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November 17, 2022 | bestvalue

It’s pretty natural for humans to wonder how the brain works. We tend to ask ourselves why people behave the way they do or what drives us to act the way we do. Individuals intrigued by such questions may be interested in pursuing psychology. Psychology is a field that helps us understand human behavior to give us a clear view of how we think, feel, and act. The factors affecting our behaviors include our social interaction, motivation, communication, emotions, and language. Psychology is a fascinating field that might interest you in your college education. 

Studying psychology also unlocks a variety of career opportunities in different areas of the job market. For instance, you are likely to become a psychologist after completing your higher education degrees. Today, psychology programs such as developmental psychology, counseling psychology, and organizational psychology have become common in colleges and universities. A psychology professional begins by earning a degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s, in a psychology program from an accredited psychology college. 

Los Angeles is one of the several cities in the U.S. offering an array of colleges with some of the best psychology degree programs. The programs are provided in different degree levels, including bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree levels. 

If you are considering studying for your psychology degree and don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. Keep reading, as this article will give you detailed information on everything you need to know about psychology schools in Los Angeles. We will explore some of the accredited colleges offering different psychology programs and the following:

  1. Schools in Los Angeles that offer bachelor programs in psychology 
  2. Schools in Los Angeles that offer a master’s degree in psychology 
  3. Schools in Los Angeles that offer doctoral degrees in psychology 
  4. Schools in Los Angeles that offer online psychology programs

Schools in Los Angeles That Offer Bachelor Programs in Psychology 

If you are considering a career in psychology, determine the best undergraduate degree program that suits your career goals. Los Angeles is full of psychology colleges offering psychology programs at different levels, from bachelor’s degree right through to advanced levels.

Earning a bachelor’s degree is the primary way of entering the psychology profession. In bachelor’s degree programs, students get insights into general psychology in the program’s early stages. Later, psychology students concentrate on different areas, including forensic psychology, social psychology, counseling psychology, development psychology, and many more. 

Which Los Angeles Schools Offer Bachelor Degrees in Psychology? 

Are you considering studying psychology in a Los Angeles college? Here are some of the best schools offering bachelor’s degrees in psychology. 

  1. University of California-Los Angeles  
    The University of California is one of the prestigious universities in the state. The university offers a bachelor of arts in psychology program suitable for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge of human behavior. It is also ideal for students interested in psychological theories and research. The full-time program takes approximately four years to complete. Students must do 180 units during that period, with several units being general psychology coursework. Then, they specialize in different areas such as school psychology and social psychology. 

    The coursework prepares students for advanced graduate programs such as a master’s degree in psychology. Additionally, the learning institution offers a bachelor of science in psychology and cognitive science. The program is mainly for students interested in the cognitive neuroscience profession. The university releases approximately 600 students with bachelor’s degrees into the job market annually. 
  2. University of Southern California 
    University of Southern California’s bachelor of arts in psychology program is ranked highly among the best bachelor degrees in Los Angeles. To complete the coursework, students are required to take various introductory courses that help give them a solid foundation on the fundamental areas of psychology, such as the history of psychology, psychology in contemporary society, clinical psychologist, and psychology research. 

    Also, students must complete approximately 48 units of general psychology before specializing in either school psychology, counseling psychology, or social psychology. A solid foundation in psychology enables students to pursue job opportunities such as school psychologists or work within the criminal justice system. A bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California will likely land you your first job a few months after graduation. 
  3. California State University, Los Angeles 
    California State University offers a bachelor of arts in psychology to its prospective psychology students. The program is full-time and requires students to complete at least 180 credits to earn their bachelor’s degree. The general psychology coursework entails various introductory aspects of the psychology program. Students specializing in any psychology majors must complete a minimum of 76 units covering topics such as the psychology of violence and aggression, inferential statistics in psychology, media psychology, and social psychology. The coursework also requires students to undertake significant research activities in the school’s psychology research lab. 

Why Attend Psychology Colleges and Programs in Los Angeles? 

Los Angeles is a suitable destination for students considering pursuing psychology programs at the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. The city has several learning institutions offering psychology programs. Most of these colleges are highly ranked among the best schools offering psychology degrees in the county. For instance, over 20 psychology schools have made it to the Best College Values top list in the last two years. 

