How to Become a Web Developer in 2022

January 3, 2022 | bestvalue

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Web Developer 

Technology has increasingly become part of our lives, from the simplest application to the most disruptive innovations. Every software and website we interact with within our daily lives is attributable to website development. Web development is one of the technical skills that are rapidly growing in demand in the tech industry and available to those with a computer science degree and related accreditations as coding boot camp. But what does web development entail, or rather, how do you become a web developer? 

Everyone is probably aware that web developers’ tentative role is to build websites. However, there is much more to the web development profession than building websites. They are involved in various activities, including web design and graphic design, with the objective being to meet the goals of the website owner and user. Other roles include designing and editing website contents, identifying and correcting errors, and converting video, audio, graphic, and written content to compatible web formats. 

The path to becoming a web developer is quite easy. Before pursuing a computer science degree, it is vital that you first consider the technical skills you’ll need. Various skills might interest you, including programming language and coding language. A computer science program from an accredited learning institution is the typical career path for web developers. Upon completing your computer science program, you might pursue various careers in the web development field, such as front-end developer, freelance web developer, and web designer. 

If you are considering pursuing a profession in web development, you are in the right place. 

This article covers vital aspects of the web development profession, including: 

  1. How to become a web developer 
  2. Why become a web developer
  3. Web development courses and degrees 
  4. Web developer career resources 

How to Become a Web Developer 

The web development field seems to be a highly complicated and inaccessible field since the roles and activities of web developers are quite challenging and exciting at the same time. With increased technological advancement and the demand for social networking sites, and communicating tools such as software, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for web developers to increase rapidly. Web developers do not only build these technologies. These professionals also maintain them. 

The educational requirement for becoming a web developer varies depending on an individual’s web development career path, but the common requirement is always a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Earning an associate degree in computer science might also unlock several entry-level career opportunities in the web profession. Graduate degree programs are recommended for professionals considering a career change. We explore the learning path to becoming a web developer in detail on this page, so keep reading. 

What Are the Educational Requirements for Becoming a Web Developer? 

As earlier indicated, web developers’ educational requirements and training vary based on their work setting and type of work. The education and training programs are designed to help aspiring web developers acquire graphic design and programming knowledge. The requirements range from associate degrees to bachelor’s degrees, while those aspiring to pursue specialized web development careers such as back-end and front-end developers need higher degrees. Let’s understand the educational requirements in-depth. 

  • Web Development Certificates 

Web development certificates are suitable for aspiring web developers who need fundamental knowledge and skills related to web development. The certificate programs usually help students advance their education to associate degree levels. The coursework covers several areas, including introduction to coding, introduction to web design, HTML programming, and JavaScript programming. Coding boot camps are increasingly offering web development certificate programs. The program takes a few months to complete and introduces aspiring web developers and web designers to the world of web development. All you need is a high school diploma certificate and various college preparatory courses such as a computer certificate. 

  • Associate Degrees in Web Development 

An associate’s degree is the usual path for web developers, delivering the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for the field. Courses cover information technology, computer science, and web development, plus general education courses that ensure a well-rounded education. Subjects include E-commerce, website graphics, database management, and web page multimedia. Unlike the certificate programs, an associates’ degree in web development typically takes two years to complete. 

  • Web Development Bachelor’s Degrees 

Those aspiring to become front-end and backend developers need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in web development such as software development degree. The bachelor programs provide a well-rounded education for web design and development. The core subjects covered in web development bachelor’s programs include website usability, optimizing websites, social media and collaboration, and advanced web design. The program is quite long due to the high intensity of the coursework, taking four years to complete. However, those enrolled in online degree programs might take a shorter duration to complete the program. 

  • Master’s Web Development Degrees 

This is considered the highest degree a web developer can receive and is suitable for web developers seeking to advance their web development knowledge. In addition, it is suitable for professions in the computer technology industry seeking to shift their practice to web development or web design. Graduate degrees are usually obtained in two years following the completion of an undergraduate degree. The coursework varies depending on the program and specialization of the web development student. 

What Kind of Experience Do You Need Become a Professional Web Developer? 

