17 Online Technology Management Degree Programs in 2024

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    If you’re interested in how technology systems work and like managing technical projects, you might want to consider a degree in technology management. The training provided in technology management programs can be applied in a wide array of industries, and the flexibility of online programs allow you to build your skills at a pace that works for you. 

    Here Are 17 Online Technology Management Degree Programs in 2023

    Explore the following online technology management degree programs to learn more about your education options.


    Alfred State College of Technology – Technology Management

    This program is offered in 100%-online and hybrid learning formats. Its online courses have seven-week options — this may be ideal for students looking for accelerated choices. It also helps students obtain an internship, which can be invaluable for students looking for real-world experiences and potential employment opportunities. The program has a minimum of 123 credit hours to graduate, and students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher to graduate. They also must already have an associate’s degree or related to start this program. 


    American InterContinental University – Bachelor of Business Administration with Technological Management Specialty

    This program is structured differently than many others on this list in that it is housed within the school’s Business Administration degree. This means that the program focuses on specific business skill sets. At the same time, it allows for military and real-world experience to be accepted for degree credit, thus hastening the speed at which you get your degree. Tuition costs vary based on how many classes you need and where you live, and courses include a variety of general education or core classes. 


    American Military University – Technology Management

    Individuals in the military or looking to enlist in the military may find this degree perfect. There is no application fee and no transfer credit fee. In addition, military students can get a discount on tuition fees and use the skills they learn in technology management in a military setting. It costs students with a military background just $250 per credit, while other students have to pay $285. Coursework reviews a variety of areas, including staffing, budgeting, production, and project management. 


    Arizona State University – B.S. in Technological Entrepreneurship & Management

    Arizona State University has a slightly different bent to this degree: its program emphasizes entrepreneurship and technical skills to create new businesses or new product lines. This is a new twist on this degree, and it may work perfectly for people interested in expanding their skills in this area. It allows people to apply creative technological skills in business areas. Forty-two total classes are offered, and each class takes 7 1/2 weeks.


    Athens State University — Online Bachelor of Science in Management of Technology

    Athens State University offers a curriculum that spans business and technology principles, preparing students for roles in a wide range of organizations. It offers flexible tuition payment plans, and online tuition (in-state or out-of-state) is $225 per credit hour. Primarily serving small classes (typically around 18 students), the program’s faculty offer extensive professional experience — 98% have industry experience. Athens State’s program prepares students for positions in industries including banking, corporate retail, data processing, finance, insurance, and telecommunications.


    Berkeley College – Information Technology Management

    Berkeley College offers Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees. This allows students to achieve a maximum level of flexibility and potentially turn an Associate’s degree into a Bachelor’s degree. Their degree concentrates on three specific areas: network security, database management, and web design. This allows individuals to find their area of interest and pursue it. Admission requirements vary, but a high school diploma is a minimum standard. 


    Bowling Green State University – Management & Technology

    Perhaps the best thing about this program is its incredible flexibility: there are six start dates. This makes getting your bachelor’s while still working much more manageable. Furthermore, if you take the right courses, you can get 30% of your way to a completed Master’s degree. The school notes that 100% of its graduates are employed within six months of graduation, and they average a starting salary of more than $63,000.


    Gulf Coast State College – Technology Management

    This program is specifically designed for students who already have an associate’s degree, thus making it perfect for students who have already started their studies. It also offers numerous courses that can fit a variety of lifestyles, allowing students to work while getting their degree. Course requirements include numerous general education requirements, as well as technical requirements. These requirements include web design, micro applications, and database design and management. 


    LSU Online – Technology Management

    LSU has its Technology Management degree housed within its Business department, creating a natural synergy between business and technology. As a result, its courses get extraordinarily focused and allow you to home in on your area of interest. It also helps students find a business mentor who can help them in real life. You must earn 120 credit hours to get your degree, with courses costing $379 per course hour. The total cost without fees is more than $45,000. 


