Best 19 MBA Programs in Maryland in 2024

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MBA Programs in Maryland

Exploring the top MBA programs in Maryland can show you that there’s a way to create new career opportunities. So many industries look for their top employees to have a Master’s in Business Administration in order to move up the corporate ladder. By choosing to invest in your education, you can be rewarded heavily. We’ve identified the top 19 programs across the state of Maryland for you to consider.

Career Options with an MBA

You can explore a number of career options once you acquire an MBA. It’s possible to focus on a concentration in various subjects, too, such as finance, marketing, engineering, or healthcare. It leads to such positions as Financial Manager, Marketing Manager, Medical & Health Services Manager, and more. An MBA proves that you possess the necessary leadership skills to take on more responsibilities and to lead teams of any size.

Top 5 MBA Programs in Maryland

Rank School Location
1Towson UniversityTowson, Maryland
2Morgan State UniversityBaltimore, Maryland
3Frostburg State UniversityFrostburg, Maryland
4Salisbury University
5Bowie State UniversityBowie, Maryland

Having an MBA can open opportunities with Fortune 100 companies and even lead to CFO and CEO positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, top executives earn a median pay of $104,690 a year.

We’ve made a list of the top MBA programs across Maryland. Some of the programs are offered on a campus within the state while others allow you to take the courses online. You can explore each college and university to find the right fit for you. We’ve ranked the schools based on a combination of tuition (the more affordable are ranked higher) along with enrollment (higher numbers are ranked higher).

Best 19 MBA Programs in Maryland


Towson University

  • Towson, Maryland

The College of Business and Economics at Towson University offers a number of master of science degrees as well as post-baccalaureate certificates. The university, which has a campus in Towson, MD, offers its classes online and on the campus, allowing students to choose which works for their convenience and schedule. While not a true MBA, the programs offered allow students to earn an MS in either Marketing Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, or Accounting and Business Advisory Services.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $7902
Enrollment: 22,284
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Morgan State University

  • Baltimore, Maryland

The Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University offers an online MBA program. The campus, located in Baltimore, offers a number of courses to help students develop advanced business skills. It starts with a strong foundation of liberal arts. From there, students can take courses that will help them with business settings domestically and internationally. Additionally, students can access the Center for Continuing & Professional Students to explore career opportunities before and after obtaining an MBA.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $6495
Enrollment: 7747
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Frostburg State University

  • Frostburg, Maryland

Located in Frostburg, Maryland, Frostburg State University offers a Master of Business Administration, with the courses offered online. It’s possible to concentrate in a number of areas including Business Analytics, Health Care Management, or Management. The program is a 36-credit hour program that offers a well-rounded foundation to students. It has international accreditation and has been recognized as one of the best online programs offered in the country.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $7794
Enrollment: 5676
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Salisbury University

At Salisbury University in Maryland, students can obtain an MBA on the campus or through online courses. Students will develop proficiency in such areas as economics, management, finance, marketing, and information systems. The university offers an accelerated track using hybrid delivery formats. Additionally, many of the core courses utilize the latest technology in order to prepare students for the advanced systems they will face in the real world.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $11,475
Enrollment: 8714
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Bowie State University

  • Bowie, Maryland

Bowie State University has had a campus in Bowie, MD since 1865. The MBA program provides students with in-depth knowledge of finance, marketing, and accounting skills. Students will learn about effective leadership tools and innovative management strategies. Small classroom sizes make the university’s program unique. Students who wish to apply to the MBA program will need to have managerial experience or take the GMAT exam.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $9960
Enrollment: 5561
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Loyola University

  • Baltimore, MD

There are both full-time and part-time MBA programs available at Loyola University. It allows individuals to choose the career path that works for them. Online and hybrid courses are available, ensuring that students do not have to travel to the Baltimore campus. The program, housed within the Sellinger School of Business, offers five areas of concentration: Marketing, Management, Interdisciplinary Business, Finance, and Data Analytics and Digital Technologies. Many students also qualify for merit-based scholarships, reducing the cost of tuition.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $26,928
Enrollment: 16,437
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Hood College

  • Frederick, Maryland

At Hood College, there are a few different ways to achieve an MBA. This includes the 4Plus program where students can achieve both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree at the time of graduation. The classes at the college are hands-on and interactive with an emphasis on team projects. The MBA schedule is fast-tracked, too, allowing students to obtain their degree part-time while still being able to graduate in two years or less.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $11,430
Enrollment: 2448
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University of Maryland

  • College Park, Maryland

The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland has a full-time MBA program as well as programs that are flexible for working professionals. Students within the MBA program at UM learn about taking risks and leveraging big data. The school has ranked high in a number of different lists around the country, including the Bloomberg Businessweek ranking. Diversity is evident throughout the classes, ensuring that teamwork can be educational.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $48,935
Enrollment: 40,521
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John Hopkins University

