Top 19 Schools for an Associate in Administration Management in 2022

March 29, 2022 | bestvalue

Associate in Administration Management
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Administration management is a popular career choice when you want to work in business. Obtaining an Associate in Administration Management can open up a world of possibilities. You can learn how to effectively manage information through people. There are plenty of schools across the United States where you can seek out such a degree program.

Career Possibilities with an Associate in Administration Management

Administration Management, often referred to as Business Management, can educate you about customers, employees, and management policies. Some of the jobs you may want to consider include sales manager, human resources manager, or account executive.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many administrative services managers earn a median pay of $96,940 with a bachelor’s degree. You can expect to earn a bit less with a two-year associate degree. However, you can also increase your salary by gaining experience and seeking a bachelor’s and even master’s degree later on in your career.

An Associate in Administration Management provides you with the building blocks to seek out a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management later on. Many colleges and universities will offer an associate degree, allowing you to complete the program in two years (or less). Programs may be offered online or on the campus. The top 20 schools are listed below.

Top 19 Schools for an Associate in Administration Management

1. Ashworth College

Associate programs at Ashworth College allow students to branch out into a variety of administration management perspectives. Students can seek such ones as business management, healthcare management, and more. The education is flexible enough to meet any schedule as well as budget. An average, full-time student will complete four semesters in order to complete the associate degree program. This includes two semesters of liberal arts learning and two semesters focused on the understanding of business, organization, and computer information systems.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2798
  • Enrollment Total: 9706

2. Amarillo College

Amarillo College offers a two-year degree program in Business Administration. Students will learn about everything from human resources to accounting. The program is flexible enough to be taken online and on the campus. Many students will be able to get into entry-level careers upon graduation. The school also offers a department to help explore career opportunities. Within the Business Division, students will gain access to business systems, emerging technology, and countless subjects to make it easier to learn about a specific industry.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3168
  • Enrollment Total: 11,675

3. Brigham Young University

An Associate of Applied Science is available in Applied Business Management at Brigham Young University. Students can learn all about administration management and the many aspects of business. The BYU Pathway Worldwide program also makes it possible for students to learn online. The flexible learning ensures that students don’t have to be located near the Utah campus in order to get their education. Students can choose to attend for one year to obtain a certificate or two years to obtain an associate degree.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5790
  • Enrollment Total: 33,517

4. College of the Mainland

College of the Mainland, located in Texas City, Texas, offers some exciting programs. Students who want to learn about administration will be able to enroll in Business Administration. Various electives will make it easy to pursue a specific interest, such as accounting, computer science, or graphic arts. There will be a wide array of courses offered as well as opportunities to intern with top companies in the area.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2973
  • Enrollment Total: 5000

5. Trinity Valley Community College

Trinity Valley Community College is located in Athens, Texas. Students will be able to pursue an associate degree in either Business Administration & Management or General Business. The program provides a strong foundation in such topics as finance, economics, management, and marketing. The program can be spread out across four semesters in order to earn a total of 60 credit hours. Some of the electives offered range from creative arts to business law, ensuring that every student can customize their education.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4920
  • Enrollment Total: 7743

6. Palo Alto College

Located in San Antonio, TX, Palo Alto College offers an AAS (Associate of Applied Science) in Business Management & Operations. Students can choose to take the courses hybrid, face-to-face, or fully online. Faculty use Open Educational Resources for each class in the program to reduce student costs. Faculty receive training to achieve Excellence in Online Design Standards so students experience a consistent experience navigating business courses. Those enrolled in the Business Management program will learn about all of the fundamental concepts of business through instruction and hands-on class projects. Various internship opportunities are available, too, allowing students to apply their lessons to the real world. Program specializations range from management to entrepreneurship to marketing.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6690
  • Enrollment Total: 9368

7. Bucks County Community College

At Bucks County Community College in Newtown, PA, students can choose to earn an AA in Business Administration. Students will complete the program that is either 61 or 62 credits in length depending on specific courses that are taken. A total of nine elective credits can be taken, making it possible to branch out and explore various programs. Students will take courses that range from business law to effective speaking to managerial accounting.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $9098
  • Enrollment Total: 10,252

8. Liberty University

Liberty University is based in Lynchburg, Virginia, though students can choose to take the AA in Business program entirely online. The program consists of 60 credit hours and many students can complete those credits in a year and a half when working full-time toward the degree. It is possible to transfer up to 75% of the courses for the degree. The courses last eight weeks at a time, offering flexibility for students who may work. Students learn to train academically and pursue God in all aspects of life. Classwork is taught by Christian professors who are devoted to their faith.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $22,747
  • Enrollment Total: 110,000

