15 Best Real Estate Degrees in 2024

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Real Estate Degree

Working in Real Estate can be exciting and fulfilling. If you are someone who is looking for a real estate degree, then check out our list of the Top 15 schools for Real Estate Degrees in the US. We hope  that our list helps you in deciding where you should study Real Estate. 


University of Southern California

  • Los Angeles, California

Study at the Price School of Public Policy and earn your degree in Real Estate from the University of Southern California. The program at USC is one of a kind, with an emphasis on educating Real Estate professionals for the future development of cities. Students and alumni of this program join the Trojan Real Estate Association, giving them unique insights and connection to real estate markets in LA, California, and abroad!

School Overview

Tuition: $1,928 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 13%
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Cornell University

  • Ithaca, New York

The Center for Real Estate & Finance is based out of the legendary Hotel School. Cornell University boasts an incredibly dynamic real estate program. The curriculum at Cornell provides students with multiple hands-on opportunities, in addition to connecting students with a large alumni base, and connections to the hospitality industry through the university. If you are ambitious and want to study at one of the leading centers for real estate thought–check out Cornell.

School Overview

Tuition: $1,520 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 11%
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University of Pennsylvania

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is home to one of the best real estate programs in the US. The concentration includes classes such as: Global Real Estate, Housing Markets, Real Estate Investment, and Urban Fiscal Policy, to name just a few. If you are interested in being part of UPenn’s excellent real estate program — check out their website today.

School Overview

Tuition: $1,820 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 8%
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Florida State University

  • Tallahassee, Florida

The Real Estate Program at FSU is one of the largest and oldest programs in the nation and is consistently ranked among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report. The program includes majors or specializations in real estate at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. More than 1,200 students enroll in real estate courses each year. Close interaction among students, faculty members, alumni and the business community continues to be a hallmark of the program.

School Overview

In-state Tuition: $215.55 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 37%
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New York University

  • New York City, New York

You can earn your degree in Real Estate from the Schack Institute of Real Estate, New York University. 98.3% of Schack Institute Graduates are employed after graduation, a statistic that reflects how NYU prepares students for the workplace. Join an alumni network that is more than 4,800 strong! The Schack Institute hosts regular workshops and special events that provide students with countless opportunities to network and make connections with the business world.

School Overview

Tuition: $1,483 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 20%
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University of Texas – Austin

  • Austin, Texas

If you want to earn a real estate degree, look into the University of Texas. UT-Austin has its own Real Estate Center, part of the McCombs School of Business, one of the top business schools in the country. You can study at the Real Estate Center regardless of your major. This program is highly competitive–all students have to apply separately to be admitted into the program. Earn your Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Real Estate at UT-Austin and join one of the most prestigious alumni networks in the growing real estate world.

School Overview

Tuition: $488 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 39%
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Marquette University

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Based out of Milwaukee, Marquette University is an excellent place for you to earn your degree in Real Estate. Students studying for a Real Estate degree at Marquette can take courses in Commercial Real Estate Development, Investment Analysis, Urban and Regional Economics, and Analysis of Corporate Financial Statements, to name just a few of the many options. If any of these sound interesting to you, then check out Marquette’s website today and see what it takes to apply.

School Overview

Tuition: $1,499 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 82%
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University of San Diego

  • San Diego, California

The University of San Diego School of Business real estate program has been ranked number one in the U.S. three years in a row, according to College Factual. Students experience personalized teaching from our world renowned faculty in the newly created Real Estate Department. The highly regarded Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate offers USD real estate students a vast number of scholarships, one-on-one career coaching, personality/behavioral profiles and opportunities for internships and mentorships.

School Overview

Tuition: $1,798 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 52%
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University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • Madison, Wisconsin

The Department of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics at the University of Wisconsin routinely ranks as one of the best in the country. We are glad to include them on our list. Located in idyllic Madison, studying UW can help you succeed after you graduate. Alumni of UW’s program earn $61,605 on average following graduation. If you are interested, check out their website today.

School Overview

Tuition: $495 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 52%
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University of Mississippi

  • Oxford, Mississippi

Earn your Bachelors in Business Administration in Real Estate from the University of Mississippi. Earning a BBA from Mississippi is a competitive process. Students can apply to the Major after completing 36 credit hours of prerequisite courses. The curriculum also encourages students to familiarize themselves with many of the software programs utilized by leading Real Estate firms working today.

School Overview

Tuition: $363 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 88%
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Ohio State University

  • Columbus, Ohio

At Ohio State, students can earn their degree in Real Estate and Urban Analysis through the College of Business. OSU estimates that graduates of their program earn, on average, $58,571. Core classes of the major include: Real Estate Law, Property Management, and Real Estate Finance, to say nothing of the exciting electives also offered. Check out the Real Estate degree program at OSU today.

School Overview

Tuition: $382 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 52%
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City University of New York – Baruch

  • New York City, New York

The William Newman Department of Real Estate at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College is a center of excellence in producing and disseminating cutting edge real estate knowledge, offering undergraduate, graduate, PhD and online certificate programs. Courses featured include real estate finance, real estate capital markets, real estate development, and analytical skills for real estate decision making. With flexible courses and opportunities to network with real estate professionals, skilled professors and students, Baruch partners with prestigious real estate firms to offer work study opportunities for students in real estate.

School Overview

Tuition: $305 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 39%
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University of Florida

  • Gainesville, Florida

Study Real Estate at University of Florida, one of the flagship universities in the state. Offered as a minor from the School of Business, studying at UF allows you to build an multi-faceted and interdisciplinary education around your Real Estate degree studies. UF students can also enjoy working and studying at the Kelley A. Bergstrom Real Estate Center, a leading center for Real Estate research and discussion.

School Overview

Tuition: $212.71 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 39%
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University of Georgia

  • Athens, Georgia

The University of Georgia offers a top-to-bottom Real Estate education experience, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the subject. The faculty at UGA are world-class leaders in Real Estate topics and prepare students to think imaginatively so they can adapt to the ever-changing real estate market. Get on the website today and see if UGA is the right spot for you.

School Overview

Tuition: $652.66 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 49%
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University of Northern Iowa

  • Cedar Falls, Iowa

The department at University of Northern Iowa creates well-rounded students for the job market. UNI encourages study abroad for all their students, including those pursuing a Real Estate degree. According to UNI, 96% of their graduates are employed or continuing their education within a year of graduating. It is the only Real Estate program of its kind in the state of Iowa and a proud addition to our list.

School Overview

Tuition: $320 per credit hour
Acceptance Rate: 81%
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We hope that our list has been helpful in guiding your research into graduate school and programs. Our list does not include any paid or preferred listings. It is prepared subjectively, using several metrics, including (but not limited to): tuition per credit hour, acceptance rate, duration of program, and availability of funding. If you are a representative for a university and want to contact us about a) your schools ranking or b) the fact your school is not included, please feel free to get in touch. We welcome feedback and input. For more information check out our online real estate programs and our masters in real estate programs. Thank you for reading our list! 

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