Everyone begins their practice in the web development field differently. The typical path is first earning a degree in computer science or related degrees. Despite this, various web developers have to gain knowledge and experience in web development through local classes and online tutorials. To become a professional web developer, one must have technical experience in software development, web development, graphic design, and web design. 

You need to have comprehensive knowledge of computer science concepts as top-notch information technology companies highly seek them. You also need experience in programming, including high skills in various programming languages. The experience also enables you to pursue various careers in web development and become a freelance web developer, front-end developer, and backend developer. 

What Skills Are Valuable in A Web Developer? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for web developers will grow three times faster than average jobs in the coming years. Therefore, professional web developers need to position themselves in front of this wave by ensuring they have the right skills needed for web development. Beyond the technical skills such as programming languages and coding skills, web developers must possess various soft skills such as analytical problem solving and good communication skills. This page explores some of the technical skills important to web developers. 

  • HTML: This is the most popular markup language. Close to 50% of web developer jobs require aspiring web developers to know HTML since it is considered the building block for websites. It usually provides the structure of the website through the use of tags. Therefore, having a strong knowledge of HTML enables a web developer to learn tags and provide structure to a web page. 
  • JavaScript: A substantial number of employers require a web developer to have comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript. It is a programming language that allows you to create and regularly update content on a website. 
  • SQL: SQL is quite important in web development as it helps structure and store data. 
  • CSS: CSS is vital in web development as they manage the outlook of a web page. They also act as a guiding style instruction for web pages. 
  • Testing Processes: Coding processes are likely to introduce bugs into the system. Having high testing skills will help identify the bugs and ensure the system runs flawlessly. 

Why Become a Web Developer? 

Web development is a fascinating and challenging career centered on continuous inventions and creative problem-solving. The career option is suitable for individuals who have a high appetite for technological innovations. The web development profession allows you to work closely with a team of developers, designers, and marketers to realize your objectives. Web developers are among the highest-paid professionals in the tech industry. Who doesn’t want a job with a large salary? Are you considering entering the web development field? Well, keep reading as we explore some of the significant reasons why you should become a web developer. 

How Much Money Can You Make as Web Developer? 

Companies are highly in need of the services of web developers due to increased digitization. With this, the companies are willing to pay higher packages to attract some of the best developers in the job market. Although web developer salaries vary in factors such as an employer, employment location, level of education and experience, and specialty, web developers are likely to secure high paying jobs than other related careers. For instance, those trained in coding boot camp are likely to earn lower amounts than those with degree programs. 

Web developers earn an average salary of $60,023 annually. Entry-level web developers earn an average of $66,798, while senior web developers with a web development master’s degree earn $100,276. The increased economic growth in the coming years will likely adjust the average salaries upwards, leading to even higher packages. Therefore, high school graduates seeking careers with high earning potential should consider enrolling for web development Bootcamp programs or computer science degree programs. 

What Are the Advantages of a Career as A Web Developer in A Remote Work Environment?

Those who specialize in web design and web development probably know how promising the job outlook is. Despite having a high earning potential, the web design profession is highly flexible, often allowing you to work remotely. Digitalization of company processes has enabled most web developers, including front-end developers, to work from home, making the web development profession an attractive career option. Working remotely has several benefits making it an aspiration for several developers. Some of the advantages include: 

  • Setting Your Hours: What could be more attractive to an employee than landing a career that allows them to set their working hours? A flexible work plan allows you to decide the number of hours you will spend working on the project and ensure timely completion. For freelance web developers, a flexible work schedule enables you to meet all your clients’ needs. 
  • Increased Productivity: Working from an environment of your choice is likely to improve your productivity. Working remotely allows you to devote more time to your project as you don’t need extended breaks as those working within the office setting. It gives you time to sharpen your programming language and web application skills from web development Bootcamp. 
  • No Stressful Commutes: Commuting daily to your workstation can be devastating. Spending several hours in traffic might affect you mentally and physically, lowering your productivity. However, with remote working, you are unlikely to leave your home for the office. This makes you mentally and physically fit to accomplish your daily tasks. 

