10 Best Masters in Supply Chain Management Programs in 2024

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Masters in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an extremely important degree. Without supply chain management and logistics, store shelves would be empty. The demand is at an all-time high so choosing a degree in SCM ensures steady work at a high rate of pay. Logistics is critical for the allocation, distribution, and delivery of products where they are needed and on time. This has become even more important during COVID-19 when demand is high for a wide range of products.

Key benefits of a masters in Supply Chain Management includes: 

·        Job Growth: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a seven percent job growth between 2016 and 2026, so those choosing this career, shouldn’t need to be too concerned about getting a position in their field of study.

·        Good Pay Scale: The median yearly pay in the U.S. was $74,590 (around $35.86 per hour) in 2017. On the high end, executives earn more than $120,120.

·        Opportunities for Advancement: Those that long for a job in upper management can be very successful with an advanced degree. The added education provides students with added knowledge and experience to advance quickly in their careers.

·        Travel: There are many opportunities for both international, regional, and local travel is possible with a degree in Supply Chain Management. Many jobs don’t require travel at all, so there are many different attractive options to choose from.

·        Transferable Skills: Those that have a degree in SCM have garnered important skills that can be used in a variety of different positions. Skills learned include forecasting needs, delivery schedules, workflow optimization, management skills, budgeting, and financial planning.

Top 5 Masters in Supply Chain Management Programs

Rank School Location
1University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, California
2Penn State UniversityPennsylvania
3Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing, Michigan
4University of Wisconsin – MadisonMadison, Wisconsin
5Boston UniversityBoston, Massachusetts

There are many schools offering degrees in Supply Chain Management across the United States. We are going to explore some of the top schools to help students make informed decisions before they decide on a degree in this field.

10 Best Schools for a Degree in Supply Chain Management


University of Southern California

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Graduation Rate: 92%

The University of Southern California’s prestigious USC Marshall School of Business has received accolades for its degree in Supply Chain Management. The school is poised for this top position because of the quality of its faculty as an industry thought leader. The school offers a state-of-the-art resource center that keeps students informed of industry news, trends, and industry changes.

The College has an aggressive online and on-campus Master’s degree program which can be obtained in as little as 16 months.

The program provides:

  • Build on existing knowledge with real-world projects
  • Earn Six Sigma Certification
  • Enhance opportunities with the USC Global Supply Chain Club

Students attending USC Marshall School of Business offers many benefits to those graduating with a degree in Supply Chain Management.

School Overview

Tuition Cost: The program cost is approximately $109,858
The student to Faculty Ratio: 9 to 1
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Penn State University

  • Pennsylvania
  • Graduation Rate: 85%

The Penn State Master of Supply Chain Management is a very broad program that enables students to customize elective courses and business-related fields. In this program, students will learn best practices and the latest technologies in SCM.

Students will learn how to:

  • Design and manage
  • Understand and apply supply chain analytics
  • Conduct product forecasting, planning, and sales and operations planning
  • Understand the implications of supply chain initiatives

Beginning in the 2021 school year, students will be able to participate in a Global Immersion trip, when they will join with fellow Penn Staters from the Smeal College of Business to visit a pivotal global business region.

School Overview

Tuition Cost: $1,121 per credit hour
The student to Faculty Ratio: 9 to 1
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Michigan State University

  • East Lansing, Michigan
  • Graduation Rate: 78%

The Broad College of Business at Michigan State University offers a complete end-to-end understanding of supply chain management. The program enhances students’ SCM strategies for a successful career.

Students will learn:

  • How to improve SCM management operating practices
  • Develop and implement integrated strategies
  • Drive innovation and make positive changes to the organization’s structure

Michigan State offers a wide range of courses including logistics, fulfillment, data analysis strategic sourcing, strategy, and applications.

School Overview

Tuition Cost: Total cost of the MBA program is $50,830
The student to Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1
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University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Graduation Rate: 85%

The University of Wisconsin School of Business has a long tradition of exceptional academic offerings and a reputation for integrity. The school offers a STEM-designated Master of Science-Business in Supply Chain Management. Students will learn the newest technologies being used in the industry. The school provides expert training that enables students to increase customer value and boost collaboration in the ever-changing field of SCM.