Colleges in Los Angeles also have world-class psychology facilities suitable for students who want to conduct research in psychology. Employment rates in Los Angeles are currently high. Therefore, a graduate student is likely to gain employment a few months after earning their bachelor’s degree. Psychology schools have also partnered with various government organizations such as the criminal justice system, hospitals, government agencies in Los Angeles to give students hands-on experience in the professional field. 

Which Schools in Los Angeles Offer the Most Affordable Bachelor Programs in Psychology?

Students looking for an affordable education can choose from several options. However, we have simplified the task for you by analyzing some of California’s most affordable psychology schools. 

  1. California State University-Los Angeles 
    Despite offering great psychology programs, California State University-Los Angeles is considered to be among the most affordable schools offering psychology programs in Los Angeles. The school has several scholarship opportunities and other financial aid to help students pay for their education. 
  2. University of California-Los Angeles 
    Because it is a public university, the University of California-Los Angeles is considered among the public universities with the cheapest psychology programs in Los Angeles. Students study psychology programs with tuition of approximately $13,500 in a year. The institution’s fees and other costs, such as reading materials, library costs, among others, are also relatively cheap compared to for-profit private learning institutions.

Schools in Los Angeles That Offer a Master’s Degree in Psychology 

Master’s degrees in psychology have become quite common in recent years. Most working professionals consider master’s degrees to be the easiest route to higher job positions and higher salaries. Individuals seeking to become licensed professional counselors or licensed psychologists must first earn their master’s degree in psychology or other related fields. This page explores some of the schools in Los Angeles offering master’s degrees in psychology. With the detailed information, we are confident you will choose the most suitable psychology degree program. 

Which Los Angeles Schools Offer the Most Affordable Master’s Degree Programs in Psychology? 

Master’s degrees are increasingly becoming costly to continuing students who want to advance their knowledge and career. It would be best to consider the psychology program’s cost before enrolling for a master’s degree in psychology program offered by any university. Here are some of the few schools in Los Angeles offering affordable master’s degree programs in psychology. 

  1. Pepperdine University-Los Angeles 
    Pepperdine University’s psychology program provides students with a theoretical understanding of various aspects of psychology. The master’s in psychology degree enables them to concentrate in different areas, including school psychology, development psychology, counseling psychology, and clinical psychology. The schools also offer Masters of Science in applied behavior analysis. The university enables you to pursue your psychology graduate degree without much financial burden. 
  2. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology 
    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is also one of the most affordable schools offering affordable master’s degree programs in Los Angeles and the larger part of California. Its Industrial and Organizational Psychology Generalist certificate program enables students to learn the vital skills needed to practice organizational psychology. 

What Schools in Los Angeles Offer an Online Master’s Degree in Psychology? 

On-campus learning can be quite challenging, especially to working professionals and adults considering advancing their education levels. Balancing work, family, and education is quite difficult. To ensure effective student outcomes, most psychology schools in Los Angeles offer online programs in different concentrations, including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, counseling psychology, and social psychology.

Unlike on-campus programs, online psychology is quite flexible and convenient, enabling master’s students to study from home, workplace, library, or any other convenient place. Here are some of the schools offering online psychology programs in Los Angeles: 

  1. Loyola Marymount University 
    Loyola Marymount University is one of the universities accredited to offer online psychology programs. The school offers masters of arts in school psychology, preparing students for various professional roles in school psychology, such as school counselors and school psychologists. It also offers an ABA master’s degree. Students pursuing this program must complete 63 graduate units to earn their degree. The coursework requires students to complete 1,700 hours of fieldwork. The program also enables students to earn an education specialist in school psychology, preparing them for various child psychology roles. To gain admission, a student must have at least a minimum GPA of 3.0. The programs take three years. 
  2. University of Southern California 
    The university provides an online master of science in applied psychology that allows students to concentrate on consumer psychology or organizational psychology. The master’s degree program prepares students to work in various organizations performing various duties, such as managing workforces. Students undertake a variety of courses, including research methods in applied social psychology, organizational psychology, and consumer psychology principles. Students are also required to complete a supervised internship, enabling them to gain hands-on experience in the field. 

What Schools in Los Angeles Offer a Master’s Degree in Psychology? 

Here are some of the schools in Los Angeles offering psychology master’s degrees. 