What Do Projections Show About the Job Market for Web Developers?

The rapid expansion of ecommerce will inevitably lead to increased demand for web dev processes such as graphic design and web design. Currently, firms are expanding their online operations. Additionally, the increased use of computer devices and mobile phones to search for information over the internet will increase the demand for web developers. With this, the BLS expects the demand for web development careers to grow by 8% in the next decade. 

Web Development Courses and Degrees

A comparison of salary by state demonstrates the salary potential and demand for web developers in various states, leading to increased demand for web development courses and programs. The educational programs are designed to provide foundational knowledge in web design and development. The education programs range from certificate programs to degree programs, including computer science and other related degrees. A prospective web developer needs to ensure they enroll in courses and degrees that are accredited.

Where Can You Find Web Development Courses?

Are you considering pursuing a web developer degree? It would be best if you researched the various learning institutions where you can find web development courses. While some offer lower-level courses such as web development certificates and associate degrees, others offer higher education courses, including bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. Since several institutions are offering web development courses, finding the right college might be quite challenging. Here is a list to help make a choice: 

  • Online Websites: Aspiring web developers might learn programming skills and gain in-depth knowledge on programming languages and graphic designs from online websites. The courses are either offered free or paid for, depending on the intensity of the web development course. Some of the best online websites to learn technical skills in web development include FreeCodeCamp, Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, and more. 
  • Community Colleges: Community colleges are increasingly becoming popular due to the increased number of students enrolling for various programs from the learning institutions. Unlike other colleges, community colleges are easily accessible and offer low-cost web development certificate programs. Therefore, those considering learning the primary aspects of web development and graphic design should pursue certificate programs from the community colleges. All you need is a high school diploma. 
  • Technical Colleges: Technical colleges are much bigger than community colleges. They offer a variety of degree programs than the community colleges. With the current trend in the information technology sector, the demand for web developers has become higher. With this, technical colleges are increasingly offering web development courses that allow aspiring web developers to learn programming and other technical skills. The technical colleges mainly offer associate degree web development programs. 
  • Colleges and Universities: These are the most suitable places to pursue your web development courses and degrees. The degrees offered in the learning institutions enable students to gain comprehensive knowledge on web development and design, making them attractive to aspiring web developers and web designers. Colleges and universities offer various accredited degree programs in web development, including associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree. Students can also earn an online bachelor, as some of the courses are offered online. The computer science degree is one of the most common degrees offered by institutions of higher learning. 

What Should You Look for in A Web Development Program?

Choosing the right web development program is quite a task due to the many options to pick from. However, with the right knowledge, the task is much easier. This page helps you identify some of the factors you should consider before enrolling in a web development program. They include: 

  • Accreditation: When looking for a web development program or a graphic design program, always research to determine whether the program is accredited. Employers only consider accredited programs as the accreditation demonstrates that the program has met all the quality standards set for web developers. 
  • Cost: The cost of web development varies depending on the type of program. Ensure the development program of choice meets your budget to avoid financial constraints. 
  • Duration: The duration, of course, matters a lot. Some take a few months and years to complete, while others take a longer period. If you seek to make a fast entry into the web development profession, consider either certificate or associate programs. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Web Development Degree?

The information technology industry is highly specialized, requiring web developers with high programming and design expertise. The specialized skills and knowledge are mainly earned by obtaining a web development degree. But how do you know the web development degree is right for you? Well, let’s explore some of the common factors to consider. 

  • Career Goals: It is imperative to choose a degree program that best suits your career goal. For instance, if you seek to gain entry into the web development profession, pursue an undergraduate degree program such as an online bachelor’s. 
  • Accreditation: Ensure that a recognized accrediting institution accredits the online bachelor’s or any other web development program. 
  • Specialization: There are several specialties in web development, including graphic design and web design. Students should choose a web development degree that aligns with the specialty they are interested in. 

