Best MBA Programs in Wisconsin in 2024

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MBA Programs in Wisconsin

Earning an MBA provides plenty of benefits, including improving your leadership skills, helping you start and run your own company, increasing your pay, or placing you in a position to fulfill your career goals. And now that you can study your entire programs online on your time, there is no reason not to pursue an MBA. 

Top 5 MBA Programs in Wisconsin

Rank School Location
1Edgewood CollegeMadison, Wisconsin
2Carroll UniversityWaukesha, Wisconsin
3Ottawa University Brookfield, Wisconsin
4Viterbo University La Crosse, Wisconsin
5Lakeland UniversityPlymouth, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is full of programs to help you earn your MBA, but not all are created equally- especially when it comes to tuition. To help you choose the best, we put together a list of the top 10 MBA programs in Wisconsin according to tuition, program length, and the school’s dedication to its students. 

Best 10 MBA Programs in Wisconsin


Edgewood College

  • Madison, Wisconsin

In 1927, Edgewood College got its start in Madison, WI, as a women’s college. It became a coed institution in the 1970s. While it has continually expanded over the years, it remains a small college with a student to teacher ratio of only 10:1. Edgewood strives to keep its class size small and its tuition affordable.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $750
Program Length: 30 credit hours
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Carroll University

  • Waukesha, Wisconsin

Carroll University is a small university that focuses on providing quality education to every single student. It has been around since 1846 and has grown to offer more than 95 areas of study. One of the advantages of Carroll University is that you can take your classes entirely online, or you can choose to do hybrid programs if you need more in-person teaching.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $700
Program Length: 33 credit hours
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Ottawa University

  • Brookfield, Wisconsin

Ottawa University began in Kansas in 1865, but it now spans across multiple states, including Wisconsin. The school offers student undergraduate and graduate degree programs both across its various campuses and online. All of the school’s Master’s programs, including its MBAs, are fast-tracked, helping students earn their degree as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of education.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $649
Program Length: 36 credit hours
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Viterbo University

  • La Crosse, Wisconsin

Viterbo University, named after the Italian city, was founded in 1890. Located in La Crosse, WI- and ranked as one of the best college towns- and has more than 20,000 alumni. With a student-to-teacher ratio of only 11:1, faculty can provide a more in-depth, targeted education to its students. Viterbo is also a member of the North Star Athletic Association, providing students with plenty of athletic opportunities and state of the art facilities.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $670
Program Length: 34 credit hours
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Lakeland University

  • Plymouth, Wisconsin

Lakeland University was founded in 1847 by German immigrants who were desperately wanting to create a better life for their children. Though it began as a partial seminary school, the university has grown, adapted, and expanded to offer many degree choices worldwide. In 1990, it opened a campus in Tokyo, Japan, doing its part for global education.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $667
Program Length: 36 credit hours
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Beloit College

  • Beloit, Wisconsin

Beloit College offers students more than 50 degree programs- all with an immersive and innovative technique. With the world as its classroom, students have the advantage of learning in a hands-on approach, making them even more prepared for their futures. While tuition is a bit steep, Beloit provides grants and scholarships to most students, leaving them with little to nothing to pay back after graduation.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: *$1,705
Program Length: 31 credit hours
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Alverno College

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alverno College, located in Milwaukee, WI, has been dedicated to students for over 130 years. It is designed around a Franciscan, Catholic, and liberal arts foundation. Though it is primarily a women’s college, Alverno offers a wide array of graduate programs to both men and women. Only undergraduate programs are limited to women.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $1,035
Program Length: 33 credit hours
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Wisconsin School of Business

  • Madison, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin School of Business is part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Founded in 1900, it was one of only five business programs at the time. The school is dedicated to preparing its students for a rewarding professional career. As such, you can choose between several MBA programs. The program length depends on the program you choose, but they typically take about two years to complete. Though the tuition is high, the Wisconsin School of Business has several scholarship opportunities to pay part or all of the cost.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $1,700
Program Length: Up to 48 credit hours
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Mount Mary University

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Mount Mary University was founded in 1913 in Milwaukee, WI. It now spans more than 80 acres close to the city’s attractions and hot spots. Mount Mary’s undergraduate programs are available only to women. However, the MBA programs are offered to men and women through both on-campus and online classes. If you choose Mounty Mary University for your MBA, you have the choice of two program tracks, which include general management and health systems leadership. While both ways cost the same per credit hour, they do impact the program’s length.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $730
Program Length: 38 credit hours for general management, 41 for health systems leadership
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Concordia University Wisconsin

  • Mequon, Wisconsin

Since 1881, Concordia University has been providing educational opportunities around the country. Its Wisconsin campus is just one in a much more extensive network. Though it is a Lutheran college, it is open to everyone, offering more than 70 majors. Small classroom sizes allow faculty to provide more targeted attention, which is just one factor in the university’s high job placement rates.

School Overview

Tuition Per Credit Hour: $760
Program Length: 36 credit hours
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College is a commitment- one that will impact the rest of your life. That’s why choosing the best program for your needs is so imperative. If you need additional help deciding, we’re here for you. 

Our Ranking Methodology

In choosing the top MBA programs in Wisconsin, we gathered tuition and program information from several options. After listing each program, our first step was to rank them according to the cost per credit hour- with one being the lowest cost. We then ranked each program according to the number of credit hours required to complete the degree. After adding the rank of both tuition and program length together, we used the total to give each program its overall grade.

For more programs, check out our Online MBA Programs page.

Though we strive to provide accurate information, everyone makes mistakes, and information changes. If you notice any discrepancies in the information we provided in ranking your school, please contact us. We will gladly correct any errors.

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