The Best Medical Assistant Programs in 2024

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    Medical Assistant Programs
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    Looking for the best school for medical assistant in the country? This list is made up of the 20 best medical assistant programs that are as affordable as they are excellent. By taking into account each school’s graduation rate, retention rate, cost of tuition, community culture, student services, and more, we’ve comprised what we think are the 20 best medical assisting schools in the country. Stop asking yourself “What is the best school for medical assistant?” and look through the list below to find out.

    Rank School Location
    1Wichita Area Technical CollegeWichita, Kansas
    2Forrest CollegeAnderson, South Carolina
    3Ohio Business CollegeDayton, Hilliard, Sandusky, Sheffield (Ohio)
    4Nebraska Methodist CollegeOmaha, Nebraska
    5YTI Career InstituteYork (Pennsylvania)

    Wichita Area Technical College

    • Wichita, Kansas
    Wichita Area Technical College medical assistant programs

    Want to get your medical assistant certification? Located in Wichita, Kansas, Wichita Area Technical College is a great option for receiving medical assisting certification as well as an associates degree in medical assisting. They have great retention and graduation rates, with both sitting at 60 percent. Excellent student resources are also available, such as a robust library, a bookstore, activities like concerts and SkillsUSA, and more.

    Location: Wichita, KS
    In-state Tuition: $5,592
    Out-of-state Tuition: $7,010
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    Forrest College

    • Anderson, South Carolina
    Forrest College medical assistant programs

    Forrest College is in Anderson, South Carolina. They offer medical assisting programs, as well as the option to move on to higher degrees that can help you advance in your career. Class sizes are small at Forrest College, allowing students to get individualized instruction. Students at Forest College range in age from recent high school graduates to students in their seventies. Most students have obligations outside of school, such as work and family, and thus they come from all walks of life.

    Forrest College strives to bring confidence to its students, helping them reach their personal and professional goals. The Forrest College mission is to provide an environment that stresses and supports goal attainment and lifelong learning.

    Location: Anderson, SC
    In-state Tuition: $8,820
    Out-of-state Tuition: $8,820
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    Ohio Business College

    • Dayton, Hilliard, Sandusky, Sheffield (Ohio)
    Ohio Business College medical assistant programs

    Ohio Business College has several locations throughout Ohio, making it an easily accessible school. They are known for catering to the needs of their busy and diverse student population by offering flexible class schedules, including evening classes. Ohio Business College is an adult education school, and therefore understand adult needs and aim to meet them. Though they do also welcome recent high school graduates.

    Location: Dayton, Hilliard, Sandusky, Sheffield (Ohio)
    In-state Tuition: $8,100
    Out-of-state Tuition: $8,100
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    Nebraska Methodist College

    • Omaha, Nebraska
    • Graduation Rate: 80%

    Even though Nebraska Methodist College is a religious institution, it is one of the best medical assisting schools. It accepts students with varying beliefs and lifestyles, so long as they are committed to learning. At Nebraska Methodist College, students have access to a fully-equipped laboratory as a helpful stepping stone to 300 hours of hands-on experience needed in a clinical medical assistant setting. They are primarily a healthcare college and claim it is what they do best. The retention rate for Nebraska Methodist college is 92 percent.

    Location: Omaha, NE
    In-state Tuition: $12,984
    Out-of-state Tuition: $12,984
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    YTI Career Institute

    • York (Pennsylvania)
    YTI Career Institute medical assistant programs

    YTI Career Institute has multiple locations in Philadelphia and therefore is a great option for residents of the New England states. They have great success with students, having 4 out of 5 students leave with a medical assistant degree program. They pride themselves on their qualified instruction that includes medical facilities and equipment that students will see on the actual job. The medical assisting programs include a twelve-week externship in a working medical facility to prepare students to be a valid member of any medical team. Though the overall cost is on the higher end, their graduation rate (67%) and retention rate (80%) show that the cost is likely worth it. What’s more, there is no tuition raise for out of state students.

