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Top 15 Best MBA Programs In Miami

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There are a handful of quality schools that offer MBA programs in Miami.  Of all the cities in Florida, Miami is home to the highest number of colleges and universities that will prepare you for a career in Business Administration. 

Why Choose Miami For Your MBA?

Miami’s economy allows MBA candidates to thrive. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with business leaders, with some of the leading industries including agriculture, tourism, and international trade. Billions of dollars are injected into the local economy thanks to Miami’s popularity as a tourist attraction for spring breakers, couples, and retirees. 

Business Administration in Miami

With multiple local business assistance offices, Miami is the ideal place to launch a new business after graduating with an MBA. You will be able to get advice and find answers to any questions you have about establishing your own business. This kind of guidance can make a significant difference for any entrepreneur. 

Top 15 MBA Programs in Miami 

Our list of the best MBA programs in Miami will help steer you in the right direction. We ranked schools according to the required credit hours and tuition rate (based on full-time attendance,) with the highest scores going to schools that require the least credit hours and most affordable MBA. Here is our list of the top 15 MBA Programs in Miami

1. St. Thomas University College of Business

At the St. Thomas University Gus Machado College of Business, the Masters of Business Administration degree prepares you for a career as Management Consultant/Analyst, or general Business Manager. While students are not required to choose a specialization, those who choose to have an extensive list of options that include Cyber Security, International Business, Data Analytics, and Sports Administration. 

  • Credit Hours – 36
  • Tuition – $7,200 per semester

2. Barry University Andreas School of Business

The Barry University Andreas School of Business offers an MBA program that gives students the perspective they need in order to be able to run a business anywhere in the world. Students of this program can choose from six specializations, including Management, International Business, Finance, and Health Services Administration. 

  • Credit Hours – 36
  • Tuition –  $8,910 per semester

3. Florida International University Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business

At Florida International University, students enrolled in the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business can earn a Professional MBA meant for degree candidates who are already filling an executive role within a company. The highlight of this program is its international residency experience. which lasts for one week.

This residency is arranged through the school’s EMBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation. Students can choose to complete it in one of the many locations offered, which include Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Istanbul, Cape Town, Tokyo, or Lima. For those who can’t or don’t want to engage in international travel, the residency can instead be completed in California’s Silicon Valley. 

  • Credit Hours – 42
  • Tuition –  $12,000 per semester

4. Millennia Atlantic University

At Millennia Atlantic University students receive a broad education that puts them in a position to manage any kind of organization. Before students can graduate they must complete a capstone course that teaches them how to take the skills they have learned and apply them to the business world.

Many graduates of this program go on to work as managers in operations, purchasing, project, and marketing/sales managers. Others pursue a career as a management analyst or even chief executive of a business.

  • Credit Hours – 36
  • Tuition – $4,680 per semester

5.  Atlantis University

At Atlantis University the Master of Business Administration program teaches students how to become effective leaders through proven management techniques. Students will complete the program understanding how finance, marketing, and IT contribute to the world’s economy. They will also have the necessary skills to work with people from many different cultures. 

  • Credit Hours – 30
  • Tuition – $6,727 per semester

6. San Ignacio University

San Ignacio University students who study for a Masters in Business Administration can choose from three different specializations. The choices are International Business, Human Resources Management, and Marketing Management. Regardless of which specialization a student chooses, the expected learning outcomes are the same. They include the ability to implement business strategies and to implement strategic systems of management that are required in order to run a successful, modern business. 

  • Credit Hours – 42
  • Tuition – $5,355 per semester

7. University of Miami Herbert Business School

The University of Miami Herbert Business School offers a few options for earning an MBA. The full-time program requires students to take certain courses during their first year. But the second year is dedicated to each student’s own preferences. Second-year MBA students can tailor their curriculum to their specific career goals. Their four choices are Building Management Skills, Making Management Decisions, Expanding Career Opportunities, and The Executive Perspective. 

Many of the courses students can also take include those that focus on business sustainability.

  • Credit Hours – 56
  • Tuition – $30,380 per semester

8. Nova Southeastern University

At Nova Southeastern University Florida, the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship, students can earn an MBA by taking regular weekday classes, or a special Saturday program. Either way, the MBA program offers students a lot of flexibility. There are many areas they can choose to concentrate on, including Business Intelligence/Analysis, International Business, Process Improvement, and Supply Chain Management and Operational Systems. 

  • Credit Hours – 30
  • Tuition – $7,252 per semester

9. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University offers a professional MBA through its College of Business, as well as an Executive MBA program. The specializations Executive MBA program students have to choose from include International Business, Big Data Analytics, and Operations Management. The Professional MBA program even provides students with an opportunity to take an international business trip before graduating. 

  • Credit Hours (Executive MBA) – 46
  • Tuition (Executive MBA) – $11,097 per semester

10. Polytechnic University

At Polytechnic University MBA students are taught to use the latest in technology to run a successful business. The program includes a thorough review of the management perspectives that are needed in order to conduct business on a global scale. Students can choose from one of two specializations; General Management, and Management of International Enterprises.

  • Credit Hours – 48
  • Tuition – $4,620 per semester

11. Everglades University

Everglades University believes that networking is the key to success in the business world. For this reason, the school’s MBA program emphasizes leadership and forming interpersonal relationships. It also focuses on teaching students a broad range of administrative skills. In addition, students learn about advanced theoretical concepts and how to apply them in a business setting.

  • Credit Hours – 36
  • Tuition – $6,570 per semester

12. Miami Regional University

Teaching leadership is the main goal of the MBA program at Miami Regional University. Financial competency is also a skill emphasized throughout the program. Students are taught modern practices and theories that can be applied to any business. Some of the most important areas of study in this program are strategy, economics, management, finance, and marketing.

  • Credit Hours – 36
  • Tuition – $3,879 per semester

13. South University

South University offers an MBA program that puts an emphasis on business strategy, decision-making, behavioral sciences, and economics. The program gives students the opportunity to thoroughly examine established business models so they can emulate them in their own careers. Global and ethical perspectives are also taught to students in this program. 

  • Credit Hours – 48
  • Tuition – $7,909 per semester

14. Palm Beach Atlantic University

Students enrolled in the Marshall E. Rinker School of Business at Palm Beach Atlantic University can earn an MBA, with the option of choosing from five concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Finance

In conjunction with the program’s required international marketing course, students also have the option of taking an international business trip before graduation.

  • Credit Hours – 36
  • Tuition – $5,760 per semester

15. Florida Gulf Coast University

The MBA program at Florida Gulf Coast University prepares students to work in management, executive, and supervisory positions. Students are taught to solve problems using analytical, behavioral, and technical tools Those enrolled in this program can choose from eight concentrations, including Management/Leadership, Accounting/Taxation, Information Systems, and International Business.

  • Credit Hours – 33
  • Tuition – $3,077 per semester

How We Rank Schools 

We took the number of credit hours and tuition rates for each school and used it to determine their ranking. Tuition rates are based on in-state residency. We then looked at the number of credit hours required to complete each program. One score was assigned to each tuition rate and one score was assigned to the total of credit hours. We then add these numbers together to get each school’s ranking. The maximum score that we gave tuition rates and credit hours was 50.

Ranking Problems?

We aim to give each school on our list an accurate ranking. In the event that you work for one of these schools and you believe our ranking isn’t correct, please contact us so that we can take the necessary steps to correct it. 

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