Online Colleges in Wyoming

Wyoming has the nation’s smallest population and least densely populated state, making an online college a smart choice due to travel and lack of colleges to attend. Graduate and postgraduate education have risen in attendance from students in recent years. Working full-time employees and stay-at-home parents may consider continuing their studies through some of the top valued online programs in Wyoming. The top valued online programs in Wyoming feature some of the best associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees.

Wyoming promotes online learning to help students living in the entire state who can’t reach the school. As a result, universities are highly accessible and up-to-date. Not to mention, Wyoming has demonstrated the commitment to making distance learning more accessible, and technologically innovative makes online college a worthwhile investment for many.

Online degrees in Wyoming provide the same level of quality as in the classroom. As part of our list, we look at the quality of the program, graduation rate, job placement, and tuition costs. Also, the graduation rate is the student’s ability graduate within four years of starting school. Each of these qualities helps determine how well a student will succeed by enrolling in a Wyoming online program in the U.S.

Note: Only one college is on the list for Wyoming in 2017. Due to a lack of online colleges, Wyoming has only one viable option for online college.

Here is the online college in Wyoming:

1. University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming online colleges in Wyoming

The University of Wyoming offers 41 degree and certificate programs for 100 percent online in fields such as RN to BSN, business administration, social science, and psychology. Online programs include the accelerated BS in Nursing for college graduates with a non-nursing baccalaureate degree. Also, the Bachelor’s of Applied Science (BAS) in Organizational Leadership is meant for community college graduates as well. Students with at least an associate degree who would like to advance their expertise to promote their careers should consider UW.

The University of Wyoming is a university located in Laramie, Wyoming, in the Wyoming’s high Laramie Plains. Also, with an elevation of 7,220 feet, between the Laramie and Snowy Range mountains, UW is a scenic campus.

  • Graduation Rate: 54 percent
  • Number of Online Programs: 41
  • Tuition Cost: $12,148/yr

Research Method:

The list draws from the top valued online programs colleges around Wyoming. The combination of job placement, faculty experience, the success of graduates in their fields, number of online programs, graduation rate, options for financial aid and overall quality of program based on student feedback determines each school’s evaluation and rank. Unfortunately, the University of Wyoming is the only 4-year school with online programs. There are several community colleges, but they aren’t on this list.

We invite schools featured on our list or not highlighted to reach out for possible inclusion in an updated version of our top valued online programs in Wyoming. We’re constantly looking to recognize top-tier institutions.