  • Baltimore, Maryland

The Carey Business School at John Hopkins University offers an array of MBA programs to choose from. It is possible to enroll in either a full-time or a flexible program based on individual needs. Courses are offered at the Baltimore campus, though there are online courses, too. The program is 54 credits, which is longer than many of the traditional MBA programs. However, there are also many financial aid programs and exclusive scholarships to those who want to enroll at JHU.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $62,500
Enrollment: 23,917
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Mount St. Mary’s University

  • Emmitsburg, Maryland

The MBA program at Mount St. Mary’s University offers flexibility so that students can choose the pace at which they’ll earn their degree. Courses are offered in the classroom, online, and as a combination of the two. The MBA program is a part of the Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business. The school has a reputation for providing successful business leaders. Ethical business standards are a major component of the program. Further, there are certificates to add specialization, focusing on such things as Government Contracting, Project Management, and Data Science.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $11,700
Enrollment: 2240
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Coppin State University

  • Baltimore, Maryland

The College of Business at Coppin State University offers a wide array of programs. While an MBA isn’t offered, students have the ability to focus on Accounting and Management Information Systems or Management and Marketing. Instead of earning an MBA, students can choose to earn an MS in Human Services Administration, an M.Ed. in Contemporary Educational Leadership, and more. Degrees earned at Coppin can also be easily transferred so that a student can pursue an MBA at other colleges and universities across the state.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $25,466
Enrollment: 2724
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Georgetown University

  • Washington, D.C.

Georgetown University, while technically in Washington DC, is a favorite of many students in Maryland due to its close proximity. MBA programs are offered at the McDonough School of Business. There is both a full-time and a flex MBA program. Both allow hands-on learning as well as engaging faculty. Students will be able to build their network from over 190,000 alumni while also accessing support from the MBA Career Center.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $31,940
Enrollment: 4523
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Washington Adventist University

  • Takoma Park, Maryland

At Washington Adventist University, students can choose to obtain an MBA from The School of Graduate and Professional Studies. The full-time program can be completed in as little as 12 months thanks to flexibility with evening and online courses. It is also possible to switch to a part-time program so that students can choose a pace that works for their schedule. WAU offers curriculum to help students diversify in areas of Arts & Social Sciences and Health Professions, Science & Wellness.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $11,525
Enrollment: 1493
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University of Baltimore

  • Baltimore, Maryland

There is both a Flexible and an Online MBA program at the University of Baltimore, found within the Merrick School of Business. The program consists of 48 credit hours along with the ability to choose from one of 11 specializations. Students can choose to concentrate in such areas as Cyber Security, Digital Business, Global Management, Health Care Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The campus offers a number of libraries, research centers, and activities to help mold future leaders, too.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $16,844
Enrollment: 2097
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St. John’s College

  • Annapolis, Maryland

At the Tobin College of Business, there are two MBA programs offered at St. John’s University. This includes a full-time and part-time program to offer flexibility. Most students spend two years across the program to complete 36 credit hours. There are also three concentration field courses that are a requirement to earning the degree. Many students will have the opportunity to earn partial scholarships to reduce the cost of tuition as well.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $23,040
Enrollment: 451
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McDaniel College

  • Westminster, Maryland

McDaniel College offers a number of graduate and professional studies. Similar to an MBA, there is the Master’s degrees offered in Data Analytics, Human Services Management, and Educational Leadership. There are also post-baccalaureate certificates offered in a number of topics. Students can choose to take courses on the campus in Westminster, Maryland or take the courses virtually. Each graduate student will also be assigned an advisor to help them achieve the full value of their master’s degree.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $32,000
Enrollment: 1629
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Washington College

  • Chestertown, Maryland

Located in Chestertown, Maryland, Washington College has been a liberal arts college since 1782. The campus offers a significant amount of support for students, which such things as Career Development and the Academy of Lifelong Learning. Students can focus on earning a degree in Business Management, including taking foreign language study and international studies. While the program isn’t an MBA, it is a common steppingstone to help students determine that an MBA is in their future. Specializations in Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Information Science, and more are available.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $64,250
Enrollment: 1288
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How We Ranked Our Schools

There are quite a few MBA programs in Maryland. We have ranked the schools that offer such programs based on two important components. The schools with more affordable tuitions are given a heavier weight in the ranking system. Then, we rank the schools based on total attendance, with higher attendance levels receiving a heavier weight. We combine the scores of both in order to rank them. The schools are listed in order based on the highest scores at the top.

The tuition is established based on the annual cost (two semesters) for a graduate program. When applicable, the in-state cost is listed. In instances where a school provides the total cost of the program, it is divided in half to represent the two years in which the average program takes.

See an Error?

If you work for one of the schools listed and see an error in the details, please contact us. We wish to use current, accurate information when ranking all of the schools.

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