14 Best MBA Programs In North Carolina in 2024

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MBA Programs in North Carolina
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If you know that you have big plans and goals to achieve then you likely want to consider getting your MBA as soon as possible. North Carolina has many quality colleges with business schools to choose from if you live in the State or choose to travel to the area specifically for your MBA.Here is a list of quality mba programs in nc.

What is An MBA, Exactly?

Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree for people who want to become leaders in their field. It can take between a year to two years and most people pursue this path when they already know which direction their career is going, although this is not a rule. The curriculum includes business ethics, leadership and management skills, and often hands-on experience. 

Top 14 MBA Programs in North Carolina

Rank School Location
1East Carolina UniversityGreenville, North Carolina
2Fayetteville State UniversityFayetteville, North Carolina
3Appalachian State UniversityBoone, North Carolina
4North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina
5Duke University Durham, North Carolina

Who Should Pursue Their Master Of Business Administration?

Anyone who feels like they are growing beyond their position, but do not have the education to qualify for the next step up. A person with a bachelor’s degree who knows that they plan to go far and chooses to go ahead and start the education and certification process so they are ready when the opportunities arise. This education is beneficial to leaders in all fields from healthcare to education, hospitality to industrial services, an MBA gives you the tools you need to lead. 

14 Best Colleges in North Carolina To Pursue Your MBA


East Carolina University

  • Greenville, North Carolina

ECU offers an MBA that is on campus, online, or a combination of both. They advertise on their site the fact that no matter how you choose to get your masters of Business Administration with ECU you will receive the exact same education and value of degree. This means you can feel comfortable pursuing a graduate education without worrying about sacrificing the quality of learning experience because you are working, or having to take a year off work to attend classes. This college is well ranked across the nation and by students and the price is affordable. Significantly more so for in-state residents (as is true with most state schools.)

School Overview

Tuition: $23,515
Enrollment: 28,651
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Fayetteville State University

  • Fayetteville, North Carolina

Fayetteville State University’s Broadwell College of Business and Economics is considered a best value school. The tuition may be low but the quality of the MBA program is not questioned. Students in this program have many options for flexible learning and hands-on opportunities to lead and develop the skills that will make them effective administrators, managers, CEOs, and world leaders. Program completion can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

School Overview

Tuition: $16,882
Enrollment: 6,551
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Appalachian State University

  • Boone, North Carolina

Appalachian State offers an MBA through its Walker College of Business. Many people are drawn to the area for the fantastic scenery and weather and many others come for the quality of leadership that the school produces. The best part? Full-time learners can complete their masters in just 12 months, and part-time learners can do it in 24 months. This allows adults to work while they build their resumes with quality educational degrees and experiences.

School Overview

Tuition (NC residents): $17,411 (main campus course); $15,930 (online course)
Enrollment: 19,280
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North Carolina Central University

  • Durham, North Carolina

North Carolina Central Univerisity is an efficient way to get your master’s degree because they are rated by their students as easy to work with, flexible, and competent. They offer a variety of joint master’s degrees for students who require specialized knowledge for their field.

School Overview

Tuition: $22,216
Enrollment: 8,011
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Duke University

  • Durham, North Carolina

Duke University offers its master’s program their Fuqua School of business. The prestigious school has an admittance rate of only 25% and many people move to North Carolina to attend from across the globe. They are flexible with their MBA program because they understand many graduate students are adults with full lives to support. If you have always dreamed of attending Duke, check out their MBA program.

School Overview

Tuition: $58,031
Enrollment: 16,766
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North Carolina State

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina State has a 21 month competitive MBA program that touts real-life hands-on experience and has a high post-graduation hire rate. If you are ready to upgrade your pay and your status start today and you could be the leader in under 2 short years. They offer online and on-campus options and their campus is located in beautiful Raleigh.

School Overview

Tuition: $51,595
Enrollment: 36,304
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Queens University of Charlotte

  • Charlotte, North Carolina

Queens University of Charlotte offers night classes, online classes, hybrid programs, and more to fit any needs. Located in the city of Charlotte, the school claims strong ties to the local business community the bustling city, offers an international focus of learning, and is considered hands-on so each graduate has actual experience.

School Overview

Tuition: $35,720
Enrollment: 2,463
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Montreat College

  • Montreat, North Carolina

Montreat College is a Christian school that provides quality educational opportunities for students in the Montreat area. People come to attend the school’s graduate program for their 12-month degree method. The main reason people give the school great ratings include friendly staff and community in the area as well as a scenic setting on and off-campus.

School Overview

Tuition: $27,950
Enrollment: 930
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University of Mount Olive

  • Mount Olive, North Carolina

University of Mount Olive is a high rated Christian liberal art college. Their MBA program focuses on leadership and ethical business practices. Students report that they enjoy the flexibility of classes and the environment on campus. If you are looking for a Christian environment and many learning options to fit your needs check into Mount Olive’s current semester dates.

School Overview

Tuition: $21,294
Enrollment: 2,805
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North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

  • Greensboro, North Carolina

At North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, students can receive a general knowledge MBA to develop broad leadership skills. They advertise general knowledge. You can start here and go anywhere. In the final semester of the MBA program, students get to work hands-on in leadership roles so they graduate with both experience and education.

School Overview

Tuition: $20,167
Enrollment: 13,042
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St. Andrews Univerisity

  • Laurinburg, North Carolina

St. Andrews University offers a very specialized MBA program. They offer an MBA for The Equine Professional, among other MBA offerings. If you are interested in small class sizes, specialized hands-on learning, and a friendly environment. Check out this private college in Laurinburg NC.

School Overview

Tuition: $27,846
Enrollment: 758
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Wake Forest University

  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Wake Forest University is an idyllic private school located in Winston-Salem North Carolina. The reviews of graduates report that their MBA have been so effective in helping them get promotions that many got one while still in the program. They have more than one location in North Carolina and a few flexible learning options for busy professionals.

School Overview

Tuition: $55,440
Enrollment: 8,495
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University of North Carolina At Greensboro

  • Greensboro, North Carolina

The University of North Carolina At Greensboro is offering MBA to those who want to get ahead at fair prices with good reviews. The school is located centrally in the state and has many students who are business majors. They offer a few flexible learning options including online classes for students who need to work and pursue their education at the same time.

School Overview

Tuition: $22,490
Enrollment: 20,196
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University of North Carolina

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of North Carolina MBA students attend the Kenan-Flagler Business school. This school is highly respected across the nation for the quality educational experience and producing leaders in their field. What makes the business school at UNC stand out is the variation of specific programs. You can do a two-year dual degree, weekend executive, online, and/or full-time. If you know you want to get ahead but wonder if there is a program for your specific needs, check out the options at UNC.

School Overview

Tuition: $66,270
Enrollment: 20,196
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If you are considering pursuing MBA programs in NC the sooner you apply to a program, the sooner you stand to qualify for that promotion, new job, or transition. Many people report achieving their accomplishments even while still in a graduate program. Many colleges offer master’s programs that are flexible because they are geared towards working adults. When it comes to state schools, often you will find in-state tuition is half or less than listed for out of state students. 

Our Ranking Methodology

This list was ranked using data from the college’s websites, and real student reviews. If you feel like your school was not accurately depicted on the list please contact us so we can correct it and continue to provide useful knowledge to prospective students. 

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