The Best 6 Programs That Prepare Students for Database Administrator Certifications in 2024

January 26, 2024 | Admin

Database Administrator Certifications

1. Baker College

Baker College is a private vocational school located in Michigan. It also has several satellite locations around the country. Baker College may not be the most well-known school, but it is properly regionally accredited. It offers a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a Database Technology focus. This program can prepare students for database administrator certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. It also provides education in general computer science topics. As with all of the schools on this list, the program prepares students for the certification exams but students must take these exams from the company offering the certification. The degree program at Baker also teaches students programming languages like Java and C++. The Database Technology focus adds instruction in database management, data structures, and algorithms. Graduation requires completing 123 credit hours of classes.

  • Tuition per year: $10,080
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

2. University of Maine at Augusta

The University of Maine at Augusta is a mid-sized public university. UMA’s Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems offers a Data Science focus. This program can prepare students to get industry-standard database administrator certifications. As Data Science focus only makes up part of the program, students will get a wide skillset in the field. The degree program includes the student creating a portfolio of professional-level work, which will certainly come in handy once the student graduates and enters the job market. This program can be completed online or on-campus in Augusta, ME.

  • Tuition per year: $8,168 in-state; $18,338 non-resident
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 15:1

3. East Coast Polytechnic Institute

The East Coast Polytechnic Institute, also known as ECPI, is a private STEM-focused college in Virginia. The relevant degree is a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems with a specialization in Database Programming. As with many of the other programs on this list, this structure allows students to get specific database administration skills that will help them get certifications as well as general computer science skills that will open up more career opportunities. Students will learn several useful programming languages during their time in the program. ECPI is known for being a leader in online education, so it’s no surprise that this program is offered entirely over the Internet. ECPI’s accelerated schedule allows students to complete their educations more quickly. Additionally, the school offers classes all year long. This means that students can graduate in only 2 1/2 years, which allows them to get to work roughly a year and a half earlier than they could if they attended a traditional program.

  • Tuition per year: $16,639
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 11:1

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4. Colorado State University – Global

Colorado State University – Global is the Internet-based campus of this prestigious public university, which is considered to be one of the best in the region. CSU Global offers a high-quality database administration program at an affordable price. so students from all over the world can prepare for obtaining database administration certifications. CSU Global offers a unique Database Management and Analysis focus that can be paired with several different majors. Perhaps the most popular pairing is the Bachelor’s in Information Technology with the Database Management and Analysis focus. This focus is 15 credits from five high-level classes in the area.

  • Tuition per year: $8,400
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 31:1

5. University of Massachusetts – Lowell

The University of Massachusetts – Lowell is a well-respected public university with a top-notch database administration program. UMass Lowell is another school that offers a uniquely structured program. Students who choose the Bachelor’s in Information Technology have the opportunity to create their own custom area of specialization. UMass Lowell offers the classes that allow students to create a specialization in Database Management. The entire degree program is available completely over the Internet. Unlike some online programs, students are instructed by the same professors who teach the on-campus classes.

  • Tuition per year: $15,648 in-state; $33,574 non-resident
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 17:1

6. Liberty University

Liberty University is a large Christian university that is based in Virginia. However, it is best-known for its online programs. Its online programs feature much larger enrollments than the on-campus programs, helping Liberty reach a total student enrollment of around 100,000. Despite this very large enrollment, Liberty ensures that students get the personalized attention they need by capping class size for all classes (even online classes) at 25 students. Liberty offers a Bachelor’s in Information Systems with a Database concentration. This degree program can be completed over the Internet. Some classes are offered on 16-week schedules, while others are offered on accelerated 8-week schedules. This program prepares students to get database administrator certifications from Oracle, Java, Cisco, and more. It focuses on Oracle and business database administration. Students also get general education in computer science and learn several programming languages to ensure they have a diverse skillset. Additionally, all degree programs at Liberty include 12 credits of instruction in the Christian faith.

  • Tuition per year: $22,747
  • Student-to-faculty ratio: 17:1

Our Ranking Methodology

Our rankings are determined with the use of our proprietary formula. This formula takes two statistics from each school into account when determining a rating: yearly tuition rate and student-to-faculty ratio. Some of the institutions on this are public universities with varying tuition rates for residents and non-residents. We only considered the in-state rate for these schools. Our formula works by taking the yearly tuition rate and multiplying it by the student-to-faculty ratio. Here’s an example: ABC University has a yearly tuition rate of $10,000 and a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1. Its rating would be 150,000 (10,000 x 15). Lower ratings are actually positive, as the schools in this list are ranked from lowest rating to highest rating.

Representatives of the schools on this list can contact us if they need to make corrections or ask questions.

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