Students will gain:

  • Industry-smart leadership skills
  • Collaboration with others in real-world problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills that can transform the world of business

Students will be able to learn the skills needed for a wide range of jobs like supply chain analyst, inventory analyst, procurement analyst, and many others.

School Overview

Yearly Tuition: $22,618
The student to Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1
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Boston University

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Graduation Rate: 88%

Boston University’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management Degree is a highly-desired course of study as the need for SCM jobs continues to increase. In fact, according to an international trade association, nearly 1.4 million jobs will be needed to fill all the jobs. At Boston University students can choose from either online or on-campus programs. This is especially helpful to students that are also working while gaining their degrees.

Students that complete their degree will demonstrate:

  • Their understanding of the importance of developing a cohesive business strategy
  • Knowledge of key SCM management tools and issues
  • Ability to analyze and find solutions to problems

Boston University is held in very high regard for their master’s in Supply Chain Management and graduates are acknowledged for their skills and ability.

School Overview

Yearly Tuition: $28,427 per semester (additional charge of $1,777 per credit over 18 credits)
Student to Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1
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University of Washington

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Graduation Rate: 84%

The University of Washington Master of Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics is administered by the UW Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The school is a public research institution that prides itself on academic excellence, global citizenship, and innovation. The school offers over 600 different programs. The school’s master’s in supply chain management requires 43 credits and around 24 months to complete the program.

The Supply Chain Management degree incorporates both online and on-campus learning. Students learn topics like:

  • IT systems
  • Supply chain integration
  • External supply chain transportation risks, and freight transportation

The program only admits 30 students per year; all students must have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum 3.0-grade point average and letters of recommendation to apply to the school’s SCM program.

School Overview

Tuition: Students need to complete 43 credit hours to complete the course which costs: $40,979
The student to Faculty Ratio: 20 to 1
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University of Maryland

  • College Park, Maryland
  • Graduation Rate: 85%

The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business offers students the chance to learn from world-class educators. Its’ Logistics, Business & Public Policy (LBPP) department teaches students important skills to prepare them for leading management positions after they graduate with their master’s degree.

Students learn important skills like:

  • Inventory management
  • Global transportation management
  • Risk analytics
  • Manufacturing quality and control

The supply chain management program is set up so that students can receive both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in only five years.

School Overview

Yearly Tuition: $12,028
The student to Faculty Ratio: 18 to 1
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Arizona State University

  • Tempe, Arizona
  • Graduation Rate: 67%

Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business offers students world-renowned Supply Chain Management programs, with some of the best instructors around. The rankings firm Gartner, a technology advisory company, recently stated that the school ties for second among all university programs in SCM.

Students that complete the program will learn about:

  • Changes in management and leadership
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Data analysis
  • Emergency management
  • Remote sensing and adaptive logistics planning

The schools’ full-time MBA students have a 92% employment rate less than two months after receiving their degree.

School Overview

Yearly Tuition 43 credit needed, Total course fees: $10,370
Student to Faculty Ratio: 20 to 1
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Indiana University

  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Graduation Rate: 78%

Those choosing a career in Supply Chain Management can now earn their degree at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. SCM has recently become one of the newest majors at the university due to the high level of interest coming from prospective students. Students can now earn a Bachelor of Science in Business: Supply Chain Management Major as well as a Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management.

Those receiving their Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management will learn the skills to compete in the following industries:

  • Process industries
  • Contract negotiators
  • Supplier relations
  • Inventory managers
  • Transportation managers

Those interested in earning a degree in SCM will do well by pursuing a degree in SCM at the Kelley School of Business. The program is brand new, so all technology and key learnings are the newest and most up-to-date information available.

School Overview

Yearly Tuition: $26,369
The student to Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1
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North Dakota State University

  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Graduation Rate: 55%

The North Dakota State University offers one of the top programs in the Master’s of Supply Chain Management (MSCM). Students will learn a wide range of inter-disciplinary courses that will enhance their skills, research abilities, and ability to apply them in real-world scenarios.

Those that graduate with a degree in Supply Chain Management will learn a great deal from the courses that include:

· Logistics and supply chain management

· Operations management

· Purchasing and demand product management

· Emergency management

The program and curriculum focus on many courses that are needed to develop key supply chain skills. Graduates are prepared for important roles in the SCM industry.

School Overview

Yearly Tuition: $9,754
Student to Faculty Ratio: 18 to 1
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