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Top 15 Pharmacy Technician Schools in 2021

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Demand for pharmacy technicians is growing because of increasing demand for pharmaceuticals, and it is a profession you can start without a four-year degree.  If you want to earn a diploma to enter this healthcare career, check out our list of 15 affordable colleges that offer pharmacy technician programs.  

How Can you Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Students can become a certified pharmacy technician after completing a one-year certificate or two-year associate’s degree from a community college or technical school.  These programs include classes about medicine, necessary job skills, and anatomy, as well as practical training.  Each state has different professional licensing requirements.  In some states, graduates can become licensed after completing their degree; other states require an exam.  Students can take a national licensing exam, which is accepted in all 50 states some students can take classes from online pharmacy schools.  

What do Pharmacy Technicians Do?

A pharmacy technician assists pharmacists with dispensing drugs to customers in hospitals, retail pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities.  In this role, they earn on average $34,000 per year.  Some pharmacy technicians move into management positions over time or go on to earn a doctor of pharmacy degree to become a certified pharmacist.  

What Schools Have the Best Pharmacy Technician Programs?

We’ve compiled a list of the best pharmacy schools. We ranked these colleges based on their tuition (lowest is best) and number of credits required (lowest is best).  

Our Top 15 Pharmacy Technician Schools

1. Mountainland Technical College (43 points)

Mountainland Technical College in Utah offers a four-month pharmacy technician program with a 200-hour externship.  Students learn how to assist pharmacists in simulated labs and in a real pharmacy during their externship.  Graduates are eligible to take the licensing exam and become a licensed pharmacy technician in the state of Utah.  The program is offered in Lehi and Spanish Lake.  

  • Tuition:  $31.5 per credit
  • Credits required:  30 (450 clock hours)

2. Southeast Community College (39 points)

Southeast Community College offers a two-semester pharmacy technician diploma, which is available in Lincoln, Nebraska, and online.  Students gain hands-on experience from certified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  

  • Tuition:  $123 per credit
  • Credits required:  30 

3. North Central Kansas Technical College (35 points)

At North Central Kansas Technical College, students can earn a one-year pharmacy technician certificate which qualifies them to be a registered pharmacy technician in Kansas without taking the national exam.  Students gain hands-on experience in a retail simulation lab and take classes including Pharmacology and Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique

  • Tuition:  $137 per credit
  • Credits required:  35

4. Western Technical College (32 points)

The pharmacy technician diploma at Western Technical College in Wisconsin is offered through a joint program with Lakeshore Technical College.  Students take classes at both schools, including Pharmacy Law and Pharmacy Drug Distribution Systems.  

  • Tuition:  $139 per credit
  • Credits required:  36

5. Western Iowa Technical Community College (29 points)

Western Iowa Tech Community College offers a twelve-month pharmacy technician diploma.  The program prepares students for licensure in Iowa and to take the national licensing exam.  

  • Tuition:  $159 per credit
  • Credits required:  35

5. Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Dickson (29 points)

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Dickson offers a pharmacy technology diploma that can be completed in 12 months of full-time study.  The program includes supervised clinical training and classes such as Third-Party Reimbursement and Pharmacy Math.  

  • Tuition:  $46 per credit
  • Credits required:  86 (1296 clock hours)

7. State Fair Community College (25 points)

State Fair Community College offers a pharmacy technician skills certificate and professional certificate as well as an Associate of Applied Science in Health Science with Emphasis in Pharmacy Technician.  The skills certificate meets the minimum requirements to take the pharmacy certification exam, and the professional certificate  and AAS include extra healthcare courses.  Students can earn the stackable certifications one at a time.  The programs are available in Sedalia, Missouri, and online.  

  • Tuition:  $237 per credit
  • Credits required:  18 (skills), 30 (professional), 61.5 (AAS)

7. Hutchinson Community College (25 points)

Students at Hutchinson Community College can earn an Associate of Science in Pharmacy.  The program prepares students to transfer to the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, which requires eight more semesters to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy.  

  • Tuition:  $147 per credit
  • Credits required:  67

9. North Dakota State College of Science (24 points)

The North Dakota State College of Science offers a pharmacy technician certificate and an Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician.  The certificate program includes eight weeks of internship.  Both programs are available on-campus or through hybrid courses.  

  • Tuition:  $173 per credit
  • Credits required:  44

10. Central Piedmont Community College (17 points)

Central Piedmont Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science and a diploma in Pharmacy Technology.  The AAS degree allows graduates to become a validating technician in North Carolina, meaning they can validate stocking and unit dose packaging functions in hospitals.  The programs are available in Charlotte, North Carolina, and online.  

  • Tuition:  $268 per credit
  • Credits required:  42 (diploma), 70 (AAS)

11. Manatee Technical College (14 points)

Manatee Technical College offers a 10-month pharmacy technician associate’s degree that is available through a day program or a hybrid evening program.   The program qualifies graduates to register as a pharmacy technician in Florida and take the national exam.  

  • Tuition:  $176 per credit
  • Credits required:  70 (1050 clock hours)

11. Pinellas Technical College (14 points)

Pinellas Technical College offers an associate’s degree for students who want to become a pharmacy technician.  The degree is available through a blended online format.  

  • Tuition:  $176 per credit
  • Credits required:  70

13. Casper College (12 points)

Students can complete the pharmacy technology program at Casper College in as little as ten months.  Casper offers a certificate and an Associate of Science in Pharmacy Technology, and it has the only pharmacy technology program in Wyoming that is available online and on-campus.  

  • Tuition:  $419 per credit
  • Credits required:  60

14. Vincennes University (8 points)

Vincennes University offers an Associate of Science in Pharmacy Technology.  The degree takes two years and qualifies students to take the national exam and become licensed in Indiana.  

  • Tuition:  $419 per credit
  • Credits required:  60

15. Lorenzo Walker Technical College (6 points)

Lorenzo Walker Technical College in Naples, Florida, offers a ten-month pharmacy technician certificate.  The program educates students about topics such as pharmacology and pharmacy law.  

  • Tuition:  $490 per credit
  • Credits required:  70 (1050 clock hours)

How Did We Rank this List?

Our ranking was based 66.7% on tuition and 33.3% on credits required.  

From each institution’s website, we gathered in-person tuition rates for out-of-state domestic students in the different programs.  Where tuition was only listed on a per-year or per-semester basis, the year was assumed to consist of two semesters, twelve credits each.  

Some colleges measure credit in total clock hours students spend in the program rather than credit hours.  For these schools, clock hours were divided by 15 to create an equivalent to credit-hours for ranking.  

Tuition figures do not include fees or other expenses. 

Each school was given a score from 1 for the highest tuition to 15 for the lowest.  Schools were also scored from 1 to 15 for the number of credits required for the program based on data from the school websites.  For schools that offered multiple programs, the shortest program was used for the ranking.  

Then, tuition points were multiplied by two.  The weighted scores were added together to produce the final ranking.

Problems with your Ranking?  

If your school isn’t on this list and you think it deserves consideration for an update, please contact us.  Also, if you work for one of the schools on this list and you notice an error, please let us know.  We always seek to provide the most accurate information available and let readers know about the best schools across the country.  

Still not Sure which School is Right for You?

Finding the right college to become a pharmacy technician is an important decision.  If you’re still trying to find the right school, check out our other lists and our degree finder.  

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