3 Best Chiropractic Schools in Florida in 2024

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Chiropractic Schools in Florida

Why Choose Chiropractic Schools in Florida?

Chiropractic schools in Florida are unique. While it’s a state requirement to have a bachelor’s degree before beginning chiropractic school, it is not necessarily a requirement to have a background in science or medicine. This means that this is one of the few doctoral degrees in which students from varied backgrounds can learn techniques placing them in the medical field as a doctor.

Most people will work in a solo office or a group chiropractic office, but the majority of chiropractors are self-employed. The program is relatively short, taking around four years to complete unless the program is designed to be completed quickly.

As of May 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that chiropractors in America earned a median wage of $70,340. The highest 10% of chiropractors earned $147,480 or more, while the lowest 10% earned under $35,290. Earnings generally range based on the number of years a person has been practicing, the client base, the number of partners in a practice, and other factors. Self-employed chiropractors set their own hours, while others work full time in a clinical setting.

The field is expected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029, which is average among all careers.

Choosing Chiropractic Schools In Florida

There are three main chiropractic schools in Florida. These three schools offer different options for the doctor of chiropractic medicine, but they all require intensive training. While entry requirements may vary, it’s a good idea to find a school that does have high acceptance rates, high exam pass rates, and excellent training modules.

When selecting a chiropractic school in Florida, remember to find a program that is accredited. You may also want to attend a program with online, hybrid, or in-person courses, depending on how you learn best.

The following short list includes the top three chiropractic schools that are based in Florida. Read about these schools to get a better idea of what to expect. If you still need help finding a school for chiropractic training, we will be happy to help you find one based on your search inquiry.

The Top 3 Chiropractic Schools in Florida


National University of Health Sciences

  • Lombard, Illinois

The National University of Health Sciences offers a Doctor of Chiropractic that prepares students to work as primary, first-contact physicians. The school is the only one that does require students to have a BA before admission.

The school’s curriculum provides training in diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory data analysis, patient history evaluation, how to perform a physical exam, and other important information.

The program has an integrative teaching style, which means that students work with professionals across multiple specialties to get the best possible training. Many of the students will have experience with naturopathic, chiropractic, and allopathic treatment modalities.

Students are expected to learn to perform over 100 manipulations. Students learn the flexion-distraction technique.

To get the Doctor of Chiropractic Licensure, students will need to take an exam through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Students currently take each exam section, I, II, III, and IV throughout their programs, so they are best prepared upon graduation.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $23,766
Enrollment: 590
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Palmer College of Chiropractic

  • Port Orange, Florida

Palmer College of Chiropractic offers training to become a chiropractor at an affordable price. Students are not required to have an undergraduate degree for admission outside the state of Florida, but they are required to have it in Florida. Applicants who have a bachelor’s degree take priority, so it’s a good idea to get one before applying.

A specific major is not required, so if you have a degree in the arts, music, business, or other areas, you can still apply to the Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Palmer has three different campuses. Each one does feature the different phases of the curriculum from the basic sciences to clinical sciences and outpatient clinical training. Students learn through lecture and lab-based courses. Class sizes range between 100 and 200 students with a student-faculty ratio of around 15 to 1.

Keep in mind that the program is intensive at the graduate level. Students will work with academic counseling, tutoring, and study groups.

Palmer is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education and the Higher Learning Commission.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $10,440
Enrollment: 2,194
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Keiser University

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Keiser University offers a Doctor of Chiropractic through graduate school in West Palm Beach. The program is completed over the course of 40 months and combined small group learning, lectures, laboratory sessions, clinical training, and other opportunities into the courses. The ten semesters of study focus on providing students with the information and training needed to have a conservative, clinical approach to spinal care.

The program consists of 216 credit hours in total, with 25% of the hours being spent in clinical settings. Crosscutting themes are used during the courses, so that major areas of relevance are learned. Students work at the Keiser University Spine Care Clinic, so they get hands-on training.

School Overview

Tuition (in-state): $22,000
Enrollment: 20,330 (18,146 undergraduate)
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Ranking Method

The three schools above ranked relatively evenly, but they have been placed in order from best to worst based on factors such as tuition, enrollment, and the opportunities provided to students at the facility. Higher tuition rates ranked lower, as did higher enrollment since this suggests that students would pay more and have to deal with a larger student-to-teacher ratio.

Every effort has been made to provide accurate information here. Please keep in mind that this list is subject to change at any time, and the results cannot be guaranteed. For more programs, check out our chiropractic programs in Texas.

Questions About the Ranking Here?

If you work at one of the schools listed here and have questions about how your school was ranked, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about our ranking method and about correcting any information that you feel is not accurate.

Do you work at a school providing courses in chiropractic medicine? If you would like your school ranked, please let us know. We will discuss what we need to do so.

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