The Best 9 Trade Schools in Michigan in 2024

January 26, 2024 | Admin

Trade Schools in Michigan

Are you a high school student who is looking to learn a skilled trade? Or, are you someone who already has gone to a university but is looking to change careers? This list features some of the best trade schools in Michigan. We have compiled this list with a few things in mind. Mainly, that there are so many different kinds of trade schools out there — auto tech, HVAC, and cosmetology to just name a few! Here is our take about the best trade schools in Michigan. We hope that it helps you decide which is the best program for you. Good luck and keep applying!

1. Carnegie Institute

Location: Troy

Tuition: $14,070

Founded in 1947, the Carnegie Institute School of Allied Health is home to a number of exciting programs that can lead to well-paying jobs. The programs included at Carnegie include Medical Assistant, Medical Business Specialist, Massage Therapy, and Cardiovascular Technologist. And if that is not enough, the career placement specialists at Carnegie aim to achieve a 100% placement rate for their graduates. Not only will you learn your trade, but you will get help getting a job. Get on their website and see if these programs are of interest to you.

2. Washtenaw Community College

Location: Ann Arbor

Tuition: $4,176

Washtenaw is home to some amazing trade programs and some of those may just be the ones you are looking for! Just look at some of these: Auto Body Repair, Baking and Pastry Arts, Construction Technology, Human Resources Management, Machine Tool Programming, Retail Management, and Welding and Fabrication Principles. If you want to study these or other skilled trades, just get on the Washtenaw CC website and see what other programs they have to offer.

3. Kellogg Community College

Location: Battle Creek

Tuition: $6,611

Whether you want to be a pipe fitter or a graphic designer, Kellogg Community College may be the place for you! Degree programs include, but are not limited to: Computer Programming, Corrections, Dental Hygiene, Industrial Electricity and Electronics, Industrial Welding, and Radiography. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Check out their website today.

4. Grand Rapids Community College

Location: Grand Rapids

Tuition: $7,809

Located in a beautiful town, Grand Rapids Community College may be the place where you learn an exciting trade and go on to a successful career. There are a number of certificate and degree programs available. Here are a few of those programs: Automotive Servicing Certificate, Electronic Engineering Technology, Plastics-Polymer Engineering Technology, Culinary Arts, Personal Chef, and countless others. See if GRCC is the right place for you.

5. Bay College

Location: Escanaba

Tuition: $8,160

Bay College is another high-quality school that can prepare you to succeed in the challenging workplace. You can study Athletic Training, Automotive Management, Welding Technology, Emergency Medical Tech, Certified Medical Technician, Forestry, and Water Technology. And these are just some of the programs available in Escanaba, Online and West Campus in Iron Mountain! See if Bay College is the place where you will learn your trade.

6. Wayne County Community College

Location: Detroit

Tuition: $3,263

Another wonderful city, another outstanding school for you to learn a trade. Located in Motor City, Wayne County Community College has plenty of trades you can learn. These include, but are not limited to, Aviation Mechanics, Auto Body Technology, Facility Maintenance, Fire Protection Maintenance, Light Rail Engineering Technology, Surgical Technology, and Welding Technology. Financial aid and scholarships available. Plus, the school has connections to a number of unions and shops that can have you ready to start earning when you graduate! Interested? Good! Get on the website and see if WCCC is right for you.

7. Kirtland Community College

Location: Various (Grayling, Gaylord, and Roscommon)

Tuition: $6,090

No matter your interests, Kirtland Community College has a trade or course-of-study that will appeal to you! After taking a few basic prerequisite courses, you can choose your area of study. And there are so many to choose from: Automotive Technology, HVAC/R, Welding and Fabrication, and Electrical Technology. You can also earn certificates in any number of these fields if you are not interested in taking a full degree.

8. Northwestern Technological Institute

Location: $13,875

Tuition: Southfield

Interested in a career in HVAC? Want an education where you work with your hands rather than sit in a classroom all day? Then Northwestern Technological Institute may be the right place for you! Unlike the other schools listed here, NTI is specifically an HVAC school. But the school is so good that we felt the need to include it on our list. You can earn four different HVAC certifications , can complete school in as short as 10.5 months, and be out on the job market! NTI also boasts an incredible placement rate for their graduates. Get educated, get employed by attending Northwestern Technological Institute .

9. Henry Ford College

Location: Dearborn

Tuition: $5,020

Named after the founder and innovator of one of the United States’ iconic automotive companies, Henry Ford College may be the best place for you to learn the trade you desire. Henry Ford College has a number of programs for you to choose from, including Machine Tool Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Applied Plumbing and Pipe fitting, and Industrial Drafting. But these are just a few of the trade programs offered by Henry Ford College. Options for certificates and Bachelors degrees, as well! The only limit is your ambition and your interest. If you would like to learn more about Henry Ford College and the programs they offer, we suggest you get on their website!

We hope that our list has been helpful in guiding your research into graduate school and programs. Our trade school list does not include any paid or preferred listings. It is prepared subjectively, using several metrics, including (but not limited to): tuition per credit hour, acceptance rate, number of programs offered, and availability of funding. If you are a representative for a university and want to contact us about a) your schools ranking or b) the fact your school is not included, please feel free to get in touch. We welcome feedback and input. Thank you for reading our list!

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