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Coding Bootcamps
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Students completing coding bootcamps will find these abridged learning experience provides the technical training and programming skills that potential employers prefer when hiring. In addition to the high-impact learning coding bootcamps provide, bootcamp participants also learn the most current hard technical skills that are used widely across the country by some of the most innovative startups and existing businesses.

Many students interested in a career in computer science choose to complete a bachelor’s degree in computer science, of which there are many and varied. In addition to the required general education a baccalaureate degree requires, computer science majors also cover a wide variety of relevant topics – like –

  • software design
  • programming
  • operating systems
  • computing theory
  • networking, among others.

The Best Coding bootcamps focus its curriculum and efforts on the most relevant of computer science-related skills (taught as a part of a baccalaureate degree), but fuse the theoretical knowledge with problems and real-world issues that arise for a professional in the industry.

Many students find that completing a quality, comprehensive bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and finishing one of the many quality coding bootcamps is often a great combination that opens viable opportunities when starting out as a web developer. For established industry professionals, graduating from one of the many coding bootcamps offers an opportunity to quickly stay atop of an industry that is forever defining the process change.

Top 10 Coding Bootcamps

1. Code Platoon

Code Platoon offers coding bootcamps designed for veterans and their spouses seeking to transition back to civilian life. Their best coding bootcamps include an Introduction to Coding (including JavaScript Fundamentals) that is designed for those individuals who wish to work towards a software development career, but are just beginning. Applicants for this bootcamp need no previous knowledge in coding.

  • Program Fees – $ No cost to those veterans and spouses eligible
  • Program Length – 12 sessions & 2+ Hours of On-demand videos, plus 125+ Coding Exercises & Challenges
  • Unique Features –Self-Paced Online (Start Anytime) – Multiple Award-Winning Programs
  • Program Delivery – Online

2. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo offers a variety of coding bootcamps to meet the needs of many coding students. The Introduction to Software Development bootcamp is an in-person bootcamp that last only four weeks. Additionally, the longer coding bootcamps are available online or through Coding Dojo’s hybrid delivered format. Campus locations for Coding Dojo include San Jose, LA, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, DC, and online.

  • Program Fees – $ 950 (Intro to Software Development); $ 7,500 (Online Bootcamp); $ 13,495 (Hybrid – Flex Bootcamp)
  • Program Length – 4 weeks (Intro to Software Development); 15 weeks Online Bootcamp; 14 weeks (Hybrid-Flex Bootcamps)
  • Unique Features – Several other bootcamps (4 – 6 weeks) in MEAN, LAMP, Ruby on Rails, iOS Swift & Python
  • Program Delivery – Remotely or on-campus

3. Code Fellows

Code Fellows is the Pacific Northwest’s premier technical skills training academy, delivering high-quality live instruction both online and in-person to people from all backgrounds. Learners are guided toward vocational change and life transformation through software development, technical operations, cybersecurity and career training.  Code Fellows offers students the opportunity to learn from industry professionals – who apply real-world circumstances to theoretical knowledge learned online or in-person in either cybersecurity or software development.

The modular style of the Code Fellows program allows students to test into the course level that is most appropriate for their current skill level. In addition, the modular class structure allows students to choose the schedule and timing that meets their needs.

  • Program Fees –  Vary based on your desired outcome, starting with a $99 beginner workshop and progressing to $12,000 for advanced courses in software development or cybersecurity.
  • Program Length – Varies by course starting with a 1-day workshop and progressing to 23 weeks for part-time 401 level courses.
  • Unique Features – Code Fellows is the #1 ranked Bootcamp for landing a job at the Big Five – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft – and has a 93% overall in-field employment rate.
  • Program Delivery – Online & in-person. All courses are taught live by full-time, industry professionals and a 6:1 student to teacher ratio.

4. DevPoint Labs

Headquarterd in Salt Lake City, DevPoint Labs offers coding students a variety of study options with DevPoint Labs’ full-stack in web development coding bootcamps. These immersive coding bootcamps are available online and as full-time or part-time students. The full-time web development bootcamp is offered in conjunction with the professional education department of the University of Utah.

  • Program Fees – $ 5,500 (part-time program); $ 11,000 (full-time program)
  • Program Length – 11 weeks (full-time or part-time)
  • Unique Features – The full-time program is typically offered on-campus in Salt Lake City, but is online for COVID until further notice.
  • Program Delivery – The full-time program is typically offered on-campus in Salt Lake City, but is online for COVID until further notice.

