Best Psychology Schools in Texas 2022

January 3, 2022 | bestvalue

Texas is one of the most populous states in America. As such, the demand for psychologists, among other professions, is quite high. If you’re looking to develop your psychology career in Texas, the prospects are promising. There is numerous public, private, and not-for-profit psychology school in Texas to choose from. 

This article will discuss the benefits of pursuing a psychology degree in Texas. It will also look at the best psychology programs in Texas and factors to consider when choosing a psychology degree in the state. It goes on to outline the licensing requirements for a psychologist in Texas as well as the job outlook for Texas-based psychologists.

Benefits of Studying Psychology in Texas

Here are some reasons why you should consider pursuing your psychology degree in Texas.

The Lone City Has Numerous Colleges That Offer Psychology

Texas has over 100 accredited colleges and universities offering psychology degree programs. Some of the best-ranked Psychology schools in Texas include:

Texas Offers a Wide Range of Psychology Programs

Whether you want to pursue an associate degree to try out a career in psychology or you committed to becoming a licensed psychologist, Texas has a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs to choose from. 

The colleges offer full spectrum psychology specialization options, including:

  • Cognitive psychology 
  • Counseling psychology 
  • Developmental psychology 
  • Clinical psychology 
  • Health psychology 
  • Educational psychology 
  • Forensic psychology 
  • Environmental psychology 
  • Neuropsychology 
  • Applied psychology 
  • School psychology 
  • Social psychology 
  • Industrial psychology 
  • Organizational psychology

Most offer an associate’s degree as the minimum psychology degree. Some dedicate their undergraduate program to one psychology degree with or without specialization options, while others have different psychology undergraduate programs. Also, some colleges offer a two-in-one doctoral program that incorporates a master’s degree in psychology, while others have separate master’s and doctoral psychology programs. 

Notably, some universities offer a Doctorate in Psychology (PsyD), others offer a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (Ph.D.), while others offer both. The enrollment requirements and acceptance rates vary from program to program across the various colleges. Furthermore, some universities offer certification training in various specializations. 

Texas Has Good Job Prospects for Psychology Graduates 

Whether you’re in San Antonio, Dallas, or any other part of Texas, you will easily land a psychologist, therapy, or counselor job. The annual median wage for psychologists within the state ranges between $60000 and $90000. The average starting salary for psychology graduates in Texas ranges between $28000 and $ 31000.

Depending on your area of specialization, you can work in different settings, including rehabilitation centers, schools and colleges, hospitals and medical centers, corporates, government, and not-for-profit organizations. 

The Cost of Living in Texas is Affordable

While the cost of living in Texas’s metropolitan areas is generally within the national average range, it is much lower in out-of-town areas. Therefore, whether you’re working or studying in you can stretch a dollar further. 

Psychology Degree Programs in Texas are Quite Affordable 

Texas has over 97 not-for-profit colleges and universities that offer psychology programs. These institutions have considerably lower tuition than the national average. Also, most psychology schools in Texas offer various types of financial aid opportunities, including fellowships, grants, loans, and work study.

Texas Psychology Schools Offer Different Modes of Learning

If you’re interested in pursuing your psychology degree on campus or online, there various programs to choose from in Texas. Some institutions also offer a hybrid program that incorporates online sessions and on-campus sessions. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Psychology Program in Texas?

The following are factors to consider when choosing a psychology program in Texas.

Your Career Goals 

You need to have a clear sense of where you want your career to go. This will help you to establish the type of programs to do and the specialties to choose from. 

For instance, if you ultimately want to be a licensed marriage and family psychologist, you have to start specializing in this area as early on. You may also need to take marriage and family certification courses and examinations in the course of your career. 

It will also determine where and for how long you take up internships to facilitate your marriage and family psychologist licensure. 

Costs and Access to Financial Aid 

The cost of a psychology degree is a crucial factor to put into consideration. Determine realistically how much you can afford in terms of tuition and other expenditures per year. Then, find programs whose costs fit within your budget. 

When doing your due diligence for the various psychology degree programs, it is also important to check whether they offer any financial aid and the eligibility for being awarded scholarships, fellowships, work studies, and grants. 

Type of Institution 

The main consideration here is between public vs private institutions. Public colleges tend to be larger and offer more degree options but often with fewer specialization opportunities. They also have a high student to faculty ratio because of the higher student population.

