Best 20 Online PHD Programs in Education in 2021

April 2, 2021 | Staff Writers

Online PhD Programs in Education
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A Ph.D. degree establishes the holder as a qualified expert in her or his field. Learners in Education study possess extensive experience and knowledge in Education. A Ph.D. in Education prepares degree- seekers to instruct and teach at universities and colleges.

Are you considering studying Education? This may be the wisest decision you will make. The study of Education has expanded globally due to the need to train the next generation of teachers while contributing valuable research. Do you love teaching, leading, and helping others? Whether you have been in the teaching practice for years or looking for a new exciting challenge. Pursuing a doctorate in Education will push you to meet your career goals. Besides, a doctorate will take your career to new heights.

Besides improving your general knowledge, you will learn more about communication skills. Education course is an excellent investment for your future, and it is also fun! For instance, students who choose to understand Education become teachers for the next generation. There’re plenty of paths to take with a Ph.D. in Education. This is not a degree meant purely for teachers. According to a recent Forbes research, the educational landscape is continuously changing, and experts are needed to guide our educational system.

Why you should pursue Your Ph.D. in Education Online

There are several great reasons why you should enroll in an online Ph.D. Course in Education. The program has been considered one of the most comfortable subjects for study, and it has benefits beyond the classroom involving good conversation and knowledge of various cultures. Online Ph.D. programs have several advantages over on-campus options.

● Lower costs of study- Most doctoral students receive some relief or grants from private companies and the government. This relief may not cover all the tuition cost but is an excellent motivation for Ph.D. Students. Online courses reduce all the living expenses as well as transportation expenses.

● Flexible Schedule-An online doctoral program will allow a busy professional or a stay at home mum to access class material at a convenient time. However, set deadlines for assignments or tests still have to adhere.

● The same curriculum as on-campus students- One may think that on-campus students benefit more than online students, which is not the case. The same teaching material is offered for both types of students.

● Concentration levels are higher for online students-While pursuing your doctoral course online, you need all the world concentration. Working from your convenient office space or home will provide the most conducive environment for exemplary engagement.

If you need help finding the best University or college for your Ph.D. in Education, we are here to help. Click here to see some of the other programs that might interest you. Below are the 20 best universities and colleges offering online PhD programs in Education.

Best 20 Online PHD Programs in Education

1. University of Dayton (97 Points)

The University of Dayton offers an online Doctor of Education, which provides you with the skills to create positive change in the community and organizations. Students can complete the program in 36 months. GRE scores are not required. The school integrates its core values and beliefs into its way of teaching.

● Tuition fee per year- $17,432

● Graduation rate -78%

2. Aurora University (95 Points)

Aurora University’s online Doctor of Education programs packs the student with research skills throughout the curriculum. A student in the online programs will have the opportunity to work with expert content, with dissertation milestones that allow you to be a Doctorate holder in just three years. They have 62 credit hours spread within 7-8 weeks for the 8 Courses.

● Tuition fee per year- $ 9,865

● Graduation Rate -88%

3. Baylor University (92 Points)

Baylor University School of Education prepares a doctorate student with organizational skills to work with professionals to systematically drive transformative change in the higher education world. There is a broad spectrum of courses offered, such as Special Education, Educational leadership, and Policy in Education. The course takes 24 months to complete.

● Tuition fee per year- $14,005

● Graduation Rate-90%

4. Indiana University (89 Points)

Indiana University’s doctoral program in Education is one of the highest-ranking postgraduate programs in Times Higher Education. The course is tailormade to prepare students for top jobs in schools, government, tech fields, and public institutions. Students can complete the course within three years with a required 70- hour course completion.

● Tuition fee per year- $7,899

● Graduation Rate -83%

5. Michigan University (87 points)

Michigan University offers a Ph.D. in Education 100% virtually. The professors and tutors offering lessons on-campus are the same ones that provide online classes. There is 24/7 access to the online learning material with strict adherence to proper submissions. The course comprises 60 semester hours before graduation.

● Tuition fee per year- $13,005

● Graduation Rate -71%

6. Boston College (84 Points)

Boston College is committed to extensive research. The Ph.D. in Education puts analysis into action, while the faculty guides the students to critical thinking. The course teaches proper research in the area of Education and other critical areas. The facilitators and educators are highly qualified to tackle all their students’ needs, and The Ph.D. comprises a 58-hour course completed in 36 months. The course helps the students to be ambitious and creative for the competitive world.

● Tuition fee per year- $8,456

● Graduation Rate -83%

7. St. Thomas University (81 Points)

St. Thomas University aims to offer a wholesome and enriching educational experience. The Doctoral in Education Online program allows the students to strengthen leadership acumen and specialize in flexible learning modes best suited for the learner. The dissertation is also 100% online, plus students can complete it in three years instead of four! No teaching background is required here.

● Tuition fee per year- $14,777

● Graduation Rate -65%

8. Harvard University (79 Points)

Harvard University Ph.D. in Education is an interdisciplinary doctoral program offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard School of Sciences and Arts. A Ph.D. scholar will collaborate with the two departments and forge new inquiry fields that will impact how they learn. The Ph.D. requires five years of full-time study to complete. The concentration areas include; Education Policy, Human Development, Culture, Learning, Teaching, Institutions, and Society. The entire course comprises 78 credit hours before graduation.

