Best 20 Organizational Leadership Degree Online in 2024

January 26, 2024 | Admin

When you are innovative and want to drive systemic change, an Organizational Leadership degree online can be ideal. Many online colleges and universities throughout the U.S. offer this kind of degree. With an online degree, you can enjoy some flexibility and even work full-time while getting your degree. We’ve identified some of the top schools to offer this degree so you can get the quality education you need.

Career Options for a Degree in Organizational Leadership

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership can open up a variety of opportunities for you. You’ll learn about a variety of management and administrative topics, making it possible for you to choose from an array of industries to work in.

You may consider such careers as:

  • Sales manager
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Project coordinator
  • HR manager

Once you know more about the industry you want to work in, you can take electives when earning your degree that will help you focus on a specialization.

Many CEOs and COOs have degrees in Organizational Leadership. Further, many mayors, governors, and city managers have such degrees.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies that Management Analysts earn a median salary of $85,260 a year. Depending on the state you work in and the exact position you take, the salary may be more or less. Plus, you can look to expand your career opportunities by continuing your education with a master’s degree.

A variety of schools offer a degree in Organizational Leadership. By taking the courses online, you can enjoy a significant amount of convenience. Depending on the school, you may also find a hybrid program where you can take some of the courses on campus, providing you with opportunities for networking. The top 20 schools have been established based on the affordability of tuition as well as the total number of students enrolled per academic year.

Best 20 Schools for Organizational Leadership

1. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida offers a variety of online leadership and management degrees to choose from. Bachelor’s degrees allow students to decide on a particular industry, such as hospitality management, health services administration, and senior living management. There are also online master’s degrees, allowing students to focus on Organizational Leadership in even more aspects to help with careers, including Engineering Management and Educational Leadership.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6368
  • Total Enrollment: 66,183

2. Arizona State University

It’s possible to earn an online BA in Organizational Leadership at Arizona State University. The program consists of a total of 120 credit hours, which is a total of 40 classes. Students will learn about public and private sectors while learning such skills as delegation, conflict management, and strategic planning. The online courses also offer flexibility to ensure that students can choose when they want to study.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $11,338
  • Total Enrollment: 74,878

3. Fort Hays State University

At Fort Hays State University, students will be able to earn an MPS in Organizational Leadership. The Master of Professional Studies is a program that consists of 30 credit hours. Students can choose to take the courses online or on campus. With a diverse catalog of programs, students can find plenty of courses to take in order to customize their education. The university also helps with job placement following graduation.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5280
  • Total Enrollment: 12,802

4. University of Houston

The University of Houston offers a BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Students who are in the College of Technology can choose to take all of their courses online or opt for a hybrid option to take some courses on the Houston campus. Students will take advantage of a comprehensive curriculum to learn about visual and verbal communication. A variety of elective courses are also available so that students can diversify.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $9221
  • Total Enrollment: 45,364

5. Texas A&M University

At Texas A&M University, it’s possible to earn a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) in Organizational Leadership. The entire program is fully online, allowing students to study in a way that is flexible. The terms are 7 weeks at a time, and students will need to complete courses in general education, professional development electives, and applied major courses. While most students take four years to complete the degree program, there’s the flexibility to graduate sooner.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $12,153
  • Total Enrollment: 68,603

6. University of Georgia

Students can explore a degree in Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development at the University of Georgia. The program, found within the Mary Frances Early College of Education, is available 100% online. The degree programs vary, allowing students to earn a Master of Education (MEd) as well as a graduate certificate in Organization Coaching. The online program is unique in that students will still have access to various collaborative projects so that all learning isn’t in the form of lectures.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $12,080
  • Total Enrollment: 37,606

7. Valdosta State University

At Valdosta State University, students can explore a degree in Organizational Leadership under the umbrella of Political Science. Students can also choose to take courses in other areas to help within a particular industry. The online program is designed for the non-traditional adult student, including those who are professional, military, veteran, and transfer students. The fully online courses will focus on the ORGL major core courses as well as courses in a particular concentration of study including Legal Office Administration or Public Service Administration to name a few.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6583
  • Total Enrollment: 11,420

8. Ferris State University

There are unique program options at Ferris State University. Students can earn an MBA online and specialize in various areas, including Lean Systems and Leadership. Additionally, there are concentrations in Project Management, Incident Response, Performance Metrics, and more. The innovative learning environment allows students to engage in face-to-face instruction while being located anywhere. Online advisors can also be used to help students establish a career path.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $12,068
  • Total Enrollment: 14,187

9. Brandman University

At Brandman University, students can explore an MA in Organizational Leadership. Students will learn how to lead in such environments as nonprofits, corporations, and even government organizations. The 100% online program allows students to focus on an education for various industries. Students will establish cross-disciplinary leadership skills. In addition to the online program, students can also choose to attend in a hybrid fashion across one of 19 campuses.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $6400
  • Total Enrollment: 7812