    Location: Altoona, York (Pennsylvania)
    In-state Tuition: $12,500
    Out-of-state Tuition: $12,500
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    Mitchell Technical College

    • Mitchell, South Dakota
    Outdoor view of college campus

    Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, Mitchell Technical College is one of the few in the state to offer an accredited medical assisting program. They have an 82% post-graduation job placement rate, making it likely you’ll find a medical assisting position in South Dakota or a neighboring state soon after graduation. They offer financial aid assistance to those who qualify, in fact, over 89% of their students receive financial aid each year. The mission of Mitchell Technical College is to provide skills for success in technical careers. They have a low annual cost with no additional out of state tuition costs, a graduation rate of 65 percent, and a retention rate of 75 percent.

    Location: Mitchell, SD
    In-state Tuition: $2,912
    Out-of-state Tuition: $2,912
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    Renton Technical College

    • Renton, Washington
    Renton Technical College medical assistant programs

    This school is located in Renton, Washington. They have a good graduation rate of 62 percent and an impressive retention rate of 72 percent. Renton Technical College prides themselves on being up to date with the needs of the local workforce by seeking guidance from program advisory committees that give instructor recommendations, evaluate educational materials and equipment, evaluate programs, and assist in job placement. This ensures that the programs are relevant to today’s job market, and are properly preparing students for their intended careers. The Renton Technical College goal is to provide a great medical assistant training program as quickly as possible to students and at the least possible cost to them.

    Location: Renton, WA
    In-state Tuition: $3,590
    Out-of-state Tuition: $3,590
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    Spencerian College

    • Louisville, Kentucky
    Spencerian College medical assistant programs

    Spencerian College has several campuses in Kentucky, with each branch typically having a student population of less than 700. This helps students to get to know not only one another but interact with and get personal instruction from their professors. Spencerian College is known for caring about the success of each of their students and thus offer free tutoring. The instructors at Spencerian have real-world experience in the subjects they teach and offer a practical and hands-on approach to learning. In the classroom, students put knowledge into action with on-the-job training. This school offers flexible options for busy students with day, evening, and web-assisted classes. They do have a slightly higher annual tuition cost, but their high graduation rate (73%) and retention rate (76%) show that they have plenty to offer. In addition, there are no extra tuition amounts for out-of-state students.

    Every student that graduates from Spencerian College is guaranteed lifetime employment assistance, free of charge. This assistance includes matching personal skillsets and interests with positions in the field. In addition, students can review a class they have already taken without charge so that they can keep their skills polished and up to date.

    Location: Lexington, Louisville (Kentucky)
    In-state Tuition: $17,940
    Out-of-state Tuition: $17,940
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    Eastern Idaho Technical College

    • Idaho Falls, Idaho
    Eastern Idaho Technical College medical assistant programs

    Eastern Idaho Technical College is in Idaho Falls, Idaho and is ranked as one of the cheapest medical assistant schools available! The out-of-state tuition raise of about $5,000 makes tuition closer to average among the schools on this list for those traveling to attend. The mission of Eastern Idaho Technical College is to educate students through progressive, proven educational philosophies in a positive learning environment. The small student population of just over 700 students allows Eastern Idaho Technical College to provide individualized instruction and hands-on training. The graduation rate is about 57 percent and the retention rate is at 63 percent.

    Location: Idaho Falls, ID
    In-state Tuition: $2,256
    Out-of-state Tuition: $8,262
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    Kennebec Valley Community College

    • Fairfield, Maine
    Kennebec Valley Community College medical assistant programs

    Located in Fairfield, Maine, Kennebec Valley Community College aims to provide students with knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will lead them in their careers and encourage lifelong learning. They have many goals for what their students will learn, some of which include:

    • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Making logical connections between facts
    • Communication skills with patients, families, and healthcare professionals
    • Empathy and basic ethical principles, including respect for diversity

    They work to meet these goals through excellent instruction and student support. The graduation rate isn’t amazing at only 40 percent, however, the retention rate is better and sits at 67 percent.