On the other hand, some private institutions are quite prestigious and have a reputation in certain specialized programs. The reputable ones usually have a low acceptance rate and a law student to faculty ratio. Consequently, the mode of learning is more hands-on. 

Typically, public universities are less expensive than private universities. It’s because public universities receive substantial government funding that subsidizes tuition fees. Contrariwise, private universities are fully dependent on student tuition fees to meet their operating costs. 


You should go for a program that the American Psychological Association accredits as it is proof that the programs and curriculum are of superior standards 

Mode of Learning 

Consider whether you want to enroll in an online or on-campus program and choose accordingly. 

Program Reputation 

Enrolling in a highly reputable program offers you numerous benefits. The prestige or credibility associated with the program makes it easier for you to land a job, negotiate a good income, and improve the chances of being admitted into other highly reputable programs.

Best Psychology Schools in Texas

Below is an overview of some of the best psychology schools in Texas.

Rice University

The Rice University department of psychological Sciences offers one undergraduate program, two master’s programs, and a doctoral program. 

The undergraduate program constitutes 17 credit hours in core courses and 30 hours of selected psychology-related courses. The university allows the transfer of credits from a 4-year college or university. However, you must have acquired a grade C and above in the specific courses for you to be eligible for credit transfer. The transferred grades are not included in your Rice University transcripts and do not affect your overall psychology degree GPA. 

The Rice University psychological sciences graduate programs are designed to prepare students for university-level teaching. They also provide adequate knowledge and skills to enable students to work in applied settings. The programs are highly collaborative among students, between students and faculty members, and between students and the university. 

The master’s programs are not provided independently rather as part of their doctoral program. They include: 

Master of Art in Human-Computer Interaction & Human Factors

The two-year program prepares students to work in different industries, including telecommunications, IT, e-commerce, healthcare, defense, and energy, among others 

Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology 

This program provides students with practical psychology knowledge for application in workplaces. Students can work in different settings, including corporate government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. 

The Rice University psychology doctoral program is highly research-based. The department has established various research interest groups within the areas of: 

  • Cognitive and affective neuroscience 
  • Health psychology and behavioral medicine 
  • Human factors and human-computer interaction 
  • Industrial organizational psychology 
  • Psychometrics and Quantitative psychology 

The University offers different financial aid opportunities, including grants, merit scholarships, loans, and student employment. The overall student acceptance rate is 11%. The campus is located in Houston, Texas.

The University of Texas –  Austin

The University of Texas – Austin department of psychology aims for academic excellence in the area of psychology through the theoretical study of psychological principles, research, and fostering community. It has two important centers: 

The graduate and undergraduate programs focus on eight key areas of study

  • Clinical psychology 
  • Cognitive neuroscience 
  • Cognitive science 
  • Individual differences and evolutionary psychology 
  • Perception, brain, and behavior 
  • Social personality psychology 
  • Behavioral neuroscience 
  • Developmental psychology 

The graduate program is mainly a Ph.D. in psychology that incorporates a master’s degree. The length of time it takes to complete a doctorate program depends on your area of specialization. Clinical psychology takes about six years, while non-clinical psychology takes 5 to 7 years, including an internship. 

The University of Texas – Austin has a 30% acceptance rate. It offers financial aid in the form of federal grants and loans, federal and state work-study, and scholarships

Southern Methodist University (SMU)

The SMU department of psychology has a primary mission of equipping students with a superior academic foundation for excellent job market performance. It offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of science majors and minors in psychology. Minor options include cognitive science and neuroscience. 

Psychology majors cover: 

  • Introduction to psychology 
  • Developmental psychology 
  • Abnormal psychology 
  • Research methods in psychology 
  • Family psychology 
  • Social psychology 
  • Health psychology 
  • Forensic psychology 
  • Positive psychology 
  • Personalities 
  • Psychology of women 
  • Memory and cognition 
  • Behavioral neuroscience 
  • Psychological disorders of children 
  • Parenting 
  • Mental health disorders 
  • Environmental psychology 

The graduate school has produced over 200 peer-reviewed journals and obtained over 5 million dollars in grants in the last five years. The graduate programs include:

  • MS in Organizational Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Texas Christian University (TCU)

The Texas Christian University is a privately-owned university located in Fort Worth, Texas. It has an acceptance rate of 47% and a graduation rate of 77%.  77% of TCU students receive financial aid in the forms of scholarships, loans, grants, and federal work-study.

