Best Online Colleges in Hawaii in 2017

The unique beauty of the Hawaiian islands is unmatched by any other place in the United States. Tens of thousands of people travel to Hawaii every year to experience paradise for a few days or weeks. Some people are lucky enough to live year round on the islands working or going to school. Although many students attend the physical campus of Hawaiian universities, others living on the island would rather take advantage of online colleges in Hawaii for a number of different reasons or personal circumstances. Online school provides the advantage of flexibility of time and place of study as well as schooling options and affordability not available from the traditional form of attendance.

For students living in Hawaii, but busy with work or family obligations, online degrees offered by several different universities are a great resource for completing advanced schooling while balancing other aspects of life. Even for individuals not living in Hawaii, completing a degree online from the best universities in Hawaii is a great option for obtaining a university education. Several different universities in the state offer a wide variety of online degrees providing opportunities for students with interest any area of study.

With the multitude of options provided by Hawaiian schools, choosing the best university or program can be difficult or completely overwhelming. That’s why we’ve developed a list of the best schools on the islands based on the factors most important for students busy with other daily responsibilities like work and family. If you’re looking for a top-tier education offered in Hawaii, check out the following list of the best value schools in Hawaii.


Here are the best online colleges in Hawaii

1. University of Hawaii- West Oahu

Online Colleges in Hawaii University of Hawaii - West Oahu

Although the University of Hawaii -West Oahu doesn’t offer any completely online degrees, affordable tuition combined with the option for hybrid degrees with a large majority of online classes make this school a great option for busy students. For more experienced students, the upper-level coursework is completely online, so anyone with an associate’s may not have to attend campus at all. Students can choose fully online courses or a combination of on-campus- online schooling while completing their degrees. Available degrees include things like business administration and management, public administration, and social sciences among others. UH- West Oahu offers 9 total online degree options.

  • $6,888 Annual Tuition
  • 70% Acceptance Rate
  • 9 Online Programs 


2. University of Hawaii at Manoa

Online Colleges in Hawaii University of Hawaii at Manoa

The University of Hawaii at Manoa may be the largest university in Hawaii, serving over 19,000 students from all fifty states. UH at Manoa has the largest selection of online programs, offering 18 different online degree options. Degree areas include things like accounting, business, education, and nursing among many others. The school uses a combination of audio, visual and computer technologies to make courses accessible anywhere in the country. The university also provides great student support by allowing online students access to the school’s library and online tutoring services.

  • $10,620 Annual Tuition
  • 81% Acceptance Rate
  • 18 Online Programs


3. University of Hawaii at Hilo

Online Colleges in Hawaii University of Hawaii at Hilo

The University of Hawaii at Hilo currently serves a student population of just over 4,000, however, the university based in a remote town is growing quickly as it attracts students with its beautiful tight knit community and degree options. For online students, UH at Hilo offers three different online programs as well as numerous other courses included in non-online majors. Online courses are delivered via video conferencing, allowing students to get a feel for the intimate student body and more personalized instruction from professors.

  • $7,036 Annual Tuition
  • 71% Acceptance Rate
  • 6 Online Programs


4. Brigham Young University- Hawaii

Online Colleges in Hawaii Brigham Young University Hawaii

Brigham Young University Hawaii is the school providing the lowest cost of attendance on the Hawaiian Islands. BYU-Hawaii is a private, not-for-profit institution located on Oahu with close ties to the Polynesian Cultural Center. As a school affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the school seeks to provide quality education within the context of Christian values. BYU-Hawaii offers small class sizes to its diverse student body of 2,500 students who represent over 70 different countries. Currently, the school doesn’t offer any fully online programs through the university itself, although does provide options for online degrees from its sister schools and affiliated online schooling programs. With that said, many individual courses can be completed fully online.

  • $5,400 Annual Tuition
  • 35% Acceptance Rate
  • 2 Online Programs


5. Remington College

Online Colleges in Hawaii Remington College Honolulu

Remington College allows students across the country to pursue online associate’s and online bachelor’s degrees. The college has branches across the country, including a location in Honolulu. Although tuition is on the more expensive side of the schools on this list, Remington makes great effort to make financial aid accessible to students. Associate’s programs include degrees in health information technology, occupational therapy, and paralegal studies. Seven online bachelor’s degrees include programs in general business, management, marketing, and criminal justice. Another great aid to students is the college’s tuition freeze policy where they guarantee tuition costs won’t rise during your time at school.

  • $16,950 Annual Tuition
  • 83% Acceptance Rate
  • 29 Online Programs


6. Chaminade University of Honolulu

Online Colleges in Hawaii Chaminade University of Honolulu

Chaminade University of Honolulu is one of the smaller schools on our list, serving a student population of about 1,100. The smaller number of students does provide the advantage of more intimate instruction and smaller class sizes. Along with a good selection of online programs, Chaminade also allows for motivated students to take advantage of accelerated study options. 10-week accelerated courses over four terms allow students to complete their degrees at a much quicker pace. Online programs include degrees in areas like criminology, early childhood education, pastoral theology, and psychology among others.

  • $20,940 Annual Tuition
  • 86% Acceptance Rate
  • 21 Online Programs


7. Hawaii Pacific University

Online Colleges in Hawaii Hawaii Pacific University

Hawaii Pacific University is a school with impressive cultural diversity in both its students and its faculty. Students at Hawaii Pacific represent all 50 states and 80 other countries. Campus Pipeline is the school’s online education service, providing 23 different online degree program options. Campus Pipeline also facilitates access to library and other resources. This school is also a great option for military students as the university enjoys a partnership with the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership.

  • $21,130 Annual Tuition
  • 62% Acceptance Rate
  • 23 Online Programs


Each of these schools makes online schooling accessible and affordable to prospective online schools living in Hawaii or anywhere else in the United States. If you’re interested in pursuing advanced education from a great online university, check out any of the great schools on our list or contact us for more information.

We know that finding the best school to fit your unique needs can be a huge challenge. For that reason, we work hard to develop lists of the best schools based on the characteristics most important for you. Whether that be cost of attendance, student success, resources available, flexibility of schedule, or any other number of important factors, we’ve got you covered. For more information about our ranking process and to find lists of schools based on specific characteristics, check out our methodology page.

If your school isn’t on this list but deserves to be included in an updated version, contact us today!