Best 15 MBA Programs in Georgia in 2024

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MBA Programs in Georgia

Potential students looking for MBA programs in Georgia will be pleased to discover they have a variety of respectable programs to choose from across the peach state. 

Reasons To Pursue Your MBA In Georgia:

Many who pursue their MBA program in Georgia do so because they are current residents of the state, their career is already in Georgia, or they have family locally. But Georgia’s colleges are worthy of relocation and many move here just to attend some of the finest Universities the south has to offer for their MBA. 

Top 15 MBA Programs in Georgia

Rank School Location
1University of GeorgiaAthens, Georgia
2Columbus State UniversityColumbus, Georgia
3Georgia Institute of TechnologyAtlanta, Georgia
4Georgia Southern UniversityStatesboro, Georgia
5Berry CollegeMount Berry, Georgia

Who Qualifies To Apply To An MBA Program? 

Anyone who has at least a Bachelor’s degree, some working experience in the field they are applying for, and a decent educational track record meet the basic qualifications. Each school has its own additional specific qualifications that each applicant must meet. 

Best 15 MBA Programs in Georgia


University of Georgia

  • Athens, Georgia

The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia is well ranked for its MBA programs what makes it stand out for many is the various pathways to degree success. It is recognized that many of those pursuing an MBA are also working hard at the very career that they want to enhance with the degree, this is why there are three different MBA paths for various working and professional situations.

School Overview

Tuition: $31,120
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 9,072
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Columbus State University

  • Columbus, Georgia

Columbus State University offers a rigorous program with an emphasis on global dealings, human behavior, accounting, operations, and more. Students who graduate from Columbus State discover that they stand out competitively if they are searching for a job and that opportunities open up within their current field. Do not let the low price indicate the value, this school stands out among Georgia’s best.

School Overview

Tuition: $16,920
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 1,376
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Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech offers the Scheller College of Business for those pursuing their MBA. Just as you may expect, they put an emphasis on using technology in leadership. If you are interested in leading in today’s world, using the most modern of tools or if you have a technology-specific degree and want to lead in that field Ga-Tech may be your best choice for your MBA.

School Overview

Tuition: $33,794
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 20,338
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Georgia Southern University

  • Statesboro, Georgia

Georgia Southern University offers its MBA Through the Parker College Business School. The program lasts 21 months and is extremely flexible for learners who simply do not have time to take off to attend class. There are many team-based activities to vet the leaders and allow graduates to have the experience as well as the education they need to succeed

School Overview

Tuition: $17,518
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 3,339
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Berry College

  • Mount Berry, Georgia

Berry College is a private college located in scenic Mt. Berry Ga. The area is worthy of visiting and many want to stay. If you are looking to live in an idyllic town while you pursue your MBA then apply to the prestigious and private Berry College. The small size should not deceive as they provide leadership education that is rated above standard and each student gets plenty of support from professors.

School Overview

Tuition: $37,246
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 91
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Georgia Southwestern State University

  • Georgia Southwestern State University

Georgia Southwestern State is known for small class sizes, flexibility for adult learners, and great value. The school prepares graduates from the MBA program to lead in specific fields and to excel where they may have once been stalled. Many busy professionals choose Georgia Southwestern for its flexibility because they have to work full time while achieving their goals.

School Overview

Tuition: $16,222
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 452
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Kennesaw State

  • Kennesaw, Georgia

Kennesaw State University has a program that is perfect for busy professionals who are ready to move towards a change but can be hesitant because of the ebbs and flows of work schedules. They offer a MBA in as little as six month or as long as six years! If you have time you can focus on your degree and when life gets busy you can focus on work.

School Overview

Tuition: $17,710
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 3,308
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Mercer University

  • University in Georgia

The Mercer University School Of Business has a motto on the front page of their business school: We don’t settle for business as usual. We think creatively and rewrite the rules. If this sounds like you then Mercer may be the school that fits. MBA degrees in general are for forward thinkers and leaders. Get ready to embrace that side of you at Mercer.

School Overview

Tuition: $37,808
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 3,875
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Brenau University

  • Gainesville, Georgia

Breanau University is a small school that offers big things when it comes to quality of degree and flexibility of learning for busy professionals who do not have the ability to make it to daily classes. The school is located in Gainesville Georgia but has an impressive all online program.

School Overview

Tuition: $31,084
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 1,059
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Clark Atlanta University

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Clark Atlanta School of Business is a small school in Atlanta that produces leaders that go on to lead many Atlanta business, and global companies. The school has two programs to work for working professionals and those who can dedicate to a faster pace. Each program starts every fall.

School Overview

Tuition: $23,144
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 602
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Emory University

  • Atlanta, Georgia

Emory University Goizueta Business School Emory has made a name for itself in Atlanta as a premier school for anyone looking to become a leader in their field. They have frequent class start dates, flexibility with learning, and in two years you may see your career in a whole new way if you apply today.

School Overview

Tuition: $53,804
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 7,297
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Savannah State

  • Savannah, Georgia

People from around the nation attend Savannah State because the program is well rated, and because the town is simply amazing. If you want southern charm every where you turn while learning to become a leader in your field then consider Savannah.

School Overview

Tuition: $16,004
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 186
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Albany State

  • Albany, Georgia

Albany State is towards the south in Georgia. This historic college offers MBA to people from all around the globe who travel for the rigorous program. If you want to learn about about leadership and graduate with a degree you can use to advance your career consider the perks of Albany state.

School Overview

Tuition: $16,656
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 344
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Valdosta State

  • Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta State is located near the Florida border and offers instate tuition to residents of either state that live in counties on the border. The college is not higher on this list because it is in person in the evenings for thirty credit hours. It is a well rated rigorous program, but less flexible than others when it comes to working and pursuing a masters.

School Overview

Tuition: $17,638
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 2,680
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University of West Georgia

  • Carrollton, Georgia

University of West Georgia allows students to receive a hands on level of experience as they learn to become leaders in their field or in general business practices. They offer a separate online and in person MBA but the degree is the same, just two paths for flexibility.

School Overview

Tuition: $17,450
Enrollment in Graduate Program: 2,827
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Think where you might be today if you started your MBA a year ago and take the leap with one of the best schools in the state of Georgia. 

Ranking Methodology For This Top 15 List:

This list was compiled and ranked using college data from each individual website, as well as student and graduate reviews. If you feel that your school was not accurately represented on the list please let us know so we can correct the error and provide accurate information to anyone considering pursuing an MBA in Georgia.

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