    Location: Fairfield, ME
    In-state Tuition: $2,700
    Out-of-state Tuition: $5,400
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    Carrington College

    • Sacramento, California
    Carrington College medical assistant programs

    Carrington College has 18 locations along the west coast and southwest. They offer many programs in healthcare, including Medical Assisting, Nursing, and Dental Hygiene. The instructors have an average of 17 years experience in the fields they teach, and classes are small, encouraging personalized instruction. Carrington College aims to provide practical, hands-on experience, with simulated health care procedures. The programs are developed with the support of industry professionals to ensure each course is as up to date as possible.

    Carrington College aims to give as much support to students as possible, whatever their needs are. Students always have access to career services, academic support, support with personal struggles, as well as financial struggles. They understand that most of their students have a lot on their plate. They encourage students to also seek help from a service called ASPIRE. This service is constantly available, day or night. It puts students in touch with real people who can assist with personal problems including financial, family, or even legal issues. Tutors are also available online or on campus.

    They guarantee that no changes will be made to tuition cost throughout the length of a student’s program, and if students change their mind about the program within 6 weeks of class, they can cancel enrollment without ever getting a bill. They have a graduation rate of 52 percent and a retention rate of 70 percent. There is no difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

    Location: West, Southwest U.S.
    In-state Tuition: N/A $24,652
    Out-of-state Tuition: N/A
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    Blackhawk Technical College

    • Janesville, Wisconsin
    Blackhawk Technical College medical assistant programs

    Blackhawk Technical College is one of the best medical assistant schools and is an excellent choice for students in Janesville, Wisconsin because of the low tuition cost and high retention rate. The goal is to create competent medical assistants, and employers who hire students from Blackhawk Technical College have a very high satisfaction rate (over 96%). This is likely because of the hands-on instruction paired with a fully equipped campus. Blackhawk Technical College seeks to be highly flexible with the individual needs of its students. They provide at least 6 additional credits of retraining at no cost to the student (under certain conditions). Blackhawk’s graduation rate is 40 percent and the retention rate is 64 percent.

    Location: Janesville, WI
    In-state Tuition: $3,776
    Out-of-state Tuition: $5,664
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    Alpena Community College

    • Alpena, Michigan
    Alpena Community College medical assistant programs

    Alpena Community College has a low annual cost for both in and out of state students. The low price combined with a very diverse student population of more than 2,000 students makes it a great option for medical assisting students. For these reasons and more, Alpena Community College has a decent graduation rate of 40 percent and an even better retention rate of 59 percent.

    Alpena Community College maintains small class sizes, which facilitates personalized instruction and a close-knit campus community. There are two campus locations; the main campus is on 690-acres of land in Alpena, MI next to Lake Huron, and the other campus is in Oscoda, MI. Alpena Community College.

    Location: Alpena, MI
    In-state Tuition: $5,430
    Out-of-state Tuition: $5,430
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    Chippewa Valley Technical College

    • Menomonie, Wisconsin
    Chippewa Valley Technical College medical assistant programs

    There are many reasons to consider Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They have a slightly larger student population of just over 6,000 students, which is great for those who want a more social, big college feel, while still having reasonable class sizes.

    Chippewa Valley Technical College has a wide variety of student-centered services to guide students through their academic journeys. The library is a great place for computer use and for a quiet place to study, it can also be helpful to seek guidance from a librarian on research materials. They have a great bookstore with assistants that pick out your books for you and mail them directly to your door so students don’t have to make the trip! This school also has career services where students can get help looking for jobs, building resumes, interviewing, and more. They even provide resources to help in the search for housing.

