Best 17 Online Masters Degree Programs in Computer Engineering in 2022

April 26, 2022 | bestvalue

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The online Masters Degree programs in Computer Engineering vary widely from school to school. Many offer specialty areas, so it’s important to look around to find the best fit for your interests and career goals. In-person programs are available, but if you are looking for something more flexible, there are many schools that offer fully online computer engineering programs.

What’s the Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Similar courses are needed for computer science and computer engineering degrees and either could be a good choice for a steady career in technology. However, there are several differences to keep in mind. Those who study computer science focus more on troubleshooting problems on a software level. In this field, students will learn about different programming languages, maintaining databases, and working with operating systems. On the contrary, those who study computer engineering focus more on designing hardware and software interfaces and solving problems with them.

What is the Career Outlook for Computer Engineers?

Technology is becoming ever more important in our society and employment opportunities for computer engineers is expected to grow by 6% in the next 10 years. The annual median salary is just over $100,000. A master’s degree can help you excel to the top of your field and earn a higher salary. Jobs can be found in industries such as telecommunication, automotive, defense, manufacturing, aerospace, systems integration, and shipbuilding.

Which Schools Have the Best Online Masters Degree Programs in Computer Engineering?

We have put together a list of schools that offer online Masters Degree programs in Computer Engineering or something similar. We then ranked the top 17 schools. We used tuition cost (lowest is best), enrollment, (highest is best) and program length (lowest is best) to rank the schools. Read on to see our rankings of the best Online Masters Degree programs in Computer Engineering below.

Best 17 Online Masters Degree Programs in Computer Engineering

1. Texas A&M University – College Station, TX

The online Master of Engineering – Computer Engineering degree offered at Texas A&M University is the same degree as the one offered in person. The diploma or transcript will not note that the program was completed online. Up to six transfer hours are allowed from another peer institution. Classes consist of exercises and material that has been pre-recorded, making it easy to work through the material at your own pace on your own schedule. 

  • In-State Program Tuition: est. $21,539 (30 hours)
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: est. $36,881 (30 hours)
  • Enrollment: 68,726
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

2. University of Florida – Gainesville, FL

Join the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering when earning an online Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Florida. The program is innovative and the same instructors who teach in the traditional program deliver the material online.  Students can choose to take anywhere from one to three classes per semester, plus a semester can be taken off with no penalty. A hybrid option is also available to take some courses on campus and some online.

  • In-State Program Tuition: $13,462
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: $20,700
  • Enrollment: 52,407
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

3. North Carolina State University – Raleigh, NC

Outdoor view of college campus

Study full-time or part-time when pursuing an online Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University. Those studying full-time generally take nine credits per semester and those studying part-time take either three or six credit hours per semester. It’s fine to continue working while enrolled in the program. Strengths of this program include networking, systems, and VLSI systems and computer architecture.

  • In-State Program Tuition: $13,380
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: $38,850
  • Enrollment: 36,304
  • Program Length: 31 credit hours

4. Florida International University – Miami, FL

A 10-month fully online program for a Master of Science in Computer Engineering with a concentration in Network Security is available at Florida International University. The curriculum includes classes in malware analytics, network security, forensics, and ethical hacking. The faculty has many years of experience teaching and working as computer engineers in the private, public, and government sectors. 

  • Program Tuition: $25,000
  • Enrollment: 58,711
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

5. Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, GA

Georgia Institute of Technology offers a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Courses are available all three terms, but students who plan to study full-time and complete the program in 12 months should begin in the fall. Areas of interest include VLSI systems and digital design, bioengineering, telecommunications, electrical energy, optics and photonics, digital signal processing, microsystems, electromagnetics, computer systems and software, electronic design and applications, and systems and controls.

  • In-State Program Tuition: $20,610
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: $42,690
  • Enrollment: 36,302
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

6. Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN

There are several Online Engineering Master’s Degrees available at Purdue University, including the Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students can specialize their studies based on their interests and career goals. Possibilities for specialties are automatic controls, which includes networking, communications, signal, and image processing as well as energy sources and systems, which includes VLSI and circuit design, fields and optics, and microelectronics and nanotechnology.

  • Program Tuition: $22,500
  • Enrollment:45,500
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

7. Iowa State University – Ames, IA

The Computer Engineering Master’s Degree Online at Iowa State University is usually utilized by working professionals. Most students take one class a semester and finish the program in five years. There is no thesis or creative component in this program, students complete coursework only. The program is designed for those who have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. A different bachelor’s degree may be considered with a provisional admission.

  • In-State Program Tuition: $20,850
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: $46,500
  • Enrollment: 33,372
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

8. Colorado State University – Fort Collins, CO

Choose the Master of Engineering – Computer Science Specialization or the Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Colorado State University. Each student can choose their customized curriculum to meet their interests and career goals. A few possibilities are artificial intelligence, data science management and optimization, and machine learning. The faculty not only teaches, but also works with large companies and performs research.

