Best 20 Associate Degree in Security in 2024

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Earning an Associate in Security can open up a wide array of career opportunities. Whether you want to run physical or digital security, there are plenty of degree programs for you. In approximately two years, you can have a degree to help you get started in the industry. It’s all a matter of choosing the right school to meet your educational demands.

Types of Degrees in Security

There are all sorts of degrees available to you. When you are deciding on a college, it’s important to identify the degree you want to seek as it will impact the school you choose and your career options.

Some of the top degrees right now include:

Essentially, you have to decide what kind of environment you want to work in and what kinds of assets you want to secure.

Career Options for a Degree in Security

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are plenty of careers in security. One of the most popular is an Information Security Analyst, which can earn you a median salary of $99,730 with a bachelor’s degree.

With an associate degree, you’ll be able to explore various entry-level positions. You can find a career that you want to be in. Then, you can decide to seek out a bachelor’s or even master’s degree to pursue higher positions and higher pay.

We have found 20 schools across the U.S. where it’s possible to earn an associate degree in Security. Each school has something unique to offer. We’ve identified the cost of tuition for a year (two semesters) and the total number of students enrolled at any given time to help you understand more of what to expect.

Best 20 Schools for an Associate Degree in Security

1. Broward College

Broward College logo

Earning an AS in Computer and Network Security is possible at Broward College. Students will have the ability to build their program with such courses as IT Support Specialist, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and more. The average time to complete the program is two years. The courses are offered across all of the college campuses and many are also offered online. While students learn, they can also earn various industry certifications.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2830
  • Total Enrollment: 67,000

2. St. Petersburg College

At St. Petersburg College, students can earn an AS in Cybersecurity. The two-year program teaches students about complex IT security concerns and the options available. SPC has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by both the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Students who complete the program will also be eligible to sit for various industry certification exams.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2682
  • Total Enrollment: 29,183

3. Mesa Community College

Various Networking and Security programs are available at Mesa Community College. An Associate in Applied Science (AAS) is available in Cybersecurity. Students can choose to take the courses online or at the campus in Mesa, Arizona. The program educates in the various technologies and structured languages. Along the way, students can also earn various certificates of completion that can help with career opportunities. Depending on courses taken, it will take between 61 and 74 credits to graduate from the program.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2070
  • Total Enrollment: 20,424

4. Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College offers campuses throughout Indiana. Students can earn an associate degree in Homeland Security/Public Safety. The program focuses on emergency preparedness and response. After earning the two-year degree, students can explore transfer partnerships with the school to explore earning a four-year degree. Students will learn enough to help them seek out careers in various industries including the local and federal government, healthcare, law enforcement, and more.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4500
  • Total Enrollment: 169,527

5. Sheridan College

A variety of technology programs are available at Sheridan College. The school is part of the Northern Wyoming Community College Division. Both certificates and associate of science degrees are available. Cyber Security is an in-demand program that takes computer networking to the next level. Students learn about information security strategies, how to perform risk analysis, install software, monitor network activity, and more. Sheridan College offers the degree program on-campus and online.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4170
  • Total Enrollment: 23,000

6. Sinclair Community College

At Sinclair Community College, a variety of online associate degrees are offered. Students can enjoy the convenience of taking such Associate of Science degree programs as Computer Information Systems and Computer Science. There are plenty of courses to choose from in order to get the level of security education that is desired. Of course, many courses are also offered on Ohio campuses, making it easy for students to get a hybrid education.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4089
  • Total Enrollment: 18,647

7. Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College logo

Baltimore City Community College offers an AS program in Cyber Security and Assurance. Students will gain a firm understanding of virus and worm attacks, how to identify weaknesses in a system, and the practical experience needed to address the different threats. Students will have access to state-of-the-art technology and learn from industry experts. A variety of job possibilities exist upon graduation and the college will help students with job placement.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3314
  • Total Enrollment: 7160

8. Ashworth College

At Ashworth College, students can earn an associate degree in Security Administration. Students will take both general education courses as well as those that focus on understanding the criminal mind and the investigation process. Courses include Introduction to Security Management and Criminal Law. Throughout the program, students will learn about information-gathering techniques and use critical and creative thinking to apply different strategies. Additionally, students will learn how to operate in various environments to help with careers in different industries, including the Office of Homeland Security.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $9500
  • Total Enrollment: 35,000

9. North Central Texas College

An Associate of Applied Science Degree is available in Cyber Security at North Central Texas College. Students will be able to choose from on-campus and online classes as well as a hybrid program. The program takes approximately 64 weeks or two years to complete. Throughout the program, students will learn about the technical issues of network systems, understand how to exhibit IT professionalism, and how to identify corrective action against the different threats of a network.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $4560
  • Total Enrollment: 10,525

