The Best 20 MBA Programs in Michigan in 2024

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MBA Programs in Michigan

There are a number of exciting MBA programs in Michigan. This provides you with the opportunity to enhance your career and seek new and exciting positions. Many who have graduated from an MBA program believe that it is a good return on investment because it provides the ability to earn higher salaries. We have found that the top 20 MBA programs throughout the state for you to consider.

Career Opportunities with an MBA

Countless career opportunities exist when obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Many programs offer the ability to concentrate in a particular area, such as Finance, Marketing, or Healthcare. You can choose a career path based on the industry you work in (or plan to work in).

Top 5 MBA Programs in Michigan

Rank School Location
1Central Michigan UniversityMount Pleasant, Michigan
2Western Michigan UniversityKalamazoo, Michigan
3Saginaw Valley State UniversityUniversity Center, Michigan
4Ferris State UniversityBig Rapids, Michigan
5Oakland UniversityRochester, Michigan

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many top executives earn a median pay of $104,690. Having an MBA allows you to explore various C-suite positions (including CEO, CIO, and CFO). In Michigan, the annual mean wage of a chief executive is $219,870.

Every MBA program in Michigan is a little different. You’ll want to see what the colleges and universities have to offer in terms of the flexibility of courses, the length of time it takes to complete the degree, and what concentrations are available.

We have ranked the schools based on the cost of tuition as well as total enrollment. Those with high enrollment numbers are ranked higher because of offering more to students. Those with lower tuitions are ranked higher because of offering more affordability to students.

Best 20 MBA Programs in Michigan


Central Michigan University

  • Mount Pleasant, Michigan

The College of Business Administration at Central Michigan University offers an MBA program accredited by the AACSB International. There are two programs for students to choose from: on-campus and online. The online program is also ranked as one of the best online MBA programs in the U.S. Graduate program advising is available, which can also help students to determine if they want to concentrate in a particular area of business.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $11,466
Enrollment Total: 26,968
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Western Michigan University

  • Kalamazoo, Michigan

The MBA offered at Western Michigan University is housed within the Haworth College of Business. Students learn to become business leaders while also learning to advance their careers. The university offers experience-based learning along with a number of opportunities to help with advancement. Sleeping Giant Capital has also partnered with WMU to offer an investment by acquiring small businesses.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $12,732
Enrollment Total: 23,914
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Saginaw Valley State University

  • University Center, Michigan

There are several options for obtaining an MBA at Saginaw Valley State University, including a fully online program. The school is AACSB accredited and is known for having one of the most competitive tuition rates in the state. Military Times has also ranked SVSU for having one of the most veteran-friendly MBA programs. The program includes 31 core credits along with three graduate-level courses that are electives. The Scott L. Carmona College of Business offers electives that cover such things as Finance, Marketing, and more.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $11,406
Enrollment Total: 9766
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Ferris State University

  • Big Rapids, Michigan

Ferris State University has one of the highest-ranked MBA programs in the country. Students can choose to take online or on-campus courses or a combination of the two to offer flexibility. There are core courses that need to be taken in order to achieve the MBA, including courses that focus on leadership, strategic marketing, and the MBA Thesis. Concentrations include Information Security, Business Intelligence, Lean Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chain & Logistics, and more.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $11,790
Enrollment Total: 14,000
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Oakland University

  • Rochester, Michigan

The MBA Program at Oakland University is part of the School of Business Administration. It’s possible to enroll in classes on campus or the 100% online program. Students will learn through engaging discussions, action-based projects, case studies, and more. Faculty are often joined by guest speakers, researchers, and fellow students. Concentrations offered at OU include Accounting, International Business, Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, and several other topics.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $13,869
Enrollment Total: 20,012
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Northern Michigan University

  • Marquette, Michigan

At Northern Michigan University, students can pursue an MBA with classroom learning inside the College of Business. Graduate assistantships are available at NMU to help students achieve paid positions while making connections inside of the business community. Students inside of the MBA program will need to follow a specific curriculum and will have the ability to explore elective courses throughout the university. Applications into the program will need to have a GMAT or GRE score, too. Students can enroll in classes on campus or as part of the 100% online program. They offer accelerated, semester-long, and summer courses and a new accounting specialization track. They also have graduate assistantships and scholarship opportunities. NMU’s MBA program is AACSB-accredited.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $11,884
Enrollment Total: 6764
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Michigan State University

  • East Lansing, Michigan

At Michigan State University, students are prepared for the real world with flexible collaboration. Everyone is introduced to team collaboration and world-class challenges. The full-time program is completed in 21-months. The curriculum from the Broad College of Business allows for a number of specialties including Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Management.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $33,098
Enrollment Total (school-wide): 49,809
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Wayne State University

  • Detroit, Michigan

The MBA program at Wayne State University is within the Mike Ilitch School of Business. The admissions into the MBA program focuses on scores from the GMAT along with a high undergraduate GPA. Relevant leadership experience is also considered. There are joint degrees available, including Law and Business Analytics. Students can also choose to pursue a PhD in Business Administration. Other areas to consider include Entrepreneurship and Innovation as well as Finance.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $27,466
Enrollment Total: 27,222
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University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor offers various MBA programs for students to choose from. The Michigan Ross MBA opens doors to a number of top companies around the country. The action-based learning experience offered at the university ensures that students learn how to do business in a unique and immersive way. Students will learn about developing and launching business ideas, how to consult with projects in 20 countries, and even manage a student-led investment fund.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $66,048
Enrollment Total: 44,718
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Davenport University

