15 Best Trades Schools In Georgia in 2021

May 11, 2021 | Staff Writers

Trade Schools in Georgia
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Trade schools provide training for people who do not need a full four-year degree for their career. There are trade schools across the nation but not all are equally rated, and the tuition between each one can fluctuated greatly. Be sure to do your research to discover the trade schools in GA best for your goals. 

Is Attending A Trade School Worth The Effort? 

Yes, a trade school is often more affordable than other options and skilled trades are almost always in demand. From healthcare to mechanics, electrician to HVAC tech, the options are endless and job growth across the board is promising as these are mostly all essential jobs. 

What Are The Top Trades Currently? 

HVAC, Computer Programing, and Healthcare Trades lead the job growth forecasts but if a trade school is open to certify a profession it is likely you will find job placement for your specific training. Always ask up front as you choose from the best trade schools in ga. 

15 Best Trades Schools In Georgia

1. Savannah Technical College 

Savannah Technical College is located in the breath taking town of Savannah and provides an extensive list of training options for those looking to pursue various career and need certification and training to get started. Students can learn about Aviation Technology, HVAC, Accounting, Medical Fields, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, and so much more. With a list of nearly 150 different options the career minded individual could start their dreams off at Savannah Tech and go far as each of the programs are highly rated and properly accredited. Not only is it one of the most well rated trade schools, it is also one of the best priced. 

  • Tuition: $3,022 In-State, $5,422 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 901

2. Albany Technical College

Albany Technical College is a college located in Southwest Georgia that has an interesting program. They “warranty” each graduate. This means that they will reeducate any graduate that does not meet specific standards will be retrained at no cost to the employer or student. This interesting program is a testament to the quality education and career training students receive in the various certificate and degree programs available at the school. 

  • Tuition: $2,996 In-State, $5,396 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 3,285

3. Coastal Pines Technical College

Coastal Pines Technical College  provides trade training across much of Georgia with 8 locations. They also provide free GED classes so students who would like to get in a program but do not have the required high school diploma can still advance in their education. Their trade classes include LPNS, CNA, HVAC, Electrical, Business and Computer, and more. If you are ready but unsure where to start they are welcoming and helpful. 

  • Tuition: $2,759 In-State, $4,906 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 250 at one location. 

4. Oconee Fall Line Technical College

Oconee Fall Line Technical College tells students to think differently about their education and career opportunities, and they deliver with flexible options for adult learners and fast paced career paths for busy professionals. They offer in person, hybrid, and online classes. They offer a wide variety of programs including HVAC, Accounting, Nursing, and much more and an equally wide variety of options for scheduling and type of learning. 

  • Tuition: $3,062 In-State, $5,462 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 2,248 (AY 2021)

5. Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Georgia Northwestern Technical College is one of the largest and most widespread trade schools in the state. They offer over 200 degree options so people with a variety of goals and interests can get their start or change paths easily. The school understands that many adults with busy lives are applying and offer morning, evening, and online class options. They also have dual enrollment opportunities for high schoolers. 

  • Tuition: $3,062 In-State, $5,462
  • Enrollment: 6,616

6. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Tech has its main campus in Valdosta with three other campuses in Fitzgerald, Douglas, and Adel. Wiregrass offers a Dental Hygiene program in partnership with Valdosta State University. Additionally, they have other articulation agreements with other colleges and universities throughout the state. From healthcare to accounting, to welding, and mechanics, they even have a program where you may be able to receive credit for specific military training to help veterans find their career paths after the military. 

  • Tuition: $3,152 In-State, $5,552 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 4,669

7. Augusta Technical College

Augusta Technical College has three locations across Georgia and offers certifications, degrees, and diploma programs in areas including Allied Health, Mechanics, Welding, Computer Programming, and much more. The college may be one of the more prestigious on this list due to the ties in Augusta with U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and its ties with military education. 

  • Tuition: $3,232 In-State, $5,632 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 4,237

8. Gwinnett Technical College

Gwinnett Technical College actually offers associate degrees but has a great trade school program so people with all types of career goals can find the educational resources they need in one place. They have a highly reviewed career placement program and even offer a Mercedes Benz automotive degree program that is not available at many places and can lead to great career opportunities for the most skilled of mechanics. 

  • Tuition: $3,236 In-State, $5,636 Non-Resident 
  • Enrollment 9,539

9. West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College offers flexible learning options, dual enrollment programs geared specifically for high school students, financial aid opportunities and a ton of student support. If you live in West Georgia and are thinking about returning to school or if you are in high school and are trying to decide your next step in life consider building your skills at one of the many programs available at West Georgia Tech. 

  • Tuition: $3,052 In-State, $5,452 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 7,074

10. Georgia Trade School

Georgia Trade School exclusively offers welding trade courses. If you want to attend a facility that focuses wholly on welding and has industry connections for great job placement because they know they can trust the training and education of each graduate then apply to Georgia Trade School to begin as soon as the next term starts. 

  • Tuition: $9,000 plus 500 for supplies. 
  • Enrollment: N/A 

11. South Georgia Technical College

South Georgia Technical College offers a broad range of quality courses for students looking to start on career paths ranging from avionics mechanics to computer programmer to health health care and just about every trade in between. They offer flexible learning options and a proven curriculum and accredited training techniques in all of their certification and diploma classes. 

  • Tuition: $3,662 In-State, $6,662 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 2,117

12. Ogeechee Technical College

Ogeechee Tech has the tag line “creating an essential workforce since 1986” and that statement says a lot. If you are ready to become an “essential worker” and increase your income and job stability look into Ogeechee Tech and see if one of their many classes and certification programs are right for your life’s goals. 

  • Tuition: $3,140 In-State, $5,540 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 2,079

13.  Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Georgia Piedmont Technical College has an acceptant rate of 100% if you are afraid to start on the path to success then push away those hesitations and apply to GPTC today. They offer programs in business, HVAC, childcare, and more. Tuition is affordable and their programs provide a skilled workforce for the whole region and beyond.  

  • Tuition: $3,188 In-State, $5,588 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 3,406

14. Athens Technical College

Athens Tech offers many trade programs for men and women to begin work within a semester and sometimes as long as 2 years. The reviews state time and time again that the professors and instructors are highly supportive and the advisors will help you choose your path and guide you on financial aid options. If you are ready to improve your future starting this term, fill out your registration forms today. 

  • Tuition: $2,794 In-State, $4,992 Non-Resident
  • Enrollment: 4,756

15. Lincoln Tech 

Lincoln Tech serves the residents of Marietta and the surrounding counties the near Atlanta location means that the school offers career resources for both the city and the rural areas surrounding it. The HVAC program at Lincoln Tech stands out in particular because graduates have the opportunity for specialized Hussman training. The school has a large facility with many hands-on opportunities for training in the medical field, for electricians, HVAC, and more. 

  • Tuition: $22,852
  • Enrollment: 456

How We Rank The Schools

The schools on this list were ranked according to research from the Trade Schools own website, student reviews from graduates, and other reputable sources. If you feel like your school is misrepresented or has false information please contact us so we can continue to provide accurate information for your potential students. 

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