    Location: Eau Claire, WI
    In-state Tuition: $3,666
    Out-of-state Tuition: $4,962
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    Mount Aloysius College

    • Cresson, Pennsylvania
    • Graduation Rate: 40%
    Mount Aloysius College medical assistant programs

    Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, Pennsylvania has a graduation rate of 51 percent and a retention rate of 62 percent. They aim to develop the mindset of lifelong learning through student participation in education and professional activities. Mount Aloysius College is one of the oldest Catholic colleges in the United States and has ranked consistently in the top half of all U.S colleges for value, graduation rates, job placement, affordability, and commitment to excellence. For five of the last six years, this school was listed on the United States President’s Honor Roll for distinguished community service. The total annual cost is on the higher end, but many students believe the perks of attending Mount Aloysius College make it worth it.

    Mount Aloysius College has 14 NCAA division varsity sports, as well as hundreds of activities, clubs, intramurals, social events, and more. They have a 99 percent job placement rate for certain health majors, making it likely that students find a job quickly after graduation. They have small class sizes, an average of 18 students, and a student to faculty ratio of 13:1. Over one-third of the region’s nurses and imagers actually come from Mount Aloysius College.

    Location: Cresson, PA
    In-state Tuition: $19,790
    Out-of-state Tuition: $19,790
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    Davidson County Community College

    • Thomasville, North Carolina
    Davidson County Community College medical assistant programs

    Davidson County Community College, which is located in located in  Thomasville, North Carolina, recently underwent a major expansion project, adding over 8,000 square feet to the laboratory building, adding a new state-of-the-art library, internet cafe, classrooms, and much more. They also have a computer lab and study rooms to help students find space to study, free of distraction. Davidson County Community College prides themselves on having clubs and organizations to suit the interests of a wide variety of students. They have leadership programs like DCCC Ambassadors and student government association. They also have service oriented and academic clubs such as Alpha Omega club, Honors Societies, and curriculum-related organizations.

    Location: Thomasville, NC
    In-state Tuition: $2,288
    Out-of-state Tuition: $8,432
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    Highland Community College

    • Highland, Kansas
    Highland Community College medical assistant programs

    Highland Community College in Freeport, Illinois is a very student-focused school, where most of the students are in a health science program. Their tuition is as low as one-third the cost of other regional medical assisting schools in the area. In addition, the job placement rate is high and even reached 100 percent for the 2012 graduates.

    This is an excellent school for those looking for a cultural experience. Theatre, art, music, literature, and lecture series are popular in the Highland area. Highland Community College also has over 2 dozen clubs and organizations for students, ranging from academic to service-oriented to even clubs like agriculture and acting. The graduation rate is only 34 percent, but the retention rate is much higher at 61 percent.

    Location: Freeport, IL
    In-state Tuition: $4,512
    Out-of-state Tuition: $4,752
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    Western Technical College

    • La Crosse, Wisconsin
    Western Technical College medical assistant programs

    Western Technical College has a strong retention rate of 61 percent, and it’s likely due in part to their interactive, hands-on classes and internships that get students the necessary skill set to work in a medical assisting position. They guarantee students will not be bored in class; instructors have real-world experience in the areas they teach, and hundreds of local employers that help the school design their programs to keep them up to date. They also have plenty of clubs, athletics, service learning activities, and even residence halls to give students the true college experience through a technical, career-focused program. The graduation rate is 39 percent.

    Location: La Crosse, WI
    In-state Tuition: $3,776
    Out-of-state Tuition: $5,664
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    Penn Commercial Business/Technical School

    • Washington County, Pennsylvania
    Healthcare student holding vial with liquid

    Penn Commercial Business/Technical School has a medical assistant program that can be completed in just 18 months. The school serves students living in Southwest Pennsylvania, as well as those from Wheeling to Morgantown, West Virginia. Once you complete the medical assistant program from Penn Commercial, you will receive an associate in specialized business degree and have the ability to work in a number of different positions in clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and so on.

