Best 15 Private Nursing Schools in Florida in 2024

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When you decide that you want to make a career in nursing, you’ll want to attend a nursing program. Some of the top private nursing schools in Florida can ensure that you get a quality education. Additionally, many will help with job placement opportunities. You simply have to decide which school appeals to you the most.

The Benefits of a Private School vs. a Public School

As you look at schools to get your nursing degree, private schools can offer quite a few benefits. One of the biggest differences is that private schools often have smaller class sizes. It can provide you with more individual attention to help you comprehend the subject matter.

Top 5 Private Nursing Schools in Florida

Rank School Location
1Florida International UniversityMiami, Florida
2Chamberlain College of NursingMiramar, Florida
3Rasmussen UniversityFort Myers, Florida
4Nova Southeastern UniversityBroward County, Florida
5 Barry UniversityMiami-Dade County, Florida

Many of the private schools can also offer private scholarships and funding, making it easier for you to afford the tuition, too. It can reduce the student loan debt to ensure that you get an education without dealing with the long-term financial effects.

Private schools often have lower enrollment numbers. While it may be harder to gain acceptance, once you’re in, you’re exposed to more opportunities. It can lead to being able to find internships and an array of career opportunities that you wouldn’t have at a public school.

Careers in the Nursing Industry

Countless careers are available throughout the nursing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies some of the various nursing positions, including registered nurses, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners.

Your earning potential will increase significantly as you increase your education. It’s a good idea to start with a bachelor’s degree. Once you achieve your master’s degree, it’s not uncommon to earn over $100,000.

Searching for private nursing schools in Florida can be overwhelming. You have to consider what programs are offered, where the school is located, and what makes the schools unique. We’ve identified the top 15 schools in the state to help you with your comprehensive search.

Best 15 Private Nursing Schools in Florida


Florida International University

  • Miami, Florida

At Florida International University, students can choose various degree programs. The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The school offers a cultural curriculum, high-tech labs, and the ability to create real-world teaching scenarios. Accelerated and online options also make it easy for students who are already working as a nurse to enhance their education in order to seek higher-paying positions.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $6565
Total Enrollment: 49,782
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Chamberlain College of Nursing

  • Miramar, Florida

At Chamberlain University, students can explore various programs within the College of Nursing. The BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program is a three-year program that allows students to become a registered nurses upon completion and passing the licensure exam. Various post-licensure programs are also available, including RN to BSN, MSN, and Doctor of Nursing. Although there are campuses in Florida, there are a total of 22 across the U.S., making it easy to access quality education from anywhere.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $16,958
Total Enrollment: 25,569
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Rasmussen University

  • Fort Myers, Florida

The Ocala School of Nursing at Rasmussen University offers students various career-focused degrees. Programs that students can choose from including Practical Nursing, Professional Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN, and Master of Science in Nursing. There are on-campus and online courses as well as opportunities for field experience. Students can also choose various specialties, including family medicine and mental and behavioral health nursing.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $10,935
Total Enrollment: 7367
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Nova Southeastern University

  • Broward County, Florida

At Nova Southeastern University, students can attend the Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing. First-time college students and registered nurses alike can find a program to fit their career goals. This includes pre-nursing and entry BS nursing programs. Students can even work toward a master’s or doctoral degree at NSU. Additionally, courses can be taken on the campus in South Florida or online.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $32,110
Total Enrollment: 23,236
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Barry University

  • Miami-Dade County, Florida

Barry University offers nursing programs within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. RSN, MSN, and doctoral programs are available. The unique nursing simulation lab gives students hands-on experience working with patients. Within the MSN programs, they’re designed for students who are already working as a nurse. The schedules are flexible, with some courses offered on the weekends. Tracks include Family Practice and Adult-Gerontology. Students will also have access to countless activities on the campus in Miami Shores.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $30,014
Total Enrollment: 7971
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University of Tampa

  • Tampa, Florida

There are both baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs offered at the University of Tampa. Students can choose to attend whether they are first-year college students or a registered nurses. The school has traditional on-campus classes for its undergraduate BSN program and MSN programs (FNP and AGNP primary care NP tracks). The post-master’s DNP program is online. Additionally, the school has collaborative relationships with over 200 Tamp Bay area health care facilities, providing students with expanded educational experiences and broad clinical exposure.

School Overview

Tuition per year: $30,844
Total Enrollment: 9,605
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Bethune-Cookman University

  • Daytona Beach, Florida

The School of Nursing at Bethune-Cookman University offers some incredible opportunities for students. The programs are designed for students to become registered nurses and earn a BS in Nursing. The faith-based program provides a full curriculum of biological and physical settings while also practicing skills in various settings. The programs are also fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and have been approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $14,814
Total Enrollment: 3831
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AdventHealth University

  • Orlando, Florida

AdventHealth University offers students the ability to earn a BS in Nursing. Daytime and evening courses are available to provide flexibility to students who are already working. Students partake in a blended learning format. There are lectures, a clinical environment, and plenty of rotations so that students can spend time with renowned nurses and physicians. State-of-the-art equipment and technology also provide students with the ability to incorporate theory with psychomotor skills.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $12,840
Total Enrollment: 1809
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St. Thomas University

  • Miami Gardens, Florida

St. Thomas University offers a campus in Miami where students can attend various nursing programs. On-campus and online courses are offered. Students can earn a BSN with an immersion opportunity in ICU, ER, OR, or Behavioral Health. There’s also an RN to BSN path and an MSN to FNP path. Academic and clinical courses are included in the curriculum. Students will have access to scholarships, a private education, and incredible internship opportunities.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $31,800
Total Enrollment: 4918
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University of Miami