  1. California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo 
    The university provides students with a suitable environment to study and earn a master of science in psychology. The program prepares students for different careers in psychology and prepares them to take marriage and family therapist license exams. Part of the coursework requires students to participate in on-campus lab programs to gain hands-on experience in their study area. The degree takes approximately two-and-a-half years.  
  2. California Lutheran University 
    California Lutheran University is another suitable school to earn your master’s degree. The school offers MS in clinical psychology, a course needed to become a licensed clinical psychologist. The psychology master’s degree program is offered on both a full-time and part-time basis depending on the student’s preference. The coursework entails courses like applied behavior analysis, psychopathology, counseling, and many more. 
  3. California State University-Los Angeles 
    The university offers MS in psychology that requires students to have at least completed 36 units during their undergraduate coursework. The program allows you to concentrate on various areas of psychology, including forensic psychology, applied behavior analysis, or marriage and family therapy. The coursework takes two years to complete. 

Schools in Los Angeles That Offer Doctoral Degrees in Psychology 

To become a licensed professional psychologist, one needs to earn a doctoral degree in psychology and pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology. The Ph.D. program teaches students theoretical and practical aspects of psychology needed to gain hands-on experience in the professional field. To enroll in a PsyD program, a graduate student must complete their master’s degree coursework. 

What Schools in Los Angeles Offer a Doctorate in Psychology? 

Are you considering pursuing your doctoral degree in psychology within Los Angeles? Here are some of the schools offering doctoral programs: 

  1. University of California-Los Angeles 
    The psychology Ph.D. program trains and prepares graduate students for various research roles in the field of psychology. Students are prepared for university-level teaching careers and can concentrate on cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, development psychology, or organizational psychology. The program takes five years and requires students to complete two years of supervised fieldwork. Those concentrating in clinical psychology are required to gain practical experience in a clinical setting. The study areas include social psychology learning and behaviors, clinical psychology, mental health psychology, cognitive development, and behavioral neuroscience. 
  2. University of Southern California 
    The doctor of philosophy in psychology requires students to complete at least 24 credits and complete and defend a dissertation to earn their Ph.D. Some of the courses students are likely to include clinical science, social psychology, developmental psychology, brain and cognitive science, and quantitative methods. The program is offered on a full-time basis and takes approximately five years to complete. Part of the program requires students to gain practical experience by completing a one-year supervised internship. 

Which Schools Offer Online Psychology Doctoral Degree Programs in Los Angeles? 

California Graduate Institute 
California Graduate Institute offers Ph.D. in clinical psychology. The Ph.D. program provides a deep understanding of the therapeutic processes and how students can apply clinical psychology approaches. The online program is offered both on a full-time and part-time basis. The coursework requires students to gain hands-on clinical psychology experience by placing students under an internship at the school clinic. With this, students can accumulate the practicum hours required for state licensing. 

What Is the Most Affordable Psychology Doctoral Degree Programs in Los Angeles? 

  1. University of California 
    If you are looking for the most affordable psychology doctoral degree, look no further than the University of California. The public university’s tuition fees per year are approximately $12,946 for residents of California. What could beat this amazing price? The university has world-class facilities and a highly-skilled teaching team, ensuring that the student outcomes meet the professional psychology standards. 
  2. University of Southern California 
    The University of Southern California is also among the most affordable private schools in Los Angeles, offering psychology doctoral degree programs. The university charges close to $45,561 for its 5-year program. If you are looking for an affordable private institution, you should consider enrolling for the University of Southern California’s doctor of philosophy in psychology.

Schools in Los Angeles That Offer Online Psychology Programs 

Online psychology programs are increasingly becoming popular among students due to their flexibility and convenience. Online psychology programs are particularly popular among adult learners and the working class who want to advance the education. Choosing the right online program, especially in Los Angeles, where many schools offer online programs, can be difficult. We strive to make the search easier for you by analyzing some of the Los Angeles schools offering online psychology programs. They include: 

What Are the Most Affordable Schools in Los Angeles That Offer Online Psychology Programs? 

