Best 15 Associate Degree in Web Design Online in 2024

January 26, 2024 | Admin

We live in an increasingly digital world – and behind every website, mobile app, and database, there’s a web designer who created it. If you’ve thought about a career as a web designer, it’s a great time to start down the path to becoming one: according to the BLS, jobs in this field are growing much faster than the average for all occupations. But what if you need to also balance the demands of work and your personal life? How can you fit in earning your degree, too? A flexible and convenient associate degree in web design online could be the ideal solution for your demanding schedule.

Top 5 Associate Degree in Web Design Online

Rank School Location
1Wake Technical Community CollegeRaleigh, North Carolina
2Kansas State UniversityManhattan, Kansas
3Texas State Technical CollegeWaco, Texas
4University of Ana G. Mendez (Online)San Juan, Puerto Rico
5University of ToledoToledo, Ohio

Can I get a web design job with an associate’s degree?

You can get a web design job with an associate’s degree, although some employers may prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree. In addition to web designer, similar jobs you could look for with an associate’s degree in web design include web developer, web programmer, webmaster, social media designer, user experience designer, and mobile application designer. The median annual wage in 2019 for web designers was $73,760. Here are some other salaries for related careers:

What will I learn in a web design associate’s degree program?

A typical online web design degree program will teach you the knowledge and skills you need to create, design, and maintain websites, mobile apps, and databases. Essential skills also include front- and back-end web design, database management, and how to both develop and become the administrator of a website. A typical curriculum might cover topics like:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Web programming
  • Content management systems
  • User experience design
  • Graphic design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • MySQL

Ready to dive into some program options so you can pursue a career in web design? Take a look at the 15 best associate degree in web design online options in our list below!

Is an online degree respected?

Online degree programs are just as academically rigorous as traditional campus programs. The only difference is they provide more flexibility and convenience for students who may need to balance the demands of work, family, and their personal lives with school. Online degrees are becoming more common, especially as schools recognize the need for more flexibility amongst working adults. As a result, most employers respect online degrees and consider them to be just as relevant as traditional ones.

If you’re ready to review associate degree program options, take a look below. We’ve ranked the best associate degree in web design online programs based on two factors: tuition cost per credit (lowest cost is best) and student enrollment (highest is best). Take a look at our list below!

Best 15 Associate Degree in Web Design Online


Wake Technical Community College

  • Raleigh, North Carolina

Wake Technical Community College offers a Web Designer AAS Program that is 100% online. The curriculum covers web design, databases, web programming, web scripting and markup, and web content management systems. Students also learn the design and development of mobile applications and UI/UX. Graduates leave prepared for careers as designers, developers, and programmers with the ability to design and maintain high-quality websites, develop digital media, and support integration of web technologies.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $38
Enrollment: 7,611
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Kansas State University

  • Manhattan, Kansas

Kansas State University offers a Web Development Technology Associate Degree through its online school, K-State Online. This 100% online program combines a curriculum focusing on web design and development with courses that teach project management and modern programming languages. Students learn both front- and back-end web design, how to create databases, and how to become both developer and administrator of a website. Courses also teach the essentials of web and graphic design, including how to use Adobe Creative Suite, as well as communications and math skills.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $363
Enrollment: 16,230
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Texas State Technical College

  • Waco, Texas

Texas State Technical College offers an Associate of Science in Web Design & Development Technology that is 100% online. This program teaches the fundamentals of website production, applications, programming, and maintenance while providing students with hands-on experience. After graduating, students are eligible for certifications including Certified Professional Webmaster (CPW), Certified Professional Web Developer (CPWDV), and Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW). Careers to pursue after graduation include web designer, web developer, web content developer, and user interface designer.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $185
Enrollment: 4986
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University of Ana G. Mendez (Online)

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

University of Ana G. Mendez offers an Associate Degree in Web Design that is 100% online, preparing students to pursue careers as web designers who can define, create, and design websites of all kinds. In addition to liberal arts topics, courses include Web Design and Graphics Studio, Integration Seminar for Web Design, Digital Photography, Image Studio – Black and White, and Programming for the Web. In addition to Web Designer, graduates can find careers as web art director, web creative director, web specialist, and web information architect.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $396
Enrollment: 24,700
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University of Toledo

  • Toledo, Ohio

University of Toledo offers an Online Associate’s Degree in Technical Studies (Graphic and Web Design) that is 100% online through its online school, UToledo. This program’s curriculum teaches a combination of technical design skills along with business principles. Advisors work with students to create customized programs to fit their unique educational and career goals. Graduates leave prepared to find careers as web developers, marketing specialists, commercial and industrial designers, and software application developers.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $383
Enrollment: 12,941
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Stark State College