    Saint Leo University – Business Administration & Technology Management

    As the name implies, this degree has a business bent to it. It merges business practices and management with technological management. This allows students to learn areas where technology and business intersect. It also provides internships and conference presentations. Classes include essential business skills, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. 


    Saint Petersburg College – Technology Development and Management

    Courses from Saint Petersburg can take as little as eight weeks and are in a hybrid or online format. The college also offers sub plans in five areas: cybersecurity, data science, project management, software assurance, and software development. This allows students to pursue their individual goals. You can also get a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree. Courses include management practices, data analytics, and security essentials. 


    Southeastern Missouri State University – Technology Management

    This program also allows individuals to earn an Associate or Bachelor of Science Degree. Its program is fully accredited by the ATMAE, ensuring that students are taught a robust curriculum that meets appropriate academic standards. Furthermore, it has a full array of courses in technology management, offering a variety of core and optional classes that can prepare a student for their new career. These courses include industrial supervision, mathematics, and industrial safety. 


    Southern New Hampshire University – Technological Management Degree Online

    Southern New Hampshire’s Technological Management Degree promotes asynchronous learning. This means that you take the course material at a time and place of your choosing, thus making it ideal for busy individuals who can’t stick with a regular class schedule. In addition, the program is built for individuals with no training or who have already obtained an associate’s degree in Technology Management. It also has a curriculum that constantly adapts to new technologies while still relying on technology mainstays, such as Six Sigma and supply chain management. 


    University of Minnesota – Information Technology Management

    The University of Minnesota allows students to get a job in numerous sectors, and it has specific tools designed to help students find the employment they are looking for. It also explicitly offers minors in cybersecurity, and the combination of these two degrees can be compelling — and employable. Its courses include financial management, website development, and database management. 


    University of North Georgia – B.A.S. of Technology Management

    The University of North Georgia offers this degree specifically for people who already have an associate’s degree in the field, making it the perfect fit for individuals who have already achieved some level of education in Technology Management but want to complete their degree. It is an excellent place for transfers, as the school accepts up to 21 credits toward a B.A.S. in Technology Management. 


    Utah Valley University – B.S. in Technology Management Online

    Utah Valley University’s Technology Management program is designed for people looking to upskill: its website notes that 80% of all of its students work while attending school. Its entire curriculum is based on this idea, as working students need special considerations in terms of coursework flexibility and schedules. The school also has various resources and tutorials designed to help you understand how its systems work and ensure that you are comfortable in its online learning environment. Finally, individuals who enroll in this program gain access to Utah Valley’s resources, including its library and Career Center.


    Western Governors University – Online IT Management Degree

    Western Governors University specifies that it offers course work in various areas related to technology management, including leadership, businesses, networks, and security. It also notes that its program is flexible, but 70% of its students graduate within 41 months, thus ensuring they can get back into the real world and earn employment. Western Governors offers more than 40 courses to choose from. You can get your Associate’s Degree in as little as two years, with tuition costing $14,480. 

    Online Technology Management Degree Programs Overview

    An online Technology Management degree program will teach you an array of skills that can help you learn how to manage technology and implement technology solutions in the workplace. Responsibilities range from assessing organizational needs and recommending hardware and software systems, to managing installation, maintenance, and upgrades associated with those systems. Technology managers also handle strategic planning, manage teams, and negotiate with vendors.

    Different programs have different focuses and concentrations. Some may be focused on a particular industry sector, while others emphasize an area of technology such as communications, network security, or information systems. These differences should be considered when you’re comparing programs.

    Why Get a Technology Management Degree?

    The competitive benefits that come with getting a technology management degree are numerous. They include:

    Numerous Degree Options

    Different programs offer certificates, associate degrees, or Bachelor of Science degrees. In other words, you can get a technology management degree at a level that suits your interests or capabilities.

    Attractive Online Options

    Many colleges now offer some online components. You can get an online Technology Management degree that can be highly beneficial to your career and do so over the internet, thus allowing you to learn at a pace that suits your needs.

    High Salary Potential

    The salary in this field is very high. Earning a degree in technology Management means putting yourself in a position where you can work in an area with growing salary demands. 