10. Mercy College

A Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at Mercy College. Within the School of Business, students can take the program entirely online as well as at the Dobbs Ferry campus. The program consists of 33 credit hours. The courses are flexible and feature a collaborative learning environment. GMATs are optional for acceptance. Further, non-business majors are welcome to enroll in the program. Hands-on experience is also provided to students through the Strategic Consulting Institute.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $19,594
  • Total Enrollment: 11,295

11. Fort Valley State University

At Fort Valley State University, there are various online programs. A Bachelor of Science can be earned in Organizational Leadership, Students will learn about goal setting, motivation, systems of accountability, and more within various environments. Various concentrations are available, including Spanish for Professionals, Health Care Administration, Office Administration and Technology, and Public Service Administration. The courses are online but use a variety of resources and features to keep the learning new and exciting.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $5772
  • Total Enrollment: 2306

12. George Washington University

Students can earn a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Learning online at George Washington University. The program is offered within the Graduate School of Education and Human Development. Students will have access to an applied and innovative curriculum and be taught by faculty members who are experienced in the real world. The 30-credit hour program can be completed entirely online in as little as two years.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $56,935
  • Total Enrollment: 25,613

13. Azusa Pacific University

Various online degree programs are offered at Azusa Pacific University. The MA in Leadership provides a human-centered approach to solving some of the complex problems faced by leaders. The courses are offered online but are innovative and hands-on. A Design Thinking Model is used to ensure that students gain plenty of experiential learning opportunities. There are full and part-time program options available, and there are evening classes in addition to online ones.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $40,220
  • Total Enrollment: 10,020

14. Southeastern University

Students who want flexibility can explore an online degree program in Organizational Leadership at Southeastern University. Students can earn a BA, with courses that are spread out across general education, major core, a minor from any discipline, and electives – to add up to a total of 124 credit hours. Additionally, the degree is offered fully online as well as on-campus, offering a significant amount of convenience.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $26,620
  • Total Enrollment: 4538

15. Anderson University

At Anderson University, online programs offer flexibility while providing a comprehensive learning environment. A Bachelor of Organizational Leadership can be earned by completing 120 credit hours. Working adults can take advantage of a 7-week format to make it easier to complete the degree. Students will choose from various concentrations, including Human Resources. Additionally, general education courses will also include Christian Studies.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $29,230
  • Total Enrollment: 2512

16. Wake Forest University

At Wake Forest University, students can choose from an array of online master’s degrees in business. The School of Business allows students to earn an online MBA or an online MS in Business Analytics. Both will provide the opportunity to concentrate in Organizational Leadership. Students will collaborate and engage using interactive technology platforms. A network of 15,000+ alumni can also make it easier to explore internships and career opportunities.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $55,440
  • Total Enrollment: 7591

17. Seattle University

Seattle University features the School of New & Continuing Studies where students can complete a BA in Organizational Leadership online. The portfolio-based instruction provides project-based and experiential learning. Students will learn about managing change, building teams, and working through crises and diversity. The school also helps with job placement following graduation.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $46,590
  • Total Enrollment: 7405

18. Eastern University

Students can explore an online degree program at Eastern University. An MA in Organizational Leadership is available from The College of Business and Leadership. The 30-credit hour program will take between 18 and 24 months to complete. The 100% online delivery offers flexibility, and students are enrolled every 7 weeks using a carousel model. The program is ranked nationally and is one of the most affordable MA programs in Pennsylvania.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $33,854
  • Total Enrollment: 3300

19. Manhattan College

Learning online can be achieved at Manhattan College. Students can choose an accelerated program to earn a BS faster than traditional programs. The interdisciplinary program focuses on such things as visual communications, organizational change & ethics, conflict management, and more. Courses are offered not only online but also in the evenings so that professionals are accommodated in a way that fits any schedule.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $44,560
  • Total Enrollment: 3883

20. Brenau University

Brenau University offers flexible online degree programs for students. The Master’s in Organizational Leadership is available 100% online. Students will choose a concentration to best fit the industry they want to work in – and there are 10 to choose from. The degree can be earned in two years. The school has been regionally identified as offering one of the best values. Additionally, many students qualify for some kind of financial aid to attend the program.

  • Tuition Cost per Year: $31,084
  • Total Enrollment: 1756

Our Ranking Methodology

The schools have been ranked using two factors. The first is the cost of tuition. We have given schools with lower tuition rates a higher score due to affordability. The second is the total enrollment. Schools with higher enrollment numbers are given a higher score because of the programs and activities that are offered. The scores are added together in order to rank the schools within our list.

The tuition costs are calculated using in-state rates for undergraduate studies. Further, the rates are calculated for a full academic year, consisting of a fall and spring semester. Books, lab fees, and room & board would need to be calculated separately as they are not included in the totals we have provided.

Notice an Error?

If you find an error in the information we have shared, please contact us with the new and updated information. We make every effort to provide the latest data to help potential students with the research. With new information, we’ll also re-rank the schools as needed.

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