  • North Canton, Ohio

Stark State College offers a Web Design and Development Technology Program that is offered online and teaches students how to use techniques like CSS, AJAX, and others to create the backbone of a website. The program enables students to simultaneously learn technologies like PHP, ASP .net, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL, and Java while applying them to real-world situations. Students gain the knowledge and skills required to design and develop databases, create multimedia applications, develop user interfaces for internet/intranet applications, and design and develop web-based applications.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $180
Enrollment: 3,140
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St. Petersburg College

  • St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg College offers a Web Development AS Degree through its St. Petersburg College Online Option. Students gain a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other skills needed for web design, database design, local area networking, UNIX, and GIT. The program prepares graduates for careers as full stack web developers, while also preparing them for the Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) JavaScript exam. Students also learn other skills like search engine optimization, website marketing, budget and project tracking, and more.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $387
Enrollment: 8,758
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Champlain College

  • Burlington, Vermont

Champlain College offers a Web Design and Development Online Associate Degree Program that is 100% online with 24/7 access to coursework. Offered in two 7-week terms per semester, three semesters per year, this program helps students develop skills in both creative design and back-end programming so they can become well-rounded web designers and developers. The curriculum covers key technical skills, including over 19 programming languages, platforms, and applications. Students also get access to the Fast Start Formula Career Course, an online course designed to accelerate their job search.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $318
Enrollment: 2,488
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Genesee Community College

  • Genesee County, New York

Genesee Community College offers a Web Design AAS that is 100% online, mixing the latest technology in web design with hands-on, real-world experience. Students learn web programming, layout and design, database concepts, system administration, internet security, photography, computer graphics, and more. The program features a unique cooperative experience in which students first simulate working for a client and then are assigned to work with an actual business. Some of these businesses offer students professional positions after graduation. Business partners include Paychex, Wahl Studios, DeZine Zone, and Sungard Higher Education.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $190
Enrollment: 2,047
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Northwest Vista College

  • San Antonio, Texas

Northwest Vista College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Media that is fully online. This program prepares students for a variety of careers in web design, including front-end web developer, eLearning Specialist, Multimedia Specialist, Social Media Designer, Web Application Designer, and Marketing Specialist. The curriculum covers the skills and knowledge needed for both entry-level and advanced careers in the field, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, 508 compliance, mobile technology, JQuery, content management systems, Adobe Creative Suite, social media applications, and more.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $466
Enrollment: 3,929
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Sheridan College

  • Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan College offers a Web Development AAS Degree that is online and prepares students with the skills and knowledge they need to create, enhance, design, and maintain websites. The curriculum teaches a wide variety of topics, including web programming, web design, cyberethics, dynamic web graphics, SQL, 3D Java Programming, e-commerce, content management systems, Photoshop, web page authoring, and computer science. Students benefit from experiential learning through internships or advanced learning opportunities through the Web Development Capstone Seminar.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $426
Enrollment: 1,434
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Dakota State University

  • Madison, South Dakota

Dakota State University offers an Associate of Science in Web Development that is 100% online. This program teaches students how to become web designers and developers who can write code, manage the development process, develop style sheets, take user needs into account, and manipulate data efficiently. Additionally, students learn how to write, test, and maintain programs and applications in at least three coding languages. The National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have recognized Dakota State University for the high quality of its web development curriculum.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $461
Enrollment: 1,448
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North Central Technical College

  • Wausau, Wisconsin

North Central Technical College offers an IT Web Designer Associate Degree fully online. This program teaches students to become fluent in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and JQuery, as well as proficient in content management systems, web marketing and branding, and user experience design. Graduates are prepared to support an organization’s web design or development needs, or pursue careers as freelance web designers. Common careers after graduation include web designer, user experience specialist, web analyst, front-end web developer, and web support specialist.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $459
Enrollment: 1,203
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Bryan University

  • Tempe, Arizona

Bryan University offers an Associate Degree in Advanced Full Stack Web Development that is 100% online and prepares students for careers as full-stack web developers and web designers. While earning their associate’s degree, students also can become certified in valuable skills like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Linux, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB, Express, MySQL, and more. Students use a program called Portfolium to track their achievements, receiving badges as they progress through the program, in addition to using tools like Slack, Scrimba, GitHub and Visual Studio Code to showcase versatility to employers.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $710
Enrollment: 1,076
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Laurus College

  • Santa Maria, California

Laurus College offers a Web Design Occupational Associate Degree program that is completely online. This program trains students in a range of technical skills, including web page formatting, graphics applications, multiple programming languages, movie and animation loading to the web, and more. The curriculum is designed for students seeking careers as web designers, graphic designers, digital marketing assistants, web developers, and social media coordinators. Laurus College provides flexible scheduling, so students can balance the demands of work, family, and school, also offering job search assistance through their Career Services Department.

School Overview

Tuition per credit: $1,666
Enrollment: 110
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Our Ranking Methodology

To formulate our rankings, we generated a list based on per-credit tuition rates (in-state where applicable) and graduate enrollment rates for each school. First, we sorted by per-credit tuition rates and then by graduate enrollment rates. Points were assigned to each school and added together for a final ranking score.

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