    Penn Commercial provides students with seasoned healthcare professionals who will dedicate their time to helping their students receive real-world experience and achieve success in their chosen career. The school also provides modern laboratories and facilities so that their students can learn the abilities and procedures their field requires. Students will be required to complete a temporary training program at an approved healthcare site, all with the intent of putting into practice what the students have learned.

    Location: Washington, PA
    Tuition (Medical Assistant Program): $23,219
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    Southeast Community College

    • Lincoln, Nebraska
    Online Medical Assisting Programs

    If you’re looking for an affordable medical assisting program, then Southeast Community College might just be the place for you. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, this college provides a medical assisting program at low cost for both in-state and out-of-state students – both less than $3,000 a year. With a student population of over 10,000, Southeast Community College is one of the most affordable medical assistant schools in the nation.

    Southeast Community College is a great school to attend if you live in Lincoln, Neb., or anywhere else in the country. It has in-state and out-of-state tuition rates at less than $3,000 a year, and it is rated No. 11 on our list of the top 50 most affordable medical (assistant) schools. Here you can earn your medical assisting diploma and join a student population that well exceeds 10,000 pupils.

    Location: Lincoln, NE
    In-state Tuition: $2,351
    Out-of-state Tuition: $2,891
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    Minnesota West Community and Technical College

    • Worthington, Minnesota
    Minnesota West sign outdoors on campus near parking lot

    Minnesota West Community and Technical College has five campuses and offers a medical assistant program through the Luverne Center, which operates out of their Pipestone campus. Looking for online medical assistant programs? The school offers a partially-online medical assistant program. The online parts can be completed from any location, whereas the psychomotor skills and affective competencies are taught face-to-face. The medical assistant program is accredited by CAAHEP, and students are required to achieve entry-level competency in the administrative (clerical) and clinical (lab and patient care) areas.

    In addition, the college also offers a Healthcare Administrative Assistant, A.A.S. degree that is completely online. With a focus on the clerical side of the medical field, this degree allows graduates to work in clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more. Students enrolled in this major can expect to learn general medical knowledge and terminology, medical office procedures, word processing, medical insurance and business communications.

    Location: Luverne, MN
    In-state Tuition: $5,146
    Out-of-state Tuition: $10,293
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    Alexandria Technical and Community College

    • Alexandria, Minnesota
    Online Medical Assisting Programs

    Want to attend the best online school for medical assistant? Established in 1961, Alexandria Technical and Community College offers an online Medical Administrative Specialist program that is considered to be one of the best medical assistant online programs in the area. Students can expect to learn clerical skills, such as billing, and medical knowledge, such as physiology. Students for the major will take classes in medical technology, computers, and general education. Before graduation, students must complete a capstone class that will pair them with a medical mentor and will be an overview of the program’s major topics. Graduates can expect to find jobs in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s office in a number of health information and administrative positions.

    Location: Alexandria, MN
    In-state Tuition: $4,817
    Out-of-state Tuition: $4,817
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    The Best Medical Assistant Programs

    Find the Right School For You!

    Don’t waste time filtering through every medical assisting program out there. Instead, speed up the process and check out these excellent options that we’ve compiled for you; there is sure to be a school that meets your personal, financial, and educational goals. For more information on how we ranked these schools, visit our methodology page.

    Are Medical Assistant and a Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) Programs the Same?

    No, medical assistant and medical administrative assistant (MAA) programs are not the same. A medical assistant program trains individuals to assist with patients as well as perform clerical duties. A medical administrative assistant program trains individuals to focus on administrative tasks.

    Both programs offer great opportunities for a career within the medical field. The key differences come down to whether an individual wants to assist with patient duties or not.

    Additional resources:

    American Association of medical assistants: The AAMA provide medical assistant professionals with the best health education programs, medical assistant certification, networking opportunities, etc.

    Find the program that’s right for you

    Whether you’re trying to start your career or make a big change, we can help you find the perfect school to help you reach your goals.

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