Best 20 Software Engineer Degree Programs in 2024

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Software Engineer Degree

Software engineers built the modern and fascinating world we live in today. The opportunities for software engineers have hardly decreased over the past decades. If you want to earn a software engineer degree, we hope that our list helps you decide which schools to investigate and apply to. Happy searching, happy learning! 

Best 20 Software Engineer Degree Programs

1. Carnegie Mellon University 

Carnegie Mellon is home to the world-renowned Institute for Software Research. Earn your Software Engineering degree from ISR and be prepared to solve complex issues and master the building blocks of our digital world. You can take courses in Principles of Software Construction, Principles of Software Construction, or Influence, Persuasion, and Manipulation Online. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,924
  • Acceptance Rate: 17.1%

2. UC-Berkeley 

Become a software engineer by studying Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California – Berkeley. Students can be admitted to the program as freshmen or apply for admission after completing prerequisites. There are options for a three-year degree for those of you who are ambitious, in addition to tie-ins to a graduate program that can save you time to degree. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $475
  • Acceptance Rate: 14.8%

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

It should come as no surprise that MIT has ended up on this list. If you want become a software engineer, you can start your career off strong by studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Students graduating from this MIT program often go on to earn six-figure salaries. Home to world-class faculty and incredibly interesting courses. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $580
  • Acceptance Rate: 6.7%

4. Cal Poly 

Become a world-class software engineer by studying at California Polytechnic, known as Cal Poly for short. The software engineering degree at Cal Poly Offered through the School of Engineering, Cal Poly is home to some of the world’s premier faculty. In addition, it happens to be located on the west coast — home to Silicon Valley. Take advantage of this location and the incredible alumni network by studying at Cal Poly. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $331
  • Acceptance Rate: 30%

5. Georgia Tech

Another highly-respected technical university that we are honored to include on our list. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech could set you up for a successfully career as a software engineer. The curriculum includes challenging and fun classes like Engineering Software design, Physical Foundations of Computer Engineering, and Circuit Analysis. Check out their website today. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $427 per credit hour
  • Acceptance Rate: 21%

6. University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne 

Earn your Bachelors of Science in Computer Science degree with an emphasis in Software Engineering from the University of Illinois. Offered through the Grainger College of Engineering, this degree will challenge you to become the best possible computer engineer you can be. Along the way, you will study with some of the world’s leading faculty, as well as have the opportunity to apply your skills to internships. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $504 
  • Acceptance Rate: 62.2% 

7. UC-Irvine 

The Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences prides itself on helping teach some of the best software engineers in the US and the world. University of California – Irvine is one of the top destinations for those aspiring to a career in software engineering. At UCI, you will have access to incredible learning centers, such as Institute for Software Research and the Software Design and Innovation Laboratory. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $951
  • Acceptance Rate: 29%

8. USC 

The University of Southern California is a incredibly unique university that can help you achieve your goals to be a software engineer. Based in Los Angeles, you can earn your BS in Computer Science from the Viterbi School of Engineering. You study Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or both subjects at the same time. You can even study Computer Science with emphasis on game design! Sound exciting? Check out the USC website today. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,928 
  • Acceptance Rate: 13%

9. Stanford 

Another West Coast school that can help you on your way to become a Software Engineer. Earn your degree in Computer Science from the world-renowned School of Engineering. Courses included in the Stanford Core Curriculum include Programming Abstractions, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Mathematical Foundations of Computing. If you are up for the challenge, check out Stanford’s website. 

  • Tuition: $1,174
  • Acceptance Rate: 4.4%

10. North Carolina State

You don’t have to live in California to get a quality education in software engineering. Case in point, North Carolina State University is home to an excellence Department of Computer Science. Choose the Software Engineering track within the Computer Science major and watch your future brighten. Just listen to some of these exciting courses: Computational Applied Logic, Cloud Computing Technology, and Service-Oriented Computing. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $303
  • Acceptance Rate: 47%

11. University of Texas

The Electrical and Computer Engineering program at the University of Texas-Austin is home to an incredible undergraduate (and graduate!) program. Based out Cockrell School of Engineering, this program will challenge you in the classroom and encourage you to learn through internships and research outside of the lecture hall. Take courses in software design, Embedded Systems, and Circuit Theory. Earn your software engineer degree from UT and invest in your future. 

  • Tuition per credit hour:$488
  • Acceptance Rate:  38%

12. Iowa State University 

Located in Aimes, Iowa State can help you achieve your goal of becoming a software engineer. Study Software Engineering, a unique course that is ran through the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the College of Engineering. Iowa State is incredibly affordable and also challenging, making it an excellent value. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $310
  • Acceptance Rate: 90%

13. Auburn University 

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering is home to one of the best Computer Engineering programs in the southern United States. Program accredited by Engineering Accreditation Commission of of ABET. Courses offered by the department include Computer Architecture, Computer Ethics, and Introduction to Operating Systems. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $383
  • Acceptance Rate: 75%

14. Miami University 

You can your degree while living and studying in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida as a student in the Computer Engineering program at the University of Miami. Study Circuit Theory, Logic Design, Network Client Server Programming, and much much more. Equip yourself to be an excellent software engineer by studying at the University of Miami. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $530
  • Acceptance Rate: 75%

15. San Jose State University

We now return to the West Coast, to San Jose State University’s program in Software Engineering. SJSU produces high-quality professionals who go on to work in Silicon Valley and in global companies, helping design the future and troubleshooting the issues of the day. If you want to be challenged, check out the San Jose State program in Software Engineering today. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $261 
  • Acceptance Rate: 55%

16. Drexel University 

Located in Philadelphia, you can earn your Software Engineering degree from Drexel University and feel confident about your skills and prospects on the job market. Studying at Drexel can prepare you for a career as a Software Architect, Software System Project Manager, or as a Software Project Team Leader. Log onto their website and see if Drexel is the right fit for you. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,197
  • Acceptance Rate: 77%

17. University of Texas-Dallas

The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Texas-Dallas can prepare you for a bright future in the world of software engineering. Internships are a pivotal part the curriculum at UT-Dallas, meaning your education just won’t happen inside the lecture hall. For the ambitious student, you can select the accelerated track, and even earn your masters in software engineering with your bachelors as part of a combined program. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,765
  • Acceptance Rate: 69%

18. Milwaukee School of Engineering 

Prepare for your future as a software engineering by studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, home to another high-quality software engineering program. 100% of MSOE graduates were employed after graduation — impressive numbers, for sure! Program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,405 
  • Acceptance Rate: 63%

19. Michigan Technical University 

Based out of Houghton, Michigan Tech is one of the best universities in the state and the country. As part of their program, students can join the Enterprise Program — they invent programs, provide services, and create unique business solutions. This gives you hands-on experience outside the classroom that will strengthen your resume when the time comes to hit the job market. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $532
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%

20. Stevens Institute of Technology 

There is a reason why the Stevens Institute of Technology calls itself “the innovation university.” This rigorous program (141 credit hours) will prepare you for the complex issues and challenges that you will face as a working software engineer. Check out the Stevens Institute website today and see if it is the right fit for your ambitions. 

  • Tuition per credit hour: $1,800
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%

We hope that our list has been helpful in guiding your research into graduate school and programs. Our list does not include any paid or preferred listings. It is prepared subjectively, using several metrics, including (but not limited to): tuition per credit hour, acceptance rate, number of programs offered, and availability of funding. If you are a representative for a university and want to contact us about a) your schools ranking or b) the fact your school is not included, please feel free to get in touch. We welcome feedback and input. Thank you for reading our list!  

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