12 Best Flight Schools in Texas in 2021

June 5, 2021 | Staff Writers

Flight Schools in Texas
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Are you ready to take flight? Congratulations on deciding to get your wings and making the decision to learn how to fly. Now, the only thing left to do is to find a good school to help you get off the ground. Fortunately, for aspiring pilots in Texas, there are many great options and aviation programs to choose from, and we are here to help.

We have composed a list of the top flight schools in Texas to make it easier to get a running start and to begin making those dreams of flight a reality. So if you are ready the runway is clear, and here are the top schools for aviation training, so get ready to fly. 

12 Best Flight Schools in Texas

1. San Jacinto Community College (95 points)

The “Top Gun” of our list of the top flight schools in Texas is the San Jacinto Community College in Pasadena. This list-leading program earns top honors on the strength of strong tuition fees and equally strong retention numbers, so aim high.

Tuition: $3,240 per year                  

Retention rate: 72%                           

2. Texas State Technical College (94 points)

Students looking to become pilots might be advised to investigate the Texas State Technical College in Waco. This program earns high honors on our list of the top flight schools based on good tuition rates and even better student retention numbers, which means students are cleared for take-off at Texas State Technical.

Tuition: $5,877 per year             

Retention rate: 78%   

3. Del Mar College (93 points)

Students that want to fly will have the option of choosing from several flight programs offered at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi. Solid plus 60% student retention numbers help to bolster good tuition rates and to earn this Corpus Christi program its wings on our list of the top flight schools in Texas.

Tuition: $4,275 per year         

Retention rate: 62%                  

4. University of North Texas (91 points)

There should be very little turbulence for students who want to earn their wings at the University of North Texas in Denton. If students can navigate more sizeable tuition costs then a near 80% retention rate translates into clear skies for most students taking flight at the University of North Texas.

Tuition: $11,044 per year                

Retention rate: 79%  

5. Mountain View College (90 points)

Students taking aim at becoming pilots should aim high at Mountain View College. This Dallas school earns a strong showing based on very manageable tuition rates and solid student retention numbers, which should also earn this program more than a few second looks from students looking for the top flight schools in Texas.

Tuition: $5,220 per year          

Retention rate: 61%   

6. Midland College (88 points)

Future pilots and those seeking aviation careers will have a couple of options at Midland College in Midland, TX. This school also offers tuition rates that aren’t unattractive, and that might make it a little more affordable to spread your wings.

Tuition: $4,290 per year           

Retention rate: unavailable             

6. Baylor University (88 points)

This esteemed University needs no introduction but what many people may not know is that Baylor University located in Waco, also offers a wonderful program for future aviators. As to be expected, this renowned institution comes with hefty tuition rates, but it also offers list-leading student retention numbers which is an encouraging sign for students who can navigate those tuition costs.

Tuition: $47,364 per year           

Retention rate: 88%                          

6. Palo Alto College (88 points)

San Antonio, Texas is home of the Palo Alto College and also the home for many future pilots and aviation professionals. Students will appreciate manageable tuition rates and solid retention numbers also earning this school a solid showing on our list of the top flight schools in Texas.

Tuition: $6,690 per year                             

Retention rate: 61%                                    

7. Texas Lutheran University (87 points)

The aviation program at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin is another good choice for those seeking to earn their wings. While students will require financial assistance to manage higher tuition costs, this respected institution also offers good student retention rates which helps to make the conditions just right for flight at Texas Lutheran.

Tuition: $30,860 per year                

Retention rate: 73%                          

7. LeTourneau University (87 points)

Another choice for people who have their sights set high is the aviation program at LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. Stout tuition rates are likely the only turbulence students will find as this solid program boasts of attractive retention rates, so students should prepare for takeoff at LeTourneau University. 

Tuition: $31,270 per year               

Retention rate: 76%  

8. Texas Southern University (85 points)

Students at Texas Southern University can pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Science, and prepare for a career in aviation at this Houston TX school. Reasonable tuition rates help to offset less-than-impressive retention rates and to earn this respected school a place on our list of the top flight schools in Texas. They offer both Aviation Science Management and a Pilot Concentration track. They’re also an FAA Part 141 public school offering four-year degrees with thousands of graduates since 1986. They own their aircraft and have offices on campus and at Ellington Field. They have partnerships with United Airlines, United States Coast Guard, and Air Force Junior ROTC. They are members of several aviation organizations to include OBAP, Women in Aviation, and AAAE to name a few. They are accredited by ATMAE with AABI pending approval.

Tuition: $8,344 per year (Total Resident Charges – Fixed Rate Plan + Fees)

Total Flight Cost: $45,000 through commercial license.

Retention rate: 53%     

9. Texas A&M University-Central Texas (84 points)

At Texas A&M University-Central Texas in Killeen, students can chase their dreams of flight and take one step closer to making those dreams a reality with this strong aviation program. Fair tuition rates also help this program to earn a spot on our list of the top flight schools in Texas.

Tuition: $7,029 per year                   

Retention rate: unavailable

How the Programs Were Ranked

The flight programs on our list were ranked using two factors, with each factor accounting for half of each program’s total score. The total point values were then assigned to the corresponding schools and ranked accordingly. 

Corrections, Errors, or Questions                  

We strive to provide information that is helpful to our readers and that offers useful data and insights into the various schools and programs presented. Readers should also note that any information regarding these programs can only be viewed as approximations since this data is continually changing.

If you notice any errors or information that needs to be updated, please let us know. We also invite readers to contact us with questions regarding any of the schools or programs on our list for more information or help. Congratulations on pursuing your wings and good luck in all your future endeavors, both in the air and on the ground.

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