5. Coder Foundry

Coder Foundry offers what is recognized among the best coding bootcamps in North Carolina and beyond. Graduates of Coder Foundry’s Full Stack Immersive coding bootcamps have found rewarding careers working for Cisco Chase, Hewlett-Packer, Wells Fargo and Discover, among others. These programs are developed for those with intermediate to advanced computer science knowledge. Note Coder foundry offers other programs in Massachusetts, Florida, Louisiana and California.

  • Program Fees – $ 9,900 (Accelerated Track); $ 13,900 (Immersive Track)
  • Program Length – 18 or 12 weeks on a full-time (40 hours/week) basis
  • Unique Features – Coder Foundry offers a six-month deferment of tuition. Two tracks offered – the Immersive Track (18 weeks) or the Accelerated Track (12 weeks).
  • Program Delivery – In person in Charlotte or Triad, NC

6. Digital Crafts

Digital Crafts offers both on-campus and online coding bootcamps in three states across the state – Georgia, Florida and Texas. Digital Crafts offers two intensive, immersive classroom delivered full-stack program or a flex program that is available to part-time students.

  • Program Fees – $ 9,950 Part-time, Flex Program; $ 14,950 Full-time Immersive Program.
  • Program Length – 16 weeks full-time immersive; 26 weeks part-time (Two nights and One- Saturday each week)
  • Unique Features – Full-time program requires 40 to 60 hours of study and class time each week; part=time students should plan to devote 20 to 30 hours of study each week.
  • Program Delivery – The flex coding bootcamps require students to be rely more on self-guided learning.

7. Actualize

Actualize offers a software development/coding bootcamp that can be completed in only 3 months, with a month of prep work done at home prior to starting. Actualize’s coding bootcamps provides online LIVE training that prepares any novice to become ready for an entry-level position. Additionally, training and exercises done by students are done in real-time, with both group chat and one-on-one messaging with the professor available simultaneously.

  • Program Fees – $ 13,900 with monthly payment plans available.
  • Program Length – 12 weeks
  • Unique Features – program fees include the four weeks of prework and the post-graduate career support.
  • Program Delivery – Online or on-campus in Chicago.

8. DevCode Camp

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, DevCode Camp offers various coding bootcamps with an online assessment to help students determine their personal abilities and readiness. DevCode Camps coding bootcamps offers live training and a distance learning platform that allows each student and faculty to communicate with each other, in real time. These best coding bootcamps include a Software Development Bootcamp (full-time) or a Web Development Bootcamp (part-time).

  • Program Fees – $ 15,500 for either coding bootcamp
  • Program Length – 14 to 16 weeks
  • Unique Features – Students work in real time with instructors and cohorts
  • Program Delivery – Online

9. Codesmith

Codesmith operates out of Los Angeles and New York and offers several of the best coding bootcamps either on-campus or online, remotely. IN addition, Codesmith offers several coding prep courses, including a free workshop and has been recognized by the NY Times, Forbes and Newsweek. Scholarships are available to most students.

  • Program Fees – $ 17,200
  • Program Length – 12 weeks (full-time on-campus or remote); 38 weeks part-time (Evenings -M to F, & Saturdays)
  • Unique Features – Codesmith is certified with CIRR – the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting – the gold standard for reporting industry placement statistics.
  • Program Delivery – Remotely or on-campus in Los Angeles or New York.

10. App Academy

App Academy, one of the most well respecting coding schools, offers one of the software engineering immersive coding bootcamps available. In the past decade, thousands of students have graduated from App Academy and have taken advantage of the deferred tuition option plan.

  • Program Fees (3 options)
    • $ 25,000 once hired with a $3,000 refundable deposit is held until hire,
    • $ 17,000 upfront or financed through school’s financial vendor.
    • $ 9,000 upfront, with $14,000 upon placement – not due if not placed.
  • Program Length – 16 weeks as a full-time student
  • Unique Features – students do not pay a tuition until they secure a job.
  • Program Delivery – Online for first three weeks – remaining 13 weeks are completed in New York or San Francisco.

Our Ranking Methodology

The coding bootcamps listed above represent some of the most innovative programs available throughout the U.S. marketplace. Each of these coding bootcamps offer a unique approach, based on the educators and administrators tasked with the responsibility of managing each of the best coding bootcamps offered. For even more information, check out our free coding bootcamp page.

These coding bootcamps are listed, with the most affordable programs listed first. The program costs noted for these coding bootcamps are fees as noted on each of the coding school’s proprietary website. Program costs vary significantly as the length and depth of these best coding bootcamps vary as well.

Additional information is provided to help students make the most educated decision regarding the coding bootcamps available that will best meet their education and career objectives. More specifically, this information includes the follows –

  • Program length.
  • Unique Features of the coding bootcamps.
  • Program delivery options for the listed coding bootcamps.

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