the IT department’s technicians
Implementing software
Testing hardware

Career Overview

Median Salary: $105,812
Education: Companies are almost always filling IT positions. Having an MBA with a specialization in information technology will set candidates apart and secure them a job position.

Investment Banker

Companies turn to investment bankers to help raise profits. Investment bankers determine the financial health of a business, and develop strategies to increase revenue. They propose detailed financial models to their clients, and provide counsel to their clients about mergers and acquisitions. This job requires a heavy workload.

Career Overview

Median Salary: $84,290
Education: While companies will hire applicants with just a four-year degree in business, an MBA is preferred.

Sales Manager

A sales manager position is perfect for someone with an MBA. Sales managers oversee sales within a company and develop marketing strategies to boost sales and revenue. They also evaluate their market and look for ways to meet the needs of their customers. Other responsibilities include the following:

Create new promotions
Set sales goals
Develop training programs

Career Overview

Median Salary: $105,260
Education: This position is perfect for someone with an MBA and an emphasis in marketing.

Investment Fund Manager

Investment fund managers give financial advice to individual clients or companies. They direct stock market, real estate, and other investments. They are also involved with making or revising portfolios and proposing portfolio strategies. They also constantly evaluate the market to look for the best opportunities.

Career Overview

Median Salary: $124,280
Education: Focus on MBA finance careers. Investment fund management companies typically hire candidates with an MBA who have an emphasis in finance.

Management Consultant

Management consultants have a lot of room to climb up the corporate ladder. High-end management consultants give advice to companies to stay relevant in their industries. They help companies become more efficient and manage their expenses. Management consultants also help companies adhere to specific regulations.

Career Overview

Median Salary: $86,181
Education: Employers looking to fill this job position typically look for someone with a master’s degree in business administration.

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