  • Program Tuition: $21,180
  • Enrollment: 33,426
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

9. Old Dominion University – Norfolk, VA

The faculty in the Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Old Dominion University have decades of training and experience. With this knowledge, students learn through engineering theory and practical application. The program requires a final project to be completed instead of a thesis and classes are live and regularly scheduled, allowing for participation from students.

  • In-State Program Tuition: $16,530
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: $17,850
  • Enrollment: 23,675
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

10. University of Arizona – Tucson, AZ

Choose an area of specialization while in the online M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona. These include high-performance computing, wireless communications and networks, digital signal processing, communications and control, simulation modeling and heterogeneous systems design, computer networks, holography and diffractive optics, software engineering and artificial intelligence, and detection and estimation. Some courses include live lectures that are recorded on-campus and uploaded to view on your schedule.

  • Program Tuition: $29,850
  • Enrollment: 44,577
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

11. University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA

The University of Southern California has a few different computer engineering programs to choose from. These include a Master of Science in Computer Science (Software Engineering) or a Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering. Students enrolled full-time can complete either program in 1 ½ to 2 years and those enrolled part-time can complete either program in 2 ½ to 3 years. The software engineering degree consists of 32 credit units. The information below reflects information for the cyber security degree.

  • Program Tuition: $60,144
  • Enrollment: 48,321
  • Program Length: 28 credit hours

12. Auburn University – Auburn, AL

Learn through both instruction and research in the Master of Science – Computer Science and Software Engineering program at Auburn University. Online students can choose from a non-thesis or thesis option, but online students can only choose the thesis option with special permission from the department. Students can choose a specialty from the areas of human/computer interaction and machine learning, artificial intelligence, databases and data science, cybersecurity, or computer networks. 

  • Program Tuition: $31,317
  • Enrollment: 30,460
  • Program Length: 33 credit hours

13. University of Michigan – Dearborn, MI

The M.S.E in Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan- Dearborn can be completed entirely online, on campus, or through a combination of both. The curriculum consists of core courses and electives, which give experience with microprocessor-based systems, computers, and high-performance work stations. Core courses include embedded systems, computer networks, computer architecture, reconfigurable computing, and advanced operating systems. To stay in the program, students must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A or higher. 

  • In-State Program Tuition: $24,300
  • Out-of-State Program Tuition: $30,360
  • Enrollment: 9,191
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

14. University of Delaware – Newark, DE

Complete the online Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Delaware in as little as two years. The curriculum covers networks, information processing, and designing efficient algorithms, advanced wireless communications, and cybersecurity and cryptography strategies. The program allows students to advance in their careers and stay up-to-date on the latest in the field. Foundational theory and hands-on skill building are both used.

  • Program Tuition: $37,110
  • Enrollment: 23,808
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

15. Syracuse University – Syracuse, NY

Students learn how to create revolutionary hardware and software as well as solutions for systems that are new and emerging in the M.S. in Computer Engineering program offered at Syracuse University. The online program is challenging and interactive, helping students to develop critical thinking. Students take 12 credits in core courses and 18 credits in electives, which include machine learning, internet security, mobile application programming, and object-oriented programming C++.

  • Program Tuition: $32,520
  • Enrollment:22,850
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

16. Villanova University – Villanova, PA

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering program at Villanova University can be a good fit for full-time students or working professionals. It is a flexible program that can be completed on campus, completely online, or a combination of the two. Enrollment in the program is around 19 students at a time. Graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Boeing, Lockhead Martin, Lutron Electronics, Naval Surface Warfare Center, and SAP America. Thesis and non-thesis degree tracks are available.

  • Program Tuition: $44,250
  • Enrollment: 10,848
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

17. Stevens Institute of Technology – Hoboken, NJ

The Computer Engineering Master’s Program at Stevens Institute of Technology is available in-person and fully online. Students will have skills in hardware and software development after completing the program. Specialization is available in real-time and embedded systems, information systems security and intelligent systems, data communication and networks, information systems, digital system design, and image processing and multimedia.

  • Program Tuition: $50,580
  • Enrollment: 7,283
  • Program Length: 30 credit hours

Still unsure about which online Masters Degree in Computer Engineering program is right for you? Utilize our degree finder tool to find the best program for you.

Our Ranking Methodology

We gathered tuition rates and program length from each school’s website and enrollment data from the National Center for Education Statistics. Where tuition was listed by credit, we multiplied by the program length to get the full program tuition. Where applicable, we used enrollment numbers from the specific campus, not the parent school. 

We sorted first by tuition, then by enrollment, and finally by program length. We assigned points to each school with a maximum of 17 in each category. We added these numbers together to get the final score for ranking.

Error in Your Ranking?

If you are an employee with one of the schools we ranked, and you notice a problem with the information we used for your ranking, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can make a correction.

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