9. Copiah-Lincoln Community College

Copiah-Lincoln Community College offers campuses throughout Mississippi. Various business and office technology associate programs are available, including Administrative Office Technology. Students can choose to take courses on one of the three campuses or online. The program consists of 60 credit hours and will prepare students in administrative office procedures, accounting, communication, and other important business topics.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3180
  • Enrollment Total: 3094

10. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College offers an Associate Degree in Business Management. Students will have the flexibility to complete courses during the day, the evening, or online. Many students will choose a combination as it fits their schedules. Throughout the program, students will be taught about accounting, marketing, business law, human resource management, and other critical business operations. Students will graduate to explore various entry-level positions or choose to start their own business.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4433
  • Enrollment Total: 2039

11. Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University, with campuses located all over Kentucky, offers an associate of science in Business Administration. Students can choose to take the program 100% online, as well. The program consists of 33 semester hours of business courses, focusing on such things as finance, accounting, and macroeconomics. Another 29 credit hours focus on general education courses. Upon graduation, students also have access to a wide array of employment opportunities.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $25,400
  • Enrollment Total: 12,209

12. Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, allows students to earn an associate degree in Business Management. The college focuses on offering affordability and flexibility, with the ability to take the entire degree program online. The program offers affordable credit hours, making it possible to learn about the foundational business concepts without accumulating college debt. Students will learn about such topics as corporate finance, economics, and business law. On-demand learning also ensures that students aren’t locked into set schedules.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2370
  • Enrollment Total: Unpublished

13. Northwest Iowa Community College

At Northwest Iowa Community College, students can pursue an associate degree in Administrative Office Management. The two-year program provides an extensive background in office management with courses that include webpage design, supervision, business law, and management. There are also a variety of elective opportunities that students will have access to. The program is split between four semesters with a summer term that is optional.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6240
  • Enrollment Total: 1747

14. New England College of Business and Finance

The New England Collect of Business and Finance, which is a part of Cambridge College, offers various business degree programs. Students can choose to pursue an associate degree in just two years. Business administration provides students with the foundations of business while making it possible to get a head start in today’s business world. Additionally, the school also offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, making it easy to stay at one school while obtaining the necessary higher learning that can make it easy to excel.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $7875
  • Enrollment Total: 841

15. Florida Institute of Technology

Business basics and liberal arts are combined in an AA in Business at Florida Institute of Technology. Students are able to take the entire program online – and the courses can easily transfer in the event there’s the desire to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Students will have a curriculum of functional areas of business to cover. The school also boasts a significant amount of support for its students.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $42,470
  • Enrollment Total: 6402

16. St. Leo University

St. Leo University in Tampa, FL offers an AA in Business Administration. There are both in-person and online programs for students to choose from. Some of the courses students can expect to take include Essential Business Skills, Business Law, and Principles of Management. Students will be able to participate in the school’s annual International Business Conference. Class sizes are kept small to make it possible to work closely with faculty.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $23,750
  • Enrollment Total: 2282

17. Belhaven University

Belhaven University, located in Jackson, MS, offers an online associate of arts in Business. This makes it possible to explore various entry-level positions in the world of business. Students can also pursue an online or on-campus program to complete a bachelor’s degree once obtaining the AA. All of the courses are offered around a Christian worldview, including courses in math, literature, and history. Students will also have access to a wide array of business programs to customize their education.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $26,202
  • Enrollment Total: 4245

18. California Intercontinental University

An Associate of Arts in Business Administration can be earned at California Intercontinental University. The degree can make it easy for students to explore a number of professional opportunities ranging from administrative assistants to store managers. Students will learn about business concepts, business models, strategic planning, and more throughout the four-semester program.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $10,565
  • Enrollment Total: 543

19. Community Care College

Community Care College, located in Tulsa, OK, offers a variety of business programs for students. The degree that students can earn is an AOS (Associate of Occupational Science). It concentrates more heavily on business-specific classes than in general education courses. It ensures that students can seek exciting career opportunities, particularly if they’re not interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $17,891
  • Enrollment Total: 570

Our Ranking Methodology

We rank the schools based on two important factors. First, we establish a score for all of the schools based on tuition. The schools with the most affordable tuition are given a higher score. Second, we establish a score for all of the schools based on enrollment. The schools with higher enrollment numbers are given a higher score. Then, we add up the scores in order to establish a ranking system.

Additionally, it’s important to note that tuition is based on one year or two semesters. The cost includes tuition and fees and does not factor in additional fees, books, or room and board. When applicable, the in-state tuition rates are listed. Out-of-state tuition is likely to be higher. Check here for more opportunities with an associate degree in business management.

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