Best 6 Trade Schools in NJ in 2024

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Trade Schools in NJ

As the world becomes more and more specialized in regards to who performs individual duties, there is a great need for people to gain in-depth knowledge in their field. This is especially important when the position is something that requires hands-on work such as that of an electrician, hairdresser, or nursing assistant. These are positions that take special knowledge. In the past, many such positions were filled by high school graduates who underwent training under established members of the profession. As the world becomes more complex and the job market becomes more competitive, these professions are looking for people who can enter the job force already prepared. Many of these positions, however, aren’t traditional college majors. In addition, many individuals don’t have the wish to spend four years studying subjects that may not be related to their interest. They want to be trained in a skill and the ability to get out in the world. This is where trade schools come into play.

Top 5 Trade Schools in NJ

Rank School Location
1Ocean County Vocational-Technical SchoolsToms River, New Jersey
2Eastern International CollegeJersey City, New Jersey
3Eastwick CollegeRamsey, New Jersey
4Bergen County Technical SchoolTeterboro, New Jersey
5Fortis InstituteLawrence Township, New Jersey

Trade schools offer an education that is specific to a trade. There are several advantages to choosing a trade school in NJ over a traditional college education. Trade schools offer a chance to get your certificate quicker, normally anywhere from one to two years. This shortened period of education is highly focused. It is also often less expensive. Some trade school programs can cost the same amount in their entirety that a traditional program costs for one year. The classes are often small and you receive hands-on training. Learning by doing is often the best way many people learn. The majority don’t include on-campus housing, but that allows for less distraction. Another benefit of trade schools is that they often offer employment services that help match graduates up with established businesses. If you are thinking a trade school in NJ is what you are looking for, check into the following.

Best 6 Trade Schools in NJ


Ocean County Vocational-Technical Schools

  • Toms River, New Jersey

Ocean County Vocational-Technical Schools are designed with many types of students in mind. They have a program for high school students that offers thirty options. They also offer both adult day classes programs and evening programs. This allows those who need to learn a skill and still take care of a family the chance to gain the necessary training to grow. They have full-time programs in marine science, performing arts, and law and public safety. In addition, they offer programs in transportation, construction, health technologies, and engineering. For those needing special attention, they also offer a special education program that can help the student learn a trade to become more self-sufficient. This is truly a school where nearly everyone will find a spot they feel comfortable.

School Overview

Cost: $38,533
Student Population: 364
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Eastern International College

  • Jersey City, New Jersey

Eastern International College is devoted to training students in the medical field. In addition to the six fields you can study in-person, they also offer online educational opportunities. The online programs are a continuation of the in-person studies and are Bachelor’s degree programs. The school also offers a public dental hygiene clinic that gives students the opportunity to practice what they are learning. They also offer externships so students can get real-life practice and make connections before they leave school.

School Overview

Cost: $37,475
Student Population: 336
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Eastwick College

  • Ramsey, New Jersey

Eastwick College offers programs in 24 different areas.  In addition to several areas of medical training, they offer welding, Business and Accounting, and Business for the Hospitality Industry. Another of their offerings is Funeral Services, a field that is difficult to find training in but is always a steady job market. Admission to the school requires a high school diploma or GED and a basic English and math assessment. You will also need to undergo a personal interview to help evaluate the fit between you and the school. International students are given the help and guidance they need to deal with such matters as student visas and finding lodging in the area.

School Overview

Cost: $40,866
Student Population: 442
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Bergen County Technical School

  • Teterboro, New Jersey

At Bergen County Technical School, they realize that many adults have struggled to find the time and opportunity to gain an advanced education. With this in mind, scheduling is versatile with both day and evening classes. For those just learning English, the school offers ESL classes to help you prepare for learning a trade with as little difficulty as possible. Offerings at this school include Business Administration, Plumbing & Heating, Electricity, and HVAC. These are programs that will eventually require a license. The school will work with students to help them find an apprenticeship position that must be completed first.

School Overview

Cost: $26,239
Student Population: 92
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Fortis Institute

  • Lawrence Township, New Jersey

At Fortis Institute, students can choose education in eight categories. This school not only offers the typical skilled trades and medical categories but also prepares students who seek it a chance to become licensed CDL drivers. This school offers a career center that will help prepare students for the job hunt once they leave. The training includes help with interview skills and resume preparation. This is one of the most known trade schools throughout the country. Some of the most well-respected members of the various professions are among staff members.

School Overview

Cost: $32,361
Student Population: 297
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Camden County College

  • Blackwood, New Jersey

Camden County College offers both degree programs and trade education. Their trade school department gives students a chance to choose from over 20 different specialties. Among these programs are such diverse choices as culinary arts, carpentry, and critical care nursing. The school also offers several apprenticeship programs. One of the choices students have that is difficult to find elsewhere is Dialysis Patient Care Technician. If you see yourself as a future fire inspector or interior decorator, this school also has you covered.

School Overview

Cost: $16,076
Student Population: 9735
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How We Chose

Our ranking is based on the number of programs offered by a particular school, the rate of employment of graduates, and the overall satisfaction of both graduates and employees with the quality of training available. If you believe we overlooked your school, feel free to let us know your information and we will gladly consider it when compiling updated lists.

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