It offers the following programs in graduate and undergraduate schools: 

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 
  • Master of Science in Psychology 
  • Master of Arts in Psychology 
  • Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology

Undergraduate students in other majors can take a minor in psychology by completing one of the following courses: 

  • Introduction to psychology 
  • Principles of Behavior I
  • Principles of Behavior II

Trinity University

Trinity University’s psychology department aims to offer students foundational knowledge for excellent performance and the real world. The university only has psychology at the undergraduate level as a major (BA) or minor. They also offer an interdisciplinary neuroscience program that combines coursework in chemistry, psychology, and biology. 

The Trinity University is a private university located in San Antonio, Texas. It has an acceptance rate of 29%

Texas A&M University

The Texas A&M University department of psychological & brain sciences offers different psychology degree programs. At the undergraduate level, you can either pursue psychology as a minor or a major. Psychology majors include: 

  • Bachelor of Arts in psychology 
  • Bachelor of Science in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience 

At the graduate level, the university offers a terminal master’s program in psychological sciences with a specialization in industrial/ organizational psychology. This program is not designed as a prerequisite for a Ph.D. program. 

At the doctoral program, students can specialize in five core psychology areas and three interdisciplinary areas, including: 

  • Behavioral and cellular neuroscience. 
  • Clinical psychology 
  • Industrial/ organizational psychology 
  • Social personality psychology 
  • Mission and cognitive neuroscience 
  • Affective science 
  • Diversity science 
  • personality processes

TAMU offers financial aid options to students in the form of grants, student employment opportunities, loans, and scholarships. The university encourages students to seek financial aid funding through the US Department of Education.

University of Houston

At the University of Houston, undergraduate students can either pursue a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. There is also an option for other majors to take a minor in psychology. 

At the doctoral level, the department of psychology does not offer a terminal master’s program; rather, it offers a Ph.D. program with four specialization options including: 

  • Clinical psychology 
  • Social psychology 
  • Cognitive neuroscience 
  • Industrial/ organizational psychology 

The University of Houston department of psychology has several scholarship funds and programs as follows:

  • McGaughran Family Scholarship Fund that is dedicated to the clinical psychology program
  • August Tarusi Scholarship for clinical psychology graduate program 
  • James Leslie McCary Scholarship for clinical psychology graduate program 
  • Dr. Gayle Rettig for the clinical psychology graduate program 
  • Dan Sheer Scholarship for clinical psychology 
  • Houston Memorial Scholarship for clinical psychology graduate program 
  • Pat Averill Memorial Scholarship for clinical psychology graduate program 
  • Lynn Rehm Graduate Scholarship for clinical psychology 
  • Gordon L. Paul Memorial Fellowship for clinical psychology 
  • ANH LAC TRAN Scholarship for neuroscience 
  • Osburn Scholarship for industrial/organizational psychology 
  • McNaughton Fellowship for industrial/organizational psychology 
  • Richard I. Evans Memorial Fund for the social psychology program 
  • Dr. Genevieve Arnold Scholarship for all psychology programs 
  • John W. Love Scholarship for all psychology programs 
  • Mont H. JR. and Jane Goldston Graduate fellowship for all graduate programs

University of Dallas

The University of Dallas department of psychology offers a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in industrial/organizational psychology. It also offers three graduates programs including: 

  • Master of Psychology 
  • Master of Arts in Psychology 
  • Master of Psychology with Clinical Concentration 

The university has four different scholarship categories, including: 

  • Institutional scholarships for incoming students 
  • University scholarships 
  • Study abroad scholarships 
  • Outside scholarships awarded by the University of Dallas

Online Psychology Degrees in Texas

Accredited online psychology degrees in Texas are as valuable as on traditional, on-campus programs. This is because the programs meet the American Psychological Association standards for curriculum and faculty. You learn conveniently and gain valuable knowledge to become an expert in your field and increase your earning potential with such programs. 

The key when choosing an online psychology degree program is to ensure that it is also accredited by the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC). It should also be offered by an institution that has a physical campus with a good reputation.

Below is a look at the benefits of pursuing an online psychology degree in Texas and who they are best suited for. 

Why Attend an Online Psychology College or Program in Texas?

