Best 8 Schools Offering an Online Master’s in Film in 2022

January 3, 2022 | bestvalue

Online Masters in Film

Film is so much more than just actors and actresses, which is what gains most of the attention. In order for a film to be a success, there are numerous more individuals in the background. These range from the ones who write the script to the special effects and musical people, from the directors to the editors and advertisers. While it may be a natural assumption that such positions can be found without an education, film has reached the point where it helps to have an advanced degree, such as a Master’s degree, in order to compete on even grounds in one of the largest entertainment markets today. A typical online Master’s in Film will take an average of 1-2 years, or thirty credits.


The three most needed positions beside the acting crew are Producers and Directors, Editors, and Writers. All three of these positions need to be filled by individuals who understand all the finer parts of film as compared to other forms of media. They are also predicted to see growth over the coming several years. Currently, film editors average $58,210 a year and the category is predicted to grow thirteen percent over the coming five years. Writing positions are thought to be seeing a growth of eight percent in the same time period. Currently, writers make approximately $61.820 a year. Directors average $71,620 a year and can look forward to an increase of twelve percent in open positions. To find work in one of these three areas, a degree will be one of the requirements. An online Master’s in Film may be a perfect choice.

Best 8 Schools Offering an Online Master’s in Film

1. Asbury University

At Asbury University, students are immersed completely in the filmmaking process. They learn how to determine what makes a great story and how to convey that story. Every student has the opportunity to work on productions that help with the hands-on experience. Meeting with industry professionals offers networking opportunities. The program at this school also includes teaching the ethics of film, taking into account that directors/producers need to take responsibility for the work they put out into the world.

Cost: $9,990

Graduate Students: 216

2. Stephens College

While Stephens College only offers the writing aspect of film and television, the program is taught by award-winning professors. This is a program that is mainly focused on bringing more women into what has traditionally been a male-dominated profession. A ten-day required trip to Jim Henson Studio in Hollywood allows students a chance to see exactly what a script goes through from the time it reaches the studio until it is a completed project. This gives writers the greatest chance of seeing their works appear on the screen as they intended. By graduation, each student will have completed two screenplays.

Cost: $8,865

Graduate Students: 172

3. Tiffin University

Tiffin University offers a 15-week concentration in film. This concentration is designed to prepare students for both teaching and work in the film industry. The class is intended more for those who work in the production end of film rather than as a director. This includes writing, editing, and producer. Emphasis is on the technical aspects of bringing the story together and getting the intended message to the audience. This school offers a great course on censorship in film and has a class focused on cult films.

Cost: $13,000

Graduate Students: 744

4. Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University offers a program that is as unique as its name, a degree in Cinematic Management. The course is meant to combine four to six years of experience that is gained on set into a 36-credit course. By the time a student is done, they have in-depth knowledge of the film process from beginning to end. They also have the ability to manage each sep, providing guidance throughout the process. In order to graduate, students need to write, budget and produce a complete project. This is definitely created for those students who want to work in management positions.

Cost: $19,730

Graduate Students: 2863

5. Arizona State University

The focus of the Film major at Arizona State University is more oriented to understanding the place of film within the arts. Students do learn the history of film but it is then compared to other visual media. Aspiring film critics would fare extremely well in this program. Those interested in how film and television change with culture will find it fascinating and the emphasis on science fiction has a large audience. At the completing of the 30 hours and passing the final exam, students can feel confident in their ability to fully understand, analyze, and critique film.

Cost: $12,608 (resident), $27,048 (non-resident)

Graduate Students: 2907

6. Regent University

Regent University offers a course of study that will take students from the idea to the finished product and beyond. In addition to writing and producing your film, students will learn how to pitch a product and will practice distributing and promoting the finished project. This sets graduates up for being able to entertain a management position in the film industry should they wish. Students also have the chance to specialize in one of three concentrations to further enhance their study.

Cost: $16,952

Graduate Students: 5957

7. Emerson College

Entry to the Emerson College program doesn’t require a GRE score, making it a favored program for many who find test-taking is not their strong suit. Students follow a program that sees them concentrating on only one course per semester, which enables the chance to fully comprehend and master the subject matter before moving on. There are many online workshops worked into the program. This gives students a chance to interact with peers in a way many online programs lack. There is a six-day requirement at the start of each semester where students must stay on campus and participate in seminars and guest lectures. These, however, offer a much-needed chance to meet industry professionals.

Cost: $31,264

Graduate Students: 1052

8.Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University offers a program that allows students to focus on writing, editing, producing or directing, or a combination of all four. By the time a student has completed the coursework, students will have a portfolio that can greatly enhance the chances of entering the entertainment field. Instruction is provided by industry experts and the program offers a chance at internships. This school offers drone and VFX cinematography instruction and work with the latest technologies. It is one of the most up-to-date programs in existence.

Cost: $26,292

Graduate Students: 3118

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