Best 10 Online Doctorate In Human Resources in 2022

March 30, 2022 | bestvalue

Online Doctorate in Human Resources

Though it can be tough to find schools that offer an online Doctorate in Human Resources, there are a few out there. Each of them prepares you to work in the field. Since virtually every company has a Human Resources department, this is a position that there will always be a need for trained professionals to fill. That’s where you come in.

Why Earn An Online Doctorate In Human Resources?

Chances are if you are looking to earn a Doctorate in Human Resources you are already embroiled in a full-time career. So finding the time to go to school isn’t always easy. But with the flexibility of an Online Doctorate in Human Resources, you can advance your career while you are holding down a day job.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for Human Resource professionals will increase by 7% by 2029. This expected growth rate is faster than any other occupation’s. For the decade of 2020 to 2029, the expectation is that each year there will be 64,500 additional human resources positions that need to be filled.

We have gathered a list of the Online Doctorate in Human Resources programs you have to choose from. Each program is ranked according to the tuition cost and the number of credit hours required to graduate, with the lowest tuition rates and required credit hours getting the highest scores. Here are your top 10 options for earning an Online Doctorate in Human Resources.

Best 10 Online Doctorate In Human Resources

1. Thomas Edison State University (100 points)

Studying at Thomas Edison State University is one of the easiest ways to earn a Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. The program teaches an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on four main points:

  1. Integrated Topics in Business and Management
  2. Critical Thought and Action
  3. Organizational Counseling Practice
  4. Distance Learning Teaching Internship

To graduate from this program students have to choose a mentor to help them complete a Scholar-Practitioner Field Project. At the end of the project, students have to give a presentation.

  • Credit Hours – 48
  • Tuition – $7,240 per semester

2. Liberty University (90 points)

On the other hand, Liberty University offers students a chance to earn a Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resources. This program focuses mostly on studying the most important regulations in the industry, along with techniques for developing and implementing a company’s HR plan.

Students that earn this human resource degree are qualified to work as Human Resources Directors, Recruitment and Development Specialists, and Compensation and Benefits management.

  • Credit Hours – 60
  • Tuition – $5,950 per semester

3. Old Dominion University (90 points)

Students that are looking for something different may prefer Old Dominion University‘s Ph.D. in Occupational and Technical Studies with a focus on Human Resources training. Part of earning this degree involves developing the skills needed to qualify for the Asociation for Talent Development Standards.

Earning this degree qualifies students to work as Human Resource Trainers, but also Corporate and Workforce Developers/Trainers too.

  • Credit Hours – 60
  • Tuition – $8,265 per semester

4. Regent University (80 points)

Regent University logo

Enrolling at Regent University means students can earn a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Human Resource Development. This research-based degree gets students ready to become a business leader, scholar, or teacher of Human Resources. Graduates are in an excellent position to help influence many organizations and help their HR department to grow and thrive.

Both team and individual HR perspectives are taught to students that enroll in this program. It teaches students how to face workplace issues all over the world and how different cultures view the workplace.

  • Credit Hours – 60
  • Tuition – $4,925 per semester

5. Indiana State University (80 points)

Another valuable degree to have is a Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management with a specialization in human resource development and industrial training, from Indiana State University. To complete this program, students have to take required courses and then conduct the research for their dissertation.

Students that graduate from this program have the training to succeed in both the private and public sectors. It qualifies them to work in engineering, technology, and science-based careers.

  • Credit Hours – 83
  • Tuition – $9,141 per semester

6. Florida International University (70 points)

At Florida International University, enrolled students can work towards a Doctor of Education in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. In this program, students pick courses based on what they want to research for their dissertation. Theirs is a research degree and many of their graduates become faculty. The program prepares them to fill the role of a scholar-practitioner qualified to run programs for adults in private and public colleges. But it also opens up the door to work in health care and for government agencies too. The program is not fully online.

  • Credit Hours – 93
  • Tuition – $3,432 per semester

7. North Central University (60 points)

North Central University logo

Studying at North Central University is one of the easiest ways to earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Resource Management. Like most Ph.D.’s the degree is based mostly on research. Theories and practices of HR are just two of the important subjects that the program covers. It goes in-depth to cover other topics that include both intrinsic and extrinsic compensation.

Completion of this program qualifies students to work as Human Resources Managers, but also opens the door to positions that include Training and Development, and Labor Relations Specialists, among other possibilities.

  • Credit Hours – 60
  • Tuition – $29,280 per semester

8. Colorado State University (60 points)

Colorado State University is the school to earn a Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies. This program is for school administrators to gain more knowledge and insight into human resources as it applies to colleges and universities. It teaches skills like critical thinking and analytical research.

  • Credit Hours – 90
  • Tuition – $13,140 per semester

9. University of Arkansas (60 points)

At the University of Arkansas, students can earn a Doctor of Education in Human Resource and Workforce Development Education. The main focus of the program is teaching relevant practices and theories. It prepares students to work in academics in the public or private sector. However, this degree can also be applied to business as well as education.

The majority of students that successfully complete this program have a background in fields like organizational development, psychology, program design, and occupational counseling.

  • Credit Hours – 96
  • Tuition – $10,320 per semester

10. Sullivan University (50 points)

At Sullivan University, one of the degrees students study for is a Ph.D. in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Leadership. Using a scholar-practitioner model, this program teaches valuable application and research skills. While getting ready to execute their dissertation, students can run their own qualitative and quantitative pilot studies.

  • Credit Hours – 90
  • Tuition – $17,550 per semester

If this list isn’t enough to help you make a decision, our Degree Finder tool is here to help.

How We Determine Rankings

We took tuition rates and required credit hours for each online school to determine our rankings. First, we sorted schools according to required credit hours and then we factored in the tuition rates for each one. The schools with the lowest credit hours and tuition rates get the highest ratings, with 50 points for the lowest tuition and 50 points for the lowest number of credit hours. By adding the two numbers together, we get the ranking for each school.

Ranking Problems?

It is our goal to rank each school correctly. However, if you work for a school on this list and feel we have ranked it incorrectly, please reach out and let us know. We will promptly fix any errors you find in the rankings.

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