Pursuing a psychology degree online offers numerous benefits: 

Time and Location Flexibility

Online psychology degrees enable you to organize your time as most efficient for you and take your classes from anywhere. 

Saves You the Cost of Commuting 

Since you can take your online classes from your current location, you do not need to commute to and fro the college or university. 

Provides Opportunity to Network 

While you may not interact with other students and lecturers face-to-face, online classrooms still allow you to interact and build connections with other students and professors. These connections will be valuable as you grow in your career in psychology.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Generally, pursuing an online degree is cheaper than going to a campus. The tuition fees for online programs are cheaper than on-campus programs, even when studying out of state. 

Who Can Benefit from An Online Psychology Degree in Texas?

An online psychology degree would be a great option for you if: 

You Live Out of Texas, and You’d Like to Pursue a Psychology Degree Within The State. 

An online psychology degree program from a college or university in Texas will enable you to learn without moving physically to Texas. This would be a great option, especially if you want to relocate and get licensed in Texas later. 

You Want to Keep Working While Pursuing Further Education 

An online degree gives you schedule flexibility such that you can pursue further education without getting in the way of your current job. 

You Travel a Lot 

Due to the location flexible aspect of online learning, you can take your classes from any part of the world as long as you can access the internet. 

You Want to Take Psychology Classes Abroad 

The internet has indeed created a global village. You can take a psychology program in Texas while in another country. When enrolling, ensure that the program is open to international students. 

You Are Keen on Balancing Family Obligations and Furthering Your Career 

For some people, getting the next level of education is the best option for improving their salaries and job prospects to be able to meet their family’s financial needs. However, going back to school can take too much of your time, making it difficult to manage the household and spend quality time with your family. 

An online degree in psychology is a feasible option in this case as you cut back on the time that you would have spent commuting to class. You can use that extra time to take your lessons or to be with your family.

Best Online Psychology Degrees in Texas

Below is a list of some of the best online psychology degree programs in Texas

Undergraduate Program

Psychologist Licensing Requirements in Texas

There are specific requirements regarding education, experience, and licensing examinations stipulated by the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC). When studying to become a licensed psychologist in Texas, you must align your goals with the TBHEC licensing requirements.

The Council provides three different types of licenses for psychologists as follows: 

  • Licensed psychologist 
  • Licensed Psychological Associates 
  • Licensed specialist in School Psychology 

Below is a look at the requirements for each type of license. 

Licensed Psychologist 

The requirements for this licensure are: 

Licensed Psychological Associate 

The requirements to become a licensed psychological associate are: 

  • An undergraduate degree with a psychology major including 60 psychology-related credit hours and up to 12 hours of practicum or internship 
  • A graduate degree with six credit hours of practicum or supervised internship by a licensed psychologist 
  • A pass in the Jurisprudence Examination 
  • A pass in the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) 

There are additional licensing requirements for independent practice psychological associates as follows: 

  • 3000 hours of postgraduate degree supervised experience should be achieved within 24 to 48 consecutive months 
  • Application for independent practice authority to the board 

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology 

To become a licensed specialist in school psychology, you need to meet the following requirements: 

Psychology Job Outlook: What Do Projections Show About the Job Market for People in Psychology?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for psychologists is projected to grow by 3% by 2029. There’s a projection for an increased demand for clinical, school, and counseling psychologists as the demand for mental health professionals increases in schools, social service agencies, mental health centers, and hospitals. 

Also, there is an expected increase in demand for industrial and organizational psychologists as companies seek to hire and retain the right talent and improve employee productivity and efficiency. These projections are true for psychology jobs in Texas.  

Other fast-growing psychology-related jobs include: 

  • Social workers 
  • Substance abuse specialists 
  • Mental health counselors and therapists 
  • Behavioral disorder psychologist 
  • Marriage and family therapists 
  • Training and Development therapy


A career in psychology can be quite fulfilling both emotionally and financially. Texas is a friendly state for psychology students and professionals. Numerous psychology programs are offering different areas of specialization at different costs to suit your financial capabilities. 

Consider seeking financial aid within the university or state and federal From the get-go, be clear about your career goals and align your education and fieldwork accordingly. 

The demand for psychologists will continue to grow in Texas, the US, and around the world. Continuously improve your skills and build your network to leverage the upcoming high-paying psychology job opportunities.

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