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan

Davenport University, located in Grand Rapids, offers an MBA program that is flexible to meet various career aspirations. The program is either 30 credits or 39 credits – with the latter offering a concentration. The university offers nine concentrations for students to explore, including Finance and Marketing. Full and part-time options are available in Grand Rapids as well as the other five campuses across the state. An online MBA program offers even more flexibility to students.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $15,696
Enrollment Total: 7232
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University of Detroit-Mercy

  • Detroit, Michigan

The University of Detroit-Mercy offers a flexible MBA program. Courses are offered on the campus in Detroit as well as online. There are also evening classes within the Riverfront Campus. Found within the College of Business Administration, the program allows students to adjust their degree to meet specific interests. World-class faculty teaches the courses, classes are small for personal attention, and students learn about social responsibilities. Areas to specialize in include Decision Sciences, Management, International Business, Health Care, and Marketing.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $14,202
Enrollment Total: 4920
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Grand Valley State University

  • Allendale Charter Township, Michigan

It’s possible to earn an MBA at Grand Valley State University. The hybrid format allows students to take courses online and on campus. There are a total of 36 credits within the program and the degree can be obtained over 22 months. Each course is designed to last 15 weeks. The program is accredited by AACSB. The university stands out by offering a cohort format so that students learn within the same group to help with peer learning. Additionally, many faculty members are active within local and national businesses.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $32,000
Enrollment Total: 25,325
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Eastern Michigan University

  • Ypsilanti, Michigan

Several options exist for earning an AACSB-accredited MBA at Eastern Michigan University. As one of the top MBA programs in the state, EMU offers flexibility for students with full-time and part-time options. Further, students can take courses in the evening on campus, online, or in hybrid format. Students will learn how to think and act strategically and how to make ethical decisions in a globally integrated business environment. Beyond foundation and core requirements, EMU MBA students may customize their degree with elective and specialization choices from disciplines as diverse as business analytics, finance, human resources, or supply chain management.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $16, 647
Enrollment Total: 16,324
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Spring Arbor University

  • Spring Arbor, Michigan

Spring Arbor University offers an MBA program to prepare students for today’s business challenges. The Gainey School of Business provides a 36-hour credit program with flexibility to take courses at nice and online. Students will have opportunities to intern as well as to attend the International Business Summit, which includes a four-day trip to New York City. Accelerated programs can make it easier for students to complete their MBA in less than the traditional two years.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $12,906
Enrollment Total: 1614
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Michigan Technological University

  • Houghton, Michigan
Outdoor view of college campus

The MBA program at Michigan Technological University is unique in that it’s known as the TechMBA®. It is accredited by the AACSB, and it is possible for students to choose an accelerated program that allows for graduation in only three semesters. Students will learn about innovation, leadership technology, entrepreneurship, and more. Cross-disciplines make it easy to have a competitive edge with the MBA upon graduation. Students will work with faculty, collaborate using web software, and even complete online simulation projects.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $21,489
Enrollment Total: 7238
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Madonna University

  • Livonia, Michigan

Students can attend Madonna University to obtain an MBA. Located in Livonia, the university offers an impressive staff as well as many campus activities. The MBA is accredited by the ACBSP. Additionally, students can obtain various certificates in order to diversify their education – including Nonprofit Leadership, Criminal Justice Leadership, and Financial Crimes Compliance.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $15,930
Enrollment Total: 4593
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Olivet College

  • Olivet, Michigan

Olivet College offers a unique MBA program that is a flexschedule for students who wish to take classes online in order to achieve the full classroom experience. There are three concentrations offered, including Insurance, Enterprise Risk Management, and a general concentration in business. The program includes 33 credits, including 21 that are MBA core courses. Electives range from Negotiations to Employee Benefits to Business and Insurance Law.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $15,498
Enrollment Total: 933
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Andrews University

  • Berrien Springs, Michigan

There is an MBA program at Andrews University, located in Berrien Springs, is a private Seventh-day Adventist institution. The MBA program is available on campus and through interactive online courses. The 22-credit hour program offers flexibility so that students can choose how long they want to take to earn the MBA. The school is accredited by the IACBE and allows students to focus on such things as not-for-profit organizations, working in government, and even international business.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $20,952
Enrollment Total: 3366
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Lawrence Technological University

  • Southfield, Michigan

Various MBA opportunities exist for students at Lawrence Technological University. Within the College of Business, students can choose to take online, on-campus, or hybrid courses. Sizes are small in order to offer a higher academic experience. There are five in-demand concentrations to choose from including Project Management, Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, and Business Analytics and Cybersecurity.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $23,645
Enrollment Total: 4154
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Northwood University

  • Midland, Michigan

Northwood University offers an intensive BBA/MBA program that takes four years. Students will be able to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s in business administration at the end of the four years. The campus offers a variety of programming for the full college experience, including Greek life, business clubs, and social organizations. Students can also choose to participate in the Honors Program.

School Overview

Tuition Per Year: $18,540
Enrollment Total: 1211
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Our Ranking Methodology

we have ranked all the schools by establishing two important criteria: tuition and enrollment. All of the schools are given a rank based on the cost of tuition per year with more affordable tuitions ranking higher. Then, we go through and rank all of the schools again based on enrollment numbers, with the higher enrollment numbers ranking higher. Those two ranks are added together in order to establish which schools are given the highest possible rank.

The cost of tuition per year is based on graduate courses. The cost of tuition includes tuition and fees but does not include housing. Additionally, when applicable, in-state tuition costs are used. The yearly cost is based on 18 credits as the average MBA program is a total of 36 credits.

Do you see an error in the data we used to rank the schools? If you work for or attend one of the universities, please contact us with the most updated data. We want to ensure all information is as accurate as possible.

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