● Tuition fee per year- $48,990

● Graduation Rate -90%

9. The University of Virginia (77 Points)

The University of Virginia prepares highly qualified practitioner-scholars who will be educational leaders in their schools and corporations. A PhD in Education will help you continue to work as a practitioner and resolve critical study at professional levels. The course is flexible for the online classes providing computer-assisted learning with a qualified professor at hand. The course is a 66 Credit hour.

● Tuition fee per year- $6,769

● Graduation Rate -56%

10. Liberty University (75 Points)

Liberty University does not require GRE or GMAT. This means you study at your terms. They have flexible online classes that can fit your busy schedule. In addition to a doctoral dissertation, there is also an educational paper publication requirement. The 70- credit hour is completed online in four years. Students can make visits to the on-campus if need be.

● Tuition per year- $14,543

● Graduation rate-76%

11. Concordia University (73 Points)

Concordia University offers an affordable online doctoral degree in Education focussing on Instruction, Administrative Leadership, and Curriculum. Degree holders are a great advantage because they have acquired some skills in their profession and business association. The 60 hour credit hour runs through the three-year course study.

● Tuition per year- $5,444

● Graduation rate-72%

12. University of Arkansas (67 points)

The University of Arkansas offers an online Doctor of Education for students who wish to pursue their careers as supervisors in government offices, private or public schools, and superintendents. The school gives seminars for the students to interact and practice their course hands-on. The three-year program allows students to study in the best structured educational curriculum with their professors’ help. The course helps the students in their Teaching career.

● Tuition per year-$4,890

● Graduation rate-77%

13. Lamar University (65 Points)

Lamar University students can complete the Doctoral in Education program in three to five years 100% online. This program is designed to take eight semesters, including summers. The program is research-based, accessible, innovative, and transformative. The fully online education program provides an academic experience while meeting the needs of full- working professionals. This is a 68 hour credit hour course.

● Tuition per year- $7,900

● Graduation Rate- 56%

14. Florida State University (61 Points)

Florida State University online in EdD is their trailblazer doctoral program. The program prepares leaders to be knowledgeable in their career as well as a scholarly practice. If you are working and have a Master’s degree in the relevant course, then it is time to take your job a notch higher. You will work towards developing your analytical and professional skills to tackle the education world. This course is 69 credit hours completed in four years.

● Tuition per year- $5,762

● Graduation Rate- 66%

15. Creighton University (59 Points)

Creighton University offers a Ph.D. in Education in a 60- hour credit program, including dissertation. The courses are engineered to make the students be critical thinkers and ready for career advancement. The school is ranked number one for its advanced use of technology countrywide.

● Tuition per year-$3,537

● Graduation rate-66%

16. East Carolina University (54 Points)

East Carolina University students can pursue their online Ph.D. in Education in a record time of three years with 70 Credit hours obtained. They were among the first in the country to offer online classes. There is 24/7 accessibility to learning materials for the students and on-call professors. The same rigorous evaluation is done for online students.

● Tuition per year-$6,100

● Graduation rate-50%

17. Sam Houston State University (53 Points)

Sam Houston State University offers a Doctor of Education, which will prepare their students to step into their careers with proper tools. At SHSU, we understand that your degree needs to work for you and your accomplishment signifies your expertise. The institution is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Students will complete the course after 60 Credit hours and a dissertation.

● Tuition per year-$4,587

● Graduation rate-60%

18. Texas Tech University (49 Points)

Texas Tech University is an institution approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to offer an online Ph.D. in Education. The course is offered 100% online with opportunities for students to work, meet, and collaborate in doctoral summer institutes. The program is designed to execute leadership skills and research skills to a high- level within the Pre K-12 school district context. It has 58hours to be completed in three years.

● Tuition per year-$3,300

● Graduation rate-58%

19. Regent University (46 Points)

Regent University will get you ready for an exciting career with research- related concentrations that will open many doors and opportunities for you in Education. The Ph.D. track is more research-intensive, with courses offering a more extraordinary analytical approach to learning. During your three-year doctorate journey, you will have to complete 66 Credit Hours.

● Tuition per Year-$ 3,546

● Graduation rate 70%

20. University of Nebraska- Lincoln (45 Points)

The University of Nebraska offers a timely online Ph.D. program in Education. The professionals earn their p-12 Education purely online. At first, students are required to attend one on-campus class each week during the first two semesters. The faculty is involved in the online program’s supervision, which is completed in three years.

● Tuition per year- $3,567

● Graduation Rate- 67%

Ranking Methodology

This ranking was based on the analysis of best software data from the U.S Department of Education’s College Scorecard and the respective university website. The schools were ranked based on tuition amounts and the rate of graduation. Both factors were accorded 50 points. Each school was assigned points based on how it compared with others on tuition and graduation rates. The points earned for both ranking factors were then added together to get each school’s total score. The school with the most points ranked first in the list, and the points were accorded down the list accordingly.

Problems with the Ranking

We strive to provide accurate and real-time data to our esteemed readers. Suppose you are a staff or student of the mentioned schools above and notice any error in the information provided, kindly contact us to make all the necessary corrections.

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