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    Best 10 Logistics Degree Programs in 2021

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    Thinking About a Degree in Logistics? Logistics and supply chain management are extremely rewarding careers and the demand for those in management roles continues to increase. Logistics programs often go hand-in-hand with supply chain management as it is difficult to have one without the other.

    Logistics programs prepare students for all aspects related to the delivery and manufacturing of goods. Students that choose this degree tend to be good and accessing a situation and finding solutions They tend to be critical thinkers, multi-taskers, and adapt to new situations. 

    To be successful in the industry, products need to be procured, stored, and dispatched to various areas to fill a void and to fill empty shelves. A career in logistics is attractive to many students because of the numerous employment opportunities.

    Those that get a graduate degree in logistics and supply chain management will find that jobs are plentiful right now.

    There are many career paths available to students with a degree in logistics, here are some of the top jobs:

    • Logistics and distribution managers
    • Purchasing and warehouse managers
    • Friend transportation specialist
    • Warehouse design and management
    • Supply chain design and planning manager
    • Inventory management and control specialist

    The outlook for jobs in logistics is incredibly positive and the need for those with graduate degrees will be in demand in the future as the outlook for industry leaders is expected to increase.

    Many different schools are offering the growing degree of logistics and chain supply management. As the demand continues to increase, more universities have become offering this degree as not only bachelor’s programs but as master’s degrees.

    Here are some of the top universities that offer highly regarded programs in logistics.

    Best 10 Logistics Degree Programs in 2021

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology’s Center for Transportation and Logistics is considered one of the top schools in the world. Dual degrees can include economics, mathematics, and supply chain management.

    The school’s program attracts business professionals from around the world looking for high-level coursework, professional development, and job possibilities after graduation.

    MIT offers:

    • Challenging curriculums
    • Bleeding-edge research opportunities
    • Communication/skill development
    • Leadership skills and training
    • Industry interaction with today’s logistic and supply chain management leaders

    Those pursuing a career in logistics have a clear strategic advantage over others upon graduation.

    • Tuition Cost: $77,168
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 3 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 93%

    2. University of Maryland

    The University of Maryland is a very well-respected school and holds itself to extremely high standards. The Robert H. School of Business features a world-class faculty running their Logistics, Business and Public Policy department. It is considered one of the university’s flagship programs. Its “Plus 1” program enables students to complete both their bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in logistics and supply store management in just five years.

    Students will learn how to:

    • Ensure a product reaches the right customer in perfect condition at the right cost and time.
    • Coordinate logistics and transportation need
    • Inventory management
    • Packaging

    In today’s global economy logistics is more important than ever. And those in leadership roles will learn all different parts of their business since they will interact with other departments like marketing, sales, finance, and operations.

    • Tuition Cost: $ $51,832.
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 7 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 93%

    3. Arizona State University

    Arizona State University is one of the largest colleges in the nation and their Tempe-based University continues to grow. The  University’s W. P. Carey Master of Science in Global Logistics is considered to be one of the top programs in the nation and is growing into a top international field through the school’s impressive curriculum.

    During the logistics program, students will learn:

    • Cross-cultural management and leadership skills
    • Global logistics infrastructure
    • Real-world experiences
    • How to solve logistic and delivery issues

    The Master of Global Logistics program also offers a STEM-designated masters program, that enables graduates to take part in its Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. This program is a 36-month extension that lets students travel across the U.S. and apply their skills in real-life scenarios.

    • Tuition Cost: approximately $32,436
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 20 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 67%

    4. Ohio State University

    Ohio State University has a national leader in education for almost 150 years. The University prides itself on turning out highly educated thought-leaders in their areas of study. The Fisher College of Business offers impressive programs in operations, logistics, and purchasing. Coursework includes cross-function and cross-firm approaches to managing global supply chain needs. 

    The field of study includes:

    • Learning skills like analytics approaches to contracting
    • Making decisions under uncertainty
    • Making improvements in processes and management
    • The ability to move into consultancy roles working for many organizations

    The logistics degree also has a strong emphasis on chain store management so upon graduation, students are prepared to jump into challenging leadership positions in logistics and chain store management.

    • Tuition Cost: Instructional fee per credit hour – $31,139
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 19 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 78.5%

    5. University of Illinois

    The University of Illinois is located in downstate Illinois in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana. They offer a very strong program in logistics and supply chain management. In these classes, the two courses of learning go hand-in-hand. The program prepares students for various positions in supply chain management and as logisticians.

    Study in this field include:

    • Sourcing raw materials, parts, and other components
    • Understanding the ebb and flow of finances
    • Marketing and delivery of end products
    • Understanding the manufacturing process

    The logistics and Supply Chain Management Major is available to students that have met a certain criterion based on their application and personal interviews.