10. Ocean County College

Ocean County College offers an AS in Homeland Security. Students learn about prevention, protection, and preparedness. General education courses are required along with courses on Domestic and International Terrorism, Risk Management, and more. There are various other degree programs for security at Ocean County College, too. This includes a Cyber/Information Security option within the AS in Computer Science. All of the programs are available on campus, with many courses offered online, too. Students can also choose to transfer in and out of state upon graduating from the two-year program.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5115
  • Total Enrollment: 10,367

11. Barton County Community College

At Barton County Community College, students have the ability to earn an Associate in Applied Science in Emergency Management & Homeland Security. This academic program offers comprehensive training to provide career options upon graduation. The AAS degree consists of a total of 64 credit hours, including courses in computer technology, natural science and mathematics, and courses pertaining to emergency management and Homeland Security.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $3648
  • Total Enrollment: 6291

12. Delta College

Delta College logo

An AAS degree in Cybersecurity is available at Delta College, located in University Center, Michigan. As the need for online security grows, the demand for this program grows. Students will learn about protecting and recovering information. The courses can be taken on the campus or online. A cybersecurity club provides access to competitions and conferences. Additionally, the program is recognized by both the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6590
  • Total Enrollment: 8,000

13. Western Nebraska Community College

Western Nebraska Community College logo

A degree in Information Technology is offered at Western Nebraska Community College. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of IT challenges and operating systems. There are small class sizes, instructors with current industry knowledge, and hands-on computer labs. Students will have the opportunity to sit for certification exams for such things as Microsoft Office Specialist and Linux+, too. To earn an AAS, it will require completing between 61 and 63 credits.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $2916
  • Total Enrollment: 2395

14. Eastern Kentucky University

Students can earn a degree in Homeland Security at Eastern Kentucky University. The program can be taken entirely online to offer convenience and flexibility. Students can choose from several specializations within the program, including Disaster Management, Intelligence Studies, and Security Operations. Students will learn about theories, strategies, and applications of how to safeguard life and property. The program is focused on providing an active learning environment that focuses on real-world challenges.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $9876
  • Total Enrollment: 15,816

15. Palo Alto College

Palo Alto College offers an AAS in Information Security and Assurance. The degree program consists of 60 hours, which includes an intense focus on computer systems, computer system forensics, and network security. There will also be general education courses, making it easy to transfer into any bachelor’s degree program following graduation. Programs are available online and on-campus and many have been approved by the NSA.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6690
  • Total Enrollment: 9368

16. SUNY Broome Community College

At SUNY Broome, it’s possible to earn an AAS in Computer Security and Forensics. Students will learn about preventing criminal activity and ways to help businesses recover. The program focuses on technical and business environments while focusing on designing, maintaining, and securing computer networks. The total credits in the program are 64, and courses can be taken online as well as on the campus.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5638
  • Total Enrollment: 6734

17. Lake Superior College

An AAS is offered at Lake Superior College in Network Administration and Cybersecurity. Students can choose to take courses on-campus and online. The school offers a training lab to help students learn about specific cybersecurity challenges found in different industries. Students will have a chance to plan their education in order to maximize their career opportunities.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5334
  • Total Enrollment: 5800

18. Alexandria Technical and Community College

At Alexandria Technical and Community College, students can choose to major in Cybersecurity. Students can choose between a certificate (30 credits) and an AAS degree (60 credits). The curriculum focuses on teaching students about at-risk computer and network system remedies. Students will understand how to perform in such careers as cybersecurity, network security, incident investigation, and more.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5565
  • Total Enrollment: 2614

19. Campbell University

An AA in Information Technology Security-Management at Campbell University is available across several campuses as well as 100% online. Topics covered across the two-year program include the Windows operating environment, database management, system analysis, and IT fundamentals. Students will complete 62 credit hours to meet the graduation requirement, which includes the general education core and the ITS-Management Concentration.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $34,630
  • Total Enrollment: 6484

20. St. Leo University

At St. Leo University, it’s possible for students to earn an associate degree in Cyber Security. Students will take such courses as Principles of Networking and Computer Systems. Courses are available on the campus in Tampa, Florida as well as online. The skills that students learn will help them explore careers in internet security, computer forensics, managing information security, and ethical hacking.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $23,750
  • Total Enrollment: 2282

Our Ranking Methodology

In order to rank the schools from 1 to 20, we’ve given them each a score. This score was created using two criteria: the cost of tuition and the total enrollment.

Higher scores were given to schools with lower costs of tuition. The tuition was calculated based on current in-state, undergraduate rates. Costs for books and room & board are not calculated in the totals given.

Higher scores were also given to schools with higher enrollment numbers. Schools with higher populations often have more activities and more services to provide a more comprehensive experience for students.

Both scores were added together to help us rank the schools in the most effective way possible.

Notice an Error?

If you’ve found an error in any of the statistics we’ve shared, please contact us. Our goal is to provide the most current information possible about the various colleges and universities.

Going to school for security can offer a number of exciting opportunities. Let us help to find a program that’s right for you.

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