  • Miami-Dade County, Florida

The School of Nursing & Health Studies at the University of Miami provides many programs. There are bachelor’s programs, master’s and post master’s programs, and even doctoral programs. The S.H.A.R.E is unique, too, as it is a Simulation Hospital for Advancing Research  Education. Master’s programs offer students a chance to choose between Adult-Gerontology Acute Care and Primary Care as well as Family Nurse Practitioner. While most courses are offered on the campus, some are also offered online.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $51,930
Total Enrollment: 16,825
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Abilene Christian University

  • Abilene, Texas

Abilene Christian University includes undergraduate and graduate programs. Students are exposed to a rigorous education that includes lectures and clinical experiences. Over 100 possible specializations are included in nursing, and ACU can expose students to many of them. Additionally, students are exposed to challenges and are empowered to rise to the challenges in healthcare while mentoring relationships with Christian faculty. The BSN degree program is offered on campus while an online pre-nursing track is also available.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $36,300
Total Enrollment: 4558
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Ave Maria University

  • Ave Maria, Florida

Students at Ave Maria University can explore nursing as an undergraduate major. The BSN degree is a four-year program where students focus on the pre-nursing track for the first two years. The second two years focus almost entirely on nursing courses. Students will take courses that introduce them to various specialties including nutrition, pharmacology, adult health, psychiatric-mental health, and more. Students will also participate in the Catholic Mission while studying, which includes learning how healthcare can help with the service to life.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $21,854
Total Enrollment: 1110
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Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • West Palm Beach, Florida

At Palm Beach Atlantic University, students can explore bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs at the School of Nursing. The school offers a wide array of state-of-the-art lab resources and teaches students to take a holistic approach to nurse. Students learn about professional, spiritual, and professional development with a Christ-centered learning curriculum. Various nursing scholarships are available to students from the school. Online and on-campus programs include BSN and RN to BSN tracks. Additionally, specialties with an MSN include Health Systems Leadership, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Psychiatric Mental Health Care Nurse Practitioner.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $32,500
Total Enrollment: 3918
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Jacksonville University

  • Jacksonville, Florida

The Keigwin School of Nursing at Jacksonville University provides students with the ability to learn about becoming a nurse. Undergraduate degree programs involve obtaining a BSN – and accelerated programs are available for those who already have a degree. Graduate programs include RN to MSN and Master of Science in Nursing. Some of the majors include Psychiatric Mental Health NP, Family NP, and Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP. Dual degrees are also available so that students can earn an MSN and an MBA at the same time. Further, JU also offers post-graduate certificates and a Doctor of Nursing Practice.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $38,140
Total Enrollment: 4048
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Galen College of Nursing

  • St. Petersburg, Florida

Galen College of Nursing offers campuses in Tampa Bay and Miami as well as an online campus. This ensures students can get the nursing education they want from wherever. The online nursing programs include RN to BSN and MSN. Students will need to transfer in their general education credits from another school. Additionally, they’ll need to provide proof that they have already been licensed as an RN. The LPN to ADN bridge program is offered, though only on physical campuses. Additionally, on-campus programs include an AA degree in nursing as well as practical/vocational nursing certificates.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $40,760
Total Enrollment: 840

Public Nursing Schools in Florida


St Petersburg College

  • St. Petersburg, Florida

The College of Nursing at St Petersburg College provides various programs including an Associate in Science and a Bachelor of Science. There are online and on-campus courses for students to choose from.  The school offers a Simulation Center for Excellence in Nursing Education, which is a state-of-the-art skills lab. Some of the programs include transitional ones to help students become an RN or LPN.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $3353
Total Enrollment: 31,767
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Santa Fe College

  • Alachua County, Florida

Various programs of study are available at Santa Fe College. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is a limited-access program specifically for those who are already working as a registered nurse. The courses last 7 weeks at a time, allowing for students to choose part-time and full-time curriculum. Students who have yet to work as a nurse can also earn an AA in Nursing as a way to get their career started.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $2563
Total Enrollment: 14,767
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Chipola College

  • Marianna, Florida

A variety of nursing programs are available at Chipola College. It’s possible to earn a nursing assistant certificate, an AS in Nursing, or a BS in Nursing. There are tracks to make it easy for students to accelerate their learning, such as the RN to BSN track. Innovative teaching modalities are used to provide students with an affordable, quality education in healthcare. Students can also explore various other healthcare programs, too, including CNA, EMT, and paramedic.

School Overview

Tuition per Year: $3120
Total Enrollment: 2211
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Our Ranking Methodology

The schools have been ranked by establishing a score for both the cost of tuition and the total enrollment. Schools that have more affordable tuitions are given higher scores. We’ve taken the tuition rates based on in-state rates as well as for seeking a bachelor’s degree. The rates factor in only tuition and fees – room and board, books, and other expenses are not included. We’ve also established the total enrollment, providing those with larger numbers higher scores. The reason for this is because schools with higher populations often have more funds as well as more activities to benefit students. The scores for both factors are added together to determine how the schools are ranked.

Notice an Error?

Did you find an error in any of the data we’ve shared? Please contact us to let us know where the error is so that we can make the necessary updates to the information as well as to the school ranking.

If you’re interested in attending a private nursing school in Florida, let us help you find the right program.

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