When enrolling for a psychology degree program, you must consider the cost before applying. College degrees have increasingly become more and more costly. However, some colleges offer online psychology programs at affordable prices. If you are looking for an affordable degree program in Los Angeles, consider the following schools: 

  1. University of California-Los Angeles 
    If you are looking for an affordable online psychology program in Los Angeles, look no further than the University of California. The university offers various degree programs ranging from bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees up to doctoral degrees in several psychology concentrations, including counseling psychology, school psychology, and clinical psychology. 
  2. California State University at Dominguez Hills 
    California State University at Dominguez Hills is among the universities offering affordable psychology programs. The school offers various degrees, including a bachelor’s degree in psychology and MS in psychology. The coursework is quite flexible, allowing students to study both on a full-time and part-time basis. Students concentrate on various areas, including organizational psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral science, and social science. 
  3. Purdue University 
    Purdue University offers different psychology programs, including a bachelor of science in psychology, a bachelor of science in industrial and organizational psychology, and a master of science in forensic psychology. The programs train and prepare students for a variety of careers in different professions. 
  4. Pepperdine University 
    Pepperdine University is among the most affordable online psychology schools in Los Angeles. The school offers various master’s degree programs, including masters in psychology, masters in applied behavior analysis, and masters in clinical psychology. Students seeking to enroll in any of the programs must have at least completed their undergraduate psychology program. The master’s students concentrate in various areas such as clinical psychology and counseling psychology
  5. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology 
    The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an online PsyD in Clinical Psychology. The doctoral degree program is among the most affordable online doctoral degrees in psychology programs. Students wishing to enroll in the program must have at least completed their master’s degree in psychology or other related fields and concentrations in counseling psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, clinical psychology, or organizational psychology. 

How Do Employers View Online Degrees in Psychology? 

Those pursuing online degrees in psychology might be wondering how potential employers will view their credentials. Well, the truth of the matter is that online degrees have brought around a lot of confusion. In the past several years, there has been a worldwide debate on the authenticity of online degrees in psychology and whether the online programs meet the required standards. Most individuals have asked themselves whether online psychology programs carry the same weight as on-campus psychology degrees. Others have doubted whether online psychology degrees provide the same rigor as those earning in traditional learning environments. 

Not so long ago, employers did not treat online degrees in psychology with a lot of respect as on-campus degree programs. Most of the online programs were treated as certificate programs that had little academic rigor. During those periods, online degrees were non-comparable to online degrees. However, with the evolution of the education sector, things have significantly changed. Universities and colleges began to embrace distance learning. With this, online psychology programs gained significant popularity and gained more legitimacy. 

Today, employers have few qualms about online degrees in psychology as long as it is from an accredited learning institution. Interestingly, employers have embraced virtual learning as a way of training their employees or conducting meetings. This acceptance makes online degree holders more confident of their qualifications, unlike in the previous years. An online degree in psychology graduates is considered highly disciplined, hardworking, and ambitious individuals who can be relied on to deliver their work objective without pressure. 

What Schools in Los Angeles Offer Online Psychology Programs? 

  1. California Baptist University 
    The university offers an online bachelor of arts in psychology that aims to prepare students for different social and human services careers. Students study various disciplines, including sociology, psychology, social work, and anthropology. Students with at least 24 transferable units are highly considered for admission. The program’s schedule is highly flexible thus suitable for part-timers. 
  2. Walden University 
    Walden University offers a PsyD in behavioral health leadership. The program prepares graduate students for various roles, including licensed psychologists, clinical psychologists, among other careers. Some of the admission requirements include a master’s degree in organizational psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, or other psychology concentrations. 

Other colleges and universities offering online psychology programs include: 


Psychology programs are increasingly gaining popularity due to the high demand for psychology professionals in different economic sectors. Psychology unlocks various career opportunities in different psychology fields, including forensic psychology, counseling psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, etc. The different concentrations help students gain in-depth knowledge of human behavior and the factors that lead to their actions, emotions, and thoughts. 

To successfully enter the psychology profession, one must pursue a psychology degree in an accredited psychology school. The programs exist at different levels, including bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. You can pursue any of the degrees, depending on your career goals. Those considering pursuing entry-level careers that require no practicing license should consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology or any other related field. However, those who dream of becoming licensed psychologists must earn a doctoral degree in psychology or other psychology concentration. 

There are schools in Los Angeles offering psychology degree programs that have been accredited by various organizations and meet the set education standards. Therefore, if you are considering pursuing a psychology degree, look no further than Los Angeles psychology schools.

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