    Favorable Job Outlook

    The United States is suffering from a shortage of technology workers. By getting a degree in Technology Management, you position yourself to work in a high-demand field.

    The career path for a professional with technology management training is wide open. Technology management jobs range from entry-level positions all the way up to chief technology officer and chief information officer roles.  

    Technology Management Degree Curriculum

    The Technology Management degree curriculum varies from school to school. However, most programs will feature most or all of the following subjects:

    • Technological management and applications
    • Project management
    • Software development and applications
    • Digital transformation
    • Software management
    • Accounting and finance software
    • Systems design and management
    • Information security

    What Can You Do With a Technology Management Degree?

    It is important to note that the applications of a degree in Technology Management are numerous. Indeed, one of the greatest benefits of earning a degree in Technology Management is the wide range of career options. Technology managers are in demand across both private sector industries and public sector agencies.

    There are also many positions where you will be qualified to work with such a degree. Tech support and IT help desk management positions are primarily considered entry-level in this field. You will also be qualified to work as a director, project manager, or account executive in a technological field. Eventually, you may be capable of becoming a company’s chief technology officer.

    Finally, remember, an online Technology Management degree doesn’t have to be the last stop in your educational career track. You can build upon a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree with a Master’s degree or even a Ph.D. in a related field. 

    Online Technology Management Degree Program Costs

    Online technology management degree program costs vary widely. Generally speaking, such a degree can cost less than $20,000 or as much as $130,000. The price depends on a variety of factors.

    Keep in mind that online schools sometimes offer cost savings compared to traditional in-person educational facilities for many reasons. First, online schools tend to be more flexible, allowing you to keep working and drawing an income, even while attending school. Second, online schools won’t charge various traditional expenses that brick-and-mortar schools charge, including room and board. Finally, you may also be able to save on the costs of travel and supplies. 

    Financial Aid Options for Technology Management Degree Programs

    There is some additional information to keep in mind. First, a program’s listed cost is not necessarily what you will pay. Many schools — including all of the schools listed here — offer specific scholarship and loan programs. Some of these scholarships are need-based, while others are awarded to individuals who meet specific academic criteria. There are never any guarantees, of course. However, you should check with each school to determine what sort of loan or grant package it would be able to provide you. 

    Furthermore, the technology management field is unquestionably booming. As such, many individuals and businesses have begun to offer specific scholarships designed to encourage people to get into the area. Examples include:

    It is also worth checking out scholarship websites that can give you a better idea of what scholarships are out there.

    Finally, keep in mind that many employees struggle to find and recruit individuals for STEM-related positions. As a result, your employer may be willing to invest in your career and cover the costs of your tuition if you work for them for a certain period. Find out if your employer offers such a benefit. If they don’t, ask if they’ll consider one. 

    How Long Does It Take To Get a Technology Management Degree?

    If you are getting an associate’s degree in Technology Management, you can expect to take two years. Earning a Bachelor of Science degree often takes four years, unless you take your classes at an accelerated rate. A master’s degree will likely take another two years. Some schools also offer limited certificate programs that are less intensive but easier to obtain. These can often be done in a year or less. 

    Salary and Job Outlook for Technology Management Degree Program Graduates

    There’s good news for individuals interested in entering the field of technology management: The median technology management salary is significantly higher than the national average.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary for computer and information systems managers has a median of $151,150.  PayScale looks at the income of numerous positions that someone with a technology management degree will be qualified to hold:

    • Project managers have a pay range of $52,000–$109,000, with an average pay of $75,644.
    • Product owners have a pay range of $55,000–$104,000, with an average pay of $76,118.
    • Information security analysts have a pay range of $52,000–$93,000, with an average pay of $69,790.

    BLS surveys estimate that the need for individuals who can work in the field of technology management will grow by 11% over the next eight years. This is a faster rate than the average expected job growth across all sectors in the US. That means that individuals who are qualified to work in this field have good job placement prospects. 

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