Web Developer Career Resources

Career resources have become quite important, especially to aspiring web developers considering making an entry into web development. The career resources help graduate web developers find suitable jobs and help them set and achieve their career objectives, career planning, and writing resumes. Web development is a broad field with several career options in several specialties, including web design, graphic design, programming, and software development. With this, it is vital for web developers to effectively use the available career resources such as books, web pages, among other resources. On this page, we explore how to effectively use career resources, the types of career resources available to web developers, and places to find web development jobs. 

How Can You Make the Best Use of Resources for A Career as A Web Developer?

Several career resources help aspiring web developers land web development jobs and plan their careers. Nevertheless, without effective use of career resources, writing a resume or planning your career goals can be challenging. Web developers need to make the best use of career resources. But how can they achieve this? If you lack in-depth knowledge of using career resources as a web developer, you need to keep reading. Here are some of the strategies on how you can make the best use of the career resources: 

  • Educate Yourself On the Available Resources: Most web developers are unaware of all the available career resources. Graduate web developers should research the various career resources available to familiarize themselves with each resource. 
  • Networking: Joining a networking team for web developers and other multidisciplinary teams such as designers and software developers might help web developers learn and familiarize themselves with various career options. The networking teams meet occasionally to discuss various things, including career planning and development. 
  • Keep Track of Career Fairs: Career fairs are occasionally held around the country. The occasions allow graduate web developers to meet with prospective employers. Also, they can learn some of the employee qualities needed by their firms.

What Types of Career Resources Are Available for Web Developers?

 Whether you are looking for a new job as a fresh graduate or thinking of a career change, you must have the right career resources. Career resources in web development help point out the right direction for web developers. For instance, you will learn the various job opportunities available to graphic designers, web designers, front-end developers, among other career options. Here is a list of some of the great career resources for web developers: 

  • Employment Statistic Organizations: Organizations like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provide employment statistics and web development trends. The organization makes projections on the career outlook of the career option in the future. The reported information is always vital to web developers as they help in career planning. 
  • Company Websites: Are you looking for a new job? Well, you might consider visiting company websites to help identify job vacancies for web design and development. Also, the company sources might help you gain information on the company before attending an interview. 
  • Resume Writing Websites: There are several online websites offering resume writing advice. Web developers should visit the various websites to gain knowledge on the most effective tips for writing resumes. 
  • LinkedIn: Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are vital for web developers. The platforms help connect web developers with suitable employers. All that is needed of you is to boost your profile with them. 

Where Can You Find Web Developer Jobs? 

The web development field boasts several career options in a variety of work environments. If you are looking to start a career as a web developer, then you are in the right place. This page outlines some of the potential employers of web developers. Web developers assume various roles in organizations, including software developing, digital design, and application development and maintenance. To land jobs, one should have to pursue an associate’s degree in computer science or a certificate from a coding bootcamp. You must have comprehensive knowledge of coding languages, web applications, programming languages, among others. The potential places to find a web developer job include: 

  • Computer system design companies 
  • Publishing Industries 
  • Information technology consultancy firms 
  • Advertising firms 
  • Mainstream Media 

Final Thoughts 

Web design and development services are among the highly sought-after information technology services in the county, leading to increased demand for web developers. Web developers play a vital role in designing, developing, testing, and maintaining websites of different companies. Ensure efficiency of the websites and take corrective actions in case of any error or inefficiency. In most instances, web developers work with other professionals in various work settings, including advertising firms, publishing industries, financial institutions, and media companies. Computer system firms are the largest employers of web developers. 

To pursue a career as a web developer, one must complete various education requirements. The typical requirement for web developers, especially in specialized areas, is a bachelor’s degree. Nonetheless, one might still enter the profession by earning an associate degree from an accredited institution. You need a foundational knowledge of programming languages, coding, web application, and even a software developer degree.

The average salary for web designers is $75,773, making the professionals among the highest paid professionals in the information technology industry. BLS has projected the career option will likely grow by 8% in the next ten years. The demand for web developers will rapidly increase, especially due to the increased popularity of ecommerce and mobile phones. The career allows web developers to either work remotely or from an office setting, making it one of the most flexible careers. If you doubt the potential of a web developer’s profession, we believe this article has helped clear your doubts. 

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