Top 10 Online Colleges in Connecticut

Connecticut’s distance learning programs take advantage of the latest, cutting-edge technology to expand their learning opportunities. Each of these programs provides incredible resources to make earning a degree online easier than ever. The state delivers quality higher education to its roughly 95,000 student body both traditional and online. Online colleges in Connecticut attract students due to affordability, flexibility, and great support services.

Pursuing an online degree can help busy students reach their educational goals. With hybrid, accelerated, and single course options, students can tailor their education to meet their needs. The growing demand for online enrollment has led to higher education institutions expanding and adding more online programs and resources.

Here are the Top 10 Online Colleges in Connecticut

1. Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College Online Colleges in Connecticut

Charter Oak State College offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s level degrees fully online. Programs range from public safety to information systems and much more. Students can get ahead through applying military credit, testing and exams, a portfolio, and transfer credits. Charter Oak has a dynamic community of online learners that are becoming leaders in our society. The college is known for working with its students to get them on the right track to graduate as soon as possible.

  • Tuition: $7,014.00
  • Graduation Rate: 48%
  • Student Population: 2,637

2. St. Vincent’s College

St Vincent College Online Colleges in Connecticut

St. Vincent’s College has three types of distance learning; online, hybrid, and e-enhanced. The school focuses on health careers and offers a nursing degree and a radiologic sciences degree. A certificate in healthcare management is also available online to complete. St. Vincent allows students to utilize technology without time and location restrictions. A small assessment is required prior to enrolling online to ensure that online learning will be beneficial. The college provides professional development and academic support to its students through many online and campus resources.

  • Tuition: $16,200.00
  • Graduation Rate: 38%
  • Student Population: 1,652

3. Goodwin College

Goodwin College Online Colleges in Connecticut

Goodwin College is located in East Hartford, Connecticut. The college offers certificates and bachelor’s degrees in fields including nursing, social work, public health, and homeland security. Its strong academic success center provides support and tutoring services that are electronically 24/7 for students. Goodwin College strives to provide excellence in its online models to help students gain the skills needed to advance in their career. Certificates can be completed in 1 year to accommodate student’s schedules and help them progress. Goodwin College is a great fit if you are looking to change careers, advance, in a current career, or simply just starting out in the work field.

  • Tuition: $18,950.00
  • Graduation Rate: 25.4%
  • Student Population: 4,020

4. Albertus Magnus College

Albertus Magnus College Online Colleges in Connecticut

Albertus Magnus College has always been designing programs to help working adults, which has led to its online and flex programs. Classes are small, which allows students to receive personal attention throughout the program. Students are able to earn credits from relatable life experience and have access to internships and additional programs. AMC provides an accelerated option which allows students to earn 30 credits in one year just by taking 2 classes per term. Many programs and people are put in place to help guide students through their programs such as academic advisors and program directors.

  • Tuition: $28,930.00
  • Graduation Rate: 54.1%
  • Student Population: 1,550

5. University of Bridgeport

University of Bridgeport Online Colleges in Connecticut

The University of Bridgeport is one of Connecticut’s most established university for online learning. Within many of its online program students can choose to specialize in an area of their interest. The online learning management system Canvas, allows students to access their classes and complete assignments at a time that is convenient for them. Courses are in 16-week formats with an 8-week accelerated option. The University prides itself on its flexibility, support, engagement, and experience that contribute greatly to its online success. Its online faculty focuses on helping each individual student succeed, and help students reach their goals.

  • Tuition: $29,920
  • Graduation Rate: 32%
  • Student Population: 5,191

6. University of Connecticut

University of Online Colleges in Connecticut

Through the University of Connecticut, degrees can be obtained through fully online formats. UCONN is known for helping its students receive financial aid, scholarships, grants and more to help with the cost. Faculty interacts with its online students regularly to answer any questions regarding coursework or the program. In addition to the online learning system, there are many online resources to use as well that provide tutorials and other helpful tools. With over 100 online courses students have a range of topics to choose from that interest them. All online students have opportunities to engage with their peers and faculty through online communication systems that can benefit online learning.

  • Tuition: $30,002.00
  • Graduation Rate: 82%
  • Student Population: 32,027

7. University of New Haven

University of New Haven Online Colleges in Connecticut

The University of New Haven offers online programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels. UNH is the best fit for individuals who have full-time jobs. The coursework focuses on teaching valued skills for private and public practices. By participating in UNH’s online program students can pick their own pace and time to work on their coursework. Programs include emergency management, criminal justice, and environmental engineering. UNH provides more than just an electronic way of learning and continues to grow its interactive and engaging programs.

  • Tuition: $34,630.00
  • Graduation Rate: 56%
  • Student Population: 6,811

8. University of Hartford

University of Hartford Online Colleges in Connecticut

The University of Hartford has a growing list of online programs. UHart has made it their mission to make online learning personal. Professors are responsive and supportive, making individuals feel a part of the community. Programs include a master of science in management, special education, nursing, and more. Through UHart’s online courses students will be able to be effective communicators, work efficiently, and analyze problems.

  • Tuition: $35,444.00
  • Graduation Rate: 55.7%
  • Student Population: 6,817

9. Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University Online Colleges in Connecticut

Sacred Heart University is a top-ranked accredited university that has successfully been delivering online education to students. SHU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a flexible and convenient format. Degrees range in topics from psychology to nursing led by well-trained faculty. Many of the course requirements include working with peers to create an interactive online learning environment. Sacred Heart provides online assistance 24/7 to ensure that students have the resources to succeed.

  • Tuition: $37,120.00
  • Graduation Rate: 68.4%
  • Student Population: 8,532

10. Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University Online Colleges in Connecticut

Quinnipiac University has online bachelor’s and master’s programs that students can pursue. The University has designed its online courses for working students and has added resources for students to access and use to be successful in their academics. Each student receives an academic advisor to help assist with selecting courses, pacing, and completion times. The University is known for its online summer courses as a way for students to get ahead or stay on track to graduate from their program. In addition to learning about a student’s selective program, students also learn to be self-dedicated and motivated learners.  

  • Tuition: $40,670.00
  • Graduation Rate: 75%
  • Student Population: 9,035


If you’re looking for a great online college in Connecticut, any of the colleges on our list would be a phenomenal option. Please contact us today if you feel there’s a school not included on this list that deserves consideration.

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