    • Tuition Cost: Per academic year – $20,556
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 20 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 85.2%

    6. Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)

    Penn State is considered one of the top public research schools in the U.S. The school’s Bachelor of Science in logistics, supply chain, and information systems not only educate students but also acts as a recruiting platform that connects students with recruiters so often, they have a job before they graduate. Penn State Master of Supply Chain Management (which includes Logistics) focuses on the important applications, including the knowledge and analytical skills to solve industry problems.

    Students set themselves apart because of their knowledge of:

    • On-demand management skills
    • Risk management issues and resolutions
    • Demand pooling and postponement of product
    • Industry transformation and leadership
    • Time-based product re-orders and replenishment

    The Penn State Master of Supply Chain Management teaches students how they can gain higher-level skills, so they understand how the industry engages people, processes, and technologies to ensure the positive product need outcomes.

    • Tuition Cost: $1,121 per credit
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 15 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 35.5%

    7. Michigan State University

    Michigan State is considered an academic and athletic powerhouse. The schools’ Broad College of Business is considered to be one of the top schools for a degree in logistics and supply chain management. The faculty in the Department of Supply Chain Management (and Logistics) is considered to be among the best and includes global leaders in the industry. Michigan State is considered to offer some of the top programs in both undergraduate and graduate courses. The school offers both online and on-campus courses for Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

    Students at the Broad College will learn skills in:

    • Procurement
    • Inventory management
    • Transportation and logistics
    • Manufacturing and warehousing

    Because of the reputation of Michigan State University and its research programs, students graduate from the program with in-depth knowledge of logistics, supply chain operations, and how to mitigate supply chain risk.

    • Tuition Cost: approximately $ $33,098 
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 78.2

    8. Rutgers University

    Rutgers University and Business School is considered one of the top schools in the Northeast to study logistics and supply chain management. It has grown to be one of the most popular programs at Rutgers Business School. 

    Those that choose a degree in logistics and the supply chain industry, need to continually evolve as they are met with numerous challenges and complexities that are common in the industry. They will gain expertise in numerous different areas that all play a part to keep the logistics moving at an aggressive pace.

    Students graduating with a Masters in Logistics and Chain Store Management will have the following skills:

    • Ability to deep dive into the supply chain and logistics due to the school’s robust curriculum
    • Boost their professional network by connecting students and industry experts from around the globe 
    • Ability to develop skills that are transferable between industries

    The school states that nearly every student finds an internship in their junior year and find a job within three months after graduation.

    • Tuition Cost: approximately $15,407 
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 80.5% of students graduate within six years

    9. University of Tennessee – Knoxville

    The Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee—Knoxville offers seven different MBA programs including the Executive MBA with specializations in Global Supply Chain, Healthcare Leadership, and Strategic Leadership. This program also includes a strong leaning in logistics.

    The program focuses on:

    • Supply Chain Concepts: delivering impactful results to clients and companies
    • Supply Chain Functions: gaining the knowledge required in the field including planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics
    • Supply Chain Enablers: employing critical levers like technology and global trade to benefit the supply chain

    Upon graduation, students will have the skills they need to go on to long successful careers. They will have gained the ability to work as teams to solve problems, industry disruptions, and other challenges.

    • Tuition Cost: approximately $14,000
    • Student to Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1
    • Graduation Rate: 68.3%

    10. Lehigh University

    Lehigh University College of Business is considered a smaller school, but this is a benefit because it means smaller class sizes. The college offers a B.S. in business and economics with a major in supply chain management or a B.S. in integrated business and engineering with a major in supply chain management. The career options upon graduation are virtually the same so those looking for a career in logistics and chain store management should pick the program that most appeals to them.

    After completing the Integrated Logistics and Transportation Management program, students will have the benefit of:

    • Being able to create value by streamlining workflows and practices
    • Applying powerful techniques to improve transportation management
    • Being able to expand the supply chain for a competitive advantage
    • Knowing how to integrate new strategies and actions across logistics and transportation areas

    Our Methodology for Logistics Programs at Top Schools

    When we review a school, we look at all they have to offer the student population. We also look to see how flexible the programs are as many older students are working while getting a graduate degree.

    Each school must offer a Logistics program (which is often combined with Supply Chain Management programs). We wanted to provide some larger schools in our assessment along with some smaller schools as each has their own benefit.

    We review a variety of different statistics from each university.  We reviewed each school’s Logistics  program and looked at the graduation rates, the ratio of faculty to the student, and the cost for the program.

    Many of the colleges have been the recipient of awards and accolades for their academic programs.

    If there is a school omitted from this list or if any information is incorrect, please contact us so any omissions or corrections can be made.

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