Best 13 Online MBA in Sustainable Business in 2024

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Why Choose an Online MBA in Sustainable Business

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If you want to help the planet and focus on making businesses greener, a great MBA option is to go into sustainability business. A sustainability business degree is among the fastest areas of specialization, and students who choose this path will earn more than their counterparts with a bachelor’s degree. Jobs in environmental engineering or as environmental specialists may be interesting to those who seek this MBA.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that a master’s degree in business or sustainable business can reward students with high-paying careers. Financial managers, for example, earn a median of $129,890 annually with a bachelor’s degree. Executives in the field may earn $104,690 with a BA or BS. Jobs in sustainability may pay anywhere from $80,860 to $166,910, depending on the area students choose.

The BLS expects jobs in the green industry to continue to grow, though they have no specific percentages for those estimates. More jobs in green energy are found in manufacturing, though.

Top 5 Online MBA in Sustainable Business

Rank School Location
1Presidio Graduate SchoolSan Francisco, California
2Antioch University Culver City, California
3Maharishi University of ManagementFairfield, Iowa
4University of Saint FrancisJoliet, Illinois
5Chatham UniversityPittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Choosing an Online MBA in Sustainable Business

When you’re looking for an MBA in sustainable business online, it’s important to find a program that you can complete on your timeline. Many of these programs are designed to be completed within 18 months to a year, but some are longer or shorter. Look at the cost per credit, but also look at the other benefits the programs offer, such as intensives or internships.

The following are our choices for the top 13 schools with an MBA in sustainable business. These programs are ranked from our top choice downward based on cost and total enrollment. Don’t see what you want to do? We can help you search for your preferred program.

The Best 13 Schools with an Online MBA in Sustainable Business


Presidio Graduate School

  • San Francisco, California
Presidio Graduate School logo

Presidio Graduate School offers an online MBA in sustainable solutions. This program can be completed in 18 months or up to three years when taken part-time.

school overview

Tuition: $69,165
Enrollment: 120
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Antioch University

  • Culver City, California

Antioch University offers an MBA online degree in sustainability that can be completed in 18 months. The curriculum focuses on environmental sustainability. Scholarships are available to students who qualify.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $17,712
Enrollment: 195
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Maharishi University of Management

  • Fairfield, Iowa

Maharishi University of Management offers an online MBA degree in sustainability. This is also available in a hybrid structure for students who want some on-campus experience.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $28,000
Enrollment: 1,861
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University of Saint Francis

  • Joliet, Illinois

The University of Saint Francis offers an online MBA and master of environmental in health sustainable development. The Christian-based school has small class sizes and offers a flexible MBA that can be completed in under a year.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $9,450
Enrollment: 2,249
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Chatham University

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Chatham University offers a dual degree option in sustainability and business administration online. This program allows students the option of completing an approved sustainability project or business consulting capstone to graduate.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $17,766
Enrollment: 2,437
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Clark University

  • Worcester, Massachusetts
College students walking outdoor at Clark University

Clark University offers an online MBA in social change and sustainability. This program integrates the sustainability and environmental curriculum with business management and other vital tools.

*Scholarships that range from 10 to 60 percent and are offered to both full- and part-time applicants.

school overview

Cost Per Course: $3,500*
Enrollment: 3,498
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Concordia University Wisconsin

  • Mequon, Wisconsin

Concordia University offers a flexible online MBA in sustainability management and analytics. The program consists of 39 credit hours and prepares students for the LEED Green Associate exam.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $11,052
Enrollment: 5,777
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University of Houston at Clear Lake

  • Houston, Texas

The University of Houston at Clear Lake offers an online MBA in environmental sustainability. This program requires students to complete 12 courses, each one taking eight weeks rather than the standard 16.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $7,920
Enrollment: 9,082
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Webster University

  • Private university in Missouri

Webster University offers an online MBA with a concentration in environmental management. This program also allows students to enter into a dual degree program, which could combine programs such as a master of health administration, management, and leadership or finance.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $13,500
Enrollment: 9,860
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Wilmington University

  • New Castle, Delaware

Wilmington University offers an online MBA with a focus on environmental sustainability. The program can be completed within a year.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $8,784
Enrollment: 14,730
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University of Massachusetts – Boston

  • Boston, Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts in Boston offers an online MBA in environmental management. This program allows students to blend in their own preferred specializations, such as focusing on clean energy or energy economics.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $18,433
Enrollment: 15,989
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Northeastern University

  • Boston, Massachusetts

Northeastern University offers an online MBA in sustainability that is highly respected in the field. The MBA program with this concentration focuses on business environment, leadership, economics of markets, and supply chain management.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $24,793
Enrollment: 22,207
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Oklahoma State University

  • Stillwater, Oklahoma

Oklahoma State University offers an online MBA in business sustainability. This program is a 42-credit-hour program that is committed to strong sustainability practices.

school overview

Tuition (in-state): $5,531
Enrollment: 24,079
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Ranking Methodology

The schools listed here have been ranked carefully by their tuition rates and enrollment. For the benefit of students, lower tuition rates were scored better. Similarly, lower enrollment rates were scored lower, since they suggested that the school had smaller class sizes.

Once the schools were ranked by tuition and enrollment, the two scores were combined. The schools were then ranked from the best based on value.

Every effort has been made to provide accurate information here. However, this data could change at any time and is not guaranteed.

Do You Want to Know More About Your Rankings?

If your school is listed here and you’d like us to adapt or change any of the information that was provided, we would be happy to do so if you reach out to us to let us know about your concerns. If your school is not listed here, we can also talk to you about how to get it added to one of our lists. Let us know that you’re interested by emailing or chatting with us, and we would be more than happy to talk to you about our listings and how to get your school started on one.

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